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  1. Wow! Still having more problems with the forum, eh? All these posts disappearing... Where, oh where, can they be? Any idea, Mr. H???
  2. In YOUR opinion. There are many sports where a "National League" is not the highest level of competition, or even an official competition. The definition of a "National League" should surely be a competition that is open to teams (or individual) on a nationwide basis. Is a "National" league really superior to a "British" league? Or a "Premier" league? Or an "Elite" League? Looking at the world's most popular sport, how many "National" leagues are there? The strongest domestic leagues include Premier League, Bundesliga (Federal League), the Ligue de Football Professionel, etc. Even those under the umbrella of a "National" league system (which usually consists of multiple levels), they are not usually called by the term "National League". Yet you maintain that a "genuine National League should typify the best teams available in the country."... Steve
  3. In all fairness, I feel that the majority of the blame should fall on the authorities rather than independent magazines. Certainly as far as "official" meetings sanctioned by a governing body, and counting toward an "official" competition, then the said governing body should be the ones to provide official records. Unfortunately, we know we can't rely on that either... Steve
  4. chunky

    Joe Neath

    That's one of the things I was looking for! The only tracks I have found multiple appearances were Rye and Coventry; everywhere else seems to be a one-off, but without complete records, it's difficult to tell. There is one other item I found. It's a write-up in the Peterborough Advertiser from 17 June 1955, and references a line-up for a meeting. I can't access the complete article, but looking at some of the riders listed, it would suggest that it was at Norwich. Joe is listed with names such as Tip Mills, Ivor Brown, Malcolm Flood, Wal Morton, and Harold Sansby. Again, I am trying to find out more about that! Steve
  5. chunky

    Joe Neath

    Can't say I've heard of him before, and there isn't much to be found online. What I did find - and I assume it's the same guy - was that he went into sidecar speedway. There are records of him racing at Coventry in 1962 and at Norwich and Hednesford the following year. Unfortunately, even looking for more info with regard to the outfits doesn't lead anywhere. One interesting thing is that at Norwich, he apparently raced against Harry Denton, who also rode solos. Harry rode in the "Stars of Tomorrow" meeting at King's Lynn in 1965 (at the age of 49 or 50!), but tragically lost his life at Adelaide's Rowley Park in November 1967. Back to Joe Neath, and I wonder if he just dabbled in various forms of motorsport, without committing to any. I will keep looking... Steve
  6. chunky

    One League - Matt Ford

    Exactly. It would be okay if there were enough teams to provide some variety, but there aren't.
  7. chunky

    One League - Matt Ford

    The regular baseball season is 162 games. I would love to see how that would work in British speedway! Steve
  8. I've said repeatedly that we should have a dozen or so races, and THEN start the meeting! Once a track has settled, it is so different... Steve
  9. chunky

    Wimbledon Race Jacket YouTube Video

    Certainly agree with your comment about "simple and striking", and that applies to most teams. Belle Vue, Southampton, West Ham, Doncaster (1969), New Cross, Newcastle, original Canterbury etc... All "simple and striking"! Early Wembley racejackets were the same as the Polish flag... Steve
  10. chunky

    Wimbledon Race Jacket YouTube Video

    Fabulous! However - and I hate to say this - but the sponsor was "Montine", not "Montime"... Steve
  11. Well, the haters have nobody to hate now, so I'm sure they have no idea what to do... Steve
  12. chunky

    Speedway on the BBC

    I'm interestING...
  13. chunky

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking! That was the year when they used the one-piece with the logo in the top corner. Never knew it was reversible, though! I will admit that I didn't actually go that much between 73 and 75; my parents had lost interest, and I wasn't old enough to go on my own. As I said, I went occasionally, most notably the week after Paul Dowdall beat Eric Boocock (1974), and the Laurels in 1975. That was the last time I saw Tommy... Steve
  14. chunky

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    They first used a narrow yellow border on a red background in 1974, and that lasted until they went to the chevrons in 1977. There are some pics of the 1976 jackets on the Retro Speedway gallery Wimbledon page. You know those body-colour icons that many BSF users used for their avatars? I made those! I had a freeware icon designer, and although some people made some new icons, the vast majority were mine. That was tough trying to find exact designs and colours, and there are still a few I don't know. Of course, pre-1970, they didn't change the bloody things every year (except for teams like Nelson and Doncaster)... Steve
  15. chunky

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    Great vid, but just wondering why you used a generic Dons jacket rather than the 1976 version with the yellow border? I love to see the old colours, but I'm amazed there is no central online resource with all teams and versions. So many of the really old ones are only seen in black and white photos, so we don't always know exact colours. Steve

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