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  1. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Rob Lyon ? Hope it is not Buster himself.
  2. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    What would Hans A average be as a number 1
  3. So true and the supporters were ante Simon and Ulrich at the beginning of the season. These two have been loyal to the Panthers throughout the years and so pleased for them. Well done Panthers.
  4. Peterborough V Glasgow 15/10/17

    No that is not the way he should react. Prove that it is a bad day at the office and I will be the first to come on here and apologise.
  5. Peterborough V Glasgow 15/10/17

    Sadly 10 points is not enough to take to Glasgow after being 14 points up after heat 11. Holder was a disgrace tonight as even on a bad night should score more than 3. More worrying is that I think it may be the end of speedway for Peterborough. Well done to Simon who rode his heart out tonight and would have scored more but for losing his shoe in one race.Bomber excellent as always.
  6. Peterborough V Glasgow 15/10/17

    Really looking forward to this meeting. I hope there is a good crowd. Panthers fans should forget about the politics today and support the team. This could be our last meeting at home this evening and it is a long time fill March.We do not know what the future holds either so if you are a real speedway fan then make the effort today. If we ever lose speedway here then we will never get it back. My prediction is Panthers 50 Tigers 40.
  7. Peterborough V Glasgow 15/10/17

    It was announced with 3 meetings to go that there would be a discount if you went to all 3 so would imagine quite a few did as I have.
  8. After last night when Ty Proctor was excluded for going on the centre green near the tapes I think this rule should be reversed but only a small area available to use. We lost about 10 minutes yesterday because of it because Ty went up to the referees box and then went off 15 metres.
  9. The home team should never be allowed a tactical.
  10. we did have 6 heats of 3-3 coming second and third. With an 18 point lead we had to make sure of no lasts. Taking into account that Worrell only scored 4 points as well, then I think job done. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Well done Panthers. Poor guest in Worrell but full marks to Tom Bacon who has improved immensely over the year.
  12. Panthers Vs Glasgow 03/09/2017

    It was a shame about the rain as there was some good racing. 11 heats done in an hour but the right decision to abandon it as the rain was settling on the 1st/2nd bend and became tricky.Sitting in the stand you do not realise just how hard the rain is. Scott a good guest and pleased to see Simon score some points.
  13. There was some awesome racing in the final so anyone who decided to stay away missed a great meeting. Bomber brilliant all day and the rest of the team did their job. A special mention to Simon Lambert who was under a lot of pressure because of the previous 48 hours and responded duly.
  14. Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Torun were relegated today so perhaps they will not use Jack and he will now be available for our two Sunday fixtures. That may have been part of the agreement.
  15. Even though I am not happy with what has happened I will be there tomorrow because I am a speedway fan first and there are 40 different riders tomorrow and some 36 heats to see. May the best team win.