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  1. Northern Rocket

    09.07.18 - Belle Vue v Swindon Robins - Premiership

    Don't think BV are out of the play-offs by any means yet. Steve Worrall should be back sooner rather than later which must help? Some really good racing again .Thought the crowd tonight looked lower than the Poole meeting a couple of weeks back. Hope there's some increase once the school holidays start !!
  2. Northern Rocket

    Belle Vue V Coventry 30th May, 2016

    Monday was my first visit to the new Belle Vue and apart from the chaos getting in, I was very impressed with it. The quality of racing was superb, easily better than any meeting I ever saw at the Greyhound stadium. I would suggest that they have a separate ticket selling point for the South Terrace, which would shorten the queues at the main entrance. I'll probably do the print at home ticket next time, but only on the race day if the weather forecast is fine !! Will definitely be back and glad to say I've got the Speedway bug back after several years of watching only on the odd occasion.

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