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  1. Take it by reading this you wont be going either ?
  2. Steve, it will be a dissapointment in the eyes of those on here who want it to be a dissapointment. Lets just reel back a bit. How many league titles is it ? Ask Trackprat, he might know, he's always on here.
  3. Starman2006

    Poole 2019

    And something that can never be taken away. World Champion. But he is still good enough to cut it in this league.
  4. Couldnt have been that much of a brat otherwise he wouldnt have come back.
  5. Havn't you got a team to support ? Because it strikes me you live and die on the Poole thread.
  6. Bumps around Swindon, Never..
  7. Starman2006

    KL vs Poole Supporters cup Mon 20/05/19

    I turned over 3/4 through the meeting, it was that good .
  8. Starman2006

    Poole 2019

    Or you can use Speedway updates.
  9. Starman2006

    Poole v Ipswich Supporters cup Thursday May 9th

    You clearly like talking about yourself then Trackprat. I dont put a lot on here nowadays, but i do read your drivel and laugh.
  10. Starman2006

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    Early Days yet pratrat, we may not need them ,
  11. Starman2006

    Poole 2019

    And just for those who might query this, all turnstyles take cash on the night.
  12. Starman2006

    Poole 2019

    Might be for you, but not for everyone. You do know you can still pay on the gate, so why would you want to buy on line ?
  13. Couldnt be Arsed, you really are clueless arnt you.
  14. Starman2006

    Poole 2019

    Crowd wasn't bad on Thursday for a fair weather fan base as you put it. Many clubs would like that sort of fair weather fan base on a regular basis. The only sort of fair weather fan we get if you want to call it that is the holiday trade. Otherwise our crowds compared to the rest of the league is good. Many would like to get the attendance we get for a post meeting press conference..

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