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  1. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Is BWD still out?Lambert could be the ideal replacement
  2. It always has been 19-45 first race,although i can't see anything on the website or in the programme to suggest that is still the case.As Phil said parade is 19-30 so i suppose the first race can be anytime after that,depends on the riders clearing the track and when the ref decides to push the button i suppose.
  3. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If that's the case he can't ride for us then.According to the Sheffield website he has a rolling average from 20 matches of 4.34 so assume that will start on the 1st of July.Or a 4.94 from 12 matches for 2019,which average will they use if he was to make the step up.Still much prefer Douglas anyway. Edit: Having just read my programme from last night,it appears there will be a couple of changes on the way.
  4. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I take it with him still on a 4pt average in the Championship he would come in on a 3pt average in the PL.That's indeed if Lynn are looking at him.But i did see him practicing,needs to keep his front wheel down though it will be grippier at ht 2 rather than after the meeting.
  5. You do a few riders a a disservice with that.Fricke,Bjerre,Bewley,Cook,Jorgensen all contributed with a pass after the second bend.And i even like seeing things like Lambert having the balls to ride the 2nd bend fence like he did with Worrall riding him as wide as he could take him.And Cook taking Bjerre wide in ht 15 and Bewley taking advantage and nipping up the inside.Give the riders some credit for God sake
  6. According to the Met Office we may get relatively light rain in the next hour and then dry after that.If they are correct it will be perfect for tonight.
  7. Didn't know what section to put this in,but as a great servant to British speedway i would like to wish Shane a speedy recovery from a cardiac arrest.Was a fun rider and served British speedway well and really enjoyed his time at Lynn. Copied from the BSPA Twitter below. GET WELL SOON |Shane Parker, a great servant to several British clubs throughout his career, has suffered a cardiac arrest back home in Australia.Everyone at the British Speedway Promoters’ Association sends ‘Parks’ and his family our very best wishes for a swift recovery.
  8. So that's not really offensive calling people thick.
  9. 1979 you did.In 1980 the same match i've just seen 5 races with one overtake after the 2nd bend how much difference a year makes.
  10. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree,i was just saying the way Lynn have to do it within the current rules.
  11. That's why i liked your post,i understood what you said.I just got a bit carried away with how some people view the good old days.And that wasn't you by the way.
  12. People do get a bit stuck back in the good old days.I liked it because there were bigger crowds,better atmosphere,more villain riders and i was younger.The actual racing wasn't as good as some of them pretend it to be,they have just got carried away with the above and your mind thought automatically thinks the racing was excellent.I look back on several old meetings from the 70's,80's and the racing was maybe slightly better but not as good as some pretend it to be. It's a bit like Cardiff,i love it for the atmosphere and big crowd.But you get home and watch it again and think did i really enjoy the racing the answer would be no but you just get carried away with everything else.A bit like in the good old days really.
  13. Looked a quick and tidy rider.
  14. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    This is why i said the only way to get both in is,Douglas for Proctor now or before the end of June.Douglas will then be on 4.65.Then in July the team average will be 39.83.So 2.67+3.34=6.01 you can easily get Riss in for Lambert.You have to get rid of Proctor while he's on his June average and bring in Douglas while he's on his June average to make it work.
  15. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You are correct Riss could come in straight away to replace Ty.But come July his average will be above Ty's as long as the website has their averages correct. The way i am looking at it i really hope they will fit both Riss and Douglas in the team for Proctor and S.Lambert.But for this to happen they have to be quite clever,that's as long as i am working with the correct averages from the Lynn and Leicester websites. We only have one league match left in June,if you bring back Riss for Proctor for this then you can't get Douglas in not even in July.You could stay with Proctor for this one or Bring in Douglas for him.If you went for that then on the 1st of July you could bring in Riss for S.Lambert.This is how i worked it out using the respective teams websites for the averages.Although last month one or two averages were slightly different to that of the BSPA website. As you can see i want Douglas in,but if they did get Riss in straight away there would definitely be better alternatives to Lambert at reserve.

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