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  1. 53 minutes ago, Gerbat1875 said:

    I was told this today about the MD, hopefully it will be sorted in Brummies favour, but what I heard is the owners of Perry Barr stadium will want the rental fee upfront, there is no guarantee brummies will generate the income from attendances alone, so there must be a big sponsorship incoming to make 2022 possible 

    not correct on the rental fee but there will be advance payments made by the consortium not the whole annual rental fee .....

  2. The MD of the greyhound company has been on holiday and back today and the consortium leader is due to call her tomorrow ...therefore until they speak the agreement to run is awaited then  the consortium will finalise the deal to takeover Birmingham Speedway from the outgoing Mason family. Therefore the next few days are important for the club with the new potential owners ready to confirm everything for the 2022 season --- and formulating the Brummies side can be sorted 

  3. 22 minutes ago, KingoftheTrack said:

    It's all false hope.

    Just no way Birmingham get a 1,000 fans turn up at every home meeting. Dodgy weather forecast keeps many fans away these days, Then you get the odd farce meeting full of guests and R/R which see's a low attendance.

    well the consortium are not giving up and have big plans and will be working hard on marketing and promotion in a variety of ways .  You may be a pessimist thankfully they aren't 

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  4. PROSPECTIVE Birmingham consortium leader Nigel Tolley says the clock is counting down fast if they are achieve their ambition to keep speedway in the city.

    Local businessman Tolley addressed a big gathering of supporters on Tuesday and outlined the current position regarding the proposed takeover of the club.

    He confirmed a group of four members – which he hopes to increase to five over the coming weeks – have all pledged a significant investment to help bring the Brummies to the tapes in 2022.

    No sale has yet been agreed with outgoing owners David and Peter Mason, as the consortium require all of their funds to be in place in order to proceed, and running costs at Perry Barr next year have substantially increased.

    The club have been offered a one-year extension to their lease, but at a much-increased rent compared to this year, and also based on them staging 20 meetings with that rent to be paid whether that number is reached or not.

    Tolley confirmed the intention is for the Brummies to again line up in the Championship next season, and the realistic deadline for entry is in early December.

    He said: “I know Boris Johnson last week at the climate conference said it was five to midnight – well, regarding Birmingham Speedway at the moment, it’s two minutes to midnight.

    “These next few weeks are absolutely vital, and we are here to see the future of Birmingham Speedway.

    “There are many more hurdles to get over, but we will do our utmost for there to be speedway at Perry Barr next season.

    “I’m talking to Peter Mason on a weekly basis, but everything has to be put in its place.

    “It’s no good buying the fixtures and fittings if we’re not racing next season, and it’s no good signing a lease until we’re given the go-ahead to race, and we have to get these problems sorted out by the start of the month.

    “We want to keep supporters as up-to-date as possible all the way through the proceedings. Without the supporters, we can’t go anywhere.”

    Tolley said several avenues are being explored in order to secure funding to cover the rental increase – including a major drive for meeting sponsorship.

    He believes that without heavy sponsorship, the club would require an average attendance of around 1,000 in order to break even.

    He said: “We’re assured that the other stadiums that have the same owners are being offered exactly the same lease as we’ve been offered.

    “If we talk about the same attendances as last season, this will be the final year for Brummies, so we’ve got to do whatever to make sure we’re getting preferably a minimum of 1,000 people into that stadium.

    “We’ve got all sorts of ideas about that, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it work – and we also want to hear from supporters with any ideas they’ve got. We are determined to see Perry Barr open for speedway next season.”

    The consortium is also set to offer shares in the new limited company to supporters at a minimum investment of £100.

    They stress that at present they are seeking pledges only, and no monies will become due until their participation in 2022 is confirmed.

    There will be benefits to supporters for getting involved, and full details will be available at Birmingham-speedway.com shortly.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Speedway Evolution said:

    The 1000 people attending he said was with no/very little sponsorship during the season, he said can go to 700 if we get the sponsorship that in the plan. 

