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    Friday admission prices are as follows:

    Adults £22, Concessions £18, Under-16s £5, Under-11s Free. Entry for season ticket holders will be £5 to cover the Storm meeting. Programme £3.


    I see they can't even get their pricing to agree on the website. Advertising Poster on Website says £17.


    I see they must still be reading the forum then even if they will not reply, as web site now altered.

    Glad to have been of service.


  2. The club appreciates the concerns expressed by season ticket holders regarding the different pricing policies for the hectic schedule of home meetings over the last month, including double-headers. Season ticket holders who wish to discuss the issue further with the promotion are more than welcome, as always, to enter into correspondence via the usual channels and we will be pleased to respond.


    Where you will be told that they have to let you in to the Wolves match and then you will be escorted out.

  3. Tuesday September 23, 2014

    ADMISSION prices for Friday's Coventry v Wolverhampton/Coventry v Cradley double-header have been confirmed as follows:


    Season ticket holders £5 admission to cover additional Storm meeting.



    They can not charge season ticket holders £5 if they do not want to watch the Storm meeting.

    They can not refuse to let S/T holders into the first match only.

    Can Neil Watson please explain how they are going to break the contract if they try and enforce the above charge.




    Season Tickets will be valid for all senior team fixtures, with a minimum of 18 top-flight fixtures to take place under the new league format – and, as an added bonus, Season Tickets will also be valid for the Christmas Cracker if paid for in full before Christmas.


    No meeting ever given for paying in full before Christmas.

    No 2nd Birmingham Meeting.

    Also additional charge for OAP's at the gate is £4 yet they expect S/T holders to all pay £5.

  4. Fixture planning in this country is a bloody nightmare, 100% if we only had 2 race nights things would be easier.

    I agree that stronger governance would help, take last night, why didn't the management committee ring Rob and tell him officially about Luke Priest's inclusion? The Coventry management also said they had rang all ftr's but apparently they had not!!!



    the Coventry pairs team plus reserve thrashed "title contenders"



    interesting, do you know which riders were not contacted?

    We are still waiting for an answer as you seem to know some fact that the rest of us don't.

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  5. Silver Cheetah Snr, on 22 Aug 2014 - 11:53 AM, said:snapback.png


    There again maybe he will just be too tired like the world champion always is.

    Silver Cheetah Snr, on 22 Aug 2014 - 1:45 PM, said:snapback.png

    If you read my post properly you will see that I never had a go at Tai or never have done, unlike your multitude of posts on MJJ

    Yes, a very complimentary post about Tai NOT. Like i said hypocrite.

    No they were Tai's own words.


    Yet you fail to point out that Silver Cheetah Snr threw in a little attack on Woffy as well in his response.

    Maybe you are just being selective and biased who you accuse of` looking stupid`??


    Either way , anyone with an ounce of humour would know it was just a pure throw away bit of fun post.


    Some seriously lacking a sense of humour today - particularly in the East Midlands. :neutral:

    No it is not a fun post, as usual you seem to have a hatred for MJJ but ignore any of your riders short comings.

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  7. Any FIM ban is sure to be 'worldwide', so if there is a ban, I'm not sure what his current, up-to-date average is?! The latest official figure as per BSPA and last Wednesday's match programme is 8.74 but he has ridden a few meetings since then. Holder's is 8.83. Hancock finished on 8.87.


    KK finished 2012 on 8.39 and Miedzinski on 8.21. (Emil Sayfutdinov still assessed at 8.00!!)

    Both Chris Holder and Greg Hancock's averages above Darcys so Poole would have to re-declare and drop someone else as well.

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