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  1. bigeddiechek


    Wow! That's real commitment to the club.
  2. bigeddiechek


    Offft!!! Imagine Robert Lambert in that scenario!!! Best way to being on British riders is through quality training facilities, and lots of junior league meetings. Now who is doing that...
  3. bigeddiechek


    What has actually happened? As far as I understood everything was fine?
  4. bigeddiechek


    Maybe the Edinburgh Supporters' Club are a good example to follow? They seem to work very well with each other?
  5. bigeddiechek


    We're always going to have a heavy hitting reserve pairing. Very, very interesting team. I approve
  6. bigeddiechek


    FFS what a load of garbage posted on here by nobody that actually attended a brilliant night out. Still: the huge number who did attend had a great night, next year has a lot to look forward too Jye winning riders' rider and fans' rider was superb to see
  7. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    I'd actually take the whole team for next season with JPB at 7. Become a solid team.
  8. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    Close between him and Jye. Nick Morris a pretty decent signing too!!!
  9. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    That was quite easy
  10. bigeddiechek

    Speedway 2018

    It all makes a lot of sense to me.
  11. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Scunthorpe 19/8/17. 7pm

    I didn't say I introduced them, in fact I said it was due to the work the promotion are doing. Here, Screm, you mentioned you were taking your girlfriend along a couple of season ago, did she come back? I always find it interesting to get the views of people who are new to the sport.
  12. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Scunthorpe 19/8/17. 7pm

    The groups I am referring to are over 18, and do pay. Younger folk are getting into the sport in the area, and that is a product of the promotional work being done.
  13. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Scunthorpe 19/8/17. 7pm

    Speak for yourself =D Hang, on...I'm not that far away right enough Definitely groups of younger fans appearing. Whether the old school want to admit it or not, it is noticeable.
  14. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Scunthorpe 19/8/17. 7pm

    I think the focus has to be getting in new fans who don't care about track, averages, etc. I have a few young relations and their friends who have started coming this season and love it. They don't fill in a programme, think nothing of the track. They just enjoy the racing and keeping track of the score via the announcements. Getting youngsters into the sport is the future, not pandering to us old farts. I think Berwick are doing very well in this respect.
  15. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Scunthorpe 19/8/17. 7pm

    Another great meeting, Nick Morris was outstanding and JPB also showing real potential. Good to see another decent turnout, proves that getting the entertainment right on track brings people back!

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