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  1. Have to agree, reserves win meetings.
  2. He's probably telling the truth mate.
  3. Doubt it, he's normally on here 24/7, dont stick up for him, just think about what he would have said from now untill Christmas had we got beat. Im thinking of going into the Sour Grape business, id make a fortune on here.. Chomp chomp chomp.
  4. Still no sign of Gavan.. Chomp chomp chomp
  5. Ah leave him alone mate, those sour Grapes must taste awful... Gavan must be eating bucket loads of them.. Looking like Kings Lynn need snookers tonight. Taxi for Allit
  6. . Nothing like a sore loser, if it was, i'llegal, it would not, have been sanctioned. now if this is all you have to do i feel very sorry for you. Keep chomping on those sour Grapes.
  7. If it was iegal then it wouldnt have been sactioned, now go chomp on a few sour Grapes.
  8. Please tell us where Poole have cheated...?
  9. You would be very Nieave to write Lynn off in the 2nd leg, believe me. Somerset still have work to do.
  10. Mate the same applies over the Jumps [ horse racing ] Everything is centred round Cheltenham in March, thats pretty much when the big money is at stake, Ok you have the Hennessy Gold Cup King George etc, but thats the same as the play off's. In the meantime you still have to pay the bills and you still have to get there. I could go on and on but i wont.
  11. Never know, i might give it a break at Christmas. Just for a week mind..
  12. Maybe mate, but some on here just couldnt think or stand the thought of us winning the league, so they now get what they sow.
  13. Yep , who knows what he might have scored. Same as NKI and Holder. thats speedway. End of the day we won it.
  14. Same could be said about Brady..
  15. I think he's in for a LLLLLLLOOOONNNGGG hibernation . I mean, you can guess what he would say if we had got beat. Biggest choke sinse time began.. Ah bless. Mind there's a lot of Sour Grapes on here though, if you trawl through the threads. Nevermind eh...

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