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  1. chunky

    Ivan Mauger 1965 Accident

    I get what you are saying, but was that actually because of the injury? Looking at the details of his scoring, it seems a little strange. It wasn't like he was generally down on his scoring; he had a lot of really good nights - but also a few really poor ones. His first meeting back was a WCQR, and he scored 11 from four completed rides, plus a fall. Then he scored 9 from three, plus a fall, followed by 11 from four, and ten from five. Then he hit a really bad spell, which included quite a few DNF's. Was that spell the result of the injury? Did he aggravate the injury? Obviously, I'm not in a position to shed any light on that, but he did appear okay on his initial return from injury.
  2. chunky

    Ivan Mauger 1965 Accident

    I don't know the circumstances surrounding the accident, but it was on 16th April. Heat 5, and the others in the race were Pete Jarman, Gordon Guasco, and Goog Allan. Judging by his scoring when he came back, I don't think it affected his form that much, just that it put him out of action for two months. Remember, Bob, you can always check yourself for stuff like this on Speedway Researcher. It may not give you everything you are looking for, but it's a great place to start.
  3. chunky

    Your speedway years

    And they complain about speedway TODAY???
  4. chunky

    Your speedway years

    Don't forget we had Shears before he went to Foxhall... Aye, the Chalfont Dons!
  5. chunky

    Your speedway years

    The one that really got me was Andy Grahame. His average was too high for him to fit into any top tier team, and it was too high for him to go NL! Riders should NEVER be put in that position.
  6. chunky

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    For those who don't follow non-league footy, I'm sure they have no idea just how many teams have been displaced in recent decades. The sad thing is that it is just like speedway, with clubs leaving their homes of many years. At least they often have a chance to groundshare, or - as a lot have done - end up in a sports "facility", rather than an actual ground/stadium. The problem with the latter is that it can restrict growth and upward advancement.
  7. chunky

    Your speedway years

    Exactly the way I feel. You also made the point about the weakening of teams and reducing the points limits; that is the one thing that always aggravated me, particularly when riders were forced out of a team - or even a league. You end up losing good riders, and have to replace them with out-of-their-depth juniors, or sub-standard (and expensive) foreigners.
  8. chunky

    The Smell

    But do you have a "two-minute" klaxon? Don't think your neighbours would be impressed...
  9. chunky

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    Yeah, Andrzej is one of the last of that era. Speedway - like other sports - goes in cycles, Bob. Remember when the Americans ruled for a while. Then the Danes. Then the Aussies. The big thing for the Poles in recent years has been the conveyor belt of good youngsters coming through. As far as league, the Poles have better stadiums, and more sponsorship, so they can offer more to the riders - and so can Sweden. There are many problems with league racing in the UK, and while mismanagement is a big factor, it just doesn't seem to be a "cool" sport anymore. Plus, losing stadia to development hasn't helped, particularly those that were also greyhound venues.
  10. chunky

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    Sadly not, Bob. Toni passed away in December 2001, at the young age of 60.
  11. chunky

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Not that I ever went there - or even knew where their ground was - but they are now play by Beverley Meads on the A3, just north of Coombe Lane.
  12. chunky

    Your speedway years

    Yoh know, people always complain that it was terrible to "drop" into the National League, but there are plenty of us from the late 80's - and not just Wimbledon - who absolutely loved that time in the NL.
  13. chunky

    Your speedway years

    You remember the KOC semi against Poole, when they were queuing up outside? First time we'd seen that in years! Then Poole opened with four 5-1' s, and we still came back to draw! We could have won until Nathan was passed in the final heat..
  14. chunky

    Your speedway years

    It was wonderful having all that, wasn't it? Plus Reading, Rye, Arena, and Milton Keynes...
  15. chunky

    Four in a Row - or More

    Was that the night he rode eight times? I remember something about that...

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