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  1. One other annoyance for me tonight,who was the ref.Was it ht 6 when we had all the restarts,then Tungate gets excluded and we have about 10 minutes before they actually get Summers in and the race going again.Yet Riss hits the deck in the first turn and before he gets up the 2 minutes are on.Consistency that's all we ask.
  2. Admit it wasn't a brilliant meeting but there were several overtakes.Including BWD being able to make the outside line work.Can't really work out if it can happen in one race why it doesn't happen in more
  3. I would have took a draw before the meeting so quite happy with that,but being 8pts up feel a little disappointed also.Thought ht 11 buggered it for Lynn when they couldn't get Riss bike going then he come out on his 2nd and was 3rd until that bike ground to a halt.That's the it goes i suppose. Kasper was a different animal tonight.It's amazing what a race win can do for you.He seemed full of confidence once getting that win and fought really hard especially ht 14 where he chased Summers all the way and so nearly got him. It's a good start to our league campaign though with 2pts in the bag. Only downside for me was not getting a programme as they had ran out,and there were plenty of people behind me who obviously suffered the same.
  4. So you don't like what you feel is a disrespectful comment made to you.And then you come out with that comment above to geoff58
  5. I think the way to get over this is to have no crashes at all.A crash don't help anyone,especially someone who has just got over a bad crash.
  6. I don't think the averages count in this cup.Not 100% sure,but pretty sure if that makes sense
  7. He did ride for Poole so is quite use to that.Most of the Poole riders should be use to riding bumps so this could play into their hands
  8. Hopefully it's all just mind games and it's already got into the Poole riders heads.Batch is Batch and he probably left something at home so couldn't practice,he's done that before.Ellis fell so what they do occasionally even in practice.So there were no problems with Zach and James the 2 lesser likes you would expect to have trouble if there were problems with the track. Hopefully all goes well tonight and Swindon come out on top
  9. Don't know if it goes on anymore,i don't stay to long after the meetings to see if it does.
  10. I felt really gutted for Kasper as he sat there at the conference.He looked a broken man to me,he really is struggling at the NA.But fair play to that gentleman in the corner who spoke on the mike in trying to raise Kasper's morale.And then roundly applauded by all in the room. Also loved the Brexit question which i thought was so funny,i hope that's how the person intended it anyway.
  11. It wasn't as bad as that. Probably the same amount of passing as it was back in the day. Riss and Jorgensen brave manoeuvres down the back straight. King and Lamberts battle and then Heeps overtaking Lambert. Toft passing King. Jorgensen Gp move on Heeps. That's off the top of my head while a bit bored at work. Didn't Lambert overtake Heeps in 15 too. Edit: Forgot Harris around Kerr bend 3. Finished at 21-15 pretty decent time I thought.
  12. He is a heat leader in this league,but if the top riders ever come back i would say he wouldn't be.I think Buster may have said this even if he thought he was a heat leader because he has been let down by him so many times.I must admit i haven't seen this quote by Buster,where was that from? Bjerre is very much a confidence rider if he gets an injury you will see a different rider.By the way i'm not hoping he gets injured as i hope all riders stay injury free.
  13. What's up with Harris? With the way K Bjerre has started the season,he would be better than having Harris around our place.
  14. I'm quite happy that it isn't actually on the usual Good Friday,i'm at work then.

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