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  1. Belle Vue 2018

    Sod the interclub stuff. This is surely a great partnership if it helps give the Aces British youngsters a way into Poland earlier.
  2. Poole 2018

    Kennett won't get sacked this year, his away performances will be much more acceptable on the average he has now.
  3. According to the GSA on the Speedway GB website he is.
  4. Speedway Music

    London Monarchs?
  5. Rye House 2018

    Interview with Steve Jensen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-111001183
  6. Promoter's Agm!

    How? when a 42.5 Prem team would be much bigger than a 42.5 Champ team (unless a couple have Klindt-like Championship averages)
  7. Leicester Lions 2018

    If he wasn't for averages, he'd have been riding for Leicester LAST season. And I don't think he personal thiks he is any better than this time last year. He was already this good BEFORE this season.
  8. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    With Holder, haven't seen it mentioned anywhere that without him (or A.N.Other Aussie), we are down to one Australian in the Championship. Also something to bear in mind, given that we are talking about a Dane being a certainty for the same reason (albeit that they have 0 rather than one) and they still have a contract with Melbourne for another 2 years.
  9. One League - Build A Team

    I'll admit some of those are unlikely. I used a mixture of this years teams and the asset lists from http://www.speedway-stats.co.uk/Riders as a base (no idea if they are up to date) and worked from there. I'll admit a return for Tai is unlikely (in fact he is probably more likely to return to the league if the remour of what is actually going to happen to the top flight with fixed race nights happen). Doyle is signed up for next year by Swindon anyway right? And why would he change what worked. It sounds like Holder and Matt Ford have sorted their differences so a return to Poole is a realistic possibility. I think I was struggling for Leicester (none existent asset base and this years riders all have dent averages that their asset team would want them), hence the inclusion of Lebvedevs who was due to ride this year and Milik. Skornicki was a fill in and in a dream world of a Cov return then maybe that tempts Fisher back, especially if the likes of Becker/Ruml/Nicol are over here.
  10. One League - Build A Team

    Fair point in terms of excitment. Don't think they are that bad though, albeit that Skornicki would be an issue. Poole, Belle Vue and Ipswich look very strong.
  11. One League - Build A Team

