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  1. Hasn't it been mentioned he's being riding after meetings ? But yes, quite impressive for a 1st competitive meeting especially the outside blast
  2. tyke

    Sheffield 2018

    Does that fit ? A no brainer if the case
  3. oooooohhhhhhh this is getting good
  4. Most likely also illegal according to employment law
  5. And folk wonder why it isn't taking seriously by broadcasters & media
  6. Speedway just showing once again how Amateur it really is. Any nation that doesnt have 3 riders present shouldn't be there
  7. So the manager has 3 riders in the team and cannot take time out to 'call' one of them to ascertain any potential issue's. Pi$$ poor as usual
  8. He's pretty darn good this Bewley kid
  9. Exactly & as always the throttle goes two ways, could have backed out
  10. Just think your harsh on someone whom actually is doing a bloody good job for the tigers. CMA 3.75 ish and seems that 9+2 at home ins't good enough Yes maybe should have beaten Bacon in that ride , but his scoring put is in the position to win anyway If your pointing fingers any maybe they should be directed in a different direction
  11. So your blaming a reserve whom scored 9+2 and is nearly doubling his cma at home. Scored points in 5 of the six ride he rode in Against a 2nd string who didnt score a point from 3 rides. Irrelevant that he hasn't ridden much it was the hierachy's choice to pick him and the other reserve whom only scored in one ride ? Staggering
  12. Not fair on Shanes that. He got 9 +2 from 6 Smith in only scoring in 1 of 3 rides and Gravesen not scoring in none of this 3 , is where this was lost 2 pts from 6 rides there is the reason
  13. Correct according to Sheffield website http://www.sheffieldspeedway.co/news.php?extend.2534

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