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  1. Amazed no thread on this and also amazed after Len usually calling off meetings early that the meeting is still on a 4pm. Lots of fans won’t go as they'll assume with all the rain, it's off! Why they won’t go? Because Len has set a precedence!


    So I would assume that as Len calls meetings off early and he hasn't in this case, then that would mean that it will almost certainly be on.

    Unlike at Scunthorpe yesterday where after taking your money it was called off after 2 heats when it was already raining before the start and with a terrible forecast.

    I know which I would rather have.

  2. People have NOT be abusing the system.The system is rubbish. It's offensive to suggest people have been abusing a system when they're using it properly, ie they're showing valud NUS cards as requested.

    But the concession was for students. NOT for people with an NUS card. That was only asked for (wrongly) to prove that you are a full time student.

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  3. All this discussion is very well, but just do as I aim to do and go to Wolves or Swindon instead.

    When their gate money drops then maybe they will realize the error of their ways.

    Still it will give them an excuse to shut part way through the year, when the terraces are empty especially for the Storm matches.

  4. coventry use common sense and run a storm match on gp fridays if possible\

    just need a few more fans to get involved with the storm


    maybe try and get some interval or half time entertainment on

    a couple of sidecar races would be popular

    Just running regular meetings on a G.P. weekend would help. Instead of no meaningful home meeting for the Storm until mid season (First home League meeting was the 17th July)

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  5. http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=80320&p=2680321 and other posts in that thread.


    You are very free with your use of the word 'lie' - an extra £10 in the BenFund bucket tomorrow from whoever's wrong about the Turnstile notices? I assume you'll be there as it's not a double header.


    It might :-)

    I see you can't provide any evidence for your last post as usual.

    Have you been out painting signs today then and I bet they do not mention double headers.

    And no I will not be there tomorrow which will be the first meeting I have missed all year both home and away (Bees and Storm)


    Would you kindly quote my post and your reply to ME

    As yet again the above post is a blatant lie.

    I have never asked you what the policy is.

    All I have done is question your lies about the fact that readmission terms for a double header were clearly posted outside the stadium.

    But If you can prove the lies that you posted above are true then I will gladly give Rob a tenner for the fund.

  6. But you are quite happy to misquote me.


    I didn't refer to 'rules', you asked on another thread what Coventry's policy was and I responded. You should at least have the honesty to re-title this post ' Warning to anyone attending a double-header at Coventry' as the current title is misleading and assumes my colleagues all have the same policy.


    For the record, while our policy is as stated, in exceptional circumstances which would make the current policy clearly inappropriate, we would of course make an appropriate adjustment to the policy on the night and make an announcement to those affected ((ie) the fans actually in the stadium).


    That's the beauty of having a policy not rules.

    Would you kindly quote my post and your reply to ME

    As yet again the above post is a blatant lie.

    I have never asked you what the policy is.

    All I have done is question your lies about the fact that readmission terms for a double header were clearly posted outside the stadium.

  7. So why worry if it has never happened? Wait until it does and then have a moan. :lol:

    As I have already said on the other thread we are getting in for £15 instead of £20 for two matches so the promotion are already losing £5. Neither of the two abandoned matches have been Coventry's fault so I wouldn't quibble about being a couple of pounds out of pocket.

    Yes it has happened see post #10.

    Maybe you are happy at getting ripped off but a lot of people are not.

    Do you remember last years double headers with the famous statement of "We will give you news of the time of tonights curfew"

    As I say you will soon be the only person stood on the terraces if the public keep getting treated with contempt.

    And please in future do not say I have said something that I have not.


    However last time a double header at Rye House failed to go the distance we did get a refund.


    (When Rye v Eastbourne was 'dusted' off).


    A re-admission policy for double headers is needed though. I would suggest that if you get less than 20 out of 30 heats, which pro-rata is equivalent to 10 out of 15 races in a standard match (ignoring the possibility of MDL races etc) then there should be some form of credit.

    Agree but it isn't.

  9. Really confused by anybody suggesting it was called off by Coventry on purpose, why would they? Only two heats away from 3points which were very needed and the headache of another date to find for the fixture in front of a small crowd.



    Who has suggested that it was called off on purpose?



    1) There is no notice outside the turnstiles before you go in.

    2) The turnstile staff, when asked what the re-admission details for a double header were did not know.


    I see from your reply that you consider that 10 heats from 30 constitutes you having fulfilled your side of a contract.

    Fair enough but I and many others will never attend another double header meeting at Coventry.

  10. Probably would have gone with it being a massive pokc qualifier, you see I'm not a bigoted moron and can appreciate that the pokc does have a couple of good points if you're involved. Ironically it's the pokc which has given Wolves the opportunity or excuse to rip off away fans which makes it unlikely that I'll bother, unless someone wants to give me a lift.


    As we all know it's just another item on the list of things the pokc sycophants are too thick to realise that the pokc actually does more harm than good.


    Thanks for caring by the way. :wink:

    What just like Belle Vue did how many times last year.


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