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  1. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    It was THJ's comparison between Newcastle United and Glasgow Tigers to which I referred. So justified praise aimed correctly in his direction.
  2. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    with regard to a rider they'd shown the door to!!!! If they're that bothered about Vissing making a crust I'm sure they'll pay him for this season even though they decided not to have him in their team.
  3. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    The trouble is that it's sport. It's meant to be competitive. So the competitors (clubs and riders) will do what they need to get a competitive advantage. So if rider x has a full time mechanic and is doing well, rider y will want one. Speedway has amplified this problem by requiring a set number of riders up to a set standard (via the points limit) which usually results in their being more demand than supply. Especially for top riders in a heat format and team structure that requires two top men to be successful (i.e. they get an extra heat). Added to the fact that there isn't an inexhaustable supply of new riders entering the rider ranks because it's an expensive sport to enter into. So you can see where the bargaining power is.
  4. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    yes good analogy from THJ. Spent loads won nowt.
  5. fair point. as it stands I wouldn't be able to attend as I've not been offered a vaccine. but it would mean I couldn't take my father who has had his. but I was talking more generally. I'm sure pub owners will be delighted to open their establishment just for the vaccinated whilst the young people who spend more money are barred. Who is going to pay these businesses the resulting shortfall? Starting to feel like some kind of Black Mirror dystopian society in which you only get access to recreation depending upon how much tax you've paid in your lifetime.
  6. so not only do you have to have had a vaccine but you also need a smartphone!!! incredible really but I'm not informed enough to comment with authority. i wouldn't have thought having had a vaccine makes a person less likely to transmit the virus, they are just (hopefully) immune to becoming ill from it. so if the unvaccinated public are now those less likely to become ill from it anyway what difference does it make? I'm not sure who we're protecting now??? sounds like the young people in this country are being handed a rough deal. they're the one's who've put their lives on hold to protect the elderly and NHS, they're the ones who'll have to pay for all this (in one way or another). imagine if the strategy a year ago had been only the old and vulnerable had to be isolated, for their own safety. not sure exclusion of a section of the community would have been viewed acceptable then.
  7. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    why's that? two already do, two previously have and two are improving. in a weakened league. granted they'll probably not take any points off the opposition top two but that's not much different from 2019. I'd accept being optimistic but with some justification.
  8. how would it be enforced?? I can't see your standard Speedway promotion having access to a government vaccine passport database. alternatively are they going to insist on airport customs style checks to get into stadiums??? causing queues which are no doubt not distanced. Imagine you've bought your ticket in advance then forget your passport (or don't have one) who turns you away? Do you get a refund? Or do they just let you in.
  9. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Plaudits for the transparent comms from the Management. This could be the best worst starting VII ever. Plenty of potential for six of the seven to increase their starting averages. I reckon the top six will all average 6 to 7. Maybe the odd penultimate heat decider at home and just don't check CEEFAX for the aways. Does Vissing fit for Scunthorpe??
  10. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Wonder if they considered running the Gems fixtures with the restricted attendances?
  11. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sensible decision.
  12. enotian

    Whats actually going on?

    Whilst again I don't disagree I think it's becoming more common place. If you look at cricket someone like Jos Buttler will be able to name a half dozen teams he plays for in different competitions around the world. But he's entertainment and the competitions are viewed as distinct separate brands that mostly don't run concurrently. So he's in the Big Bash for a month, then at the IPL for another month, the Hundred at another point and domestic T20 some other time. Whilst the big names are a massive part of these competitions it's also the experience which is being sold.
  13. enotian

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    that's just unlucky though isn't it. And luck or lack of it plays a massive part in any sport. You'd still be on an even par with your opponents. How many times in the past has a youngster increased their average from the assessed two or three to then find themselves replaced, by an old hand on a lower average, once they start to struggle. At least by retaining their star status once ready to return from injury the young rider will be able to re-take their place. I'm not a fan of the rising star scheme but something needed to be done to make sure youngsters are given time to develop rather than being chucked in and replaced by a more experienced rider at the earliest opportunity.
  14. enotian

    Driving After Dark

    Interesting that (and I have an interest) up to now nobody has mentioned public transport. Such a ban (although not something I would agree with) should not mean the end, for those affected, in attending any events during non daylight hours. However, I would imagine that the vast majority of people could not even contemplate using public transport at night as an alternative. 'Could not' being the operative words. I'd suggest that if such a ban was in place the standard, frequency, reliability and safety of public transport would have to increase dramatically to avoid making a vast section of the public prisoners in there own homes...... ......getting good at that this government. PS I drove home in the dark last week without putting my lights on like a total moron. I'm 48.
  15. enotian

    Whats actually going on?

    I don't disagree. All sports suffer from the competitive nature in which the most talented purveyors can place demands for their services. Perhaps in speedway (athough the £ signs are smaller) the pool of top level talent is more limited, which magnifies the problem. I also think that you might be right about the culture of watching from the sofa. But I don't think this extends to other sports. I imagine crowd levels at Football, Rugby and (limited overs and test) cricket were higher after satellite TV took over the coverage. I've always found physically attending sports events far more preferable than watching from home but what is the obvious difference between other sports on TV and speedway which has meant attendances have increased elsewhere but decreased for speedway meetings? I think there's a follow the herd culture and if you watch an event in which there are full stadiums of people visibly enjoying themselves you'd be more inclined to think 'I wish I was there'. Cut to coverage of league speedway........ not a lot there to convince the herd mentality to follow suit. Maybe league coverage isn't the way forward? Maybe speedway on TV should be more limited to bigger events which can attract bigger crowds and perhaps have a bigger production budget. How about trying to sell a Speedway Festival to broadcasters. Package up all the grand finals into a week long event during the summer, make it an occasion make those watching at home 'wish they were there'.

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