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  1. enotian

    Cardiff 2022

    Cardiff stats since 2015 (5 gps): [if temporary tracks have any history] Most race points - Zmarzlik 63 pts (15 wins), Woffinden 60 pts (12 wins), Doyle 50 points (6 wins) Janowski 50 points (12 wins) Gate race points - Red 33%, Blue 26%, Yellow 20% and White 21% Gate race wins - Red 43%, Blue 24%, Yellow 17% and White 16% Inside gates prevail Best line up position - #1 61 points then 9, 7 and 12. 58, 55 and 55 points respectively. (#1 and #9 get two red gates) Worst line up position - #4 22 points then 10 and 11, 30 and 32 points respectively. Semi appearances - Zmarzlik 4 (won 3 of them), then 3 each for Woffinden (won all three), Janowski, Sayfutdinov, Hancock, Doyle and Zagar Final appearances - Zmarzlik 4 only 1 win, Woffinden 3 (no wins) with two each for Janowski (1 win), Hancock and Doyle. Iversen, Lindback and Madsen are the other winners.
  2. Lots of clubs already operating Spectator Replacement
  3. I enjoyed that. Yes the racing wasn't great but it just shows how the sport can work on different levels. Yes there wasn't much passing, the semi final was the only top drawer heat, but there are not many world championships where 5 nations are still in with a chance with 15 minutes to go. Again it would help if the commentary team reported it in that fashion. Surely someone on the production team could have told them when the Poles were eliminated and that GB v SWE was effectively a run off to go straight to the final. The crowd was abysmal so I guess the promoters won't bother reapplying and I doubt Discovery Sports would entertain it. Maybe the late switch of venues was to blame? However, I'm not sure the SON warrants a week long event anyway, especially if the home team doesn't rock up until the final. Given that the knockout nature of the semi final produced the best action why not have a one off Final with 16 countries where each heat is effectively a knock out, finish last and you're out. There'd need to be a repecharge and maybe a shield contest for those teams knocked out early to make sure each country appears at least 3 times and generate enough heats. On the basis that the pairs format allows 6 (or 7 if Russia return) possible winners with a genuine benefit to team riding (in a knockout scenario) it has the potential to be a spectacular event, if held at the right venue.
  4. enotian

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    The team put together was 3 points under the limit!!! Even if everyone performed to their average they'd have still got beaten, when you look at the opposing team strengths. Everyone could have foreseen the BWD was never going to be a competitive number one in the Championship. Never had been before and had been out injured for a considerable time. I don't know if it was done on the cheap or who else could have been signed tbf but unless everyone rode to their average and Complin was able to get back to being a 7 pointer that team had wooden spoon written all over it. As an aside, now the Toon are moving to the quayside sporting complex (apparently) how about a cheeky bid into the council to turn Sid James' into the world biggest speedway arena. Imagine. Every supporter could have their own corporate box
  5. He's 21 and not a #1 in the 2nd division and not getting a sniff at the Polish Extraliga and didn't qualify for SGP2. The latest comparisons are Lambert and Bewley who did. I think he is going to go on to be world class but would say he's behind the curve at this point. Maybe his leg break and 2020 played a part in that. Hopefully tonights points haul will get him opportunities to progress. We're better than everyone at this level apart from Poland and the Czech's!!! If I was Swedish I'd be worried. The Danes must be a bit miffed. Basso the only Danish youngster with experience in the UK looked way better than those who've gone down the Polish route. Likewise with the Aussies. So it's only Gusts and Kvech outside the lead nations at a higher level. No different to say Vaculik and Zagar being SGP riders. Good for the sport to have world stars from a range of countries. Although I do have to say this crop of U21's don't look like becoming world beaters. There's no standout performer and even the Poles don't look at good as the Kubera, Drabik, Smektala batch of recent years.
  6. enotian

    UK speedway slowly dying

    And that's part of the problem. You can't really serve scrag end when all your customers can see the butcher over the road selling fillet steak. Especially if you're charging fillet steak prices.
  7. I'm struggling to comprehend based only on the scorechart. There were 18 riders in action tonight. Brennan was the 3rd top individual scorer and Kemp was 11th. Presumably the field contained all the best U21 riders in the World (Maybe Salonen or Blodorn. Perhaps other Poles or what happened to the Danish wunderkinder Birkemose?). Maybe Kemp would have beaten the Aussies but for his exclusion which would have taken him to 7th top scorer. Effectively only Poland had a better combination of riders. Two riders in the top 11 in the World and a bronze medal doesn't sound too shabby to me. Do I think Kemp will go on to be a GP standard rider? No. But based on those stats does he deserve a shoeing? No. I think the problem UK youngsters have is that as soon as they're in the Championship they're up against Premiership heat leaders. So it's difficult to progress beyond 2nd string and to build the confidence winning heats regularly brings and the experience the responsibility of being a heat leader provides. Yes they need to be able to beat these old hands but maybe with the confidence and experience gained at a lower level they might make that next step. All the current set (including Brennan) seem to be stalling at Championship level but on tonights display there's only Poland who you'd consider as being significantly better off than the Brits.
  8. enotian

