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  1. bigeddiechek

    berwick bandits 2019

    Bandits' line-up announced by email. Very solid looking team :)
  2. bigeddiechek


    I wasn’t referring to any particular situation, just an observation of British Speedway in general. It is horribly under a shadow of self-loathing ☹️
  3. bigeddiechek


    I always enjoy speedway, and a big part of it for me is having a night out with friends and family. I think the only people that have things worked out in British Speedway are the riders, they seem to be the only ones that make any money out of it: and they really do have it worked out to a fine art!!! If the sport can't survive through gate receipts alone, then I think it is perfectly sensible to put an initiative in place for "superfans" as they are called in other sectors. A lot of other entertainment businesses survive only because of this network, and as it is completely open to personal choice should never be seen in a negative light. It is certainly far from unusual, and it is great to see that Edinburgh and Glasgow are so strongly supported in this way. I think we should also realise that Berwick have an unsung support too who quietly give up a lot of their time to help the club survive. Just look at the number of bodies who put down, then lift, track covers. That is a massive job, and has provided a massive benefit to all of the paying public as well as the club; and that is only one example. I doubt British speedway will ever flourish, though, whilst groups across the country constantly engage in battles with promotions. It seems to be one of the constants in the sport that survives with clubs above and beyond multiple changes of ownership and promotion.
  4. bigeddiechek


    Do some of the responses on here reflect part of the problem with British speedway? Again, playing Devil's advocate...
  5. bigeddiechek


    Just putting this out there. Which is best to support with additional fan funds. Riders or club, or both? What are the thoughts on here with regard to the Edinburgh Supporters' Trust? The whole sport, and product do need to improve, I think Berwick make continual efforts to do this, alongside Glasgow. In fact, Glasgow show what financial backing can begin to achieve. I'm taking a Devil's advocate role here.
  6. Shows you can buy a team, but you can't buy team spirit!!! Heat 9 was something else!!!!
  7. bigeddiechek


    Wow! That's real commitment to the club.
  8. bigeddiechek


    Offft!!! Imagine Robert Lambert in that scenario!!! Best way to being on British riders is through quality training facilities, and lots of junior league meetings. Now who is doing that...
  9. bigeddiechek


    What has actually happened? As far as I understood everything was fine?
  10. bigeddiechek


    Maybe the Edinburgh Supporters' Club are a good example to follow? They seem to work very well with each other?
  11. bigeddiechek


    We're always going to have a heavy hitting reserve pairing. Very, very interesting team. I approve
  12. bigeddiechek


    FFS what a load of garbage posted on here by nobody that actually attended a brilliant night out. Still: the huge number who did attend had a great night, next year has a lot to look forward too Jye winning riders' rider and fans' rider was superb to see
  13. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    I'd actually take the whole team for next season with JPB at 7. Become a solid team.
  14. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    Close between him and Jye. Nick Morris a pretty decent signing too!!!
  15. bigeddiechek

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    That was quite easy

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