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  1. 10 hours ago, RobMcCaffery said:

    That agrees with what I've seen, with the additon of Rybnik being on PS1. It seems an odd duplication but not quite as odd as the delayed coverage of Lublin v Wroclaw at 4 am on last Monday morning being simultaneously shown on PS1 and PS2!


    It was only shown on PS1. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, CB252 said:

    It does make me laugh that people think that, just because they've signed up to 3 months free on Premier, that they will remove popular sports from their schedule to show a speedway meeting at the drop of a hat.

    I hope they have read their terms and conditions for the offer properly.

  3. 3 minutes ago, racers and royals said:

    Did he say anything about the ZG match before it was postponed- ie when they were going to show it ?

    Was going to be shown delayed at 00:45 tomorrow morning but is doubtful if that one will get shown either now it is rearranged

  4. 11 minutes ago, racers and royals said:

    So we move on to finish round 2 with 3 matches in 2 days

    Monday June 22nd Zielona Gora v Czestochowa programme starts 4.30pm 1st race 5 pm N Sport and premier Sport   ???

    Monday June 22nd  Leszno v Wroclaw programme starts 6.45pm1st race  7pm Eleven Sport 2 and  Freesports ( 7pm )

    Tuesday June 23rd  Grudziadz v Rybnik programme starts 6.45pm 1st race  7pm Eleven Sport 2 and  Premier Sport  ??

    Edit not sure that Premier/Freesports have a slot tomorrow at 5pm - can only wait and see.

    Dave already said that Grudziadz v Rybnik not being shown so looks like we will end of with two matches this week.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Steve Shovlar said:

    The playoff final and 6 pages. Shows what people think of this second leg. No one cares other than the two teams involved and it’s a real shame. 

    There’s no drama, jeopardy, nerves or anything about tonight. Flat as a fart pre meeting excitement sorry to say. Just calling it as I see it, not trying to wind anyone up. It’s just a fact.

    There’s no baddies you hope will fail, no goodies you hope will win.  We can only hope Ipswich turn up with some fire in their bellies. Because they certainly didn’t have any in the first leg.

    If Ipswich get within 20 I will be suprised.



    Just goes to show how poor Poole were then.

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  6. All 11 teams in it this year. Goodness knows what the format will be.

    BERWICK: Tomas H Jonasson, Jye Etheridge.

    BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, Tero Aarnio.

    EASTBOURNE: Richard Lawson, Lewis Kerr.

    EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, Cameron Heeps.

    GLASGOW: Craig Cook, Rasmus Jensen.

    LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ryan Douglas.

    NEWCASTLE: Steve Worrall, Thomas Jorgensen.

    REDCAR: Erik Riss, Michael Palm Toft.

    SCUNTHORPE: Ben Barker, Jake Allen.

    SHEFFIELD: Danny King, Kyle Howarth.

    SOMERSET: Rory Schlein, Nick Morris.


  7. On 4/27/2019 at 1:42 PM, Noodles said:

    Freesports schedule showing a live match on 7th May 6.10pm (repeated Wednesday 8th)

    Also looks like they showing a second match (not live) 9th May 10.15pm - that must be Dackarna v Smederna (repeated Friday 10th)

    Not now showing any speedway on the 7th May on listings.  Just Showing a meeting from Round 1 on the 9th May


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