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  1. Speedway fan

    MSDL 2022

  2. Speedway fan

    MSDL 2022

    MSDL TABLE UP TO + INC 9/5/22 TEAM M W D L FOR AGAINST PTS BIRMINGHAM 1 1 0 0 18 14 2 WOLVERHAMPTON 2 1 0 1 36 34 2 SITTINGBOURNE 2 1 0 1 34 36 2
  3. Speedway fan

    MSDL 2022

    Monday May 9th: Wolverhampton PARRYS INTERNATIONAL Wolf Cubs 21 Sittingbourne Crusaders 14 An incident packed clash saw the Wolf Cubs gain revenge for their recent defeat at Sittingbourne with a 21-14 win. Heat 1 saw home skipper Sam Woolley come down on bend 2 but remount and join his partner Ben Phillips for a 5-1. Heat 2 saw a rare sight as both Jake Fellows, guesting in place of Luke Killeen for the home side and Sittingbourne debutant Nathan Hargrave both loop at the gate causing the race to be stopped with both excluded from the re-run. Hargrave then , unfortunately, looped it again in heat 3 to make it a debut to forget and with a bent bike he missed his last ride. Then amazingly Jacob Fellows again looped it causing heat 4 to be stopped and the guest from Birmingham finally got to his feet and had a trip to the ambulance. He missed his last ride then went to hospital for a check up not getting out of their till the next morning thankfully with no breaks. Heat 5 saw race leader Sam Woolley take a tumble on bend 4 but cleared the track to make it an eventful first 5 heats . Heat 6 saw the race of the night as Wolf Cubs guest Kai Ward and Crusaders captain James Laker have a four lap side by side battle before Ward secured victory to complete a four ride 12 point maximum . Wolverhampton 21 (Kai Ward 4r 12, Sam Woolley 3r 5+1; Ben Phillips 3r 4, Jacob Fellows 2r 0) Sittingbourne 14 ( James Laker 4r 6, Rhys Laker 3r 5+1, James Jessop 3r 3+2, Nathan Hargrave 2r 0)
  4. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Berwick

    maybe ones that no longer go to speedway but sit at home on their computers always finding fault and moaning ....
  5. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Berwick

    why justified ?? what was the paramedic supposed to do ? Have you read his posting?
  6. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Berwick

    HOMELATEST NEWS FIXTURES/STATISTICS CLUB INFO ADMISSIONCOMMERCIAL RIDERSFAN ZONE HISTORY JOSH AUTY / PERRY BARR PARAMEDIC UPDATE Sunday April 24, 2022 JOSH Auty has been released from hospital after successful surgery on his broken leg. The experienced Brit sustained breaks to his tibia and fibula which have now been pinned and plated. Josh would like to thank supporters for all of their messages and best wishes. Meanwhile, UK Life Medical would like to clarify the situation which saw last Wednesday’s home fixture with Berwick abandoned at Perry Barr. Specialist Paramedic Marc Dodds said: “Josh sustained an injury to his leg and as the Paramedic covering the event on examination I felt that Josh may have sustained a fracture to his Tibia/Fibula. “We provided treatment and ensured Josh had the right amount of pain relief to deal with this type of injury. “Normal procedures when a rider requires hospital treatment is to call 999 and have a NHS County Ambulance attend. “This way care can be passed on and the race meeting can continue. “As we called 999 for Josh we were informed that there would be a 6 hour wait for a 999 response. “The level of injury Josh received and the fact Morphine, which is a controlled drug, had been given meant that only a Paramedic could transport to hospital. “Hospital delays also played a big part of what we faced as many Ambulances are kept outside waiting to go in, this was the case on arrival at hospital where we were told it would be a 5 hour wait. “Thankfully we were able to get Josh in quicker due to his injury type, but this is not always the case. “Even if the Club had a second Ambulance on site, the fact the Paramedic would need to travel would mean the meeting would still have to be cancelled. “The NHS is facing unprecedented delays and this is having a knock on effect across the industry and impacts on meetings such as Speedway. “The owners have tried really hard to keep this club going and have invested a lot of time and money into it. “Some elements are out of their control and also financial implications have to be considered when needing additional cover, this is something that goes on behind the scenes. “We always want to ensure everyone, riders, mechanics, track staff or spectators are always looked after if we are needed. “Please be assured we are working on many solutions.” Birmingham head to reigning Champions Poole on Wednesday (April 27, 7.30) with the next fixture at Perry Barr on Wednesday, May 4 (7.30) against Scunthorpe. Share This: BACKING THE BRUMMIES BIRMINGHAM BRUMMIES vs. SCUNTHORPE SCORPIONS WEDNESDAY MAY 4, 2022 @ 7.30pm CHAMPIONSHIP >> CLICK HERE TO BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE << © Birmingham Speedway, All rights reserved Privacy Policy | Site Design and Production AP Media
  7. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Poole Championship. 13/04/22

    really??? It was a big blow to lose the meeting especially after the promotion done and all the events being incorporated into the night .
  8. Speedway fan

