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  1. Warsaw info

    Just booked and cost me less than a quid to print tickets off. Paid by credit card. Flight booked from Leeds. Just the hotel which should be a doddle If anyone can point me to a decent bar in the city prior to the meeting, that would be greatly appreciated
  2. We're talking speedway here, don't be too sure
  3. Apologies jchapman. I should have said the sport in the UK is being run unprofessionally not the sport in general. With regards your second paragraph. I believe theirin lies the problem. Those that run the sport within the UK looking insular to their own specific needs and not with regards the further good of speedway within the UK.
  4. Very difficult to offer advice out to a rider about being professional , when the sport is not being run in that manner either by the sports ruling body of which I believe you were a member at one stage. The sport has been mismanaged /unprofessionally run for at least a generation and probably beyond that.
  5. It'll be a helmet colour/cover change
  6. Well that's had the lot - Bonkers
  7. Why don't teams running R/R not nominate a No,8 ?
  8. Move along there's nothing to see here
  9. I'm afraid British Speedway is
  10. Speedway World Cup 2017

    Sorry to just take a bit of your statement & hope you dont believe I'm taking out of context BUT your surely would suggest then Woffinden would enhance this cause ? If thats the case whatever must be done to accomodate him must be done ?
  11. Cardiff Gp 2017 Tickets

    Received ours today
  12. Big cahoonas from Doyle. Decent prix in all
  13. Coventry 2017

    At the moment Spurs are selling them off at £50 a pop.