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    Married to Missy
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    Classical (particularly Delius), Tom Waits, ska, 60's and 70's (inc. Glam Rock), The Ink Spots, Neil Innes, Mike Oldfield, Jim Reeves, Herb Alpert, Jake Thackray, The Seekers, Katzenjammer, Billy Bragg, Jean-Michel Jarre, Wooden Horse, Mannheim Steamroller, Matt Monro
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    58, but feel older.
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    Former Professional Darts Player (world-ranked), now Director of Operations for American Darts Organization. Also spent twelve years in a local government housing maintenance office, and was principal guest host on a classical music radio show.

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  1. chunky

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Constance Bennett - actress
  2. chunky

    Song Title Game

    I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outa My Hair - Mary Martin
  3. chunky

    'the Donald' Trump

    You don't say! Don't feel bad, he ignores me too... My questions are simple: 1) Why is he convinced that there was massive voter fraud? 2) Does he possess any "evidence" of the above? 3) Why does he feel that someone who wants to grab women by the "p*ssy", and tells US-born individuals to leave the US and "go back" to where they are from, is a suitable candidate for leadership of a democratic nation?
  4. chunky

    'the Donald' Trump

    He's going to tell you that the "big one" is coming...
  5. chunky

    'the Donald' Trump

    You complain about others unable to "debate" on here, yet you seem totally incapable of doing so. Copying and pasting inaccurate, ambiguous, and often outdated items on here isn't "debating", and neither is your habit of responding to posts with inane one-liners...
  6. chunky

    Worldwide town and city game

  7. chunky

    'the Donald' Trump

    Sounds just like that Donald Trump thread on the BSF...
  8. chunky

    'the Donald' Trump

    Then go and play with your trains!!! Oh, you didn't steal them from Trump, did you? Never mind, he still clearly has enough toys to throw out of his pram...
  9. chunky

    'the Donald' Trump

    So, you think that area rather than population/voters should decide elections? Interesting concept...
  10. chunky

    The Three Word Game

    rumours about Trump
  11. chunky

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Alan Kennedy - football
  12. chunky

    The Three Word Game

    from the waist
  13. chunky

    Song Title Game

    I'm Stone in Love With You - Stylistics
  14. chunky

    The Three Word Game

    and low tide
  15. chunky

    Song Title Game

    No One Knows I'm Gone - Tom Waits

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