    I'm surprised no one is talking about the shares that are being offered to be honest. If we are confirmed to race in 2022, £100 for 100 shares to start then after the initial share bought you can buy in groups of £25. No other clubs let's the fan own it, or am I mistaken?

    The new company are offering supporters and businesses the opportunity to become shareholders of the Limited Company who will run speedway at Perry Barr.

    Shareholders will be named in the programme and have certain advantages available to them. There will be a weekly draw for six shareholders to be able to watch three races from the centre green. Each shareholder will have access to a family ticket to introduce a new group of people to speedway and their guests will get a pit visit and meet the riders. There will be a discount offered on the End of Season Awards night tickets. There will be updates on the company and an Annual General Meeting.

    Each share will cost £1 and you will receive a share certificate .

    Until the takeover is rubber stamped and the company are confirmed as the new owners of Birmingham Speedway no money will be taken just a pledge to buy the shares. Once everything is signed and sealed we will confirm everything and provide methods to pay your shareholding .

    The company are under no obligation to buy or trade the shares only private selling can be done between friends and family.

    Share Application Form 3.pdf

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  6. On 11/14/2021 at 5:49 PM, Pieman72 said:

    We were stopped from going in the bar for a pint and a warm and reduced to a hole in the wall serving £4-50 lager plus stodge and chips. It was made clear we couldn't consume something healthy brought by ourselves plus my wife is a type 1 diabetic. The racing was poor and viewing constricted. Having spent years attending the most basic stadiums and fields watching Grasstrack it was a dreadful experience. For a new or occasional supporter they would never return. The stadium and speedway are separate entities but it's up the to the speedway team to negotiate something that make the paying fans welcome and wanted. I won't be returning. 

    who stopped you going in the bar ? Where was this "hole in the wall serving £4.50 lager plus stodge and chips"? ----  chips unfortunately were not available as many fans wanted ...only chilli and rice, curry and rice, pie and mash and if ordered sausage and mash and this is all controlled by the stadium with the speedway having nothing to do with the catering and bars. It is their ruling that food and drink cannot be brought in as it is at some other stadiums. The promotion did try to request different menus but they are awaiting their kitchens being renovated and extractors replaced hence no chips, burgers etc . Sorry you regarded it as a dreadful experience . 

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  7. 52 minutes ago, The Dog said:

    I'm not sure what the consortium leader is going to get out of this meeting, surely he has all the information and figures he needs to know whether it's worth investing or not? Fans will obviously want a decent track for a good team to perform on and no increase on the gate. The rest is down to the business men. 

