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  1. No,no,no.Don't forget he loves himself. Maybe you think your riders are not trying in heat 15,as a paying punter i would be very upset if i thought this was happening at Lynn.Good to see ht 15 at Lynn when Lynn had all the points that R.Lambert wasn't just going through the motions
  2. Thought riders were paid by points scored.So the incentive to win the race is extra £££s.So by keeping there averages down but still winning matches how could you work out this would help with team changes.You need 46 points to win a match,team building average is 42.5 Most riders try in heat 15 regardless,well apart from maybe Batchelor.
  3. Hang on Trees don't put me in the same boat as some of those Poole fans.All i said is he needs to shape up quick,i didn't say get rid of him.
  4. Lets hope it is just fitness and he soon becomes fully fit.Because the way our team is built we have to be looking at double figures from him most weeks.And in all fairness he should be in this league.
  5. I think he needs to shape up quick the real Niels would have won us that meeting tonight.Personally didn't think he looked to sharp last night.
  6. Quite happy to get a point,afterall no Rose,and Swindon absolutely demolished the league favourites away last night. RE Lambert,he looked likely for that extra 2 points in ht 4 had his bike not stopped according to the updates. Nice to see Andersen gain his first proper points. Iversen to me is a bit of a worry at the moment.Is he still carrying the injury.
  7. Updates saying gates 1+3 superior,is that correct?
  8. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    I'm sure PK will generate enough to the atmosphere anyway with some of his ruthless/reckless moves he tends to make sometimes.
  9. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    Shame,as i'm sure the return of Holder would have generated a bit more to the atmosphere.
  10. Which is good,a bit of needle and controversy is what speedway lacks at the moment.It's a shame it wasn't announced over the tannoy that Belle Vue had protested then that would have got the fans more involved and dare i say a bit more noisy,which in turn creates an atmosphere. For those of us that can remember back 30,40 years ago remember all the needle that went on then,what a good atmosphere we had then too.The two seem to go hand in hand together and it works.Now the promotion must think of something to rile the old Pirates up next week.
  11. Strained muscles and ligaments in his wrist,nothing broken is the latest on twitter.
  12. Unsure now,if thats the case and Rose is out we need to find a replacement quickly.Otherwise it's only Proctor and the 2 reserves that can take his rides.
  13. Going by what Steve has said on the King's Lynn v Belle Vue thread i would be unsure on Rose.Took a couple of falls last night.If he is injured i wouldn't mind seeing a guest booking for the impressive Dan Bewley.
  14. If you read what Bald Bloke said,he hoped the Stars have had a practice.Nothing to do with the hot laps to which i am sure you are referring.
  15. Kings Lynn 2018..

    It's the Monster girls going around on bikes in just their bikinis