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  1. So basically just a way of drumming up a bit of interest on a dull friday in the off season. Potentially adding a few more bums to seats to for practice and encouraging a few more riders to actually turn up to practice.
  2. Sorry don’t understand this? It means that the fastest rider can pick in starting position in the 1-16 with those pre determined gates? Or that in each individual race the fastest rider can choose his starting gate as in all 5 rides from gate 1? What happens in the semis and finals? Gate positions given out as previous to highest point scorers or the fastest in practice?
  3. Heathcote

    Betting in 2018

    Kings Lynn -8 Kings Lynn -4 after 8 Heats Morris under 6 Klindt over 8 Proctor over 7 Howarth -1 over Jakobsen
  4. Heathcote

    Betting in 2018

    Poole -4 after 8 Heats Riss under 5 Jakobsen under 5 Grajczonek Over 7 Proctor Over 5 Lambert Over 11 Lambert -1 Over Harris Grajczonek -1 Over Riss Morris Over Ellis Lambert +4 Over Jakobsen
  5. Heathcote

    Betting in 2018

    Just a speculative bet on Musielak over 7 tonight, to early to determine any real form but as he is up against reserves in 3 of his rides hopefully he can get to 8 points
  6. Can someone point me to where exactly BT have said both meetings will be shown live on TV? As I can't see anything stating the second leg will be televised As for those asking how is this on TV and the second leg of the Premiership semi final wasnt, well the fact that meeting went up against potentially the biggest sporting competition in the world, a competition that BT have invested several 100 million in, speedway isn't likely to jump the queue. The fact that this meeting wasn't part of the original package that BT took over from SKY could be seen as a good sign that they are happy with the viewing figures and are happy to invest some of their own money in televising the sport, or is it due to the BV Wolves meeting being postponed they still effectively "owe" British speedway another televised fixture?
  7. As a few have indicated it was pretty much a bore fest with 60 seconds of excitement dragged out over 3 hours. Admittedly though cannot deny that Lasse's ride in heat 9 was worth the admission alone, not only the most exciting heat of the night but potentially of the season. Yes Ipswich's bike troubles may have let the meeting go at the end although it would be hard to deny that Sheffield's bike troubles at the start of the meeting are what kept close in the first place. As for Ricky Wells, pretty sure in put in more good rides in this one meeting than he did in the whole season he rode for us
  8. Heathcote

    Redcar V Sheffield 8/9/17

    Anyone know the reason why this meeting, or the reverse fixture isn't taking place on the Thursday. Seems strange both Thursday tracks and racing on alternative dates
  9. Heathcote

    Betting For Whole Season

    Lawson @ 25's and Howarth @40's Howarth over Garrity
  10. Heathcote

    Betting For Whole Season

    Also taken the Rye +17 Nicholls under 9 Wright -3 against Kerr
  11. Heathcote

    Betting For Whole Season

    Didn't last long, Skybet -14 now also
  12. Heathcote

    Betting For Whole Season

    Belle Vue at -14 over Wolves should be about as close to printing money as you can get. Other smaller punts are Freddie over 10 Brady over 9 Nick Morris -5 over Tungate Gracjzonek -3 over Kerr
  13. I think the promotion have to be commended on some things. The slick presentation of both meetings over the last 2 weeks, prompt start getting on with the racing and getting it over and done with quickly trying to keep the momentum going. I think the idea of the free meeting seems to have attracted a few more through the gate as last night was certainly up there with some of the best gates of the last couple of seasons, maybe the start of the bank holiday weekend also helped. Trouble is at the end of the day if the product is rubbish those people won't come back and to be honest there wasn't a quids worth of entertainment last night let alone 15 quids worth, Heeps coming up with about the only genuine pass of the night. Sheffield has turned into a gate and go track, which ultimately will lead to more boredom, more jumped starts and re runs more boredom and a lot less crowd. Sheffield may win the league by a mile, but come September how many will be there to see it. Also what is going on with the car park, half of it taken up for the casino, fair enough, but now it seems to have become and overflow car park for a showroom or car rental company??
  14. Heathcote

    Betting For Whole Season

    Again in my opinion Bet365 appear to be spot on with their markets I have this down as another 47-43 victory for the home side with their never being more than 4 points in it through the night. The only plays I can see in y favour would be the riders score markets I will be playing very small on both Cook over 9 and Morris under 10
  15. Heathcote

    Betting For Whole Season

    My predictions before checking out the betting options for tonights meetings where:- Kings Lynn 51-39 Somerset Poole 47-43 Belle Vue So naturally I have snapped Bet365's hand off at the +12 for Belle Vue, In the expectation of a reasonable night for Belle Vue I have also had a punt on Craig Cook over 9. In the other meeting I have Tungate under 8 and Hougaard over 7, although with my luck Im sure it will go the opposite way around like the under and overs did on Monday

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