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  1. Wright rode at Cardiff in 2019
  2. Because as always with British Speedway, no one is accountable. Pass the buck
  3. Can't believe they've not buggered off, I'd of been out of there a while since. Pretty obvious they'll be no further racing 30 mins ago
  4. Which they won't, as they'll want to get their ad breaks in. That's without any start line shenanigans or any inevitable re-run's
  5. cracking ride from Doyle there
  6. Did she just call Bewley - Healey ????
  7. As a professional speedway rider, Id assume he'd rather ride than yak about it
  8. tyke

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    How does Ermolenko keep getting this gig. Embarrassing
  9. Just the pass here
  10. tyke

    Redcar v Plymouth

    Graham Hunter
  11. tyke

    Redcar v Plymouth

    Ridiculous decision. Obviously the ref thought Gilkes just threw the bike on the deck while leading

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