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  1. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough V Swindon 20th June

    Big gap between races too....heat 2 and then heat 13.
  2. Stiltonpanther

    Championship fours

    You have always been allowed to bring picnic seats in for Panthers fixtures and most sit on the back straight or 1/2 bend. I would assume it will be the same for this event.
  3. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough V Swindon 20th June

    Have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that we won tonight. We were a different team after the interval..Wells was a great guest and if Belle Vue don't want him, then he can come to ride for us instead of Josh Bates who sadly is out of his depth. Must congratulate Rohan Tungate as well, forceful riding and by far his best performance for the club.
  4. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough V Swindon 20th June

    Unfortunately cannot see Panthers winning this with Doyle, Batchelor and Rasmus scoring heavily. 43- 47 defeat but hope I am wrong.
  5. Can only see a 55-35 defeat for the Panthers. I like MPT but he is not a Hans. Would rather have gone with rr. Did say the other day that he would be the sort of guest that Buster would give us. Very disillusioned with the way our speedway team is being run.
  6. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    My guess is somone like MPT. I would like it to be Kenneth Bjerre as he was excellent yesterday but it won't be him as Buster does not think he is a heat leader !!!!
  7. Stiltonpanther

    Poole v Peterborough Premiership Thursday May 30th

    On the subject of guests, then we had Kasper Andersen who scored zilch. Some riders do well as guests and some do not.
  8. Stiltonpanther

    Poole v Peterborough Premiership Thursday May 30th

    Well done Panthers.
  9. Good meeting again tonight with some excellent racing. Lynn obviously missed Riss as his heats only secured 3 points. The Panthers were solid with special mention to Bradley who was on fire. MPT put in a good shift for the Stars but we were never in trouble really and won comfortably.Pity we now have to wait for a month before our next home meeting.
  10. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough vs Poole 23/05/19 Premiership

    Cracking meeting and well done to both teams. Poole deserved a point. The big difference tonight was that the tractor did not come out until after heat 10 when the interval was. This enabled an outside line where you could race. Great performance from Charles Wright again tonight. Worrell was the main culprit for Poole as he was poor.Tonight is what I go to speedway for....excellent.
  11. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    Well done Ipswich on a deserved victory. You have a strong all round team. As for us, wright excepted, this was a poor performance and to be honest cannot see it improving.The crowds will dwindle as the season progresses and whatever anyone says Buster will be blamed for the team we are left with. There was not many fans who wanted him to be part of the Panthers in the first place and cannot see that feeling changing. I was in Jersey this morning but rushed back from Gatwick to be there tonight. Whether I will put myself out again then that is a big question. Again well done to Ipswich.
  12. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    49-41 to the Panthers is my guess. Think Tungate will have a good night and expect the reserves to score well.
  13. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough v Belle Vue PSC - Mon 1st April

    My love of Arsenal is the same as of the Panthers. I have had the Arsenal ticket for months so chose to go there but to call me a part time fan is a bit unfair. As it happens I am pleased that I went to the football.Although I am not happy with how things have turned out at the Showground, I can assure you I will be at the next meeting.
  14. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    What a debacle. From being excited about the season, my enthusiasm has now gone. I never liked the idea of Buster taking over our club and now my fears are bearing fruit.
  15. Stiltonpanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    You have a right to discuss but repitition becomes boring. You have a right to discuss but repitition becomes boring. You have a right to discuss but repitition becomes boring.......get it

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