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  1. the usual https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  2. spreadsheet or pdf https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  3. spreadsheet scorechart or pdf here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  4. pdf or Excel spreadsheet can be found here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  5. enotian

    What ever happened to team riding?

    There's no incentive to do so. Why would a rider jeopardise getting paid for 3 points to help a team mate earn more? Might sound cynical but who else would risk less pay so a colleague might be paid more? Money trumps glory nowadays.
  6. Excel scorechart for live gate stats or pdf for fans of pens https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  7. Excel spreadsheet score chart and pdf for those who prefer to write. https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  8. enotian

    Newcastle 2018

    Because it's away??
  9. Apologies for the sort macro gaff for Tuesday's meeting Fingers crossed its been corrected for the finals Excel spreadsheet score chart and pdf's for both Finals here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe Spreadsheet version now fixed for Saturday's Final.
  10. Excel or pdf score chart for Tuesday night https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  11. I wouldn't normally have a pop at the commentators as it's not a job I could do but that was embarrassing tonight!! In a poor meeting the only point of interest was the result of heat 21 deciding who would meet Denmark in the run off for the last place (as heat 22 was defunct thanks to USA not picking a reserve [as an aside it would have been a better meeting if they'd selected Ricky Wells]) yet we were continually told during the ridiculous break before heat 21 that it was a dead rubber. The one bit of faux drama the meeting provided for the commentators to add colour and they failed to work out that even a 3-3 would have taken one of the teams past Ukraine. That's just adding up which is a basic requirement for following a speedway meeting. Doesn't Pearson do darts? And that's take aways!!! How does he cope......
  12. I think it's the same meeting twice over with cumulative scores across the two meetings. (presumably only the riding order changes) top cumulative scorers through to the final, 2nd and 3rd run off to reach the final. "winner" of the final are champions. "winner" might be finishing 2nd and 3rd. I think.
  13. https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe Excel or pdf for race off 1. Hopefully the format is correct, apologies if not.
  14. Spoken like a true innovator. I look forward to nothing new ever happening ever again on the basis that it would have already been done if it was worthwhile doing.
  15. Both are forms of entertainment, both competing for custom but if you want a more direct comparison how about speedway itself. Based on the potential for injury (or work permit issues if you want an example from today) what guarantees are there that the advertised line up at the time of purchase will be the actual participants? Absolutely none. You also have people who buy their tickets a year in advance. Effectively they don't know how will be appearing but it's the event that they subscribe to. i.e. a whole host of people didn't stop watching SGP when Rickardsson retired. You'll also find that not everyone in Kiev tonight is either a Liverpool or Real supporter. You don't have to be a supporter of a team or individual to enjoy an event. Granted you might not enjoy it as much as a supporter of the winning team but you enjoy it if the product is entertaining. Sport has moved on. It competes as a form of entertainment against anything else people can spend their disposable income on. If UEFA thought they could make more money holding Champions League semi finals at the same venue they would. Alas those poor footballers aren't able to perform on successive evenings so it's not feasible. You've got me on that SWC nail in the coffin though. They'd never replace it with SON which has finals on a Friday and Saturday night at the same venue. Apologies for resorting to sarcasm but some of your arguments are wafer thin.

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