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  1. Welwyn

    2020 Wildcards

    3 out of 4 are right. I think in order they should have been: Hancock - Finished 5th in 2018 & only 7 points off a medal. I frankly think it's disgusting for anyone to suggest that he should lose his place to do what he has done this year. If you didn't give Hancock a wildcard you would set a dangerous future precedent that would affect other riders decisions if faced with a similar issue in future and could seriously mess with their mental health. Sure, he may be affected by the year out and his age but that is just guesswork by anyone. Maybe we get to know it was the wrong decision by Turn 1, Heat 1, GP1 next year if he is tentative into it but we don't know that. Woffinden - Would have him at no.1 as 2018 Champion and he did miss 2 GP's but his performances in the ones he was in (just 1 double figure score) means Hancock deserves one more. Mikkelsen - Thought he would get it after Dudek beat Iversen to eighth and stopped Thomsen qualifying. Definitely deserved it as SEC Champion and his league form has been on point. A. Laguta - Always competitive, even if not the most exciting. World Pairs winner (and certainly an equal partner in that victory). Doubt too many would question he id top 15 in the world even if not that exciting. If they really wanted a Swede, I thought they might give it to Pontus as he almost certainly would have qualified if it wasn't for that engine failure and If I extended this list to a top 10 or so, he would have been my highest ranked Swede in that list. Not because he is the 2nd best Swede but because that performance deserved it more than any other Swede.
  2. Welwyn


    Same here (well, at work)
  3. Welwyn

    SGP 2020

    Also, no Hancock?
  4. Or Fricke & Zagar. (Fricke will run-off with Vaculik but barring a Vaculik injury it seems almost needless)
  5. Whether you wanted him in or not. That is heart breaking. Almost no chance now. Even if you presume Vaculik finishes top 8.
  6. 8 riders separated by 2 points. Incredible stuff.
  7. You think that's bad. Pavlic has put himself in the running now!
  8. Pontus has a serious chance here.
  9. Cook in White against Pontus, Zagar and NKI next up. Think that will do for him.
  10. Looked pretty ok there though Fricke.
  11. Think you misunderstand my point. With Lambert at reserve we have the advantage that all the others don't have. If Bewley is at reserve we are in the same boat as all those others. If we were allowed an injury replacement for Day 2 (no idea if we are or not), then that is were I would have Bewley out there as. Once we picked up an injury it is game over in terms of Day 2 so I would just then ride Bewley in all 6 rides tonight. As for who I'd have gone for, probably Lawson or King as they are the best in the Prem at the minute (if we were allowed to).
  12. Having watched last night the really annoying thing is that it is now obvious that Cook, for whatever reason, is able to be quick enough to be competitive around there. The fact he was still quick enough with an injured hand to be competitive tells us that. Not only does that mean we could have potentially won with Woffinden but we would certainly have been competitive for a top 3 spot with Cook and Lambert if Cook hadn't carted straight into him. Then, once you are in the semi-final, anything could happen. As a result, anyone that suggests we should have picked Bewley is just wrong. We had a chance to game the system with Cook on a track he is good at and being able to track our best two riders in all heats and have a chance of winning the thing so it would be frankly mismanagement to not do so. This is not a suggestion that Harris was necessarily the right guy, but the fact that until we no longer can, Lambert HAS to be the U-21 rider. Therefore we would have needed to pick an over-21 rider at number two.
  13. In which case there is no point in taking him anyway as all he would be doing is sitting in the Pits watching Lambert & Cook ride.

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