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  1. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    Where southern belles
  2. Badge

    Ipswich 2022

    So what will happen if danyon is asked to sign for another team during the season? Is he protected as our no8?
  3. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    Very good choice
  4. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Nobody does it better - carly Simon
  5. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    In new Orleans
  6. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    With no stops
  7. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Judy Garland
  8. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    That Christmas 's coming
  9. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Merry Christmas everyone - shaky
  10. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Rockin around the Christmas tree - brenda Lee
  11. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Barbie girl - acqua
  12. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    Before ash Wednesday
  13. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Uptown girl - Billy Joel
  14. Apologies for that I appreciate that I should have put "professional " not assistant, but my point still stands obesity has always been a health problem and until people who are obese accept it and do something why would fat shaming do it. Surely it's up to their medical advisers to pick up on it. Several on here post that the government are taking over our lives bit by bit, but now we are hearing that the government should tell people to diet.

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