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  1. Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    Pretty sure you can add Bradford Odsal to the list. There was a meeting on August 3, 1957, between Bradford Juniors and London Juniors. The results show one of the Londoners as "Ivan Maugham", but I figure that should read "Mauger". I don't know if this would count, but Ivan won the Golden Eagle Trophy on the 680 yard track at Motherwell in 1972. Steve
  2. 1st September, 2006. Yesterday would have been his 64th birthday... Very sad. Steve
  3. Funny thing is, I was totally in awe the first time I saw Curoso. I know Americans were usually pretty good round Plough Lane, but 10+3 from the reserve berth on his first visit was very special. Going by his performance that night, I thought he could really go places. For some reason, it never happened. I couldn't wait for Hull to visit the following year, but this time, he only managed one point. Then, the switch to Poole didn't work out for him, and I was really disappointed that someone who appeared so talented was lost to British speedway. Steve
  4. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    Reading drew 39-all at the Shay on 8 September, 1980. Kelly Moran guested and scored 10+1. The Racers also won there that year in the KOC 57-50. Steve
  5. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    Only went there the once, and it was a wet day, so it was hard to judge. Plus, we were all p*ssed off at the abysmal efforts of the Dons that day. Having said that, it was cool to watch Kenny Carter's mastery of the track, and while Exeter was similar, the thing that struck me at the Shay was the banking; from the outside of the bends, it reminded me of a Wall-of-Death! Steve
  6. Andy Buck

    As was mentioned earlier in the thread, there was another Andy Buck (a little younger, I believe), and he rode for 'Boro in 1987 and 88. Steve
  7. Andy Buck

    It was the same Andy Buck who rode for Scunny (1984-85) and Eastbourne (1985-90). Steve
  8. Wimbledon stadium

    We are talking about Anders Eriksson, not Michanek. Mich never rode for Wimbledon... Steve
  9. Wimbledon stadium

    Not sure where you would have seen that, but Anders passed away from cancer in 2002. Steve
  10. Wimbledon stadium

    Um, "mishap"??? That's one way of putting it! Cutting a long story short, I was chasing someone down the steps at full speed, and I jumped... I hit the concrete head first (right below the EXIT sign), and was unconscious for 6 1/2 hours! What really irked me was that Larry won, and Roger was second - and as I was carted off on the stretcher during the interval, I missed the only Dons' success of the year! The only time I ever made it up to the Boulevard was in 1981, on Royal Wedding Day. Simmo and Anders got a last-heat 5-1 over Joe Owen and Billy Sanders to a draw. It has only just hit me as I was writing this, but three of those are no longer with us, and the other is in a wheelchair. That is really depressing to think of that... Steve
  11. Wimbledon stadium

    Yes, I can see my spot too! And I can also see - right under that EXIT sign above the steps - the spot where I tried to kill myself during the 1980 Laurels... Steve
  12. Vaclav Verner

    This really is some terrible news. Hard as nails, and a little scary at times, but the kind of rider every manager and every fan would welcome in their team. A 100% trier, a loyal team man, a nice guy, and someone I will remember very fondly. R.I.P. Vaclav Steve
  13. Ex-Stoke youngster who was paralysed?

    Sorry Tony, I really can't remember who that would have been, and I have been looking for the last couple of days without success. As I said, the fact doesn't even ring a bell with me... Steve
  14. Wimbledon Meetings On Cassette Tape

    That was of course, the OTHER Steve Brown, and not me! However, I was in attendance at that Levi's for Feet meeting. Yeah, I remember all the Wally Loak cassettes, although I never did buy any. Digressing slightly - but only slightly - I do have the LP of the 1974 World Final. Steve
  15. Ronald Crozier Hillary

    We actually went through this a few years ago (2003 in fact) on here, from a Stewart Smith, Ronald's grandson. Looking at the wording here, it looks like it might be the same person enquiring? I haven't linked to that thread, because nobody was able to come up with anything. Steve