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  1. tyke


    It doesn't really matter where tracks are placed in the UK, the sport is very much on the decline. You can count on One hand (and maybe lose a digit or two) those that get half sizeable attendances on the whole. The fact that speedway promoters don't even produce attendance figures really is all you need to know. Potentially those that actually make a profit maybe less after losing your digit's. I live in Bradford and I'm sure in the short term it would be attended quiet well, but long term like most tracks it will struggle to survive, because in my opionon the product only service's a small miche market and that market I am afraid is very much twindling . You can go on about 000's of reasons why patrons don't come through the door and pay an entrance fee (See what I did there !) the mere fact is Speedway is very, very much a minority sport in the UK and very losely professional these days.
  2. tyke

    SON 2020

    I had deleted the comment on reflection - My apologies
  3. tyke

    SON 2020

    We are in indifferent times of course , but trying to stage any Speedway meeting in North Europe in the middle of October would be construed as a gamble with the weather
  4. tyke

    SON 2020

    Not if they're professional sports people with correct exemption certficate they dont'.
  5. tyke

    SON 2020

    You do hope no one is injured there. Surely now's the point to stop the meeting
  6. tyke

    SON 2020

    I knew that I was replying to a poster whom obviously didn't
  7. tyke

    SON 2020

    Wizz Air £79.99 each return
  8. tyke

    SON 2020

    Please enlighten me then how Bewley & Kemp are down to ride at Berwick on Wednesday night ?
  9. tyke

    SON 2020

    Yes, look at all the footballers whom played for their national teams around Europe & further afield this week.
  10. tyke

    SON 2020

    Aren't Bewley, Kemp & Palin in the U21 final at Berwick on Wednesday Run that past me then how that works
  11. tyke

    SON 2020

    Pearson really is a clown at times
  12. tyke

    SON 2020

    Lemon just said in his interview, Jack Holder was his No.2 rider, He declined and then Lemon went to his next on his list ie Fricke
  13. tyke

    SON 2020

    and Lemon sounded very p!$$ed about it to (rightly so)

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