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  1. scoobydoo

    Football 2021/22

    Wonder if Sky Sports actually realise theres more than 2 teams in the premier league Why not show all the last weekend premier games live for viewers via game choice on one of there channel's
  2. scoobydoo

    Premiership Pairs

    Going by Ipswich's meeting against Sheffield Batchelor did but that got him and the team nowhere
  3. scoobydoo

    Premiership Pairs

    Going by Ipswich's meeting against Sheffield monday Danny King's in for some fun with Doyle as a partner
  4. scoobydoo

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Was a winning formula for Peterborough last season always having riders stepping up and with a mix of riders who rode specific tracks well, Lynn's toughest home match so far has been the Panthers without MPT but since then Peterborough have nose dived badly, , Nicholls and Andersen have improved confidence and machinery wise with some good scores in the championship but Lynn look strong , should be a good meeting on 30th May
  5. scoobydoo

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    The results tonight have shown that the 2 so called prediction favouites for the league can be beaten , Sheffield wasnt league but they were beaten at home All the teams in the premiership can beat each other , Peterborough are the ones who seem the weakest but with one good signing they could be back in it as well.
  6. scoobydoo

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Normally yes to Harris but with the amount of meetings in Uk and representing GB over last weekend his bikes must be knackered let alone him plus his missus and kids must want to see him sometime this week !!
  7. scoobydoo

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Surprised at MPT being used hes been inconsistent in both leagues so far , suppose they have gone with his laps of the AFA
  8. scoobydoo

    Premiership Pairs

    With there scores added to the total for each team , Brennan is the only one more than capable of beating anyone around the showground
  9. scoobydoo

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Kings Lynn riding against a team missing riders now thats new !!
  10. scoobydoo

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    The extra 2 weeks were most likely added to his contract from all the banked rides he didnt get to race during the non completion of some Birmingham meetings !!
  11. scoobydoo

    Premiership Pairs

    But is he riding that many more than a rider who rides overseas in many different countries as well as the UK ?
  12. scoobydoo

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    You can bet that Ellis held the Brummies promotion to a high guarantee ransam for the 28days and he will do it again with another championship club
  13. scoobydoo

    Football 2021/22

    Massive thanks to the toon last night
  14. scoobydoo

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    I know its not, but its becoming the norm this season , think Peterborough have ridden there matches with most of there riders going missing anyway !!!
  15. scoobydoo

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Doyle did the witches no favours with his non existent team riding , Harris team rode with Ellis and hes not even a Sheffield rider

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