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  1. Must admit i'm thinking twice if we have to have it every year.We have all had covid before the jabs and we all didn't feel too bad at all.My daughter has got covid again after having her jabs this time and she feels terrible.Thought the vaccine was meant to make the symptoms less severe,not more.
  2. tellboy

    Ipswich 2022

    Ipswich won't need them anyway
  3. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Signed i assume as he is a local lad,and works locally for Olly Allen.So works well for all i would think.Obviously would be nice if he could get fixed up in the Championship with only Birmingham requiring riders though that is looking slim.Poole need one rider but they must have a few pts for the last rider so won't be looking at Jake.
  4. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2022

    Whilst i loved watching NKI,i think he is on a downward spiral much quicker than Doyle.He was starting to lose it a bit when he last rode for Lynn a few seasons ago imo.
  5. tellboy

    European Union - In Or Out?

    They are owned by British billionaires now.Back in British hands after a stint under the Walmart(USA) arm.
  6. This is a problem the Government have created not just for the NHS but for many other companies too.Making people stay in their homes for 7/10 days with a cold isn't doing many industries any good.
  7. Not getting in any arguments re covid.Just thought i would put my opinion on the vaccination.I have never been anti vax on any jab in my 52 years of being alive.But me and my partner have now decided not to have a 4th jab as and when it comes around.Two reasons really.First we thought well having the jab will protect us more,but we felt worse when we had the jab than when we actually had covid back in January.We also thought once we have had the jabs we would have more freedom to do what we like in life,but there is still too many restrictions on those that have had the jabs.We like to travel abroad but it's too much hassle and cost now with tests etc.We want to go on holiday to relax,not think about having to take tests while we are out there and then the possibility of having to quarantine.The more worrying one for the both of us is since the 2nd jab for me and the booster for my Mrs is the fast heartbeat.My Mrs heart rate is pretty much constant at 110bpm,mine is the same but only happening 40% of the time.We seem to hear more and more people like this now and it is becoming worrying for many families.I can see many people making the decision we are making and not going for anymore jabs.
  8. Have a PCR test it may come back negative.Spoke to a nurse just before Christmas one of her sons done a LF test it was positive,done one again later and it was positive.She then said you better have a PCR test.Low and behold he was negative.These tests are about as trustworthy as the politicians over Covid.
  9. tellboy

    Football 2021/22

    I love my football,but what really gets my goat is when the players and managers alike start moaning about them having to push themselves to the limit,having to play too many games in a season etc.Ffs i bet all the money i have that none of them would swap their jobs with most of the population that have to work 40,50,60 hours a week on minimum wage just to make ends meet.They are playing a game that most of us would love to play at their level for crazy money,stop the moaning and get on with it.
  10. Everyone is allowed an opinion whether they are anti-vaccine or not.I have had all the jabs but i have nothing against those who are against it.I sometimes wonder why i did have the jabs though as i felt worse after each jab than when i actually got covid back in January.
  11. I would say there are plenty of people that can't distance themselves from it.Nearly 2 years on it's still constantly on the tv,newpapers,radio and any social media you land your eyes on.Like i said before i deliver to many old folk and this is the first thing they talk about.They can't distance themselves from it as this the thing that worries them most in life.
  12. tellboy

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Problem i feel is we only have a few quality players in our squad to deal with any decent test match playing countries.I think our only decent players are Root,Stokes,Malan and unfortunately our best bowlers are now imo past their best in Andersen and Broad.This current team are not on par with the likes of India and Australia.The West Indies and Sri Lanka are now the teams we could do battle with.
  13. Don't let the big pharmaceuticals see you have put that on here they will be after you.The more people that see that could cost them a lot of money.
  14. Don't normally come onto this topic because i am fed up with the whole thing,especially the bullrubbish the government come out with.But the reason i thought i would post is can someone tell me the stats of the deaths from flu against covid. I feel sorry for many many old people that are actually scared out of their wits to venture from their homes.I speak to many as i deliver food to them and i am like a shoulder for them to cry on.The government have made them panic so much and i can't see many of them ever coming out their homes again which is very sad.
  15. tellboy

    Football 2021/22

    Oh no they didn't.It is pantomime season after all.What a cock up

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