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  1. Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    plenty of bees fans on the terraces, a comfortable win, mountain was head and shoulders above the rest imo.
  2. I was at Eye Green today and bumped into Roberts dad, he wasn't happy, 25 mintes fom EMA to find out the flight had been delayed, despite trying numerous options he couldn't get back in time for tonights meeting.
  3. SGP website

    Seriously? throughout the off season speedwaygp have been regularly have 'throwbacks', such as previous champions on a wednesday. the last was on janowski's victory at last years warsaw gp
  4. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    a good result against a much fancied Eagles side who have had two wins to start their campaign. impressive scoring from both mountain and armstrong which bodes well for the season
  5. GB speedway team

    so the bspa have given the rights to the national team for nothing? my bad
  6. GB speedway team

    Thanks UK, but that's the same link as in the first post. If I was spending hundreds of thousands to run a NATIONAL team, I sure as hell would have a website in place for the launch. As you found out youself the vrx website shows jack very professional
  7. GB speedway team

    can't find a website with any details. OK it's just been announced, but come on, it's the National Team, so expected something
  8. stopped Simon on his way to the VIP lounge, and he signed the programme for me
  9. Really enjoyed this. Great turn out, and some good racing. My take on the riders, for what it's worth Jason Doyle, looked OK in his first ride, got squeezed on first bend of his second and injured his left ankle Charles Wright, didn't do too much for me to notice Danny King, great when he made the gate, but looked to lack speed when he didn't Kenneth Bjerre, as expected, nothing of note Sam Masters, some good battles, worked hard for his 7 points Lasse Bjerre, looked good, expecting some decent scores around Owlerton this year, Aaron Summers, needs track time, slow from the traps Brady Kurtz, very impressive, could be signing of the season, Peter Kildemand, usual fall but battled well Neils Kristian Iversen, stand out for the first 3 rides, did he make a few changes for testing as after the break he wasn't the same rider, Hans Andersen, a couple of average rides, one really aggresive and a break down, will be consistent again this year Kyle Howarth, another that caught my eye, fast and smooth, engine failure in S/F Krystain Pieszczek, steady on the bike but needs to put his gating gloves on, or on todays showing will struggle Josh Grajczonek, a couple of retirements otherwise steady Matin Vaculik, showed his class in most races, one poor ride but did the busimess when it counted David Bellego, steady and worked hard, should do a half decent job for Swindon
  10. Ben Fund

    NEXT WEEK'S opener at Wolves has been cancelled, due to current bad weather cue the usual suspects to moan and groan
  11. Ben Fund

    Now your being silly. I expected better from you
  12. Ben Fund

    I'll look on the brightside, £20 plus fuel saved,
  13. Please remember your objection has to be sent before March 1st. It only takes a few minutes of your time Please use the reference: R18/0186, and include your full name, adress and postal code Thank you
  14. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Done, and it took all of 1 minute.
  15. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    You might have to be on facebook to view, but just incase here is a link https://www.facebook.com/lawrencepete/videos/10155945155490930/