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  1. Yes, whilst Chris Louis was breaking the news ref the postponement of the meeting he said the cut off date had been extended (why????!!!) weeks and weeks of hot weather and no meetings also less meeting this year it should not have been necessary, sadly I think our involvement might be in deciding who are in the top 4 rather than us being there
  2. we heard on Thursday it had been extended
  3. If any team deserves to be there, yours definitely does.
  4. https://ipswichwitches.co/louis-on-glasgow-postponement/ Chris Louis on last night.
  5. Hate to call Harris a liar but Richard Lawson said he would have ridden
  6. Asked him that question, he needed our boys to all say yep we'll give it a go, but you know who broke ranks, so he can't force the issue.
  7. How convenient that the cut off date has been extended still absolutely furious that this was allowed to happen, certain riders had no intention of riding, pity our boys didn't "test" the track for a few laps before throwing in the towel.
  8. Right on cue, 3 o'clock and it's stopped raining
  9. Forecast, which has been accurate so far, has it stopping at 3 then to be dry.
  10. Once again not much interest for our meetings http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/sport/speedway/kemp-to-make-debut-for-ipswich-witches-1-5652972
  11. And Mark Riss. That's what happens when you ride on CL nights.
  12. back to his very best it seems
  13. no, they were definitely there, it was a meeting against Witches and a certain rider mysteriously hurt his back sitting in the pits
  14. Badge

    Ipswich 2018

    Phew too late, think last time lasse was a witch he was at his peak.
  15. Er no it wasn't. The best league meeting was the first televised meeting this season and it was from Bellevue. The close score line in last night's meeting kept it interesting.

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