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  1. tyke

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    How can you award that
  2. tyke

    Poole 2019

    Apologies read it wrong, though it said less 60000. Sorry, Pinny will delete my post and apologies
  3. tyke

    Visa criteria

    https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/work-permit-issues-prevented-lionel-messi-becoming-arsenal-player But ironically he would have needed a work permit for the UK which he would have failed to obtain I have edited my question above for clarity
  4. tyke

    Visa criteria

  5. tyke

    Visa criteria

    I'd be interested if you could site an example of a non-eu 16 yo citizen to a UK professional football contract to back up your claim
  6. tyke

    Visa criteria

    We opted out of the Schengen agreement, hence why this is not illegal in the UK
  7. tyke

    Sheffield 2019

    Danny King is a good shout I reckon
  8. tyke

    Sheffield 2019

    Well that's me done for Sheffield on a Sunday. Looks like Belle Vue for me live speedway in future Went to the majority of home meetings and sponsored one rider whom definitely won't be able to ride Sundays. Certainly disappointing from my position changing race nights
  9. tyke

    Warsaw 2019

    Yes there are Ryanair fly Friday ex Manchester and there is a return flight on Monday evening. Alternatively KLM via Amsterdam. Only an hour in Amsterdam. Decent service /airline in my experience
  10. In the words of Shovlar Mods Close the thread, save the bandwidth
  11. Bloody hell, was S.Lambert on a 650 for that one
  12. track playing more into the Pirates hands Cant see them losing from here
  13. His tyre track is imprinted inside the line there. Bit of karma me-thinks

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