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  1. Speedway fan


    mine was on the mat before I got up this morning
  2. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    BIRMINGHAM have pulled off the stunning signing of German ace Erik Riss.Riss, the current Championship individual title holder, has had a change of mind after originally quitting British Speedway in January.But with the new season due to start in this country on May 17 he’s decided to head back to the UK in a dramatic change of plan.He’s only appeared at Perry Barr once before with former club Redcar and went through the card unbeaten by a Brummies rider.And he’s hoping to hear plenty of noise from the passionate Birmingham fans.He said: “Having passionate fans is always a good thing because if you can hear the crowd when you’re on the track then that is always a good sign as it’s something I like when I’m racing.“I’m the kind of rider who always wants to win so coming to Birmingham I just want to play my part and win races.“It’s always the same whoever I ride for so if the boys in the team have the same attitude then we can win silverware that’s for sure.”He’s also relishing the prospect of facing legendary three-time World Champion Jason Crump when the Australian lines up for Plymouth Gladiators for the first time.“Coming up against Jason Crump this year is going to be pretty cool because he is a legend as a multiple World Champion,” he said.“It's going to be fun coming up against him because I have never had the chance to ride against him before as I only started riding in the UK in 2015.“Overall, though, I think the league looks quite strong but I think the Championship and Premiership are now on a similar level because riders have had to leave the UK with new rules in Poland.”When Riss decided to return to the UK Birmingham made their move quickly because of the attention from other Championship clubs.He won the Championship individual title at Sheffield in 2019 when he got the better of former Brummies man Danny King, Ryan Douglas and Sam Masters in the final.Riss also has experience on the international stage with Germany and is also twice World Longtrack Champion.He completes the Birmingham team for the new season alongside Chris Harris, Ashley Morris, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas, James Shanes and Valentin Grobauer.
  3. Speedway fan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    wonder who that was!! LOL
  4. Speedway fan


    sent it Phil Rising
  5. Speedway fan


    mine arrived before breakfast last week ... so woke up thinking I would have it to read this morning --but as yet not arrived so I will be patient and await its arrival !
  6. Speedway fan

    Premiership junior league

    just to clarify. The MSDL gives more rides and varied format than the NJL (which also does a great job) with same 2 meeting each other only. Most MDL/ SDL/ MSDL also have 125s /250's doing 2 or 3 rides but not on a points basis. The NJL format was looked at by the MSDL but at that time the 125 scene was highly Northern based and the decision was made to continue with the format . So in essence the 500's used may have used riders who came through the British Youth system but not solely as some clubs helped bring on the 125/250 lads until they moved to 500's and will continue to do so giving them valuable track time . Not every club followed this but ones that did can claim they helped develop them and the move to 500's was the natural progression. The important thing is that the would be superstars of the future get track time and both the MDL and NJL have brought on many riders who have moved on to the bigger leagues and long may that continue.
  7. Speedway fan

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    June 22 Plymouth v Birmingham as they move on to Poole the next night .
  8. Speedway fan

    Premiership junior league

    needs a good pits staff to get things moving along and known times for track grading and intervals. At Birmingham we achieved that and ran a slick presentation , had 10 min interval time for the kids to come out and have activities , ran MSDL 6 heats plus 125cc demos after heat 2, 4 and 6 and even had time for practice if we finished before the 10pm curfew . Just needs organisation and the right people in the jobs .
  9. Speedway fan

    New Junior League 2021

    think it will run under the MSDL 4 rider, 6 heat formula ---- perhaps the clubs could also enter the MSDL to give more track time??
  10. Speedway fan

    New Junior League 2021

    and it still exists !! The MDL came first , then the SDL then it amalgamated to become the MSDL and will be running in 2021
  11. Speedway fan

    Eastbourne 2021

    not jumped ships . Doing the NJL Shield with Redcar and Berwick to trial using all three cc classes over 9 heats . Did apply to do NJL as well as MSDL --with work going on to sort this league at moment . Birmingham will run 2nd halves every meeting .
  12. Speedway fan

    May 17th

  13. Speedway fan

    Speedway books and magazine

    Cribby's Storybook a good read .... and ALL profits go to permanently injured UK riders via the Ben Fund. Bruce has reduced it from £12 to £10 and is available through CURTIS SPORTS
  14. Speedway fan

    Provisional fixture list

    on sgb website : WE are aware of a draft 2021 fixture list relating to British Speedway which has appeared on the FIM website. However, we wish to clarify that this is a draft only, with several amendments expected pending Plymouth’s application to join the Championship and the withdrawal of Somerset.A further update on confirmed fixtures will be issued in due course.
  15. 1am Sunday morning! American Speedway live Pay Per View.! Includes current and former British League riders Broc Nicol , Luke Becker, Aaron Fox, Chris Kerr, Charlie Venegas. Available on demand later in the week.

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