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  1. I don't think so. Don't think we'll have one for some time with no Welsh clubs at all.
  2. To be fair, it's progressive either way. Mind you, a really progressive thing would be to give the rights away to ITV4 or BBC Red Button for production costs only.... ....Flying Pigs Alert
  3. Saw Glasgow tweeted that after I had posted potential teams. That would marry up with my thought that this is a joint venture between the new 'Team GB' ownership & Glasgow as an experiment for future Tests. Denmark use 6-rider teams and might be easier for the likes of Sweden to come over with 6-man rather than 7-man teams. As for Schlein,
  4. Where? I remember having to have one of the Polish sites that provide updates on constant refresh and jumping around like a blue-bottomed canary at work when Cook finished 4th!
  5. Welwyn

    Rye House 2018

    That's the biggest worry of all. My desperation to win the EuroMillions to help grows by the day! (although Newport & Cov would probably come first if it somehow happened!)
  6. GB: Woffinden S Worrall Cook R Worrall Lambert Ellis Bewley Aus: Doyle J Holder Batchelor Masters Morris Fricke Kurtz Would be an exciting line-up
  7. Wonder what everyone would consider the best GB & Aus 1-7's actually are right now?
  8. Possibly. Hopefully FIM announce them before Cardiff, might be a few guys looking on a wildcard as a possibly way back-in at the halfway stage.
  9. This. Well done to Bewley for recovering like that but by heck that was dumb!
  10. 1 Matej Zagar 14+3 2 Antonio Lindbaeck 14+2 3 Janusz KoƂodziejj 13
  11. Judging by the picture I've seen, I'd be shocked if it starts at all.
  12. Good to hear. Any recommendations for hotel/hostel?
  13. Anyone had experience going to Wroclaw in the past? What's it like? Best way to get there? Easy to get around when you are there?
  14. Thinking of doing the finals. Anyone know when tickets will go on sale?

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