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  1. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Going to replace Broc Nicol (Wolves) with Aaron Fox (Retired) instead of Max Ruml (Unattached) meaning I need one more unattached. This will be Nick Agertoft (the Birmingham rider from last year) Then here is the retired list I am adding: Patryk Dudek 8 13 Piotr Pawlicki 8.36 13 Przemysław Pawlicki 7.2 13 Joonas Kylmakorpi 7.27 13 Rune Holta 5 8 Christian Hefenbrock 5 8.09 Patrick Hougaard 6.76 11 Ales Dryml 5 8 Lukas Dryml 6.06 9 Aleksander Čonda 4 5 Sebastien Tresarrieu 5 8 Oliver Allen 4 4.04 Simon Stead 6 8.74 Morten Risager 5 7.76 Chris Schramm 4 5 Lewis Blackbird 5 7.13 Leigh Lanham 4 5.58
  2. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Here's a list of riders that I have thought of possibly. Any thoughts on any others or averages? Patryk Dudek Piotr Pawlicki Przemysław Pawlicki Joonas Kylmakorpi Tomasz Jędrzejak Rune Holta Christian Hefenbrock Patrick Hougaard Ales Dryml Lukas Dryml Aleksander Čonda Sebastien Tresarrieu Oliver Allen Simon Stead Benji Compton James Cockle Andrew Appleton Adam Roynon Morten Risager Chris Schramm Lewis Blackbird Leigh Lanham
  3. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    I can only find one Todd Kurtz in the database but the rest of those all track. Here's my plan of what I am going to attempt (where it says delete club it means delete the version of that rider at that club) Adam Ellis Delete Poole Andres Rowe Delete Swindon Ashley Morris Delete Sheffield Replace With Emil Grondal Broc Nicol Delete Wolves Replace With Max Ruml Cameron Heeps Delete Ipswich Charles Wright Delete Belle Vue Replace With Kai Huckenbeck Chris Harris Delete Peterborough Craig Cook Delete Kings Lynn Danny King Delete Poole Drew Kemp Delete Ipswich Replace With Joe Jacobs Ellis Perks Delete Swindon Erik Riss Delete Kings Lynn Replace With Mads Korneliussen Jake Allen Delete Ipswich Replace With Daniel Davidsson Jordan Stewart Delete Swindon Jye Etheridge Delete Berwick (switch club 1 for 2) Kyle Howarth Delete Leicester (switch club 16 for 14) Lewis Kerr Delete Kings Lynn Replace With Kevin Wolbert Luke Becker Delete Wolves Replace With Tai Woffinden Michael Palm Toft Delete Peterborough Replace With Peter Ljung Nick Morris Delete Wolves Replace With Joel Kling Nico Covatti Delete Ipswich Replace With Oliver Berntzon Richard Lawson Delete Sheffield Replace With Linus Sundstrom Rory Schlein Delete Wolves Replace With Fredrik Lindgren Ryan Douglas Delete Wolves Replace With Nathan Greaves Sam Masters Delete Wolves Replace With Ryan Fisher Scott Nicholls Delete Peterborough Replace With Lasse Bjerre Steve Worrall Delete Poole Thomas Jorgensen Delete Scunthorpe Replace With Stuart Robson (switch club 5 for 22) Ty Proctor Replace Kings Lynn Replace With Matej Kus Ulrich Ostergaard Replace Peterborough Replace With Gino Manzaries
  4. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Would love it if you could share those.
  5. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Looks like, if you take the fact that some teams DO have more than 7 riders, there are about 19 that need to be replaced for the game to work
  6. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Thanks for the Excel file, going to go through the list and work out what is needed to be done to extinguish all duplicate riders.
  7. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    There are two issues I can see with that approach and that's the issue people have with building a new team at the start (not major) and the second is the fact that once that 1st season is underway the riders can then move where they please, thereby stopping the workaround completely (much more major). Depending on other peoples views, I personally think the best option will be to decide which club each of these duplicates ride for and then think of a replacement (either in the game but not at a club or not in the game at all) for each of these riders. I'm more than willing (once I get some time) to play a couple of months into an opening season, use that to work out which riders are in there multiple times and work out possible other options.
  8. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Appear to be two Adam Ellis' in the game (1st time I loaded it, they were both on the Transfer List which made it easier to find). Have deleted one of the Adam Ellis' out of the file and it doesn't seem to crash though so that's good. Also found a issue building an initial team. Partially due to a lot of riders having EL(Premiership) averages and no PL(Championship) averages when they should have. (Drew Kemp being a good example). No idea how to fix that although I'd imagine it'd be fixed the minute they rode 6 EL(Prem) meetings. It's genius work though!
  9. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Would it be worth sticking a couple of points on the average of a couple of those high-quality GP-caliber riders (Tai, Hancock? etc.) because they are above the level of their average when they were last in the EL as British league speedway has dropped. I mean, what would Tai's last average be? 7 or something?
  10. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    When I load the Virtual computer up it comes up with FATAL: No bootable medium found! System Halted."
  11. Welwyn

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Can't get the VM to run on my computer. Comes up with an error note when I attempt to run it.
  12. Welwyn

    SON 2020

    I mean, I am only 32 but I always thought historically, pairs events were scored 4-3-2-0
  13. Welwyn

    Team GB

    Also, with some proactivity to at least have some kind of proper competitive action for them as they develop.
  14. Welwyn

    SON 2020

    Cook round BV though is a fair point that was brought up. Still a shame they aren't alternating the Pairs and the WC.. A WC GB Squad for a BV final would be an interesting pick: Tai Cook Wright Lambert Bewley (U21 Res)
  15. Welwyn

    2020 Wildcards

    3 out of 4 are right. I think in order they should have been: Hancock - Finished 5th in 2018 & only 7 points off a medal. I frankly think it's disgusting for anyone to suggest that he should lose his place to do what he has done this year. If you didn't give Hancock a wildcard you would set a dangerous future precedent that would affect other riders decisions if faced with a similar issue in future and could seriously mess with their mental health. Sure, he may be affected by the year out and his age but that is just guesswork by anyone. Maybe we get to know it was the wrong decision by Turn 1, Heat 1, GP1 next year if he is tentative into it but we don't know that. Woffinden - Would have him at no.1 as 2018 Champion and he did miss 2 GP's but his performances in the ones he was in (just 1 double figure score) means Hancock deserves one more. Mikkelsen - Thought he would get it after Dudek beat Iversen to eighth and stopped Thomsen qualifying. Definitely deserved it as SEC Champion and his league form has been on point. A. Laguta - Always competitive, even if not the most exciting. World Pairs winner (and certainly an equal partner in that victory). Doubt too many would question he id top 15 in the world even if not that exciting. If they really wanted a Swede, I thought they might give it to Pontus as he almost certainly would have qualified if it wasn't for that engine failure and If I extended this list to a top 10 or so, he would have been my highest ranked Swede in that list. Not because he is the 2nd best Swede but because that performance deserved it more than any other Swede.

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