    He we go then. A 20 team league of teams to these rules. Did it on an excel file but can't seem to upload it. Swindon Jason Doyle 9.69 Tobias Musielak 7.37 Adam Ellis 5.56 Dan Gappmaier 4.11 Emil Grondal 4 Jake Knight 2 Tom Brennan 2 TEAM TOTAL: 34.73 Wolverhampton ​ Freddie Lindgren 9.29 Tai Woffinden 8.34 Nicolai Klindt 5.78 Broc Nicol 4 Max Clegg 3 Nathan Greaves 2.54 Tom Perry 2 34.95 Belle Vue Max Fricke 7.39 Richie Worrall 7.26 Steve Worrall 6.77 Nick Porsing 4.73 Dan Bewley 4.71 Kyle Bickley 2 Jack Smith 2 34.86 Poole Chris Holder 7.16 Kacper Woryna 6 Jack Holder 5.82 Kyle Newman 4.86 Thomas H Jonasson 4.64 Ellis Perks 3.49 James Shanes 2.95 34.92 Rye House Scott Nicholls 7.43 Linus Sundstrom 7 Krzysztof Kasprzak 6.95 Nicolai B Jakobsen 5.5 Kasper Lykke Nielsen 3.86 Daniel Halsey 2 Connor Coles 2 34.74 Somerset Sam Masters 7.56 Josh Grajczonek 7.34 Paul Starke 5.08 Jake Allen 5.07 Bradley Wilson-Dean 4.67 Zach Wajtknecht 3.21 Jordan Jenkins 2 34.93 King's Lynn Rory Schlein 7.58 Rob Lambert 7.36 Kai Huckenbeck 5.68 Lewis Rose 5.25 Lewis Kerr 5.06 Alfie Bowtell 2 Josh Bailey 2 34.93 Leicester Andzej Lebedevs 7 Jason Garrity 6.32 Vaclav Milik 6 David Howe 5.18 Gino Manzares 4.12 Steve Boxall 3.89 Dan Greenwood 2 34.51 Coventry Andreas Jonsson 8.08 Chris Harris 7.26 Ryan Fisher 6.32 Josh Auty 4.5 Tino Aarnio 4.06 James Sarjeant 2.2 Jack Thomas 2 34.42 Lakeside Brady Kurtz 8.08 Kim Nilsson 7.13 Edward Kennett 6.39 Adam Roynon 4.12 Dillon Ruml 4 Ben Morley 3.12 Paul Hurry 2 34.84 Berwick Kacper Gomólski 6.43 Claus Vissing 5.8 Dimitri Berge 5.91 Lewis Bridger 5.59 Kevin Doolan 5.36 Joe Jacobs 3.67 Liam Carr 2 34.76 Edinburgh Kevin Wolbert 6.97 Ricky Wells 6.74 Erik Riss 5.75 Mark Riss 4.69 Jay Etheridge 4.06 Josh Pickering 3.87 David Wallinger 2 34.08 Glasgow Nick Morris 8.87 David Bellego 7.37 Richard Lawson 6.43 Mason Campton 4.58 Ashley Morris 3.72 Mitchell Davey 2.02 Nathan Stoneman 2 34.99 Ipswich Daniel King 6.66 Nico Covatti 6.49 Rohan Tungate 6.18 Justin Sedgeman 5.64 Cameron Heeps 5.25 Connor Mountain 2.33 Danyon Hume 2 34.55 Newcastle Rene Bach 6.46 Ty Proctor 6.38 Ludvig Lindgren 5.94 Scott Robson 5.74 Victor Palovaara 4.79 Simon Lambert 3.24 Ben Hopwood 2 34.55 Peterborough Hans Andersen 7.75 Patrick Hoogaard 6.09 Mads Korneliussen 6.04 Ulrich Ostergaard 5.78 Michael Palm Toft 5.2 Richard Hall 2 Tom Bacon 2 34.86 Redcar Aaron Summers 7 Ben Barker 6.08 Matej Kus 6.03 Jonas B. Andersen 5.74 Fernando Garcia 4.4 Robert Branford 3.35 Lee Payne 2 34.6 Scunthorpe Timo Lahti 6.47 Morten Risager 5.9 Ryan Douglas 5.08 Andreas Lyager 5 Stefan Nielsen 4.53 Carl Wilkinson 3.97 Matt Williamson 3.74 34.69 Sheffield Kenneth Bjerre 8.48 Adam Skornicki 6.14 Lasse Bjerre 6.1 Josh Bates 5.52 Todd Kurtz 4.39 Georgie Wood 2 Jack PB 2 34.63 Workington Craig Cook 8.45 Kyle Howarth 6.64 Charles Wright 6.47 Thomas Jorgensen 5.85 Danny Ayres 3.24 Ryan Blacklock 2 Rob Shuttleworth 2 34.65
  12. One League - Build A Team

    Is there anyway to upload an Excel doc on here. Boring couple of days at work and managed to make a 20 team league! (included Lakeside & Coventry)
  13. One League - Build A Team

    Sod it, I'll give it a crack Linus Sundstrom 7? I think Edward Kennett 6.39 Ben Barker 6.08 Scott Robson 5.74 Broc Nicol 4.00 Ellis Perks 3.49 Luke Bowen 2.00 34.7 Very Rye flavour. Big rumours of Linus Sundstrom wanting a UK place next year and he isn't a GP rider so think he's acceptable. As for a 'fantasy' side: Newport Wasps: Krzysztof Kasprazak 6.95 Daniel King 6.66 Ben Barker 6.08 Adam Ellis 5.56 Dan Bewley 4.71 Nathan Greaves 2.54 Connor Mountain 2.33 34.83
  14. Rye House 2018

    Quite ironic as I was just thinking about what average Broc Nicol would come in on. If we could stick him at reserve I would be very happy with that.
  15. Rye House 2017

    Still all to play for. We HAVE to match whatever Poole get at KL tonight. If we do that then we are 4 points behind, meaning if we win our two home games (easier said than done with Swindon), then Poole (I'm now sounding a bit like Kevin Keegan) HAVE to go to Somerset and get something.