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  1. 73% of the time, statistics are completely made up
  2. Are you putting yourself forward Steve
  3. ? The man that waited for the tapes to rise and didn't try to anticipate the start you mean
  4. Just posted on twitter ? lasse bjerre #⃣ 1⃣ 5⃣‏ @LasseBjerre93 7m7 minutes ago More Was there anyone in the panorama bar last night after the Sheffield meeting that witnessed Paul Bates sack me last night?
  5. Would have been handy if they done it from 6pm as well, by the looks of things
  6. Sums it up really. And they wonder why folk don't spend there hard earned money. Until they learn and stop re-arranging the deck chair on the titanic, British speedway will be an amateur sport in near on 5 years imo
  7. Not sure anyone could do much worse to be honest. You've got to be honest its very poor
  8. The track is appalling . Don't care what you say about the weather. Once again shows how amateur our sport is. To have this much dust after two heats is a disgrace. Is there a water ban in the Swindon area
  9. tyke

    Sheffield 2018

    Twice I've seen him now (Glasgow H & Scunthorpe A) and the kid looks very good. Just hopeful that a deal is in place for next season . because he could take some stopping after already having a skid at the majority
  10. tyke

    Bradford To Return ?

    It's in front of the Town Hall
  11. tyke

    Bradford To Return ?

    It was, but the major issues was the best part of 30 years of rubbish which had slipped down the seats/wooden slats in the stand and never cleared away, which laid underneath. An unfortunately discarded cigarette end lit this rubbish and also that the game had not got to half time the exit gates were locked to ensure folk didn't get in (But then folk couldn't get out) and many perished trying to escape through the way they arrived . The only way out was onto the field it's self. I attended the game with my best friend who's father was a police officer. He can be seen in the news footage with his hair on fire after rescuing numerous folk from the stand He never worked another day in his life and suffered flashback nightmares for the rest of his life.

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