    to keep the fans informed and to outline their plans .. a worthwhile meeting 

    Compiled by Mike Moseley
    Birmingham    7        5       1               1     139  95                11
    Wolverhampton 5     1       1              3        71  96                  3
    Eastbourne      4        1       0              3        60  79                 2
    9th June 2021
    BIRMINGHAM 12: Luke Muff 8 Tim Colley 4 Stephen Whitehouse 0
    WOLVERHAMPTON 12: Sam Woolley 6 Ryan Ashcroft 5 Ben Phillips 1
    4th August 2021
    BIRMINGHAM 29: Ben Trigger 12 Jacob Fellows 9 Bailey Fellows 8
    WOLVERHAMPTON 7: Sam Woolley 3 Kyran Lyden 3 Tim Colley 1 William Richardson 0
    25th August 2021
    BIRMINGHAM 27: Ben Trigger 9 Sam Woolley 8 Jacob Fellows 6 Bailey Fellows 4
    EASTBOURNE 9: Josh Warren 6 Stephen Whitehouse 2 Eli Meadows 1 Francesca Kirtley-Paine 0
    22nd September 2021
    BIRMINGHAM 18: Ben Trigger 9 Jacob Fellows 6 Kai Ward 3
    EASTBOURNE 13: Sam Woolley 8 Tim Colley 5
    4th July 2021
    EASTBOURNE 21: Josh Warren 9 Nick Laurence 9 Eli Meadows 3
    BIRMINGHAM 15: Jacob Fellows 9 Bailey Fellows 5 Jamie Sealey 1 Stephen Whitehouse 0
    19th July 2021
    WOLVERHAMPTON 19: Sam Woolley 8 Bailey Fellows 6 Ben Phillips 3 Tim Colley 2
    EASTBOURNE 17: Ben Trigger 8 Josh Warren 5 Eli Meadows 4 Cesca Wright 0
    2nd August 2021
    WOLVERHAMPTON 17: Sam Woolley 11 Tim Colley 3 Stephen Whitehouse 3
    BIRMINGHAM 18: Ben Trigger 8 Jacob Fellows 5 Bailey Fellows 3 Jamie Sealey 2
    6th September 2021
    WOLVERHAMPTON 16: James Chattin 8 Sam Woolley 6 Tim Colley 2
    BIRMINGHAM 20: Ben Trigger 9 Kai Ward 5 Jacob Fellows 3 Bailey Fellows 3
    League matches only. Averages don't include bonus points.
    (Compiled by Mike Moseley)
    Ben Trigger            5    16         47         0        47  11.75
    Luke Muff              1       3           8         0          8  10.67
    Sam Woolley         1      3            8         1          9  10.67
    Jacob Fellows      6    18          38         6        44  8.44
    Bailey Fellows      5    15          23         4         27  6.13
    Tim Colley             1      3           4          2           6  5.33
    Kai Ward                2     6            8          3        11  5.33
    Jamie Sealey        3     6            3          1          4  2.00
    Stephen Whitehouse 2 5          0          0          0  0.00
    Ben Trigger            1     3            8           1         9  10.67
    Nick Laurence        1     4            9           0         9   9.00
    Josh Warren          3    10          20          1       21   8.00
    Sam Woolley         1      4            8           0         8   8.00
    Tim Colley             1      4            5           1         6    5.00
    Stephen Whitehouse 1 2           2           0         2    4.00
    Eli Meadows         3       9           8           2       10    3.56
    James Jessop     1       0           0           0          0    0.00
    Francesca Kirtley-Paine 1 0     0           0          0    0.00
    Cesca Wright        1      3           0           0          0    0.00
    Sam Woolley        5   15          34           0        34    9.07
    James Chattin     1     4             8          0           8    8.00
    Bailey Fellows     1     3              6          0          6     8.00
    Ryan Ashcroft     1     3              5          1          6     6.67
    Kyran Lyden        1     3               3          0          3     4.00
    Stephen Whitehouse 1 4          3          1           4     3.00
    Ben Phillips        2     6               4          3           7     2.67
    Tim Colley         4    14               8          1           9     2.29
    William Richardson 1 3            0          0           0     0.00
    (League Matches excluding only, bonus points)
    Compiled by Mike Moseley.
    Ben Trigger              6                 19      55         1    56       11.58
    Luke Muff                 1                  3        8          0      8       10.67
    Sam Woolley            7                22      50         1    51         9.09
    Nick Laurence         1                  4         9         0      9         9.00
    Jacob Fellows         6                18      38         6    44         8.44
    James Chattin         1                 4         8         0      8          8.00
    Josh Warren            3                10      20         1     21        8.00
    Ryan Ashcroft         1                  3        5          1       6        6.67
    Bailey Fellows         6                18      29         4     33        6.44
    Kai Ward                  2                  6         8         3     11        5.33
    Kyran Lyden            1                   3        3          0       3        4.00
    Tim Colley               6                 21      17         4     21        3.24
    Eli Meadows           3                 10        8          2    10         3.20
    Ben Phillips             2                   6        4          3      7          2.67
    Jamie Sealey          2                   6        3          1      4          2.00
    Stephen Whitehouse 4            11        5           1      6          1.82
    James Jessop        1                  0        0           0      0          0.00
    Francesca Kirtley-Paine 1         3        0           0      0          0.00
    William Richardson 1                 3       0            0      0          0.00
    Cesca Wright          1                  3       0            0      0          0.00
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    BIRMINGHAM supporters will have the opportunity to meet the man leading the bid to save the club next week.

