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  1. chunky

    Ken Archer

    That is really sad... I've known Ken all my life, as he played on the WSSC dart team with my mum and dad. Unfortunately, we lost touch when he moved to Caterham, but we used to visit Ken and Esther in Aylett Rd. I also used to ride to White City with them. R.I.P. Ken.
  2. chunky

    Parker bros v Milne bros

    Okay, nobody has said anything, so I would just like to add that the Parker Brothers should have had a monopoly... Sorry...
  3. chunky

    Un-official World Finals

    Again, how many sports pride themselves on such meaningful names as "Best Pairs", "Revenge World Championship", "Overseas Final", and "Speedway of Nations"?
  4. chunky

    Un-official World Finals

    Only in speedway... Wouldn't you?
  5. chunky

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    Tertibly sad, and so terribly young...
  6. chunky

    Speedway Fatalities "In Memoriam"

    I appreciate the kind words! I know there must still be a few that are missing, and I am always checking. I can't take all the credit, though, as there are a number of individuals from around the world who have contributed, including yourself.
  7. chunky

    I know there were 2 Gordeevs' BUT....

    Or Tai Woffinden was never Australian. I'll get me coat...
  8. chunky

    Fuzzy chops

    It's called "fashion", apparently...
  9. chunky

    Strikes, bans and protests

    I'm pretty sure it was dictated by the length of track; you will see how the Sydney Showground was a 3-lap track.
  10. chunky

    I know there were 2 Gordeevs' BUT....

    Exactly what I said, and don't forget, we can add Davidsson, Schroeck, and Christiansen to that list!
  11. chunky

    I know there were 2 Gordeevs' BUT....

    It actually appears he rode in three meetings. Okay, no points from two rides isn't good, but not totally unexpected at a new track. Paid 7 from 3 is pretty good. He also rode in a BL match against Reading. He finished second first time out, but fell in his second and never reappeared; I assume he was injured. Overall, that is not bad from a new rider. He wasn't great at Halifax, but could certainly be classed as "useful". Averaging less than 4 for Eastbourne is poor... Then again, that was an era when Eastbourne had little difficulty in securing riders who could average less than four points a meeting!
  12. chunky

    I know there were 2 Gordeevs' BUT....

    Jan Puk and Jozef Kafel, Steve. Then there was Marek Kepa. Also Piotr Pyszny, who was at Arlington in 1983, but never showed the form he did at Poole and Halifax.
  13. chunky

    Strikes, bans and protests

    Riders trying to dictate to the authorities? Whatever next? Good thing that doesn't happen now...
  14. chunky

    USA Open Championship

    Go to speedwaybikes.com. You will find info on there, and contact details. Jason Bonsignore is doing a good job up there.
  15. chunky

    R.i.p. Tom Farndon

    But I thought you were all-knowing???

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