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  1. Live Premiership Football. Cannot be shown in UK
  2. You can not lay a bike down which is on one wheel
  3. If he had stayed on his bike any longer it would have ended up as carnage. 2 bikes and 2 riders in one almighty heap.
  4. I hope they have read their terms and conditions for the offer properly.
  5. Was going to be shown delayed at 00:45 tomorrow morning but is doubtful if that one will get shown either now it is rearranged
  6. Dave already said that Grudziadz v Rybnik not being shown so looks like we will end of with two matches this week.
  7. Just goes to show how poor Poole were then.
  8. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Championship Pairs

    All 11 teams in it this year. Goodness knows what the format will be. BERWICK: Tomas H Jonasson, Jye Etheridge. BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, Tero Aarnio. EASTBOURNE: Richard Lawson, Lewis Kerr. EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, Cameron Heeps. GLASGOW: Craig Cook, Rasmus Jensen. LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ryan Douglas. NEWCASTLE: Steve Worrall, Thomas Jorgensen. REDCAR: Erik Riss, Michael Palm Toft. SCUNTHORPE: Ben Barker, Jake Allen. SHEFFIELD: Danny King, Kyle Howarth. SOMERSET: Rory Schlein, Nick Morris.
  9. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Swedish Elitserien Final Tues/Wed 24th /25th September

    Hope he gets a pick for next year then.
  10. Silver Cheetah Snr

    Swedish Elitserien Final Tues/Wed 24th /25th September

    Surely not Kasprzak for Vastervik
  11. Silver Cheetah Snr

    CLRC - 1st September

    Does anybody know what time the gates open, cannot find anywhere. Thanks in advance.

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