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  1. What an earth is Rosco on about"football hooligans".Far from football hooligans,lots of verbals and shouting yes but to tar the fans as if they were football hooligans is so far from the truth.I quite like Rosco but coming out with stuff like that beggars belief.Take the defeat on the chin Rosco because comments like that sounds just like sour grapes to me.
  2. Again this was a throw back to the good days.Aggro in the pits,the disgusting move by Batch,although i would rather not see that as a rider could have been seriously hurt.But this always gets the crowd going.I mean i heard a young lad turn around to his dad i assume and say now which one is Batchelor.All adds to the tension of a big ht 15 and everyone baying for Batchelor's blood
  3. According to most near the first bend Batch didn't turn at all,quite intentionally to squeeze Lambert up.Disgraceful move really which could have ended up very bad for Lambert.How he walked away from that i will never know.He was tossed around like a rag doll before clattering into the fence with his bike.Boy his adrenalin was pumping in the re-run though,the atmosphere from the fans come to life there and then.Like S.Lambert said the atmosphere was like a boxing match for ht 15 keep it up. Well Batch not bad for a sh*t team eh.Topped the league,ko cup final and the play-offs to look forward to.No wonder you were the last one to leave the pits a tad embarrassed i would think
  4. Pretty sure it will be,thought you can only use r/r for a 2nd string anyway unless 2 or more are missing from your top 5.
  5. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2018

    I think i would score more than Riss with the form he is in at the moment(only kidding)
  6. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2018

    There is a rider available at the moment who scored 5+1 and 9+1 and won both of his reserve races at Lynn this season.He's available at the moment but unsure of the averages for when October gets here.
  7. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2018

    You must be use to these kind of changes at the business end of the season.Normally you would say it was ok though
  8. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2018

    There most certainly is cover out there for him at present,especially for the 1st leg which is in September,maybe different for the 2nd leg which is in October.
  9. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2018

    He's decided to take a break from the sport after a difficult few weeks that have involved a series of crashes which have knocked his confidence and affected his scoring.This is according to the Ipswich website.So he is not injured just lacking in confidence.So as Daniel Smith say's he is withholding his services.Probably a clever move by Belle Vue,who know's.I'm sure Eric could enlighten the Lynn promotion
  10. Don't know what we really need to get the crowds back to be honest.If it was purely because of great racing Belle Vue would be packed to the rafters every week.I think we also need some characters,like the incidents maybe with Lambert at Wolves and Andersen at Lynn the other week.These seemed to get the crowd involved and created a bit more of an atmosphere.There were plenty of characters back in the days when we did have good crowds,is that too what we need?
  11. Lambert has had a wonderful season.This loss was not is not just about Lambert's score.Think it is now only Robert's 3rd score in single figures,not bad for someone who started the season on a 7.38 average,and now heads the charts on a 9.49 above the world champion to boot. There always seems to be a rider in our team that has an off night,on this ocassion it was Robert and Thomas and probably even Riss.It does show though how our team seems to pull through matches when not all are firing.I would love one night or more to see all 7 fire together.In the play-offs would be a good start
  12. Got to agree. Just going purely from the updates site I expected Toft to replace Riss. When you have a reserve that looks to be on fire why not use him when you can.I'm sure Riss wasn't 15m quicker than Toft at any point in the meeting.
  13. I'm sure they are going into this match like they do any other,and that is to win.Any silverware is nice to win,you can't put all your eggs into one basket and just think of the play-offs.
  14. Got to agree with what you say,but i would dearly love to see Lynn win the play-offs in my life time. Another think that makes the sport look a bit silly though is the actually play-offs.Talking to a few at work that don't go to speedway although i try to convince them.They can't believe you can do a whole league campaign and finish top and end up getting diddly squat for all your efforts.It's probably good for all fans that currently go,does it put off potential newcomers i don't know. Anyway back to the Leicester meeting.Absolutely loved Hans giving it the big one at the end of heat 15 match 2.Sticking two fingers up to whoever was giving him stick on bend 1/2 then milking his win over Lambert/Iversen,then finally getting off his bike and giving a bow to the crowd.This certainly livened up the crowd and i for one would love to see more of this.Certainly improves the atmosphere and probably something 90% would love to see more often.Throw back to the good old days i think.
  15. tellboy

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    As Roy Walker would say, "It's good, but it's not right".You little stirrer Semion

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