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  1. Newcastle 2018

    BWD is coming over anyway (signed for Somerset in the PL) and I assume will be based in this country, albeit in the south I imagine, whilst Lindgren is now based in Sweden. I don't know how any of the finances work but you can see Ludvig being costly. Otherwise he'd already be on the team sheet??? Sometimes you've got to speculate to accumulate. If you get the right 5.20 rider and he becomes a 7.00 helping your team challenge for the title you recover the extra cost via extra punters through the gate. Plus (whether you agree with it or not) he becomes an asset. With regard to Nicholls availability/eligibility I'm sure once the likes of Cook, Grajzczonek, Masters & Tungate tumble that their opportunities in Poland are limited the Championship will become an option for them.
  2. Newcastle 2018

    Decent but can only see Rose, Morris and Bowtell improving averages whilst Aarnio and Lindgren might struggle with just 20 ish fixtures compared to opponents who are riding 50 to 60 matches. How about Bradley Wilson Dean and one of those 5.20 under assessed foreign riders instead?
  3. Why 2 Leagues

    Isn't the solution to the disparity of wealth not a GB Super League but a Euro League (or in reality the richer teams joining the Polish League) I think the reality is the even the Polish and Swedish "Elite" leagues are not without financial problems and might welcome a new era which I think would represent the first genuine pan European sports league. Probably run/branded by a BSI/One Sport type organisation to administrate on team strength you'd hope it could attract decent media coverage. Eventually developed into a 16 team European league with the bulk of teams from Poland, Sweden and the UK it could eventually incorporate teams/franchises from other nations (Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, even Russia) the 30 meeting regular season should provide enough fixtures for GP standard riders with the teams supplemented by those also riding in domestic leagues. Whilst the standard would be a little lower than the current Polish top division it would be an uplift on the current Premiership. Domestically in the UK there'd be a two league structure. One Championship standard (made up of those Premiership teams not in the Euro league and the current Championship teams) featuring those riders who wish to supplement Euro League racing and those riders based in the UK including youngsters from the National League.
  4. Swc 2018

    With regard to pairs competitions I agree the 7 team heat format isn't ideal. Plus I still see Poland dominating, although the one off final obviously adds some jeopardy to that. I've often wondered if using the old knock out grand prix format would suit pairs better? I can't quite remember how it worked but I think it was 24 riders so 12 teams and if you lost a heat your next heat was an eliminator. Problem being some teams would only get 2 rides before being eliminated. I've tried to work out a further re-pecharge here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe but never got around to finishing it. In the gp format the riders in 1st and 2nd progressed for the pairs the team avoiding last place would progress. Similar to 4-3-2-0 but in this format the 4 points/win means nothing if your team mate is last. Surely encouraging team riding??? Might make the pairs event a little more interesting.
  5. Swc 2018

    Clearly credibility would be diminished by having made up countries in a World Final but to be fair Cricket and Rugby seem more than happy to include a team representing Ireland. Consisting of players from both the Republic of and Northern Ireland/Ulster which is it's own powder keg. Indeed both sports have national teams made up of many different nationalities. Not just the minnows either. England, Australia and New Zealand rugby teams are often supplemented by South Sea Islanders on spurious residency rules. The Rugby League world cup had a team representing Lebanon which, without knowing for certain, is unlikely to have its own league system and was likely made up of immigrant Aussies not good enough for the Australian team. Makes Holta riding for Poland seem quite normal. So whilst a Milik/Vaculik pairing would be farcical other sports seem to get away with it. I totally agree with the general consensus here that the 4TT SWC format will be a massive miss in 2018. The Swedish qualifying round this year was sensational. Now if Poland's dominance was a problem in so much as there is limited interest in staging the event how about..... ,,,and I appreciate this goes against the ethos of the winners being the best in the world but bear with me....... ......why not have a SWC excluding any SGP riders??? Presently the likes of Hancock, Woffinden & Pedersen have opted out anyway so why not exclude them all. Effectively Poland would lose 4 and the other nations would 2 or 1 rider with the likes of Slovenia and Slovakia never making the later rounds anyway. Certainly Poland would still be competitive and arguably still favourites but it might make the likes of Czech Republic, Latvia and Germany more competitive? Just a thought......
  6. Team Combined Average Limit...

