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  1. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2022

    According to someone in a Polish thread he has all feeling but has an injury to his left left.Did look an horrific crash,let's hope the lad gets away reasonably unscathed.He is in the form of his life at the moment,as you say fingers crossed he will be OK.
  2. tellboy

    Ipswich 2022

    You need to check their starting averages from issue 1(3 for Zagar).Issue 11 has their June average,not their starting average and what will be their July averages.
  3. tellboy

    Ipswich 2022

    I think you are missing Zagar,Kurtz,Brennan,Doyle,Musielak,Douglas and S.Worrall who have all put more on their starting averages than Troy.
  4. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    He's a bit of a plonker at times.I always thought he would be better than his brother but I don't think he will be a patch on him now.Bit of a prima donna imo
  5. tellboy

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Sedgemen wouldn't be my cup of tea neither.As Bagpuss has said he does normally falter after a while.While he looked OK the other night,a few weeks back he was very poor at BV.Time will tell I suppose.
  6. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Like Jorgensen showed last week,he can beat Holder easily as well as getting beat easily by Mountain at home.The only thing consistent with Jorgensen is his in-consisitency.This is the worst i have seen Jorgensen at home this season.With the way the team is built he has to score well most meetings. Maybe we can poach R.Jensen now to fill in for NKI,Poland permitting of course.
  7. Soon as a promoter say's "honestly"it makes me wonder straight away,but he said honestly twice.Some of these could be politicians.
  8. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    The new averages from July 1st are: NKI 7.59 Pickering 7.21 Lawson7.02 Worrall 5.80 Kerr 5.61 Jorgensen 5.47 Total 38.70 Huge problem for Lynn now imo is that Jorgensen goes to reserve.I really do think maybe a double change is needed now obviously NKI needs to be replaced,but with Jorgensen going to reserve i think he made need replacing too.We no longer have a good No6,but we have gone from that to nearly the worst one,he should be ahead of Kemp but on par with Allen,Riss and Etheridge and definitely behind Basso. Another season of woes maybe?
  9. BSN definitely has better coverage and that lady presenter is better than Abby,from your neck of the woods isn't she Phil.
  10. Curfew kicks in... so witches can't get point Think they could have possibly got 3pts had both teams started with their usual 1-7's. Poor advert in many ways i'm afraid for the sport that was.
  11. Not now,it's one working still but the rest are on their phones.
  12. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I could see Lawson's average being a little lower then,i would have thought another couple of biggish scores will drop off.Unsure on Iversen.
  13. tellboy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    If just replacing Iversen you may as well wait until July.You will have a better average to play with.
  14. Only thing missing from Bewley atm,imo is he isn't hard enough.Could have took Thomsons line off bend 2 while ahead.Zmarzlik most definitely would have done
  15. To which you have to give Woffy credit.

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