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  1. Not the best of meetings but made exciting in the end by the closeness of the score. It was hard to set up a track today due to the weather so was a bit of gate and go. We were fairly solid throughout though and this is what this team gives you. Just like Friday, two opposition riders did not contribute and you cannot carry two. Excellent race in heat 15 by MPT and Scott to stop Sheffield getting a point. Jake Allen guesting for us was not the same rider who rode for Scunthorpe on Friday, I wonder why!!!
  2. Stiltonpanther

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Think MPT is above Ulrich in the averages so Scott will not be able to cover.
  3. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Logically they will cancel the Lakeside meeting as that is a cup match and have a double header on one of the other Sunday fixtures. They can then run Sheffield meeting at 7pm. Problem solved.
  4. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    If it is possible then start the first meeting at 1400, then have a big screen for the world cup and the second meeting after the football finishes.
  5. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Our last meetings on the 10th Sept. which is close to the cut off point for play offs. There will surely be dates after that which will be available then for us to complete other competitions. The season runs to 31st Oct.
  6. Stiltonpanther

    SGB championship fours 1st July redcar

    Excellent performance from the Panthers. Well done to all the riders.
  7. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough v Lakeside 29 June

    Should be a good close contest My prediction Panthers 47 Hammers 43
  8. Stiltonpanther

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Excellent performance from the Panthers. Looking forward to the next home meeting.
  9. Well I think we will bounce back from Friday and win 50-40. My main prediction, however is that Flappy will be on here after the meeting to moan about how the team was made up.
  10. Close meeting but the Panthers to win it 47-43
  11. Stiltonpanther

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Very sad news indeed. RIP.
  12. No one has started a topic for this meeting with only 24 hours to go.What is the state of the track as I am coming up for this. Is it likely to be on ?
  13. Tricky one to call this. Not much practice may give the Hammers the slight edge so will go for Panthers 43 Hammers 47. Most of all I hope there is some good racing and no injuries.
  14. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Rob Lyon ? Hope it is not Buster himself.
  15. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    What would Hans A average be as a number 1

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