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  1. matt webb

    British Grand Prix 2012

    Can't see anyone stopping Holder now.
  2. matt webb

    What's Most Important....

    b for me. Never used to miss a meeting at Lynn but havent been for a couple of seasons now because the last time I went I was bored!! Not the Chapmans fault, they are doing a great job, but it just doesnt work for me.
  3. matt webb

    Emil Kramer

    Terrible news. R.I.P Emil
  4. matt webb

    Scandinavian Gp 2009

    Thanks for that, had it set up on Sky+ and didnt know.
  5. matt webb

    A Special Talent

    I know he had already finished high in the World Championship, but when Henka came to Lynn he was unbelievable. Never seen a better overtaker who was never beaten until the flag.
  6. matt webb

    Famous Last Bend Victories

    One of the best overtakes I have ever seen, just for the drama alone. How I miss Henka.
  7. I must of been lucky as well cos it all recorded for me.
  8. matt webb

    World Team Cup

    Just watched heat 24 and gotta agree, what a brilliant ride by Gollob, pure genius.
  9. matt webb

    Cardiff Track A Disgrace

    I was a bit drunk when I watched this on Sky, but didn't one of the riders say they need to sort the one-off tracks out or the riders will have to do something about?
  10. matt webb

    Rider Riding Styles

    Got to be Cowboy Cook and Bobby Ott for me.
  11. matt webb

    Scott Nicholls

    Not much makes me post but I was disgusted with what happened tonight. From what I could see Scott was desperate,took Chris out and got his place. I hope Scott will have the decency now to hold his hands up and say sorry and give Chris his rightful place in next years GP but I doubt it.
  12. Mine is a poor amount K Lynn Mildenhall Poole (too young to remember, just remember the scoreboard) Ipswich Peterborough Coventry (used to love old British and Overseas finals) Cradley Heath (we won and I loved the Pork sarnies) Cardiff
  13. Ive got to say I usually support Team GB all the time and even at the start of last nights meeting I wanted them to win, but I found I couldnt cheer for the likes of Nicholls and Kennett (I have no opinion of Stead and Richardson).As the meeting progressed I was wanting the Russians to beat everybody.They are an exciting team with good young riders and seemed to be wanting to get all they could.Steve is right GB are stale there is no competition and only a few good prospects coming through. If a young team like Russia can get this much interest why dont GB??
  14. Team GBs reserve last night Olly Allen rode for Lynn a couple of seasons ago.
  15. Im going for Crumpy to finally get started and win this with Adams second Andersen 3rd Nicki 4th. Harris s/f. Providing they all come through the World Cup ok that is.
  16. matt webb

    Chris Harris

    Absolutely brilliant by Bomber.I've never jumped about so much watching speedway on t.v. Just wish I was there.
  17. Terrible news.RIP Michal
  18. matt webb


    Yeah we do still own Lynn greatest recent rider
  19. What? Nicki not to win it!!! 1 Crump 2 Gollob 3 Nicki 4 Hans That will be completely wrong though.
  20. matt webb

    Some More 'youtube'

    Brilliant stuff Steve. Nice to see you did finish some races!!

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