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  1. tellboy

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Your not running scared of Belle Vue are you . Even we beat them at home,mind you that was the only one,and we did lose all our matches over the 2 legs. If I was in Rob's shoes though I would do exactly the same as what most Panthers fans are saying,take Sheffield in the semi and hope Wolves take out Belle Vue which seem to be your bogey side over 2 legs.
  2. He never really seems to ride well away from the AFA.
  3. Who would have believed it Mountain 5 rides to Andersen's 4.That's the only positive i'm taking from King's Lynn's season
  4. I was replying to a post who thought Sheffield would use Mountain as a guest for Nielsen.Which i believe they can't.
  5. Can Sheffield replace Nielsen with Mountain.Mountain is a rising star rider where as Nielsen isn't.Don't think his Championship average would convert neither.So i am unsure whether they would be able to use him. Well done Mountain and the Panthers on another great result
  6. If Pedersen scores big in the last 3 meetings it may well be a good thing if he was to go to reserve.Hitting that sort of form going into the play offs and at reserve would be a bonus wouldn't it?
  7. tellboy

    Football 2021/22

    I agree Fernandes he is a work horse,and Martial should never get near the squad let alone the team.But the rest I think we're OK.Sancho needs to bring a bit of form to his game before he warrants staying on the pitch for a whole game.
  8. tellboy

    Football 2021/22

    7 shots on target against a poor Newcastle side is not good at all.I like attacking football i had a season ticket when that's all we ever did as i said 96-05.The difference in my opinion is everyone worked had and tracked back when needed in those sides.When we play with one defensive midfielder now players like Pogba have to do some tracking back and helping out a bit.I like Pogba but he doesn't seem to be one that likes to get stuck in. I agree with what Ferdinand said tonight,if Lingard didn't make that mistake and Utd come away with a draw,there wouldn't have been any of the stuff about OGS tactics.
  9. tellboy

    Football 2021/22

    We were rubbish from start to finish,that's football for you.You say we still had the players to control the game.We weren't controlling it when they were all on the pitch.Bad game for all move on to the next one.It's funny how most people lambast their teams whenever they lose.They win the next one then everything is rosy again.I thought they were poor against Newcastle at the weekend,you thought they were good.Too open again imo Fred run ragged as he is having to do 2 mens work. To quote a phrase"football,bloody hell"
  10. tellboy

    British Speedway on Quest

    Blimey that's a lot of air time
  11. tellboy

    Football 2021/22

    Totally agree.I didn't think it was a sending off,clumsy yes but no intent whatsoever.But this is European football not the Premier League so you always run the risk with something like that.
  12. tellboy

    belle vue v kings lynn 13/9/21

    You can't bring the rider back for 28 days as has been said by everyone on here.It was even mentioned on the TV match last night.
  13. tellboy

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Your very busy at work?Yet you have time to come on here.Broken any wax crayons today
  14. He turned sharp left as there happened to be a corner there.Agree with R&R he just misjudged it. Lets all hope he is ok anyway.

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