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  1. Me too, and I was at Plough Lane when they had a practice before the I-C Final... Steve
  2. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Aactually, I mentioned Keith a few pages back! Thing is, he does stand out from a lot of other similar riders. It wasn't just that he had potential, but he gave some remarkable performances that showed that he SHOULD have done so much better. It was disturbing to see someone that capable go backwards that quickly. As good he was, he was never able to even really establish himself as a consistently reliable performer in the lower tier, let alone at the top level. Steve
  3. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    That is my whole point here! Riders like him never fulfilled their potential, but I would never attempt to claim that he "never made it". Paul Dugard, on the other hand... Gustix seems to have trouble differentiating between the two, preferring to rely on personal goals as the benchmark. Steve
  4. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    That is irrelevant. Of course, we all have our own levels of expectation and satisfaction, but has no bearing on whether someone fulfilled their potential or not. Muller was an extremely talented motorcyclist who enjoyed a hugely successful career. However, looking (as an outsider) from a purely speedway point of view, he clearly had the potential to do so much better. Nobody can deny that. The fact that he didn't was down to one thing - a lack of commitment and application (other than one event). That was his choice. Can we say he "never made it"? Of course not, and we can say that even without his Norden victory. Did he achieve (speedway-wise) what he could - or should - have? Not even close. Look at riders like David Biles and David Tyler. They both had so much potential, and neither came close to fulfilling their their potential, but they were both very accomplished and certainly can't be classed as also-rans in their short but very exciting and successful careers. Steve
  5. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    As I said previously, there are only a small handful of riders - literally - who we could say actually fulfilled their potential. Collins, Lee, Carter, Louis, the Morans, Muller, Sigalos, Moore, Michanek etc, are ALL riders who never achieved what they could - or should - have done. Nothing disparaging about that at all, just fact. Now the BSF is becoming the PCBSF because we don't want to offend anyone with reality? No wonder they are doing away with yellow and black helmet colours because that is clearly racist... Steve
  6. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    There was at least one season where the teams HAD to field a junior at reserve. Never understood that, throwing kids in at the deep end; the only thing that will do is destroy their confidence and probably force them out of the sport. Funny, but while I mentioned a certain quality of rider earlier in the thread, there was a group at a slightly lower level I was also going to mention. Riders like Andy Hackett, Jon Surman, Chris Mulvihill, Gary Tagg, Richard Pettman etc... Of that crowd, I felt that Hackett had the most potential - and was certainly the most exciting! Steve
  7. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    There is a big difference between "not fulfilling your potential" and "not making it". Virtually no rider has "fulfilled their potential" or "won what they should have won". You can certainly include riders like Jessup, Tatum, Carter etc. You can even say the same for Collins and Lee, but obviously, nobody is going to claim that they "made it". Of course, not everyone is going to reach the top level, and to say that because they didn't, they "never made it". Can you REALLY claim that Tom Owen, Steve Lawson, and John Jackson "never made it", just because they weren't international superstars? Not that any of them really tried to make it at the very top level... I do like the example used above by Stoke Potter, yet of all the riders mentioned here, Daz Sumner could probably be classed as the biggest waste of talent of anyone! However, I do feel he "made it". Yes, Chris Turner should have done more, and perhaps Paul Tyrer, yet I am still reluctant to say that they didn't make it. Cobby, on the other hand, was a good example, as was Musson. I would throw in Julian Parr, Declan Eccles, Robert Lightfoot, Keith Millard, Andy Phillips, and riders of that ilk. Millard and Lightfoot had their moments, but were never able to build on what they had started to achieve, and before you knew it, their careers were over. Thinking about it now, Chris Turner does fall into that category... Steve
  8. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Looking back, I can't remember the qualification process for the inaugural GP season, but I am sure they didn't have permanent wild cards like they do now. He didn't have a great year, but still, for a rider who "never made it"... Steve
  9. chunky

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    ... Which obviously prevented him from being a GP rider, a world finalist, and a WTC winner... Steve
  10. chunky

    Former London Venues

    Yep, Wimbledon was in Surrey. Even now, Sutton is in Surrey, but we have the London Borough of Sutton. The London Borough of Merton includes Mitcham and Morden, which are in Surrey. If it has a London postcode, then you can consider that London, but things change constantly... Steve
  11. chunky

    Former London Venues

    As a lifelong Dons footy fan as well as a Dons speedway fan, I can tell you that the vast majority of us regard AFC as "our" team; a continuation of the old Wimbledon FC. Non-footy fans don't always see it as that way, but let's compare it to speedway. Teams like Wembley, and of course, Wimbledon, closed down, and were resurrected under new management. They could hardly be considered a "continuation" of the old teams, but this is exactly how we speedway fans treat them. Throw in teams like Bristol and Leicester, who were even reincarnated at a totally different venue, but they are still Bristol and Leicester... Steve
  12. chunky


    Actually he did, in one of his earlier posts, but then reverted back to the no- "I" version. Steve
  13. chunky

    Wembley Memories

    I figured you would be following this closely...
  14. chunky

    Wembley Memories

    I would just like to jump in ahead of Doug and say that a comment like that does seem strange coming from a person who has caused a number of issues on here because of that very fact. Who can forget his attempts to turn the BSF into the BFTF? Steve PS If you don't remember the discussions, please don't ask; it is a l-o-n-g story!
  15. chunky

    Wembley Memories

    This site SHOULD be one of the most fascinating, and most valuable speedway websites out there, but the overall quality is extremely poor. I usually do the "right thing" and contact the webmasters to rectify errors, but - and I really hate to say it, - there are so many items in need of correction (from poor spelling and grammar to factual mistakes) that I fear I would appear a bombastic nitpicker with my honest input (that I would basically rewrite and reformat everything). As I said, I hate to feel this way, as I know only too well the time and effort that goes into such projects. Steve

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