    Good point if the sport was decided on a spreadsheet. Luckily it's not. To assert that a rider who averages 4.94 is better than a rider who averages 4.51 is flawed. In 100 match races between the two does the 4.94 rider win all 100? Does he win more than half? The answer? Nobody knows. Granted the wider the range the more predictable the outcome of the match races. Averages can only ever be indicative of a riders ability. If you wanted you could actually work out a riders real average by removing the points they gained by good fortune (in which a rider in front retired or fell or even made a mistake). Statistics are great but they're almost all inherent of dysfunctional results and therefore skewed and without wanting to have riders averages quoted with a standard deviation the rounding to whole numbers or 0.5 should provide a valid indication of the riders ability.
  7. Newcastle 2018

    Well if George has got £4k to spend on a holiday I expect Jason Doyle to be our No 1 in 2018!! Clearly I jest. I expect the limited number of meetings in 2018 are an interesting concept for Newcastle regarding stadium rental. Do they rent March to October or on a per meeting basis. Either way I can see negotiations with the landlords being tricky. Also team building could be tricky. Would someone like Ludvig or Matej Kus bother having a UK set up for about 30 meetings. Like it or not doubling up riders have such an advantage and with the new fixed race nights for the Prem eliminating clashes it might be worth hanging fire on team building until Prem line ups are sorted?
  8. Team Combined Average Limit...

    Totally agree. Look at the big franchise sports of American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey all crammed full of stats which really add something to the commentary. Cricket being a fine British example to the point where TMS have a resident statistician to point out key milestones. All of which are fairly simplistic averages and rankings adding interest even when the action is lacking. Football doesn't readily lend itself to such statistical analysis but look at the OPTA stats a commentators dream. John Motson is lorded for use of stats. I'm sure it would add colour to speedway if the announcers/presenters/commentators could quote the latest statistics such as a riders average from gate 4 or who has the most points in the league from heat 10. There are numerous possibilities which I'm sure would be collated if a betting company were invited to collaborate. Could even lead to sponsorship opportunities with prize money for riders heading various categories. Just who was the best rider from gate 1 in 2017?? Not essential to the plot but interesting to know. All the best things in life have layers. For some people watching 4 bikes racing around an oval is enough, others like to keep score, some like to know the stats to aid predictions, some like the mechanical/technical aspects and some even enjoy knowing about the personal lives of the competitors. If people enjoy it it's all good. PS round to zero decimal places for team building so it's far easier to make replacements without being constrained because a rider is 0.05 over the rider they're replacing or restricting team building because the total exceeds the limit by a fraction. I recall in the 80's Eastbourne not being allowed to track the team they wanted because their total came to something like 0.01 over the limit. As such I think someone like Darren Standing was forced out of the team on that basis. Nonsensical.
  9. Team Combined Average Limit...

    All of which makes you think that using averages to two decimal places for team building is ludicrous. But that's another story. Mind even if the averages were rounded to zero decimal places the limit should still be 42
  10. Official Teams 2018

    Didn't Workington announce Bickley a year ago??
  11. Newcastle 2018

    I think Pearson said 1 home 1 away for the Championship in his "video"
  12. Newcastle 2018

    http://speedwaygp.com/news/article/6238/hancock-takes-rzeszow-challenge Some interesting Lewis Rose news. In line for some expert training. Not sure what it means for his 2018 availability though, should there be a 2018 that is. (from a Diamonds perspective rather than existentially speaking )
  13. Keep it simple https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe Most important thing is the standard of on track entertainment. Tracks which are conducive to passing, meetings planned to be completed in under 90 minutes, jump starts to be penalised retrospectively at the end of the heat. Promoters must understand that new supporters are likely to have been attracted by SGP so the product has to meet expectations whilst being financially viable.
  14. https://app.box.com/s/494gzuldbvkra750xbau5u0bj3r28ofp scorechart and full series scores in Excel format