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  1. With or without the bonus point Lubin still finished 4th as Gorzow took bonus point against them.
  2. Could I please ask where it is stating this as I can't find anything on the website at all other than if you go to buy tickets off the web site then it is stating 19:00.
  3. Also new tickets state 19:00. If you follow the link in your original Email to print your tickets they are now showing your new tickets to print.
  4. Tomorrows meeting now appears to be on Free Sports.
  5. Still showing on the Sky Planner.
  6. No problem. You just keep up all the great work you do for all of us. I see premier can't be bothered to show it.
  7. Is there still a meeting on this Sunday?
  8. Torun v Lubin still showing live on Prem 2
  9. Dave as this meeting does not go out until 9:00 tonight please make sure that you do not mention anything about it in the commentary for the second match, Cheers
  10. I assume the German Football team will have to quarantine before and after playing at Wembley.
  11. All you have to do is type eurosportplayer.com into your PC browser and sign in if you want to watch it on your PC.
  12. Would you tell us how you already subscribe to Eurosport if not the player.
  13. And this is the channel that is taking over showing the Grand Prix

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