    UK speedway slowly dying

    If there was a streamed competition which featured a Weymouth team, even though they have no home fixtures, would you be inclined to subscribe then? For example a pairs event in which the same two riders (injury permitting) exclusively represented Weymouth at each round. They'd be exclusively Weymouth riders in that competition. Although they'd more than likely ride for other teams in other competitions. Is that something that would interest you? It doesn't sound particularly authentic but you imagine the way to maximise streaming is to appeal to a wider range of supporters i.e. not just two teams.
  9. That's a very strange interpretation of that sentence to get to Eurosport is free? Maybe I should have pointed out that I was referring to Discovery Sport but I think that was clear in the context of the post. Whether I agree or not is irrelevant, I just understand the business model. They want to attract more customers to their service via exclusive content. They won't achieve that by making their content available via other platforms that their potential subscribers already have access to. If you don't want to give them two slices of the cake then just don't subscribe. Nobody is forcing anyone to, you are free to do as you wish in that respect. As it happens it looks like I missed out based on the result but that was my choice to watch the cricket, which I'm also enjoying.
  10. enotian

    UK speedway slowly dying

    Diamonds vs Weymouth was the first match I went to. Late 70's. Don't really recall it at all but I think I still have the programme in the loft. Owen vs Yeates was the big deal. From memory of the programme I think Simon Wigg and/or Cross were in the Weymouth team. Future stars. Serious question though, have you not been tempted to subscribe to the BSN streaming service? I think they stated it was aimed at attracting lapsed supporters without a team to follow locally, like yourself. Interesting to know if that appeals to you or if not why? Whilst I'm on 'interesting' chat by the Sky commentary team about the state of World cricket during the rain delays at today's ODI. Expressing concern of the monopoly of the top three nations and the negative impact that has on the other nations. Interesting discussion, acknowledging that you need a range of competitive nations for the sport to grow and you can't base the product around a 'local derby' (the ashes). So not just Speedway having problems.
  11. It is a shame not being able to view the whole competition without subscribing but you kind of understand why they have to restrict some content to generate subscriptions. They can't give everything away but you do wonder how attractive the semi finals are? I'll probably just watch the T20 cricket they're up against, since I already pay for that. The semi's look fairly straightforward for the top two but the race for third might be interesting but I'm not that bothered about the 6th and 7th qualifier as they'll just be make weights in the Final. Wonder if it would be better starting with last years finalists (including host nation if applicable) in semi 1 (top three to Final, bottom 4 to semi 2), next 7 nations in event 2 (top 3 to semi 2) and the top 3 from semi 2 into the Final plus the hosts (promote 4th from semi 2 if the hosts have qualified. I might have been tempted to subscribe for semi 1 and event 2 might be competitive (if Zagar could be bothered). As it stands some of the semi final heats are mis-matches. So I'll stick to the cricket.
  12. enotian

    UK speedway slowly dying

    depends on how you define a great job. If that's keeping the sport running in difficult times then certainly, great job done. if it's making speedway the best possible product it can be, then no. because it's not. again you can't view this in isolation. even if Edinburgh is great and can't be faulted the holistic piece is not in great shape. what's the point in Workington, Eastbourne, Swindon or whoever returning in 2023 when they (or some of the other teams) won't be able to track competitive teams because there are not enough riders to go around even if they are riding for more than one team, which in itself is a divisive issue. How long will those clubs last starting off at the current NDL level? Could they even contemplate it? These are all things which could be addressed but never seem to be. On the point of tracks being lost to development if speedway was a vibrant important part of the local communities there'd be more chance of those developments being denied. You don't often get successful sports clubs kicked out of their home venues as they should boost the economy of the local area. Maybe that's a little unfair on my part but the weakest always get picked off first.
  13. enotian

    UK speedway slowly dying

    Which is probably why it's in the state it is in. Lack of awareness or denial. This is a senior experienced official denying that the reality of British speedway isn't *depressing, despite (seemingly) falling attendances and as a result fewer tracks. I worked a bit with promoters of music event's, club night's and the like. They can never comprehend why their ticket sales for the next event were poor when they had such a great time putting the last event on. It was a brilliant night they'd say. Maybe it was for them as there's a lot going on when you're organising an event but did the paying guests enjoy it as much? They didn't get to hang out with the superstar DJ or didn't have to queue for the bar etc etc. You have to remember that the vast majority of customers don't have access to the pits/backstage or superstar performers/riders. Any lulls in the entertainment aren't filled by dealing with running the event or catching up with old friends. And the backstage facilities aren't always the same as those the paying public have to endure. It is hard for promoters to distance themselves from the experience of the event being at the epicentre of it to what the experience is like for the paying public. Sometimes they're vastly different. You see it with TV series like Question of Sport or Celebrity Juice. Those involved in making the shows must be having a great time doing so but they're basically unwatchable. Therein lies the problem. If you don't even think there's anything wrong with the product why would you try to fix it? * I wouldn't have used that word. The declining state of speedway wouldn't depress me, there's a million and one other things to do. It's just a shame that such a potentially exhilarating sport is producing such a weak product.

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