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  1. Ben91

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I’m out of touch when it comes to who is a good prospect and who isn’t these days. Since Rye House closed my interest has dwindled (it was heading that way before we closed in fairness). But there seems, and always has been this way, to be the opinion that being Australian makes a rider better than a Brit automatically. Some are, some aren’t.
  2. Ben91

    Kent Kings 2020?

    This is speedway, someone with a stopwatch will do. If that fails then use the second hand on the time keeper’s watch.
  3. Ben91

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Being Australian isn’t any guarantee of being good.
  4. Ben91


    John Sampford. Was Rye House team manager while Len was promoter of the Rockets.
  5. Ben91

    2020 NL Season

    Lawson can’t ride Championship and NL as I understand it as he’s had an average of over four in the second tier.
  6. Ben91

    Redcar 2020

    They don’t have to make a three point average these days, the minimum is two.
  7. Ben91

    Redcar 2020

    You didn’t say that initially though, you said this: Over the years there have been plenty of riders in the second tier who haven’t been up to scratch. Jenkins, and to a lesser extent Phillips, aren’t in that bracket.
  8. Ben91

    Redcar 2020

    Jenkins is five years younger and has been involved in league racing since 2016, Phillips started in 2012. Jenkins has more potential IMO.
  9. Ben91

    Redcar 2020

    Would rather have Jenkins than Danny Phillips...
  10. Ben91

    Newcastle 2020

    Perhaps Charles Wright’s performances in recent times have reignited James’ interest in riding. To my mind James was certainly the better of the two for quite some time. That won’t be the case now but if he’s up for it then there’s no reason he couldn’t maintain a four point average I’d say.
  11. Ben91

    Somerset 2020

    Nobody is saying you have to have another form of entertainment but plenty of other fans of the sport are looking elsewhere for their entertainment because they are fed up of the way the sport is governed and “promoted.”
  12. Ben91

    Somerset 2020

    The fan experience at speedway, facilities etc. is comparable to non-league football which doesn’t cost £40 to watch. Even at your price of £40 that makes a minute of football cost just under 45p. If we say a speedway heat is one minute long (they’re usually less than that) then at the £16 Somerset were charging last year equates to over £1 a minute. Speedway is not dirt cheap.
  13. Ben91

    Somerset 2020

    There are umpteen other forms of entertainment that offer better value for money.
  14. Ben91

    Somerset 2020

    I found a nice restaurant a number of years ago, I’d go there regularly to eat. Over the years the prices started to rise and the standard of food started to slip. The last time I went I was served a steaming pile of turd in a bun. I told the proprietor I wasn’t going to eat it or pay for it, he told me to take it or leave it so I left.
  15. Ben91

    Somerset 2020

    Perhaps the books don’t balance because the riders demand too much in the way of wages. Speedway is dirt track racing, it shouldn’t be considered a professional sport if the crowds coming through the door can’t support just that. Most sportsmen practice their chosen discipline as a hobby until such a time as they reach a standard where their skill merits that they are paid to do it as a full time job. It strikes me that Speedway riders expect a living from the sport and the promoters are happy to go along with it to the detriment of the fans (doubling up being a salient point here). There will always be enough riders about, there won’t always be fans of the current trend of putting prices up and lowering standards continues. I’m sure Najjer would go to watch NL standard racing if the entrance fee represented the standard of racing on offer.

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