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  1. This is the start marshal that was so upset at not being quiet quick enough to get the tapes down in front of Sarj and Jason to stop them from going round to the pit gate for attention to their bikes and then went up to Sarj when he got back to the tapes and grabbed him and started lecturing him.

    I believe the same sort of thing went on against Belle Vue with Cookie.

  2. There is no way that this will be on tonight unless we are going to use boats. Every forecast is showing a solid band of rain crossing most of the country starting late afternoon ang going into the night.

    I wish that Sky would call it off now and save themselves and every one else a load of work and trouble.

    Wolves and Belle Vue been off for hours, at least they have got some sense.

  3. That's not guaranteed, if higher pressure had been over the east of England, the rain would die out before getting into the Midlands, even though it looks like it's heading this way, that isn't the case today though......

    Yes true, but there was no high pressure over this country which was known.

    When forecasts give over a 95% chance of hours of rain then it is not in doubt. I think they can tell if there is an area of high pressure.

  4. enlighten me please,...is it one sided when a rider will not/ can not ride for

    his british club because of polish/swedish etc commitments does it ever happen

    a rider willnot/cannot ride for his polish/swedish club because of uk commitments

    using guests is getting out of hand anyway imo

    Yes it does happen if the rider is British.

  5. LINE-UP: Ricky Wells, Danny King, Richard Lawson, Rory Schlein, Jacob Thorssell, Scott Nicholls, Pontus Aspgren, Tobiasz Musielak, Steve Worrall, Oliver Berntzon, Chris Harris, Aaron Summers, Gino Manzares, Peter Karlsson, Lasse Bjerre. RESERVES: Max Clegg, Tom Perry.


    That is only 15 riders. Is the 16th rider Joe Jacobs or Chris Harris again.


    By the great one I assume you mean Swindon's legendary team manager Alun "Mighty" Rosco-tor. In which case your comments on trying to get meetings rained-off are as misguided as many others who come up with similar, ahem, "banter" without noticing that he maintained a consistent viewpoint in each of those rain affected meetings.


    No he didn't. He wanted it called off after heat 9 then moaned like hell when it was called off after heat 10.

  7. How can Coventry have a guest for Barker?


    Havelock made it clear on Monday that Barker was fit but he wasn't sure about using him in the second leg.


    That's fine if he doesn't want to use Barker, but there is no way they should be allowed a guest. Swindon should protest about this.


    Oh dear are we getting worried now the track is going to be wet and showers during the meeting.

    Replacing an Elite League heat leader with a Premier League Rider.

    Never mind The Great One can try and have it called off after 9 heats.

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  8. And here is what Nathan Greaves alleges happened, taken from his FB page.


    Anyone who knows me and my dad personally know we would not cause any trouble, James was cheating over my gate at the start line and in the end I just moved to please him, I gated him and led him for three laps he caught my back wheel trying to pass me and fell off, then he came up to me and said abusive things and shoved his head in my face, so I pushed it away, then he kicked my bike and ran my dad over and knocked him to the floor, to knock a 16stone man to the floor you must be riding into them with force, then his mechanic grabbed me by the neck as I was running so I couldn't breath so my dad hit him, sadly he's unconcious but none of this would of happened if James didn't turn around and except he had fell off and I beaten him, then I went over to whoever was on the floor to see if he was okay and someone from the crowd shouts something about my dad so in temper I obviously react, just wanted to clear that up with everyone who now hates me.



    And thats from the horses mouth so to speak, i myself do not condone such behavior, but there are certain circumstances surrounding this, which need to be investigated, Not only the riders, mechanics, but also the starting Marshall and referee, allegedly Nathan Greaves is being reported to the BSPA by the referee, it appears to me, that the same needs to be done of a certain other rider.


    What a load of crap.

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