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  1. Knowle

    Rex Garrod R.I.P.

    According to a Daily Telegraph obituary this week Rex Garrod has died at the age of 75. It stated that Rex rode for Ipswich and Scunthorpe in the early 1970s. He was also an ex co-presenter of Channel 4s "The secret life of machines" and leader of team cassius in Robot Wars in the late 1990s and also involved with the children's television remote control car Brum.
  2. Knowle

    A favourite speedway era

    1948 to 1955 at Bristol. absolutely potty about speedway then. Being so young obviously made a difference. In the winter I could play a card game called "Skido" where you could move riders around a track. I adapted the rules so that I could play it solo and ran whole meetings over 14 heats using names taken from old programmes.
  3. Knowle

    Newport Speedway (Wales)

    As A regular at Newport travelling from Bristol I did not consider that the bridge toll was significant therefore its abolition would have been of little consequence however the pesky speed cameras hidden in the overhead gantry about half a mile before the booths had to be allowed for. I think they caught a few riders out.
  4. Knowle

    St Austell

    Brilliant place. All white except the white line. Good crowds too.
  5. Knowle

    Caption fun...

    Bert Harkins surprise signing for Poole
  6. Knowle

    Swindon Stadium

    For latest developments see page 73 onwards of the Swindon 2018 thread on the Premiership section
  7. Knowle

    Bristol Speedway Memories

    Didn't he say that he knew he was in trouble when he saw the crowd below him?
  8. I am beginning to think that £3 is too much to pay for a programme however looking back to my first visits in 1949 it seems that the cost as a percentage of the admission charge is about the same (20%). Also I was able to recently sell my old programmes which had been stuck in the attic for a vast profit!. This is not going to be possible with anything bought in recent years!.
  9. Also does anyone proof- read the programme draft for elementary errors such as those that crept in for the last two meetings?
  10. Knowle

    Belle Vue V Somerset - 1/5/17 , 12pm

    Somerset intended to run a coach but lack of interest. Not suprised
  11. Knowle

    Swindon Stadium

    What we need is a pop-up stadium.
  12. Knowle

    Arthur Wright

    Saw the two Arthurs ride at Knowle in 1952. Thought that Charles Wright was a distant relative?
  13. Knowle

    Swindon Stadium

    I thought that the footprint of the new stadium overlaps one end of the present stadium so this would be impossible
  14. Knowle

    Daftest Nickname?

    Jerk Smith. Bradford 1950s
  15. Don't fence me in by Ryan Fisher by back straight publications Glasgow The seven year itch by Swindon Council planning department.

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