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  1. enotian

    Newcastle 2019

    It's probably not feasible but 4.00 assessed for new foreign rider has to be tempting giving the weaker Championship. Of course you've got to find a good one. I vaguely remember Austin Novratil riding well for the USA dream team at Brough about 10 years ago and noticed he podiumed at the USA championship recently. Starting at reserve could be a massive bonus, especially partnering Max Clegg who could be dominant. Even 5.00 for a European newcomer might be worth a gamble but we seem to have lost those links and the better options are probably in Poland on a Sunday.
  2. enotian

    Two teams coming up from the NL

    Perhaps to justify the reduction in points limit???
  3. enotian

    Newcastle 2019

    If Aarnio, Wethers, Morris and Phillips are nailed on, that would leave about 17.95 for the remaining three. If they can regain fitness/interest I can't help think Lewis' Kerr and Rose have unfinished business as Diamonds. Would leave about 4.86 for the final rider. No out and out No.1 (less likely to be available on a Sunday) but three challenging for the role and potentially strength in depth, assuming most teams go for two 2.00 riders.
  4. I'm inclined to agree. Not about the chap being deluded but about 15 mins action in 2 hours being viewed as boring. If I went to a gig and heard 5 (3 minute) songs in two hours I'd not go again. So is the answer more heats per meeting? Say 20 or 24? Could solve the problem of doubling up if each rider had extra rides per meeting? But the ticket price would need to rise and whilst it's not unusual to charge more for a better product it would be a bold move. Or more simplistically run 15 heats in an hour..... …..but then there's a danger interval sales of Bovril would decrease. Until promoters realise the product is flawed in a society in which most things are instant they'll only ever be re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. At least they acknowledged it last season with heats supposedly starting within 2 minutes of the previous but I still spent an awful lot of time watching tractors which didn't appear to have any material effect on the standard of racing.
  5. enotian

    AGM November 2018

    Exactly. This is a sport after all so no matter what restrictions are in place some will be able to invest more than others to gain an advantage. The worst strategic choice made was to reduce the gap in standards between the top two divisions making the sport unaffordable for promoters, riders and supporters alike. As well as diluting the product for those who could afford it. All facilitated by doubling up. Disaster. The best strategic choice was to concentrate on youth development. Surely now's the time to reduce the standard of the Championship so it's a stepping stone for those young riders and part time 'old hands' making it affordable for promoters, riders and potentially supporters.
  6. enotian

    Riders' Averages

    In the context of a development league isn't that what you'd want? And of course the allocation between classification's is fluid. Could be 1, 2 or 3 whatever is appropriate based on rider availability or strategic approach to giving more opportunity to new talent. It's the concept of categorisation based on number of matches (=experience) which is the point for discussion.
  7. enotian

    Riders' Averages

    So rather than age is it number of competitive matches that should differentiate. Or a combination of both to encourage youth. If a season is 25(?) matches then after 100 matches a ride should no longer be eligible to ride at reserve, for example. Probably only appropriate for a development league level (somewhere between Championship and National) where teams could be made up of: UK under 23 rider Non UK under 23 rider Rider with over 100 matches 3 UK riders with less than 100 matches UK rider with less than 10 matches all criteria applicable from the start of the season. Clearly it'll still be manipulated with riders missing matches at the end of seasons to remain eligible but rules are there to be 'manipulated'. It would mean that teams could be less evenly matched but the finances will probably dictate otherwise, at a development league level.
  8. the usual https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  9. spreadsheet or pdf https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  10. the usual https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  11. spreadsheet or pdf https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  12. spreadsheet scorechart or pdf here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  13. pdf or Excel spreadsheet can be found here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
  14. enotian

    What ever happened to team riding?

    There's no incentive to do so. Why would a rider jeopardise getting paid for 3 points to help a team mate earn more? Might sound cynical but who else would risk less pay so a colleague might be paid more? Money trumps glory nowadays.
  15. Excel scorechart for live gate stats or pdf for fans of pens https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe

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