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  1. Knowle

    Ken Le Breton

    Missed only chance of seeing Ken Le Breton at Bristol in 1950 when he turned up late for what he thought was a second half booking only to find that he was in the main meeting as a "Star Of Tomorrow and had been replaced by Tom Oakley who happened to be there with his brother Bob. The other Stars were Fred Brand, Tommy Miller, Alan Hunt, Derek Close, Ken Middleditch and Jack Summers.
  2. Knowle

    Chum Taylor

    Had the pleasure of meeting Chum about 20 years ago at Oxford. I was a young fan of his in 53 and 54. His book " A Dangerous Life " is good reading and sometimes crops up on Ebay.
  3. Knowle

    Ian Hoskins RIP

    Ian managed Glasgow White City when they came to Bristol in 1949, very young.
  4. Knowle

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    Billy, Johnny and Graham Hole of Bristol 1948 1949.
  5. West Ham, Wembley, Harringay Hyde Road and Wombwell. The last one so I could have bought a load of their programmes to sell years later for a big profit! Had a dream once that I went to a jumble sale and there was a big box of Wombwell programmes for sale for peanuts.
  6. I was there and can't believe it was 20 years ago. Bjarne was brilliant in that meeting.
  7. Knowle

    Bonny Good

    Does anyone else remember Arthur (Bonny) Good who rode second halves at Swindon in 1949 including the very first meeting and also rode for Swindon in a few challenge matches before they took over Hull's fixtures. He also won the Best Pairs meeting on 1st August 1949 with Reg Lambourne. He was principally a grass track rider. Some of his stuff is coming up for auction on 26 th June at Aldriges Auctions in Devizes (lot 385)
  8. Knowle

    Somerset 2020

    The Mendip Raceway is very basic, very remote, on top of the Mendips down narrow lanes and in my opinion a non-starter. Does anyone know if the site at Avonmouth still exists in an undeveloped form?
  9. Knowle

    Somerset 2020

    I believe the location previously under consideration is where those giant windmills are now.
  10. Knowle

    Ernie Baker

    It is reported by a contributor to the Speedway Plus Site that Ernie passed away on 17 April. Fond memories of Bristol 1960
  11. Knowle

    Driving After Dark

    Irrespective of age I think that there are dangers caused by ridiculously bright headlights now being permitted especially in new tall SUV type vehicles bearing down on us mere mortals in our Polos etc.
  12. Knowle

    Duckworth Lewis for Speedway

    Is that Bob Duckworth and Tony Lewis? (One for the old gits like me)
  13. Knowle

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Bristol v New Cross National Trophy 19/8/49. Bristol Chris Boss, Eric Salmon, Mike Beddoe, Roger Wise, Billy Hole, Jack Mountford, Dick Bradley , Johnny Hole. Dick Bradley is the sole survivor. New Cross Bert Roger, Bill Longley Frank Lawrence , Jeff Lloyd, Ray Moore, Cyril Roger, Ray Ellis , Don Gray. The only possible survivors from New Cross woul be Ellis and Gray but they would be 93 and 99 respectively. perhaps norbold could help.
  14. Knowle

    Corona virus

    Now covered on BSPA site
  15. Knowle

    Corona virus

    According to today's Daily Telegraph Rob Godfrey stated that he has had clarification from the DCMS that he will need to apply for some loan from an extra pot that is available and he is very disappointed that speedway wasn't in the original blueprint. It is all rather confusing when statements are made that the current loans are to compensate for reduced spectator income lost in the coming months only hence cricket is not mentioned. Is tennis a major spectator attended course in the winter and how did greyhound racing qualify?

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