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  1. Knowle

    Corona virus

    Now covered on BSPA site
  2. Knowle

    Corona virus

    According to today's Daily Telegraph Rob Godfrey stated that he has had clarification from the DCMS that he will need to apply for some loan from an extra pot that is available and he is very disappointed that speedway wasn't in the original blueprint. It is all rather confusing when statements are made that the current loans are to compensate for reduced spectator income lost in the coming months only hence cricket is not mentioned. Is tennis a major spectator attended course in the winter and how did greyhound racing qualify?
  3. Knowle

    Corona virus

    Nowhere can I find a full list of the 11 sports to be helped except that the Times hewspaper stated that they are winter sports, however can basketball and netball be so described?
  4. Knowle

    Now here's a funny thing....

    Thanks for that BL65 that was really interesting.
  5. Knowle

    Now here's a funny thing....

    Back to the thread I was born on the first day of the War 3/9/1939 and there is no record of any matches that day even Poland,, well it was a Sunday.
  6. Knowle


    Thanks Chunky. i did some more digging and find that Arthur's great nephew is recent rider Ben Taylor so my hunch was about a quarter true.!
  7. Knowle


    So it appears that that is Arthur Wright in the videos. Is he not related to current racer charles Wright?
  8. Watched Sheffield / Ipswich double header last night and the sound was about 3 seconds ahead of the action which was really annoying until I muted it. Did anyone else experience this or is it my rubbish equipment? Not the first time this has happened.
  9. Was it last year that a whole block of opening fixtures were rained off?
  10. Knowle

    Somerset 2020

    They increased the admission price for OAPs by £1 by removing their previously existing concession.
  11. Knowle

    Keith Flint RIP

    His speedway "vest"and a suzuki durex padded jacket are lot 130 in Cheffins of Cambridge auction of his possessions to be held on 7th November.
  12. Knowle

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    There is a book " Ice One Bruce". The story of the life and times of Bruce Semmens by Jeremy Jackson published 1995 which makes interesting reading.
  13. Knowle

    End of season fun

    The problem nowadays for many tracks is that with the play-off scenario you may not know which is going to be your last meeting.
  14. Knowle

    Rex Garrod R.I.P.

    According to a Daily Telegraph obituary this week Rex Garrod has died at the age of 75. It stated that Rex rode for Ipswich and Scunthorpe in the early 1970s. He was also an ex co-presenter of Channel 4s "The secret life of machines" and leader of team cassius in Robot Wars in the late 1990s and also involved with the children's television remote control car Brum.
  15. Knowle

    A favourite speedway era

    1948 to 1955 at Bristol. absolutely potty about speedway then. Being so young obviously made a difference. In the winter I could play a card game called "Skido" where you could move riders around a track. I adapted the rules so that I could play it solo and ran whole meetings over 14 heats using names taken from old programmes.

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