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  1. BrizHeathen

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Nick rides on a ACU licence. No visa required.
  2. Not much talk about the GP in Togliati, or have I missed something? Exciting new venue but its going to be a pain in the preverbial to get tickets / visas etc.
  3. BrizHeathen

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Lineup complete, final cat out of the bag. Looks a very decent main body, if the two twins can score a few points then the Lions will challenge for the top spot again. I must confess I've only seen a little of the two youngsters but this is a big jump for any 15/16 year old.
  4. BrizHeathen

    Leicester Lions 2020

    No rumours? Maybe not, but a subtle hint..a few short posts back.
  5. BrizHeathen

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Very early days for 2020 team building but I wonder if Nick Morris would fit (instead of Bjerre)?
  6. BrizHeathen

    Wolverhampton 2020

    The fact is the injury he had is still causing some grief now, not enough to prevent him riding but enough to get it looked at again now the season is over.
  7. BrizHeathen

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I agree, Becker and Morris will definitely add points to there averages and there are other improvements in Thorsell and Douglas. If that does happen and the rest stay around the same, the team could do very well...
  8. A very late postponement, meaning riders and a lot of fans had travelled. There is a lot of merit in early call offs, it is a risk because weather does sometimes improve but it saves everyone a lot of time and money.
  9. BrizHeathen

    Eastbourne v Birmingham 28/9/19

    I know this meeting was cut short but not one single comment on the actual meeting, the final meeting for both clubs I think.
  10. BrizHeathen

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Its a laughable decision. Cook is guilty of starting the whole sequence of events which led to other bans. In essence his club as got off scott free....not fair at all. What is even more laughable is people saying 'leave him alone, he's got mental health issues'...well if that's the case he definitely should not be on a speedway track right now.
  11. BrizHeathen

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Opole is only just up the road, hence the choice.
  12. BrizHeathen

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    An alternative to Friday night practice at Wroclaw is the Opole v Krakow fixture, starts at 5pm and only an hours train journey from Wroclaw.
  13. Anyone done the Springfield Mile? Its on my bucket list, one things that puts me off is the relative isolation from speedway venues in the States.
  14. BrizHeathen

    2020 FIM Long Track

    Making my first trip to Muhldorf on the weekend, what should I expect? Haven't seen 1000 metre racing since Ivan Mauger's series on the trotting tracks of Australia and New Zealand, quite a few years ago
  15. BrizHeathen

    Other Museums

    I haven't been to every speedway museum in the world, however I genuinely believe Ash's speedway museum in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia is the largest 'speedway only museum' in the world His collection of everything speedway is vast, this includes race jackets, suits, machinery, trophies, etc, etc. Situated very close to the Blue Mountains and the Mount Panarama Racetrack, if in the area, I strongly recommend a visit (Bathurst Long Track at the showgrounds is also an annual event) I've got plenty of photos from my visit if anyone is interested.

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