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  1. tyke

    Sheffield 2020

    I'll watch Tai on any night apart from Sunday's then
  2. tyke

    Sheffield 2020

    Thursday night's & Tai would be utopia
  3. Jensen seemed bloody quick there
  4. Think we'd all struggle when someone has just run over your foot/ankle
  5. Hopefully he'll cost his team a pt
  6. Now that's how you miss the gate
  7. tyke

    AGM 2019

    Can't agree, I'm afriad They'll at least change the helmet covers from yellow to green That apart, you're bang on the money
  8. https://www.fjbhotels.co.uk/liveview/ Looking at the Harbour Heights hotel web cam nearby, it's p!$$ing it down
  9. tyke

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Nonsense decision by the ref there
  10. Just noticed, how the buggery does Christina Turnbull get this gig
  11. Lambert was track reserve in 2015 and didnt contest the British Final
  12. Couldn't agree more. Absolute nonsence decision. British Speedway at its finest (Oxymoron)

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