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  1. chunky

    Fill Up With Fuel - Speedway Style

    You are W-A-Y overestimating the status of speedway in the US! Nothing close to baseball in the UK, because at least everyone knows what baseball is. Take a country this size, stick three or four tracks in California, one in Indiana, and one in upstate New York, and that is it. There are odd tracks that host sporadic events, but outside of the actual speedway community, NOBODY even know it exists - or ever existed. Yes, it is that bad here... Steve
  2. chunky

    Fill Up With Fuel - Speedway Style

    Well, remember that in the US, the term "speedway" applies to most motorsports, in particular to the tracks. I mean, there is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (home of the Indy 500) which every American knows. Then there's is also a REAL speedway track in Indianapolis (Mid-America Speedway), which pretty much nobody knows! So, most of us "speedway" fans in the US have come to accept that as popular a word as "speedway" is, it invariably has bugger all to do with our sport! Steve
  3. chunky

    Fill Up With Fuel - Speedway Style

    You didn't have to check; all you had to do was ask me! They are one of the "budget" stations, and we have one here in town, about 2 miles from the house, and there is another about 3 miles the other way. I don't usually use it for fuel, but I often stop there for a coffee... Steve
  4. We were talking about respect? Now there is somebody for whom I had the greatest respect, as a rider and as a person - dear old Vaclav! Steve
  5. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    That is very different. In a F1 GP, each driver has ONE race; a an SGP, each rider has 5-7 races. The F1 series is a simple points-accumulating effort, the same as the SGP series; Mark Loram won by gaining the most points without winning a GP. That is fine, and that is just as fine with F1. What people generally are having an issue with is that somebody is declared the winner of an SGP when he achieved a lot less than several riders above him. Madsen not only won fewer races, but scored fewer points than several others. Steve
  6. I saw it yesterday, and I thought, "What tha...???!!!" I couldn't believe the speed he picked up on that last bend, and I'd love to know how he got his back wheel under the air fence without coming off! Emil even put Gollob to shame with that one... Steve
  7. Personally, I would think that it's the mid-table qualifiers (and lower) who have the advantage, as they can choose who their opponents are, and where they are starting from. Being one of the fastest only really gives you the option of choosing the races and gates; you just have to wait and see what happens from there. Steve
  8. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    But everyone says it was so much better back then!!! Seriously though, that's the thing; it is still great to watch, but the racing generally doesn't seem to be as good as we remember. Also, seeing how the riding style has changed, some of it looks pretty amateurish now. As far as the GP system, it is great to have a whole summer of action, and as I said in regard to last year, the interest and excitement was maintained all season. Throw in some fantastic reason, and it is difficult to see why so many still seem to yearn for the World Finals... Steve
  9. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    I do hope that wasn't aimed at me??? It is true that I love playing with numbers, but it is in no way a criticism of the system; more a way to annoy people and laugh at them when they dispute FACT! I have constantly stated that the current system is much better than the old system - and why. No system is perfect, and there will always be anomalies. I still think that the way to determine the winner of an individual GP has its flaws, but the main thing is that it doesn't impact the overall standings. People that complain about the "lack of drama" in the GP's obviously didn't watch last year... Steve
  10. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    I think most of us were there at Wembley in '78; I know I was! It's funny, but even though most of us "prefer" the old World Finals, if we are realistic about it, a GP system HAS to be the fairest way. Winning a GP certainly has been devalued because of the current system, and riders are certainly concentrating on the end results. Having said that, money really doesn't enter into it when you are trying to win a GP in front of your own fans! Steve
  11. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    11 points has top-scored in a regular 20-heat meeting too, but that's not the point here. We are not talking about a single meeting; we are talking about becoming World Champion. AFCB Wildcat stated that it was possible to become World Champion by going through the GP series without winning a race. That is true, but we all know it won;t happen. I made a direct response to that statement, saying that it was just as possible to become World Champion in the old days, by going through the season without winning a race. Again, that is perfectly true, nut it never happened, and it never looked like happening. That is the way a lot of us feel about the old system; one bad race, a fall, an e/f, or whatever, and you were done. Luck will always play a part, but with one-off meetings like we used to have - even as far as qualifying - luck (good or bad) could have a much bigger impact. The GP is about point accumulation over a whole season, not just having one good or bad meeting or race. Steve
  12. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    Both are/were possible, but neither did/will occur.
  13. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    Finals and semis aren't necessarily the most exciting races, and the best races aren't necessarily the result of having the best riders. I still like the traditional 20-heat format alone because the one who scored most points always "won" the meeting. Is that really such a bad concept? Steve
  14. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    Good point; I hadn't thought about that! Of course, that applied to the old World Final system also... Steve
  15. chunky

    Warsaw 2019

    Nope... What waiheke1 said! Again, I did the maths... Steve

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