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  1. Poole 2018

    I agree mate, i dont know why, thing is the boys need to put the four wheel blade round every week on a match day, that will smooth it out, then you can do what you like with it. Sadly we lost the road grader a few year ago, but the Four wheel blade will do a simular job. takes about 45 mins to an hour to do it properly, working from outside to inside, then back round the opposite way once on the inside, As far as the digging up of the track is concerned that has been done several times in the last few years, but if they stuck the blade round every week you would pretty much eliviate the humps and bumps. digging up the start into a potato patch doesnt help. The matierial you have is also very important, Red shale binds better than anything else.
  2. Kings Lynn 2018..

    It was sorted years ago, but it doesnt last.. Its a very fast track which takes a way of riding. i know what that is but im not telling you.. Ideally, it needs digging up each year re-laying and fresh RED shale each year. But as you should know it all costs money.. And money in speedway is tight.. hence all the clubs making cuts. The track is safe, it just needs a bit of titivating here and there. You cannot prepare the track the same way every week. Hopefully with the startline being moved back 10 meters the riders wont be going into tun one at full revs, hence shouldnt, create the problems. see my last post in poole thread.
  3. Poole 2018

    Ray, the track will be fine, they've taken up bends 1-2 which were by far the worst and will re-lay them, just want people to stay off them untill P&P day, bend four will be smothed out, you do not need mountains of heavy shale on that turn. If the straights are also cambered then it should be fine..
  4. No TV deal?

    And thats what should happen, I believe Skys cost for screening were a lot higher than BT's, But it would be in all the clubs interst to accept a deal that at least gives clubs something.
  5. Kings Lynn 2018..

    So was i an advocate of handicaps, untill the powers that be compressed the weights ..
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Fans have to be listened to mate, they are the clubs/promotions bread and butter. You must also remember all the track staff/volunteers who give up there own time to help there club, ok they get free entry and they like there speedway but they dont sit around doing nothing, ask any of our rakers..
  7. No TV deal?

    Well yes that did seem to be the case rain off's were costly for everyone, and yes i think that sort of figure was banded about. The thing is Speedway does not get the exposure the same as football does, as you know, and to my mind that has always been the sports downfall as you know, speedway used to hit the national papers in the 70's 80's, for the right reasons, good exposure, our local papers coverage is very good. Also the problem nowadays compared to the 60's 70's people have so much more choice of things to do, im not just talking about watching the junk on the TV week in week out, and costs for fans does come into it, thats why imo you have to dangle a carrot to get fans in for the TV meetings. although i dont think the money BT offer clubs is as much as sky did, so even if fans do not turn up the club still gets the money which should, break them at least even, but the aim for promotions should be to lure fans in. Of course the chap who said on here we should have a highlights programme, and really plug it, he's right. Speedway has to move with the times, you cannot stand still, if a football club does not improve there squad year after year the likelyhood being they will struggle or get religated..Speedway should do the same.. improve its presentation and keep the fans happy.
  8. No TV deal?

    Definately 5 figures, i was told how much it cost the Sky production to put it on, i cant remember now but it was a small fortune, even for one transmitting unit..
  9. Poole 2018

    Just make sure its shale and not sand. Dont mention sand to Ronnie, he goes green...
  10. No TV deal?

    Good, and thank you. Thats how it should be. You have to dangle a carrot and make fans feel appreciated, the majority of riders will take time out to appease fans sign autographs and talk to fans, yes they have a job to do, and when they get in the zone thats when you leave them alone. But the promotions have a duty to make fans feel welcome, and thats how it should be. Today the carrot works..
  11. No TV deal?

    Ha ha, i somehow doubt it..
  12. No TV deal?

    Now that would be a brilliant idea, if someone and a couple of rider pundits can front it. Could always ask Gary Lineker..
  13. No TV deal?

    Its down to the individual promoters to promote there club, Matt ford does it at poole, why cant others. Reguarding the TV deal, Phil rising says there is one in place. please see my post above. Its not rocket science. you need to dangle a carrot..
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Perhaps time for new management and a fresh approach..
  15. Poole 2018

    Thanks but we should be fine this year, it just needs to be kept topped up, and Red shale is not cheap.