    Nigel Tolley, a successful businessman based in Kinver, will be appearing on stage with current team boss Laurence Rogers at the Aston Manor Cricket Club on Tuesday, November 16 (7pm) to bring supporters an update on the future of the Brummies.

    Tolley, who is heading a consortium to keep the Perry Barr outfit on track in 2022 and beyond, will speak openly about all current situations and is also inviting questions from supporters in attendance.

    Club chief Rogers is urging loyal fans to turn out in good numbers and hear the latest on the future of the club first hand.

    "There are problems we have been faced with - but we're not just going to give in like that," he said.

    "We will give everything we've got to make sure the Brummies do survive and race on in 2022.

    "No sale has been agreed as of yet and Nigel and the consortium are working tirelessly behind the scenes to try and secure extra funding etc to ensure everything is viable.

    "Tuesday night is a great opportunity for supporters to hear first hand where we're currently at, the problems we are facing, how we plan to overcome those and where we want to try and ultimately get the Brummies too."

    There will be no admission fee for the event, however supporters are encouraged to make a donation to the Birmingham Speedway Supporters Club on the night itself.

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  10. There is interest and talks are continuing . Until everything is in place and everything agreed  there will then be full details released . Talks have been made with the landlords and the BSPL know the current position whilst the interested parties have to conclude arrangements over assets and equipment with the current owners. All this takes time . 

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  11. 38 minutes ago, uk_martin said:

    A sad end indeed to speedway's tenure in Birmingham. The apathy of the fans (another v.poor attendance - compare that to the crowd in Newcastle on their "last day") matched by the lethargy of the team. Can't help but think that they were under instruction not to drag the season out longer than it had to be.

    Birmingham Brummies, RIP.

    Silly statement !! why would they want to do that ? No more meetings = no money and it's their jobs  !! They were all fired up to overcome the deficit but it just didn't happen.  As for RIP there is a lot going on to save the club so let's get behind those efforts .

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  12. 14 hours ago, HGould said:

    Sad but not unexpected.

    The Masons have done far more for Birmingham Speedway that was good and positive than many give them credit for and I wish them the very best of luck and hopefully they aren't totally lost to the Sport. Their physical and mental well-being is more important.

    There is hopefully someone in the wings who may be able to take it on but I fear that the relatively new Stadium Manager has engineered what he wanted and  shame on him and ARC for their complete lack of support of Speedway in the recent past. That was not always the case under previous Stadium Management.

    I don't think it's a big surprise that 2 dog tracks from same Company (Newcastle and us) are in the situation we are, not a surprise that relatively new Promotions who have moved up to CL (Brummies and Eastbourne in 2019) and Newcastle (new Promo for 2020/2021) have suffered from big set up costs and possibly a step too far for all three who had to build initially quite quickly.

    Hopefully all 3 will return with new Promotions in the future.

    My own personal view is that with the Commonwealth Games surrounding the area for 2022 and causing a massive security ring to be set up for possibly a few months before, that it may be best for Brummies to have a year out and possibly come back in 2023 with a fresh impetus after the fun and games likely next Summer just up the Road and around the City in general. Certainly media focus on going to be on Games for most of 2022 in addition to soccer and cricket. The whole area is lets face it going to be a gridlocked nightmare!



    think you will find that there is a good working relationship now after a rocky start. The Commonwealth games if you look at the timetable only involves a few events at the revamped stadium with events spread over the Midlands and none are scheduled for a Wednesday night .

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  13. League table
    Up to + inc 6/9/21
                                                   M W D L F A PTS
    Birmingham Bulls                6 4 1 1 121 82 9
    Wolverhampton Heathens 5 1 1 23 71 96 3
    Eastbourne Seagulls           3 1 0 2 47 61  2

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