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  1. The like's of Bewley must bust a gut to get in this series in the future. Lambert has shown over the last 2 season how much it has benfited him
  2. Agree but the next one down the list would struggle to get in the top 30
  3. tyke

    Season Cancelled

    Always pay on your credit card. Got my season ticket money back, when my Football team went into administration. Section 75
  4. A fair chunk of Zloty's may have helped him sway hs decison, I would suggest
  5. tyke

    Sheffield 2020

  6. tyke

    Polish Speedway on TV

    As did I, you're never going to get half a dozen passes per race. But it had more than enough to keep me occuiped & intersted.
  7. You can bet your life on when the pubs are due to open and it's beer gardens only, Its going to rain for 40 Days & 40 Nights.
  8. That would be entirely your own perogative, but as you have freely admitted you have paid precisely nothing, so how you expect any value from nothing I cant think. If you feel you wont subscribe after your free 3 months, as you believe that the channel is not worthy of the current subsciption fee, then that again would be your perogative. I myself took a reduced yearly subscription of £89. Quite happy to accept the speedway on offer and to be honest , quite a lot of the other sports which go with it for the next 12 months. Although it was the speedway which initially induced me to part with my cash.
  9. tyke


    That is my experience also. Hopefully will be have arrived when I get home this evening
  10. tyke

    Sky and Bt sports

    Always the expectation to be honest
  11. tyke

    Odsal hopes

    https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/18514939.avenue-agree-35-year-horsfall-lease-bradford-council/ This is from our local Rag. New lease is with the local athletics club, so you would assume the track would stay in situe , but most probably be updated with a new synthetic surface
  12. tyke

    Odsal hopes

    Certainly did. Hamil 2nd, Nilsen 3rd, Loram 4th
  13. tyke

    Odsal hopes

    It's a stadium I can literally walk to. It is not in a good state currently and if you think a GP could be held anytime soon there, I would think again. Still think it will be while before we see bikes around the track competatively , never mind the thoughts of holding a GP there.

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