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  1. Lambert to KL (unsurprisingly) confirmed by himself on twitter
  2. Welwyn

    2020 SGP Qualifiers

    Makes sense to me. If Bewley isn't fit?
  3. Looking into doing this. Any tips and just as importantly, any ideas when the tickets go on sale?
  4. Any idea when tickets will go on sale for Wroclaw?
  5. Welwyn

    Wild Cards 2019

    Vaculik, on the form he showed when fully fit, would've easily finished top 8. Zagar, fair enough average. Think the Danes refuse to put Madsen in the qualifiers , so it's hardly his fault he wasn't in them.
  6. There's no stupid rules like double points as it's the final round is there?
  7. I'll even do the order: 1) Moore Park Speedway, Christchurch - Near Christchurch Airport and named after Ronnie Moore 2) Sydney (preferably Stadium Australia) - In NSW, the birthplace of Speedway. Can get a direct flight from Christchurch (Possibly have NZ on ANZAC day [Thursday] and AUS on Saturday) 3) Olympic Stadium, Warsaw - Big Stadium GP as Curtainraiser to the European Season 4) Prague - Deserve to keep one as they have done it for a long time 5) Daugapils 6) Teterow, 7) Manchester 8) Cardiff - Back to back weeks make it a FESTIVAL OF SPEEDWAY week in the UK, with big individuals at different tracks throughout the week - SPEEDWAY WORLD CUP/SON (Both bi-annual) 9) Wroclaw - Mainly because the city is amazing 10) Krsko - See Prague 11) Gothenburg - Need a Stadium GP in Scandinavia 12) Terenzano 13) Horsens - Better track than Vojens 14) Torun - Biggest Speedway specialist stadium in the world.
  8. I don't think so. Don't think we'll have one for some time with no Welsh clubs at all.
  9. To be fair, it's progressive either way. Mind you, a really progressive thing would be to give the rights away to ITV4 or BBC Red Button for production costs only.... ....Flying Pigs Alert
  10. Saw Glasgow tweeted that after I had posted potential teams. That would marry up with my thought that this is a joint venture between the new 'Team GB' ownership & Glasgow as an experiment for future Tests. Denmark use 6-rider teams and might be easier for the likes of Sweden to come over with 6-man rather than 7-man teams. As for Schlein,

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