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  1. dantodan

    Newcastle 2018

    So our first home meeting will now be the British Under-21 Semi-Final on the 8th April 2018. Will our season tickets cover this event or are we to shell out extra for it
  2. dantodan

    Newcastle 2018

    I think our 6 named riders will all pop up and score points and the team will surprise a few people who are writing us off, but when results are in may get a surprise. We need a quality rider to lead us.. god knows who he will be
  3. dantodan

    Newcastle 2018

    I have received a few items for my Defunct Website which thankfully I am not having to add Newcastle to. The items relate to a long defunct southern track, namely Ringwood Turfs. There is a Ringwood team photo with a rider called Tommy Worrall. Does anyone know if he was a relation of Stevie and Richie?
  4. dantodan

    Newcastle 2018

    There are a few of our riders from 2017 who may be in the equation for 2018 Stuart Robson Ashley Morris Alfie Bowtell Ben Hopwood Danny Phillips. If Robbo, Ash and Alfie are keen to ride for us, I would get them to sign. To Ben and Danny I would thank them but bring in higher averaged riders hopefully the maths would dictate Ash starting as a reserve which would strengthen the team
  5. Yes leander The Defunct thread is now well and truly Defunct. Looking forward now to season 2019 which will be Brough Park's 90th anniversary. Not sure, but we could be the only club still operating at the same venue, that started in 1929
  6. Just what the doctor ordered, George tells us we are running in 2018 and hopefully for years after 2018. So Newcastle does not go into the Defunct Speedway Website. I will send off my cheque for a season ticket this week
  7. I have no problem with George English, he has kept us going through thick and thin and mostly thin! For that, a big thank you, George BUT! the last few days have been terrible and no-one, George or any other in his absence has had the decency to inform the fans what is going on. NEWCASTLE SPEEDWAY? please tell us fans if we are operating next year! If George you have been on a family cruise then congratulations, hope it was fun, but what about the rest of us? we are family too and need to make plans for 2018 involving our holidays around the fixture list . So come on tell us as follows: Are We Running or Are We Not Surely the time has come to tell the most important people involved with Newcastle Diamonds (The Fans) the truth about our future Visiting the official website is depressing as it is woefully out of date
  8. Hah No! I want George to continue as our boss of the continuing but financially ailing Newcastle Speedway and not be the boss of the given up Defunct Diamonds, but if there are no funds for the 2018 campaign then we should close down with dignity and grace and be remembered as a great old venue. If closing happens, be assured that Brough Park will not be allowed to stage speedway again and where does that leave us? There are no other venues that speedway would be able to start up in. I know I am the only person on this forum expecting Newcastle to close down and I really hope I am wrong so come on Newcastle Speedway put something on your website to explain the current situation are we running or are we not?
  9. woe woe and thrice woe! it's not nice being the guy with his finger on the button!
  10. Does anyone know why Steve Worrall, our rider of the year has signed for Scunthorpe? Good luck Steve for 2018, we will miss you
  11. There has been a deafening silence via the official Newcastle website so are we celebrating too soon I wonder. Perhaps it is still a case of "we may run" or "we may not run" I wouldn't fancy playing poker with George!
  12. Yes Ruff, my index finger has been hovering over the send button for a few weeks, a bit like Donald Trump and the nuclear button, but great I can take my finger off the button now and I hope mr Trump is never faced by such a worrying thing as adding the Diamonds to the Defunct Website He would blow it!
  13. dantodan

    Newcastle 2018

    It can't have been easy for George to decide to run in 2018 without Sapphire backing him. George will have been in charge for 21 years in 2018. That deserves a medal as no other of our promoters comes close to his 21 yrs. We still need sponsors and to attract some quality riders, so the work has only just began. A great turnaround is the BSPA decision to do away with the "its a knockout double points joker" and bring back the old Tac Sub
  14. Great news, George English has a role to play within the BSPA, he wouldn't be doing that if Newcastle were about to close and better still Newcastle are named in the Championship KO Cup for 2018. So if everything goes to plan, Newcastle will continue and I will not have to add the Diamonds to the Defunct Speedway Website :party: I hope the missing fans all come back next year. When can I buy my season ticket

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