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  1. Ben91

    2021 speedway season !

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst. April seems like pie in the sky in my opinion but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.
  2. Ben91

    SON 2020

    Kemp shows the right attitude now and with all the respect in the world to Lawson, the Worralls, Kerr etc. he wouldn’t have done any worse than they would. The same can be said for Brennan, Rowe, Palin or any other young prospect we have right now. The difference is their potential ceiling is much higher than that of the riders who have been on the scene and flattered to deceive for years now. Those riders have had years to chase experience in Europe but have mainly spent them doubling up here instead. The right decision was made in my opinion, if there is no chance of winning then use these events to help our chances of winning in future. The second Tai (or Rob Lambert) is unavailable we have no hope in the SON.
  3. Ben91

    SON 2020

    Scrap doubling up. Improve the standard of our riders by putting them out of their comfort zone and improve the quality of the product here by not having riders with more clubs than Tiger Woods. I like it.
  4. Ben91

    SON 2020

    If this is rained off after 14 they’re going to pack their bikes up and drive the four hours to Torun to complete the remaining heats this evening.
  5. Ben91

    SON 2020

    I don’t know why nobody on this thread has suggested moving the event to Torun. The weather there is good all weekend apparently and it’s only a four hour drive away...
  6. I think I’d prefer semi’s and a B and A final personally. If you’re outside the top eight then your night is over.
  7. Ben91

    SON 2020

    The virus only comes out after 10pm in the UK, it’ll only strike if you’re in a group of over six too. Nice of it to tell us in advance that it’s going to be in Lublin from Saturday too but not on Friday night.
  8. Ben91

    SON 2020

    That doesn’t make the system flawed, it’s just an example of teams that aren’t evenly matched. That is always going to happen in international meetings.
  9. Ben91

    SON 2020

    Team riding is dead in fairness. But the thought process is that not finishing last is more important than finishing first in pairs racing and that makes perfect sense.
  10. Ben91

    SON 2020

    Again, to an extent. It’s not the perfect analogy granted. Teams qualify for the World Cup final through 90 minute games and the final is a 90 minute game, not a penalty shoot out. As Iainb said there can be unpredictable elements to a final heat which can leave it as a damp squib. It is no guarantee of excitement and we have to remember this is a sporting event, the best team should win as opposed to the one who wins a final heat. That’s my opinion of all championship play offs, final heats in individual meetings etc. Ultimately of course the rules are what they are and every competitor knows that going in. The playing field is the same for everyone.
  11. Ben91

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    Not claiming to be an expert but considering what AFC have been through a little more sensitivity wouldn’t have gone amiss. Lost a lot of respect for the club when I read an article about what has seemingly happened a year or so back.
  12. Ben91

    SON 2020

    Pairs racing should use the 4-3-2-0 points format as this encourages team riding. Why it isn’t used in the SON is beyond me. The whole two day event coming down to a single final heat is also farcical but the rules are the same for every team entering. Imagine the football World Cup final going to a penalty shoot out every time regardless of the final score of the match though. Stupid right? That’s Speedway.
  13. Ben91

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    How about the heartache of the Kingstonian fans who appear to have had their ground sold from under them?
  14. Ben91

    SON 2020

    That would be an Arris...
  15. I don’t think C and D finals are necessary, I would have a B final for the riders who don’t make it through the semi finals however.

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