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  1. Dont the riders have season contracts until around oct 31st Or does he have a touch of the Dakota Norths
  2. Would need an earlier start than 7pm or everyone faces a late night again.
  3. scoobydoo

    Play offs

    If the Cook injury is confirmed as true then it dents both Glasgow's and Belle Vue's chances in the relevant play offs.
  4. scoobydoo

    Good luck Robbo

    Happy Retirement Robbo always loved his interviews on Sky matches and watching his all action style along with Scott.
  5. scoobydoo

    Massif thank you

    Give someone some satisfaction anyway
  6. scoobydoo

    Massif thank you

    Thought you all would go for a pussycat to slaughter lol
  7. On the Worky 2018 thread its being suggested to run there playoff semi before end of month so that they can have a guest or better options for R/R for Dan Bewley before he drops to 4th in averages now whos seeking an advantage of sorts.
  8. The fact i wrote "IF" has been ignored by you as usual , you automatically think everyone is out to cheat, as far as most Panthers fans as well as the management see it Ulrich will definetly ride in the playoffs as hes a Peterborough rider who is fit to ride if hes not fit as his scores since returning maybe an indication of this, then a guest or R/R is permitted in the rules i believe,
  9. scoobydoo

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Have to use them as guests when they can then the same must apply to Ben Barker also
  10. scoobydoo

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    If Ulrich isnt fit or for Scott Nicholls one good option to guest in the play offs is Aaron Summers going well at the moment and for Tom Bacon maybe Drew Kemp should be contacted asap before anyone else grabs him.
  11. Summers would be a good guest for Ulrich if hes not fit?????
  12. Still likes the place his average would be very false if he did a season riding there as his home track
  13. If Carl Wilkinson had scored the same for Newcastle as he did for the Panthers they could of taken a draw at least also
  14. Chalk and Cheese Panthers in 24hrs
  15. No one could say they saw that coming tonight so theres a few on this thread eating humble pie thankfully me included

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