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  1. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I would take him on that,out of the Gp's but would still have plenty to offer.Would scare the living daylights out of some of the riders here.Didn't he say he wanted a new challenge and didn't he finish top or very near top of the Polish averages.If that was the case he definitely isn't done yet.
  2. tellboy

    Premiership Play-offs 2019

    That could be unfair to he team finishing top.They should have the advantage going into the final.So if they were to think down these lines i would say take the difference in the overall league points as opposed to the meetings between the two teams.
  3. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    What average would Nicki P come in on?Wants a new challenge doesn't he
  4. tellboy

    Somerset 2019

    Thats 2018,Somerset and Leicester are going down with Peterborough and Ipswich moving up. Sorry to see Somerset and Leicester going down,but survival is whats needed by all clubs at present.
  5. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    We will see soon i suppose Edit: There you go no problems with Thursdays now. Looking forward to our local rivalries commencing again against Peterborough and especially Ipswich,it's been to long
  6. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    With that team we would have to race on a Thursday, and who's to say we wouldn't. There is nothing to stop them.
  7. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Think you could be right Steve. I have heard that Dale will be at Peterborough and the former Kings Lynn favourite at Lynn.
  8. tellboy

    Poole 2018

    Now i really do believe you are from another planet.
  9. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think when Huggy done the track we had big home wins in the old PL.Not always great racing though because many teams were beat before they took to the track.Think the lesser riders so to speak weren't put off by a grippy track but more to do with the fence back then.That was a solid fence with no cushioning.
  10. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Surely if one rider ie Lambert can race on the track,and his races are exciting when he misses the gate,every rider should in theory be able to do the same. Danny you say it doesn't matter if the track is slick or grippy,how would you suggest do the track then to make better racing.I wouldn't have a clue to be honest with not ever having to prepare a track for speedway racing before
  11. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think i may wait now until we get confirmation of points limit etc.One thing though NKI does appeal a bit only because of his relatively low average.Wouldn't want to see him go to a rival and score big points on such a low average.But the question remains could he score consistently good again.The fact from this season he was very poor especially at home,to be frank at times a little embarrassing to see him struggle the way he did and getting beat from the lesser likes quite easy.The return of the old NKI would be big,big plus for whoever he rides for,if indeed he rides in the UK.
  12. Don't know what happened there with all that blank stuff.Don't really need all that to extend the thread,normally leave that to a few Poole fans
  13. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Shouldn't assume SL that's naughty.I wasn't there so i can't help.
  14. Really don't get how you think we actually finish 3rd.Next you will be telling me my other team Man Utd are really top.We finished top of the league with an away average of 41.5
  15. Don't normally see you this animated in Lynn's defence.But you are totally correct,don't expect SS to understand though

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