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  1. MrB

    Eastbourne 2015

    Some fans that didn't go said they wanted Sunday's and maybe some that did... I never have and still don't.. I'm one that hasn't been this year for a few reasons.. can't see that changing any time soon...
  2. MrB

    Eastbourne 2015

    Well there's talk of staff cuts on Facebook today and news that Kevin Combes will no longer be the presenter.. That is a big loss! Don't think cash is being splashed somehow!
  3. Don't get me started! Far too much self interest and too many cliques for the average person to help take thier club forward!
  4. MrB

    Eastbourne 2015

  5. Maybe someone kicked a big hole in it
  6. MrB

    The "fans Trophy"

    Yeah it's that important Sky can't be arsed to show it properly!
  7. MrB

    Eastbourne 2015

  8. MrB

    Eastbourne 2015

    From Len Silver on Kent website... Is this correct? The training track was muted a few years ago but went very quiet. Nothing on EB site!
  9. MrB

    Eastbourne To Close Down

    Not sure about the last bit but the first part 110%. I said during the close season last year I felt our track needed digging up and relaying as IMHO I felt the surface was worn out. EB fans call Lakeside the dustbowl but this year Arlo has been if anything worse. People want entertaining for their hard earnt money, sadly the last couple of years thats been few and far between. Couple that with the woeful away form which never shows any sign of improving and there's hardly reasons for the fans to come flooding back. If EB are to continue major changes need to happen if crowds are to return.
  10. MrB

    Eastbourne 2014

    Well technically EB have closed unless someone comes in and takes it over OR if the EL goes with half the fixtures then BD said he may look at another year...Are either of those scenarios likely, that's the question! TBH I hope it's the former rather than the later because IMHO major changes are needed at EB both on and off track if more fans are to be tempted back
  11. MrB

    Eastbourne 2014

    Why? They've said plenty of times what the situation is and nothing has changed!
  12. MrB

    Eastbourne To Close Down

  13. Not even Santa could gift Eastbourne anything. Feel sorry for any fans that still travel to watch this shambles on the road!
  14. MrB

    Wolves V Eastbourne 08/09.

    If and that's a very big If Eastbourne do carry on then a major clear out is needed from top to bottom, have to say just totally fed up with the rubbish that is getting served up the last couple of years. From consistently attending 7-8 away meetings every year I have done 1 the last 2 years and that was only because we were at Belle Vue when I was in the area and I'd never been there before! Absolute dross away from Arlo and the same old excuses are drilled out every time. I do hope something turns up for us but carrying on as we have the last couple of years would of had me walking away anyway.
  15. Can't help but feel we threw away that extra point tonight. We now need 2 maybe 3 away wins from Wolves, Poole, 2x Coventry and 2x Belle Vue. Swindle result tonight was massive for them. Can we end our 2 1/2 year wait for an away win.... Maybe 1 but I can't see 2 or 3 in there. LB tonight provided more entertainment in his 5 rides than many whole meetings at Arlo this year! EB have missed him these last 2 years!

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