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  1. David Croucher

    Jap And Jawa For Sale

    I think so Alan. It is definately a Long 5 and it is Rotrax but not sure about Mk2. John Tarr looked at it and dates and authenticated most of it as orginal. It started out life looking very different and the Late Ron Parker, who restored it, went to great lengths to find all original and authentic parts where he could. This went right down to a re-chromed, but original, exhaust bracket. Loved the website Leakie. In reply to your question - they all frighten the wotsit out of me. I rode a lay down at Wimbledon a couple of years ago amd I'd forgotten just how fast they are. I had a ride at Southampton Show last year on one of Andy Day's 2 Valve Jawas. I really need a 76 tooth back sprocket to gear it right for me - slow me down to about 30mph. Crouch.
  2. David Croucher

    Jap And Jawa For Sale

    The very first 500 I ever rode was a Hagon JAP Grass Track Bike. Richard May had won the SCGTRA Championship on it the previous year - 1966 (I think). I sold it for £75. To be fair, a BRAND NEW Ford Cortina was only £680 then, so I suppose it is all relative.............. I won't say what I paid for the JAP, but I collected it from Leeds, as previously mentioned, and said to the lady I purchased it from - "I would have driven to Leeds just to sit on it". It really is a work of art - and that's the opinion of Tony Briggs, John Tarr, Max Richards and a number of other people who know a fantastic bike when they see one. I said earlier on in this thread "I am the lucky purchaser" - I meant that. Come and see the JAP at Beaulieu everyone - it WILL make you smile I promise you. Crouch.
  3. David Croucher

    Jap And Jawa For Sale

    The JAP, which we have now aged as a 1953 Rotrax, will be on display at Motor Cycle World at Beaulieu on the 18th and 19th of June. I will post the exact location when I get the details. For those of you who wondered.................................... Neither of these bikes had been run for years when I purchased them. They are both going now and it is intended that they get ridden on the Isle of Wight towards the end of the Season for a few demonstration laps. # Name Removed #
  4. David Croucher

    Jap And Jawa For Sale

    For those of you who may be wondering where they have gone - I am the lucky purchaser of these 2 magnificent Machines. I collected them from Leeds yesterday afternoon and met the vendor Mrs Olga Parker, whose late Husband Ron, had kept them in such superb condition, in the case of the JAP, for over 50 years. People who might like to see them, may do so this coming Tuesday at Smallbrook Stadium on the Isle of Wight when we run our first practice session. The great admirers of our Sport, like Ron Parker, who work so painstakingly on these fantastic old Bikes, keep the history of Speedway alive. Because of Ron Parker's hard work, time and money over many years, these 2 Speedway Bikes have been preserved in what can only be described as almost new condition. His efforts have meant that many people, for many years to come, will gain great enjoyment from viewing and hearing them. Thank you very much Mrs Parker for allowing me the privilege of owning these 2 beautiful pieces of Speedway Racing history, and thank you Billy for helping me load up. I will keep this thread alive by periodically informing everyone where these Bikes will be on show. # Name Removed #.
  5. David Croucher


    I'm doing that too Old Saint - my Son Alex (who had a couple of rides at Oxford, Reading etc), will get about a Transit Van FULL of stuff when I go. If he gives it to HIS Son - I will be delighted. If he SELLS it on Ebay - I will come back and HAUNT him. D C
  6. David Croucher

    Briggo and Mauger in the U.S.A.

    The subject of Barry's Bikes came up when he visited Wimbledon about 18 months ago. We had lunch in a Pub over the road from the Stadium and he told me that he has NEVER sold any of his OWN bikes. These are some of the machines that are used from time to time in the Golden Greats. Barry has kept the lot over his entire racing career, so if the bike you are referring to was one of Briggo's own, then there's a fair chance he will still have it. # Name Removed #.
  7. David Croucher


    The years are a bit of an anomoly Old Saint. They must have been collected from between 52/53 up until 57/58 I would have thought. If you can photocopy it, I will have a go at working it out. (Or send it to Norbold - the font of knowledge where all things Speedway are concerned.) David.
  8. David Croucher

    Portsmouth Speedway

    Crikey Norman, I saw this topic and thought I might be able to help answer it. The only info missing is the Tyre Pressures and Track Records. Award yourself this weeks Star Prize Sir - Crouch.
  9. David Croucher

    Jimmy Squibb R.I.P.

