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  1. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Sheene, Knievel and Mauger. If you grew up in the 70's you couldn't help but love motorcycles thanks to those three gods. Its an honour to be able to follow the Diamonds and see where one of those Legends was born. Rest In Peace
  2. Newcastle 2018

    whoooosssshhh one was being sarcastic, considering the Diamonds rich history of riders from New Zealand and his apparent availability BWD should have been a shoe in for a team place. I made reference to including him in the 2018 line up pre Christmas thinking we'd be going for a strength in depth team rather than an under strength team perhaps I selected the incorrect emoji
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Trouble is Kiwi's have never gone well around Brough...... One can only presume he's been asked and, like many others, decided not to. Must've been on more than the Diamonds radar (doesn't seem to have a Polish team). Like you say he's odds on to add 2 points to his CL average this season. I Think he even had a PL maximum last season. First Kiwi to do so since one.... Mark Thorpe is what SS reported. Almost exactly the same average as Wethers but I suspect heading in opposite directions in terms of points and geography. You can't force these boys to sign if you can't afford to make it worth their while and the reduced CL schedule probably doesn't help either. Crazy this year not to have a new foreign rider on 5.20. As I understand it the assessed averages (normally 7.00) were set so low to actively encourage this approach. Fredrik Jacobsen looked full of potential at Belle Vue on Friday. Easily looked like a 6-7 point CL rider. Again probably too expensive. Nevermind.
  4. Newcastle 2018

    Can you have a winning team without a No.1 standard rider? Yes. It's been done. Can you have a winning team that starts 2 points lower than the other teams? Maybe if you've got a team full of riders who'll increase their starting averages. Can you have a winning team that has no No.1 and starts 2 points lower than the other teams? No chance, unless you've got some serious increases in average. Assuming Ludvig and Robbo are in Ht 13 and possibly some Ht 15's and neither are on an upward curve they'll do well to maintain their starting averages. Lewis Rose is on the up but Ht 15's might restrict his potential increase. The rest will swap between reserve and 2nd string so should on average maintain their averages (remember there are not that many 2.00 reserves this season). Add the fact that Ludvig, Aarnio, Wethers and Wilkinson will only have 20 odd meetings all season whilst others have 50 plus can't be good. No point in denying this is collectively a poor team but will it be entertaining??? Maybe but getting tonked every week gets old real fast.
  5. Newcastle 2018

    Oh, we really are on a budget then!!! Finances can be the only reason for this when you can sign a highly rated foreign rider on 5.20, if you can afford one. We can now narrow our search for a No. 1 down to somebody who averages under 8.00, lives local and had a good score at Brough Park once on a freak track sometime in the last 10 years or so. Are Ellis Short and Martin Bain in charge of the Diamonds as well??? It's George Stancl isn't it. Yes the reserves will be stronger this season but it's all relative because most others are as well. PS the standard just glad to have speedway applies but even happier it's a short season.
  6. Newcastle 2018

  7. For or against team suits

    I don't like either team suits or race jackets. There's no scope for merchandise. i.e. joe public wouldn't wear either out and about as people tend to with football/rugby/cricket/ice hockey/basketball/NFL/baseball kits. The kevlars should be considered as safety kit worn under a team shirt, that supporters could buy replicas of. I seem to remember Boro Bears (and others) trying these in the 90's but the designs were awful, they were baggy and the riders used to cut the arms off to display more sponsors so they looked shabby. Designed correctly they would be relatively inexpensive and could be made available to supporters. Got to be better than those god ugly wulfsport anoraks. Guaranteed to make any new supporter run a mile.
  8. Newcastle 2018

    Is it the standard or how successful the team is that determines crowd levels? It is the solution to the Sunday problem though.
  9. Newcastle 2018

    Sounds like head scratching is the current state of play. Can't see how we'd be allowed to start the season with guests but I suppose stranger things have happened. Perhaps if Kennett doesn't like the thought of the travel he could sign short term until say May by which point you'd expect who's actually getting rides in Poland to be clearer.
  10. Newcastle 2018

    Or, as I posted last week, what division??? If Sunday isn't viable for Championship, it would be in the National League. Sounds like the finances are a struggle at Championship level anyway. Perhaps the U21 semi final will give a flavour of the future.
  11. Newcastle 2018

    With less and less riders available to ride on a Sunday and Monday's allotted to the Premiership (even if they were viable as a race night for Newcastle) is National League speedway the only future option for the Diamonds? Having said that I'm almost certain that once a number of the riders who think they're riding in Poland find out that they're just squad members there desire to ride in the Championship will improve somewhat....
  12. Newcastle 2018

    In the case of Kennett you can understand, if the money isn't right. Did I half read in the International section that one of the top German(?) ice racers has moved to Newcastle??? Get him signed, he'll be a revelation in this weather! It'll probably be September before this lot melts!!!
  13. Danger Ahead

    What if a rider claimed the points limit was set so low as to exclude their participation? Plenty have been in that boat over the years.
  14. Newcastle 2018

    Drawn at Brough in the U-21 qualifier and riding with Ash at Wolves in the Prem.... might go in his favour. Regardless of availability Kennett on 8.3 is a steal when his last 2nd tier average was 9.3 in what was arguably a higher standard league. Remember, there are a lot of blank weekends this season so it's not inconceivable that schedules could be aligned. If not what's to stop Kennet signing as an interim No. 1 until some of those expecting to ride in Poland find out those opportunities are limited. Kennett and Greaves for me. PS loving the Rye on Saturday confusion, hilarious.
  15. Newcastle 2018

    Kennett to Lakeside, Lawson to Diamonds????