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  1. RedcarRacer

    Predictions thread

    Even with a ten point start in every meeting, Newcastle will finish bottom comfortably - I hope they don't get too battered as their notoriously fickle fans will just stay away...
  2. RedcarRacer

    Predictions thread

    Bears v Lions Grand Final as it stands...
  3. RedcarRacer

    Redcar 2020

    At four, not at head leader...be amazing as a second stringer
  4. RedcarRacer

    Redcar 2020

    Hope you are right with that one...be he strongest home side we have ever put out
  5. RedcarRacer

    Sheffield 2020

    Brilliant from Sheffield.
  6. RedcarRacer

    Redcar 2020

    Sounds like.majority of last seasons side will be back. Delighted to have Riss back, wasn't sure we could retain him.
  7. RedcarRacer

    Redcar 2020

    Wright and Stewart I would imagine...hopefully followed by Riss and Anderson, but suspect they will have a few offers...
  8. Justice was done, tracks like Rough Park should never be rewarded for the state of them! The better team and promotion won!
  9. RedcarRacer

    Redcar 2020

    I would like to have Wright, Riss, Stewart...Anderson would be welcome back....as for new signings, dream would be Nicol and Kemp...but this management have done a great job this year so will likely already know the bulk of the team they want in 2020.
  10. RedcarRacer

    Sheffield 2020

    Good luck to The Tigers! Will be very competitive in the top-flight and hopefully fans will react and get behind them!
  11. RedcarRacer

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Wright, Lawson and Riss - hard to remember a better heat leading trio since the Cleveland Park days...
  12. RedcarRacer

    REDCAR 2019

    And I would probably use Lewis Kerr at Newcastle in the cup...and then there are a few options for the home leg
  13. RedcarRacer

    REDCAR 2019

    Imagine Steve Worrall and Broc Nicol - certainly wouldnt be weaker!
  14. RedcarRacer

    REDCAR 2019

    As has been said, I would have Steve Worrall for both...if not the likes of Heeps, Ellis, Summers...
  15. Not too many options to replace MPT but maybe can get luck for away legs

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