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  1. Ben91

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Not sure where Thomas is based, probably closer to Leicester than Glasgow. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was a factor.
  2. Ben91

    KENT 2019

    Haven’t been to Kent for a couple of seasons but the track reminded me of the track at Rye from Len’s era. By most accounts Peterborough’s “improved” track this year isn’t producing very good racing. No doubt Kent are charging too much for NL speedway but Robert Ledwith probably provides more intrigue and excitement than Richard Lawson.
  3. Ben91

    Rider replacement

    Workington had a team signed up already. The other sides would have found riders. There’s plenty of them out there.
  4. Ben91

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Chessell has probably been at his level prior to his recent period out of the sport. Would be surprised if he gets back to that, let alone becomes a Championship level rider. Glasgow may not be able to find a rider who scores more for them now but there are plenty out there who have more potential in the long run.
  5. Ben91

    Rider replacement

    No. Speedway riders get injured and/or are unavailable sometimes. The teams aren’t pretending to have seven riders...
  6. Ben91

    Stoke 2019

    This is his eighth season in the NL. Not saying he can’t or won’t get better but he’s been at the level he’s at for a while now. The NL needs older riders and those with more experience too though.
  7. William Lawson has some explaining to do...
  8. Probably score the same amount of points whether he races at Edinburgh or doesn’t turn up anyway.
  9. Ben91

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Scunthorpe shouldn’t have brought him across the world to ride for them if he wasn’t ready to do so. Seems a common theme with assessed riders who aren’t up to scratch these days to justify it by saying they were thrown in at the deep end.
  10. Ben91

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    Although only early doors, Thomsen is averaging below two points a meeting. Bearing in mind his average can’t drop below four regardless of how little he may score, he may well not prove to be worth persevering with. Particularly as the man he’ll likely replace in a reserve berth, Castagna, could be going straight into the number one racejacket when the averages change.
  11. Ben91

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    R/R should have been kept as it was. Guests allowed for an absent number one or reserves only. Did Summers score more than Haris would have? With Bomber’s form it’s hard to say. Would R/R have scored what Summers did? Possibly by a point or two, which was the difference on the night. Somerset’s soft belly and long tail didn’t do the business. How long until a change is made there? For Birmingham Thomsen looks as though he may be a duff. A steady middle order man in his place could be the difference in meetings like this.
  12. Faster doesn’t mean better though.
  13. First this season perhaps but nothing new in the grand scheme of the last couple of years as fans of Rye House and Glasgow will tell you. The irony of your post is that your top three are probably one of the strongest in the league on paper as well. Offered Schlein, Harris and Covatti or Kennett, Lawson and Kerr I reckon you’d have a near 50-50 split on the trio fans would take. Eastbourne have a longer tail than yours but their home track advantage negates that in the case of Saturday’s meeting. If you thought Atkins and Rowe should have been getting anything out of Brennan and Wood round Arlington then you’ve not done your homework.
  14. One race win at Cardiff 12 years ago seem to have given Harris an aura that quite a few people can’t look past. He’s a very inconsistent rider and only going in one direction. He hasn’t helped himself in my book by becoming a member of the club within the sport who label fans with opinions they don’t like online as “keyboard warriors.” So unprofessional. Get on with your job that we pay you to do. Give me Scott Nicholls any day. When we had both men at Rye Scott was just as entertaining when behind, he just didn’t find himself in that position as often as Harris. Five years down the line if both are still riding then I’d imagine Nicholls will be at a similar level to where he is now, Harris will probably be a five point man or taking pocket money from kids in the NL.

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