    MSDL 2022

    What proved to be an incident filled clash the 2022 MSDL season opened with reigning champions Birmingham DUCTAIR Bulls defeating local rivals Wolverhampton PARRY'S INTERNATIONAL Wolf Cubs in a closely contested clash 18-14.Both sides were dealt pre-meeting blows missing a rider each . Wolf Cubs Luke Killeen was ruled out awaiting his British passport whilst the Bulls had to ride without teenager Freddy Hodder as his father was unavailable to drive him due to a work commitment. So both sides operated rider-replacement sharing the rides with the remaining three team members.The Bulls were sitting on a maximum 5-1 heat win in heat 1 but for Arran Butcher to fall on a greasy surface with light rain affecting it in heat 1.Then heat two saw three riders crash coming out of bend one with all four reinstated into the re-run only for Arran Butcher to fall alongside two others and gain an exclusion and a visit to the ambulance whilst home No. 1 Sam Woolley hurting his knee in the two incidents and withdrawing from the meeting .This meant both sides were down to two riders each with the team managers juggling their resources.Jacob Fellows fell in heat 3 hurting his hand and thumb missing his next ride but coming back to vitally win heat 6 to secure his side victory.His cousin Bailey Fellows though rode superbly to notch a 12 point maximum from his four rides. For the Wolf Cubs Jamie Sealey was consistent despite bike problems with four second places whilst the fast starting Ben Phillips included a fall in his paid 5 return.WOLVERHAMPTON PARRY'S INTERNATIONAL WOLF CUBS 14(Jamie Sealey 4r 8, Ben Phillips4r 4+1, Sam Woolley 1r 2, Luke Killeen R/R)BIRMINGHAM DUCTAIR BULLS 18(Bailey Fellows 4r 12 (max); Jacob Fellows 3r 6; Arran Butcher 2 r 0; Freddy Hodder R/R)
  9. Speedway fan

    MSDL 2022

    MSDL 2022 The 2022 MSDL will again compromise of three teams – reigning champions Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Sittingbourne. There were hope of adding a few more teams but unfortunately they were not able to commit. The Birmingham DUCTAIR Bulls aim for their third title win having finished top in 2019 and 2021 but they will have tough opposition in the Wolverhampton Wolf Cubs and the Sittingbourne Crusaders. They will meet each other home and away twice which gives the youngsters valuable track time. All three clubs will also be running other events for the young riders with Birmingham planning a full second half including 125cc races and Youth 500. Wolverhampton open the 2022 season with the visit of local rivals Birmingham on Monday 4th April then the two sides meet again 48 hours later at Perry Barr. Kent open their fixtures at home on Sunday May 1st with the visit of Wolverhampton. League co-ordinator Laurence Rogers is glad to see the league survive , “ It’s been a hard few years for the MSDL but we have survived . We welcome Sittingbourne back into the fold and this is pleasing whilst the Midlands rivalry between Wolverhampton and Birmingham is back. I had spoken to a few clubs about entering but they can’t fit in this year but we are already discussing 2023 with them. “ “The main thing is that the young riders coming through the system have somewhere to ride in a competitive environment that will stand them in good stead for the future.” MSDL 2022 FIXTURES APRIL MON 4 WOLVERHAMPTON V BIRMINGHAM A 14-18 WEDS 6 BIRMINGHAM V WOLVERHAMPTON A OFF MAY SUN 1 KENT V WOLVERHAMPTON A 20-15 WEDS 4 BIRMINGHAM V WOLVERHAMPTON changed to challenge MON 9 WOLVERHAMPTON V KENT A 21-14 WEDS 18 BIRMINGHAM V KENT A OFF JUNE MON 6 WOLVERHAMPTON V KENT B WEDS 22 BIRMINGHAM V WOLVERHAMPTON A WEDS 29 BIRMINGHAM V KENT B JULY WEDS 13 BIRMINGHAM V WOLVERHAMPTON B SUN 24 KENT V WOLVERHAMPTON B MON 25 WOLVERHAMPTON V BIRMINGHAM B AUGUST SUN 28 KENT V BIRMINGHAM B SEPTEMBER SUN 4 KENT V BIRMINGHAM B TBC : BIRMINGHAM V KENT A
  10. you might not be interested but thankfully many true speedway supporters are
  11. thanks. weather forecast (on reliable ones) show a few showers in the morning clearing up by 2 and clear till about 11 --- so all good .
  12. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    have messaged them ..will see if I get a reply!
  13. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    can you get hold of a copy or a contact for this newspaper please and pass it on to the Birmingham promotion
  14. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    depends which forecast you look at! few showers in morning ( saves John watering) then dry from 2 with a possible shower after 9/10 . Negative postings don't help with weather !!
  15. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Coventry Select

    rained in the afternoon but at 7 started to come down heavier with sleet and the temperature was dropping by the minute . Correct decision made

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