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  1. Round 7 scorechart https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  2. Havelock, Loram, Louis??? plenty of relatively recent experience to be passed on there. But to be fair does the team manager have that much of an input? Cieslak let his riders select the wrong gates and the Russian bloke didn't look like he knew where he was. To be fair the BSPA are doing a lot more to develop young riders than ever before but it will take a while before this bears fruit. No need to reinvent the wheel after today. It was embarrassing but any country would have struggled without Woffinden and Lambert. Cook and Harris were just the next two taxi's on the rank and were exactly that.... rank, but I'd struggle to thing of anyone who'd have done any better. The challenge for the BSPA is how to get the talent to become world class.
  3. Some SON spreadsheet and pdf content here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  4. enotian

    Newcastle 2019

    which are not the official green sheet averages as they only include this season's fixtures (and bonus points). i.e. they're not the rolling averages used for team building or position.
  5. it looks okay on the excel version (with a colour background) but I should probably change it for the pdf. I only use the excel version.
  6. SON score chart. Excel or pdf. (I think the format is correct) https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  7. none taken sir. my point (not made well enough) was that as others strengthen it's often the #7 that get's the boot in the numbers game. perhaps Edinburgh for example. in which case Ruddick would appear to be a better option. note that Simon Lambert scored 3 at Kings Lynn last night. capable but not suited to Newcastle.
  8. very interesting. I wonder if Austin Novratil gets an invite to practice whilst he's over for the SON. Yesterday 11 lasts (i.e. only 4 heats we could have gained a heat advantage) and our bottom three scored 4 vs Leicester's 22. Still not convinced there's a better 2.00 option out there than Phillips unless someone like Gilkes feels ready to go Championship after only a handful of National League meetings but perhaps once the points limit increases that'll either give us more points to play with or free up a 2.00 discarded elsewhere.
  9. Reality is there is nobody knocking on the door who could go a better job at present than Phillips. Of the kids in the National League (Jenkins & Edwards) don't seem to want it yet or (Palin, McGurk, Ablitt, Gilkes, Thompson's) are too young. Others don't have places in the National League (unless Danyon Hume can get an injury reduction) so don't appear to be interested (Lawlor, Parkinson-Blackburn). Plus if there was a candidate I'm sure the Glasgow money tree would shake first. Without being able to make a change what should be done is to make better use of Clegg. I reckon there was about another 4-6 point swap in last night meeting if Clegg had been used in heat 5 and 8. Wasn't required last night (although it did get close at one point) but there'll be tougher opponents and he'll not be a reserve too much longer. No point in giving Phillips or Lambert the easier heats if they're not developing/scoring. I'm not sure that Lambert will ever get the hang of Newcastle but could be decent at reserve away from home. It's going to be frustrating to watch but in lieu of any alternatives you just have to accept it for what it is.
  10. Nicol was impressive. These American's aren't phased by the tight turns of Brough. To a lesser degree Aaron Fox and Max Ruml have looked decent in 'recent' ish season's and it looks like Becker has the hang of Wolverhampton already. At 4.00 assessed it makes you wonder why the Diamonds never look in that direction.
  11. enotian

    Newcastle 2019

    And wasn't it JBA who trashed Stevie Worrall last season? Probably ruling out MBA who was clearly the best option. Anyway let's hope Simon Lambert goes even half as good as the last Diamond Lambert and remember with a lower points limit some of the opposition Lambert will face are far less experienced. Even starting in the top five he should be looking to increase his average. Also is it clear what happens to the points limit once the new set of averages are in force? Does it increase to 42.50?
  12. enotian

    Black Midi

    If you're a hipster you'll name drop this band, Black Midi, every chance you'll get. They are the hottest band in London right now..... and look what they've done So perhaps speedway isn't just for old folks in anoraks after all. Enjoy
  13. In lieu of nobody more informed responding I'd say GP riders make a decent living from the sport but nowhere near the earnings of even a standard NBA player. So I'm guessing that the comparison is with a factory supercross racer. In terms of league racing, they're all effectively Privateer's, signing contracts per season rather than being employees of a club. They aren't paid during the close season and they finance all their own equipment. Therefore, some have jobs during the winter and some supplement their speedway career with work during the season. I hope that's useful and a fair comparison. I'm sure someone more informed will be along shortly.
  14. enotian

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Illustrated by how many of these struggled once they dropped down to the old National League. With a high conversion rate between BL and NL most ended up riding in the top 5 of a NL team and in reality were no better than decent reserves. Anthony Hu(l)me struggled to make an impact at Newcastle which might have been more about the difference between Odsal and Brough. David Clarke faired a little better and was (I think) 3rd heat leader at Newcastle, averaging around 6 but ultimately didn't progress ending up at Milton Keynes (I think) before drifting away from the sport. I recall Pearson, Schofield and Timmo also showing promise with the Diamonds but never kicking on. Finances might have contributed to that as much as anything. And I think Bryan Larner did 6 matches at the end of a season, averaged about 6 and therefore became a victim of the averages. Fairly sketchy memories of the late 80's early 90's though.
  15. enotian

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Brilliant! This is what happens when a conversation takes place over a decade. PS William Lawson for me. Had bags of ability as a Gem but seemed be reluctant to make the sacrifices his talent deserved.

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