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  1. Rye House 2018

    If it isn't Kasprzak then it's going to be a long season.
  2. Joe Jacobs

    Shame to see, but there's some who will tell you there's a rider shortage...
  3. Rye House 2018

    Sorry didn't realise you'd been ill.
  4. Rye House 2018

    Why would he be reading the speedway forum? You just quoted me saying it.
  5. Rye House 2018

    I'd rather have Kasprzak than Holder.
  6. Somerset 2018

    Easily the best team assembled so far. Doyle will lead the line. There's improvement in Holder, Allen, BWD and Jeppesen. Lawson and Wright will carry on as they were this season. Saw Jeppesen in Poland this season, was mixing it with the likes of Hampel, Zengota and Protasiewicz, it was only an individual meeting but you could tell he's got something about him. Should be putting a point or so on his starting average.
  7. Rye House 2018

    Uninspiring. Winning attracts fans. Sport is about winning. Entertainment is a by-product. I think we all do. Anybody else that fits doesn't have the scope for average improvement KK has and then it could be a long season.
  8. Rye House 2018

    KK hasn't been announced because a) He's not signed on yet or b ) The promotion know he's the key man in the team and are keeping us in suspense. Hope it's the former because if it isn't then there aren't many great options out there if not and the team as a whole could well be seen as a bit meh.
  9. Rye House 2018

    The ages of the riders are irrelevant if they can do the job on the track. So far we have Clegg on a two point average. Can he improve it? Yes. Robson on a 5.72 at reserve. Can he improve it? Probably not but probably will maintain it and lets not forget he was top bonus point scorer in the league this year. His average was nearer seven with bonus points included. It's a good reserve pairing. Barker on a 6.00. Can he improve it? Probably not. This is the one announced so far I'm not over enthused by. But, he is likely to be at two or in a reserve berth all season. Kennett on a 6.39. Can he improve it? Yes. His home form should look after that. He's not got the pressure of being number one but he can score like one at Rye House. As a second string he'll be solid enough away. I'm hoping the last three are Nicholls, KK and another. As entertaining as Harris is, he is going in one direction average wise. Nicholls is better out of the traps and a better team rider too as far as I'm concerned. It could be better for sure but we won't be whipping boys.
  10. Rye House 2018

    Speedway isn't a normal job. If a rider is good enough then channels to ride abroad will open for them, otherwise they're not owed anything here, particularly not to the detriment of the paying public. Riders ride in the first place for themselves as a hobby or to satisfy the need for an adrenaline rush. Somewhere along the lines some have started to expect to earn their living from it. Ultimately riders race for themselves, in other sports if you're not good enough you have to go out and get a proper job and either give up the sport or compete and practice in your spare time and funding it from your own pocket.
  11. Rye House 2018

    In honesty riders such as Harris, Nicholls and Cook are too good to ride in the second tier. The trouble with doubling up is that it became a free for all where riders picked up two or three clubs out of necessity to make their racing pay. Who suffered when riders were unavailable? The fans simply. Speedway isn't a big enough sport in Britain anymore for anyone but the top riders (those who also race abroad) to do it as a full time job. Riders should have one team and if they can't make their racing pay solely find another way to earn too. Nobody is owed a living from the sport. Moves have been made to start improving the product with set race nights. Eradicating doubling up has to be part of the mid-long term plan too, the only people it truly benefits are the riders, as fans we get shafted by it. There will always be people willing to race, there won't always be people willing to watch.
  12. Rye House 2018

    A press release should have been put out following the AGM. We were told there would be one when he got back from Tenerife (the internet works in Spain the last time I was there). The first we've heard from our promotion is on an obscure podcast almost three weeks after the event. I'd say he "gets it" in some ways but in others there's room for improvement. Agreed. There are also plenty who profess to being regulars at Rye but won't be now we're racing midweek, we had more midweek meetings than on Saturday nights this season. Personally I'll be attending more because we're racing midweek as long as the team is worth going to watch. Two sides to every coin.
  13. Isle Of Wight 2018

    Morley's been in need of a move to a big track for a few years truth be told. This should really be his last season in the third tier if he's going to kick on at a higher level. Riding a bigger track regularly and winning races will undoubtedly help his confidence when riding for Lakeside (and Rye House if he's part of the 2018 side). A good move for both parties I'd say. A statement of intent from the IOW.
  14. He didn't do enough meetings to get a proper second tier average so no he hasn't.
  15. Newman has found his level. People seem to think he's on a bargain average every year, maybe it's the Poole connection but he's a second string at this level, no more. Looks like a long season for Peterborough. Can't see two riders coming in that'll change that.