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  1. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    If I remember correctly you did not want him last year either but proved to be a winner. I am sure he will have to prove his fitness before a wheel is turned.
  2. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    I made a bold prediction last year that we were a top 6 side and was proved to be correct so I will say the same again this year.
  3. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    I am pleased that the team in general has been kept. They deserve to have the chance to defend it. Personally as long as we are entertained will be enough for me.....and this team will entertain. Bring it on.
  4. Must go R/R for Ulrich which gives everyone can ride and find a guest for Hans.
  5. Hard to get a decent guest to cover for Hans....Jake Allen possibly and rr for Ulrich
  6. Heard Cook wants money up front to ride..not going to happen
  7. Are we not allowed riders from Sheffield nd Wolves now theyare out.
  8. Cracking meeting. Well done to both sides for putting on such a great evenings entertainment. Would have took a 2 point loss after the injuries. Should be a great evening on Thursday.
  9. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    I think the majority of us have to eat humble pie this morning. Kerr not a good guest, Bjarne will not score the points at reserve.....how wrong we were. Well done to both of them and the whole team. Now let us finish the job next week.
  10. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    Just done the score for each heat with no extra rides for either team and now predict a win for the Panthers 48-42. MPT 4, Lewis 2, Hans 11, Scott 9, Chris 14, Bjarne 6,Jordan 1. Chris and Hans in heat 15. I know it will not be entirely correct but was fun doing it. Bring it on.
  11. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    I have faith in what Rob Lyon has chosen to do. It does seem a bit of a gamble but none of us know how MPT will go and using Lewis as an insurance rather than 5 riders is probably the way to go. Bjarne at reserve, it is pivotal that he performs well. He will not score the points that Hans and Chris did but expect he will take 7 rides if necessary. A cliffhanger of a meeting, great for Eurosport so lets hope we make it to the final
  12. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    Well you are the one who bleats on here that they call off the meetings too early so cannot see what you have to moan about. They probably waited till they saw you had arrived and then called it off
  13. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    I have just watched this as well and Sam said when Rory walked round with the managers then it was obvious it was not going to happen.Funnily enough I was talking to Carl Johnson outside and said to him....have they asked Rory yet...enough said
  14. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    Rearranged for Thursday.

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