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  1. As a matter of interest Philip, do the individual clubs, i.e. Prague, Wroclaw etc set their own prices for tickets or are they answerable to other bodies ?
  2. Prague flight officially cancelled today. Now to wait and see if re-scheduled.
  3. Don't worry, I appreciate your input. Just worried about the Wroclaw tickets now as we have flights and hotel booked.
  4. Love Wroclaw, went earlier this year for the SON. Used to go to the GPs before they refurbished.
  5. There was a round glass bar on the left side of the bridge but it was our first visit and we were told that there used to be several bars and restaurants under the arches.
  6. Glad to help and nice to meet you. Can't believe that after changing trains and then taking the bus we were only 5 minutes late getting into Gorzow, 120 km for £4. We had to do the same on the way back but the train was non stop from Krzyz to Poznan and cost a bit more!!! If anyone is making plans for the future, we were told the track work could take up to 2 years. Not impressed with the town, no nice bars or restaurants. Presumably the bars and restaurants under the arches dow by the river have gone as a result of the overhead rail works. At least the hotel had a bar and the wine was cheap (6zl). Glad we stayed in Poznan the other two nights.
  7. This looks really good and just what we want. Do we have to change trains on the way or can you travel direct?
  8. mojo

    2018 Grand Prix Venues

    We have been about 15 times and always use Ticketportal.cz with no problems. When the tickets are on sale there is a link to Ticketportal through the Speedway GP website. You can print your own.
  9. mojo

    Wroclaw Tickets

    Had a look at wts.pl but it comes up in code. Any ideas please?
  10. I totally agree with you. Don't know who is in charge of the ticketing arrangements but it must be the club as the Kings Lynn tickets have been on sale for ages haven't they. Surely for a World event we should all be equal! Even yesterday by the time I had managed to create the account I had to keep rebooking the seats and there were less available every time. I got a Transaction email and then a Payment email but couldn't read them. However I followed "New Science's" instructions above and the tickets printed so hopefully all sorted. Can't believe it is such hard work, surely the sites they use should be user friendly for World events.
  11. Thank you very much for this information, all printed now. I would never have tried that. Took me ages this morning to sort the registering out. I have been booking tickets on Polish, and most of the other GP countries, for the last 20 years and never had a problem. You are right, this one was sent to try us. Will buy you a drink in Leszno!!
  12. Would like to help but it took me 2 hours this morning and I still don't know how it eventually worked. Having said that I have paid but don't know how to print the tickets or what the confirmation says. I presume they have taken the money. I kept filling in the "create account" form. There is a little box that says "No Identifier number" so I ticked that. Did it so many times. I e-mailed the club and said I didn't have a number. They said "PLEASE TICK THE FOREIGNER OPTION AND ENTER YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER WHEN REGISTERING". I cannot remember seeing a Foreigner option so wonder if this is on their club site to obtain a number. Sorry I can't help.
  13. Sorted now, only took 2 hours!
  14. Having problems registering for these tickets. Any help would be appreciated.

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