    I also remember Jim Squibb from the Southampton days, and in fact bought a Lotus Cortina from him in around 1971, that had belonged to Son Barry, who was rallying at that time. As you say Norman, lovely memories of people who seemed to be such amazing characters when we were younger. He had been a friend of Bert's since the Ashton Combine days in 1947, and a number of local lads all started their Speedway Careers at around the same time, which included Jimmy Squibb, Bert # Name Removed # and Bob Oakley. This is an extract from a Southern Echo sports page from the middle of the 1947 Season. SOUTHAMPTON 51 - EASTBOURNE 33 All the Saints were on their toes for this important meeting, and the splendid riding of Jim Squibb (12 Points - Max) Peter Robinson (11) and Bert # Name Removed # (9), were the features of a thrilling evenings Sport. Jim Squibb was the Star of the Match. He scored a sensational victory in Heat 3 when, after lying second to Wally Green (Eastbourne) for the last 2 laps, he cut inside his opponent on the last bend and won by a wheel. His other three successes were also won by sheer determination and clever riding, and certainly deserved the applause given by the large crowd. Lovely gentleman and a great Speedway Rider. D C
  10. David Croucher


    At 12.30 on Tuesday 27th July, the Sun shone on the Church of St Mary the Virgin at Eling, about a mile from where Alby Golden was born 73 years ago. Joan and the Children, followed by their 7 Grandchildren followed Alby's Coffin into the Church packed to capacity as just a number of the many hundreds of people with whom Alby had become acquainted over the course of his accomplished lifetime, waited to pay their respects to this most modest of Gentlemen. The Mourners had filed past a lone Speedway Bike at the entrance to the Church, some of whom were in their 80's, some young, some had travelled hundreds of miles, some had been fans, some riders, but the common denominator was that they were all there for a man they admired and respected. A half an hour service ensued, followed by a short walk down Eling Hill to the Cemetery where the Hearse was greeted by the sound of a 2 Valve Jawa at the Cemetery gate. The engine revved for a few moments as it seemed to play the Last Post for Alby and the Family and the Mourners filed past a billboard with Photos and Press cuttings from Alby's racing days. A 500 JAP was also there as if to complete the story. The 2 machines that Alby Golden had spent over half his adult life riding. Alby was laid to rest in a beautiful and peaceful place, next to Eling Creek, and on the edge of the New Forest where he had spent his entire life and which he loved so much. Rest in peace Alby. God bless you.
  11. David Croucher


    I have just received an Email saying a minutes silence was observed at Newport Speedway on Sunday 25th July prior to the staging of the CL Meeting between the Mavericks and Oxford. On behalf of Alby's many friends and followers, may I say a sincere thank you to the person who arranged for this to be done. I will make sure the family are informed of this respectful and thoughtful gesture. David.
  12. David Croucher


    The funeral arrangements for Alby are as follows. Tuesday 27th July at 12.00 noon. St Mary the Virgin Church Eling Hill Totton Southampton SO40 9HF Phone: 02380866426 The Church is approached from Totton via a Toll Bridge which is Free of Charge for those people visiting the Church. It is a little difficult to find, so please refer to this Map for guidance. http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?cli...pe=&scale=50000 http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?cli...pe=&scale=10000 David.
  13. David Croucher


    I received a telephone call this morning with the sad news that Alby Golden has passed away yesterday (Sunday 18th). Alby had been very unwell since Easter, and fought a brave battle against cancer in Hospital for the last few months. He will be best remembered by former Saints fans as one of the Team that lifted the National League Title in 1962, but other fans across the country will remember Alby as an Eastbourne rider and Captain of Newport, where he took the Team, in 1964, to KO Cup glory in their first Season after Southampton had closed. Alby was a quiet Gentleman, and a great Speedway Rider who was respected and admired by both the fans and his fellow Riders alike. As a lifelong family friend, I will always consider it a privilege to have known Alby and my heart goes out to his devoted Wife Joan and the Golden Family. Messages of sympathy may be sent to me at the address below, and I will make sure they get to the family. # Name Removed # PO Box 266 Southampton SO40 3XW
  14. David Croucher


    Dear Ian H, If you know the Doc well enough or have contact with him, please let him know that there are still loads of Southampton connected Speedway Riders who still consider him the very best. The Fans loved his dedication, and the riders, who would prefer to drive half way across the country to get back to Dr Biaggi, rather than chance another hospital far from home, pay great testament to the massive respect, that years of devoted service and expertise earned him. Just tell him " It's Bert's nipper" ! He will know. D C
  15. David Croucher


    It is lovely to have had a reply from you Yvonne, thank you very much. I still have the originals of all the Echo photos of Ernie Rawlins Funeral, with the whole Team in attendance. They finished up with me when Bert died, along with a couple of big boxes of other photos and all his old Trophies. The trophies are all on display in my lounge, but the photos only get an occasional airing as it takes an afternoon to go through them all. I must try and take them to the Luncheon next year, but it always seems to creep up on me and I never have time. Latest news on Alby is not good, in that there is no real change, he is seriously ill. The cards I received, I am taking over to his son, Brett, this afternoon, so thank you all for your thoughts and wishes. I shall pass them on. Have a good weekend all. David. PS: I saw Brett at about 3.00pm. He said his Dad was very weak and things were not looking good. I have asked him to let Alby know, when he visits him at tea time, that there are an awful lot of people asking after him and wishing him well. He said he would and he will give the cards to Joan who has been with Alby constantly.

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