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  1. Heathcote

    TV new deal?

    I would say a lot more people in this country have access to Eurosport than BT Sport. Eurosport comes as part of any basic sky package let alone even subscribing to sky sports. Just going by the viewing figures alone for football across the platforms, sky sports regularly has viewing figures in the 100s of thousands for any live football match, whereas as BT sport can only muster up viewing figures in the 10s of thousands even for champions leagues games, thus showing far more people have Sky than BT, therefore far more people have Eurosport than BT
  2. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    A few bets for tonight Swindon +2 looks a steal to me as pretty certain they will win the meeting anyway Ellis -1 over Proctor, Yes Proctor will most likely take 5 rides but will struggle to outscore Ellis Allen -5 Over Jonasson, Can see Allen getting 5 rides and scoring 9/10 points, Jonasson wont score 4 Iversen over Holder Keeps +3 over Covatti, I think they will score a similar amount so the +3 is generous in my opinion Tempted by the Ipswich +8 as think the scores at Wimborne Road will be very close (48-42 or 47-43)
  3. Whilst the line up is hardly world class by any stretch of the imagination it is no worse really than the line up for the Swedish Final held on Saturday. I would say only Poland, Denmark and to some degree if they all rode Australia could put together a decent national championship line up. Howarth, Barker and Garrity would all increase the quality of tonights field if they replaced, Newman, Lambert and Ayres
  4. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    King, Lawson, Schlein all over 9 Kerr under 7 King at 8/1 for the title
  5. Assuming this is the normal format of first 2 to the final and next 4 for a race off Lawson and Cook straight to the Final Schlein, Wright, Bewley and King to the race off
  6. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    Anyone know why the odds on peterboro/belle vue are available till 20:30...is this not a 7:30 start ??
  7. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    Poole -2 tonight Think this will be 48-42/49-41 to the home side
  8. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    Tungate over 7 and King over 6 for me tonight
  9. Heathcote

    Warsaw 2019

    It’s being shown on the BT Sport app, so if you have a BT sport subscription you can watch via, pc laptop iPad etc
  10. Heathcote

    Warsaw 2019

    It’s on BT Sport/ESPN sky channel 423
  11. Heathcote

    Sheffield 2019

    Stock cars are 23rd June......Sheffield has no meeting on the 16th either? Also Stock cars on 4th August, Sheffield are at Leicester that date 6th October, should the season get that far, is also a date for Stock cars
  12. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    Not sure that is possible All part of the age verification laws that came in at the start of the month, seen many on twitter complaining about having to prove, but as of yet only Hills have asked me to verify
  13. Heathcote

    Betting in 2019

    Quite frankly that is an embarrassment for Ty Proctor !!!!, If seeing that doesn't spur him onto better things nothing will My shots for tonight Think Lambert and Riss will keep the scores much closer than the bookies predict so taking KL at +12 and Lambert over 13, should get 6 rides Thin k Ipswich will just sneak the victory at Peterboro Wright under 9 Tungate over 9 Harris Under 10, think him and Lawson will be swapping places too often and could be a few bonus points in each others scores
  14. Heathcote

    Sheffield 2019

    BWD also rides in Poland for Gdansk.......an issue of sunday riding is that pretty much every single potential replacement will already have commitments in Poland, unless you go with the risk of a complete unknown from Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic etc. I cant really see the point of making any team changes at this time, are the team doing good enough, no, is anyone glaringly poor, no. Should Ty, Kasper and Broc be scoring better around Sheffield, probably, but currently Drew and Zaine are far outscoring what was expected of someone in their first full seasons Away Danny isn't hitting the points a top number 1 should be, Zaine and Drew are in their first seasons so cant be expected to be really scoring but Ty's away performances are currently better than his home. The trouble is everyone can see the fixture list and can see the shield is gone, barring a miracle the cup is over, given we have some blank home dates in the fixtures and not believing the promotion will leave a bank holiday sunday fixture free and thus bringing someone forward, we could then potentially be looking at finishing the season at home in July !!!, Although given the fact there is massive potential for Sheff Utd to playing live on TV or at home at 4pm come sundays in August/September this could be great planning??? As for the track, well its certainly looked better in the last 2 weeks, it hasn't actually produced much better racing but it certainly hasn't been as dry dusty or looking like the M1, so improvements have been made in that area its obvious. Now why we don't have the racing we all once remembered I dont know, maybe the track is still poor in terms of producing different lines, it is currently gate go and as long as you dont drift off that one line you dont get passed, yes there was passing against Glasgow but I would say thats more to do with the rider in front making a mistake rather than someone blasting around the boards or cutting up the inside. No matter how much any promotion bigs up their club their team and their riders, the simple fact is Speedway is only 15 minutes long and now at 16 quid to get in thats over a pound a minute....I dont see too many keen to cough up over 90 quid each week for a football match if you want a cost comparison. Speedway has always been 15 minutes of adrenaline fuelled excitement potentially dragged out over 2 hours.....currently its 15 minutes of processional gate and go dragged out and the dragging bit is getting tiresome. A combination of the tracks, bikes, speed of meetings, and entertainment needs to be improved/addressed...at all venues. With the speed of meetings Im not necessarily referencing Sheffield as the start to end of a meeting this season has been good, not always the case. Although if on the rare occasion we have an exciting heat lets not leave it almost 10 mins to the start of the next one when everyone has fallen back to sleep. There is no reason why in every single heat, the boys cant cross the line, take in a victory lap and have the 2 mins on immediately, if the worlds top stars can do this at GP's and World Cups then there is no reason it cant happen here. The paying public are there to see the racing not the breaks in between

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