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  1. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    Glad Diamonds are running and hopefully with new promoter to help build for future. As for the team we aren't likely be top side with best riders gone so strong at home should be priority. That should be possible with the usual suspects still available and we must be strong at reserve. The big question is who will improve which every team needs and who will be 1 and 5 hope George has something up his sleeve.
  2. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    This lack top riders is why I was worried about raising point limit. It sounds great on paper until some teams can’t put together competitive side. I can see 5 or 6 good sides rest filling the numbers and hoping to survive. If we run and I hope we do Diamonds might need 4.5/5 pointers at both reserve spots to even be competitive, Signing 2 pointer can’t happen unless heatleader situation changes. Only hope might be going abroad like we used to hopefully find another Kenni Larsen type rider, if not might at least get few assets.
  3. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    Its pretty difficult to predict a team till we know that Diamonds are running, and what the rules are. Although i dont understand why teams can sign riders before AGM. That means promoters automatically go in with a biased agenda as they wont accept any rule that effect the signings, even if its a great rule that will benefit the sport. Hopefully this is best AGM in years with no politics it cant continue as it has been.
  4. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2018

    The problem with Steve is he may want do the same as Robert this season and try Poland, and if he does Diamonds cant sign him or we could have same problems all over again. Mind you he might not have wait and see what happens. As for the rest of the team everybody is an option for next reason, it was the balance not the individual riders but I do expect some changes has to be really.
  5. Well done Gems good performance and enjoyable meeting, shame about heat 6 good race till crash. Also glad Danny Smith wasn't hurt to badly rode much better than lack of points suggest.
  6. Big Diamond

    Newcastle V Redcar 3/9/17

    This is what happens with stupid rules that don't make sense, and every team would have taking advantage of the loop hole its clear as day and Diamonds must have been giving permission. Easy way to avoid this in the future is have no 24-7 or strict rules about riders in foreign league that everybody understands should have been done years ago. That also includes sorting out doubling up and other things.
  7. Big Diamond

    Newcastle V Redcar 3/9/17

    Any team riding against top heavy Diamonds team without Lambert covered by 4-6 pointers, with Robbo having bike problems and struggling reserves getting 1 point against opposition should win. Bears had fantastic opportunity get 3/4 points very surprised they didn't take it.
  8. Big Diamond

    Newcastle V Redcar 3/9/17

    Well done Diamond expect complaints from Bears promotion about r/r but surely nobody blame but themselves on the lose. Onlyriding against 4 man team and Robbo was poor so 3 and half really. Well done to Ashley and Steve and Ludvig was flying that move in heat 15 was excellent in such pressure race.
  9. Well done Diamonds and guests wasnt expecting that after poor away form this season and we rarely do well at Scunthorpe. Another 3 for Alfie would be my first signing next season for me improving at a good rate.
  10. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    Yes they are but as I questioned before hasn't that always been the case seen programme cards and footage of riders bend behind that cant buy a point in 70s and 80s. The first priority should be removing daft rules like tactical and select sides every week if not improving standard or points limit would achieve nothing long term.
  11. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    I agree always support youngsters its the last thing I want to see changed of all the current rules. Plus our promotion have done their bit some good riders who used be 3.00 pointers for the Diamonds.
  12. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    I have only been going speedway since 2000 but family have been long before and I never understood this idea developing youngsters is new. I got programme from my dad going back decades which suggest that is not the case some absolute dross seems rode back then. However strong core of British riders was important and still is its big reason for current problems, and league not taking themselves seriously with daft rules. Also putting up points limit sounds good, but it means more doubling up which fans also want rid of cant have both. I don't like it but reality is likes of Robert, Worrall twins, Cook, Bomber and many others miss meetings or don't ride in this league at all it needs decided in winter which is more important.
  13. Big Diamond

    Newcastle 2017

    Great news well done to the promotion for getting Bowtell sorted quick one of the best 2 pointer performances at Brough Park this season, and still didn't get the points he deserved paid 7/9 if not for bad luck and inexperience. Even if he struggles least its somebody new who will learn from experience Greenwood was not or even looked like he would.
  14. Easy win for the Diamonds, but to easy no racing cause Bandits weren't good enough to create any apart from Lawson. Even then Glasgow riders weren't going take any risks against each other so generally follow the leader. Bowtell was impressive though compared to Greenwood who was lucky to get the points he did Bowtell beat him twice should have been three but for bike problems and nearly got him in heat 2 took lap to long to learn track. Not sure if Bowtell would be interested or available but might be worth promotion asking.
  15. Personally think the Diamonds have done good job chosen guests on paper anyway. Gonna be weird 3 Glasgow riders all good riders mind, Lawson better in general but probably the worst of the three round Brough Park which is probably why promotion didn't pick him. Although the points they score might depend on how much they try against each other first to gate wins and no risks or fight to be the highest scorer be interesting. Also big meeting for Greenwood who cant afford another nothing meeting must score some points.

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