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  1. moxey63

    Ipswich 2020

    Jason Crump's return, at whatever age, is exciting. He was one of speedway's last superstars (in my eyes). Luckily for British speedway, the other - Nicki Pedersen - is also showing his face again. These names mean more with their presence than the points they will score. The sport just doesn't have bums-on-seaters anymore. I'd disregard their tallies and just be thankful they've chosen to bless these shores again. Your team winning isn't always as important as the sport itself. And British speedway has received a boost with these two returning. All the best to both.
  2. moxey63

    Books on speedway details

    The best books aren't on that list.
  3. moxey63

    Danny Ayres RIP

    As someone who is distanced from current speedway, I was attracted by chance to Danny Ayres in last year's British Final. His efforts that night wouldn't have looked out of place in the 70s and 80s, he was fearless. His sad passing has hit me, as someone who didn't know him. So imagine how his family and people who did are feeling today. The loss of a speedway person is always hard, but somehow Danny's passing seems all the more tragic. There's a lot of love out there for him today. Sadly, that's tinged with grief.
  4. moxey63

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    What a character. Feel sad right now. Enjoyed the Roman Matousek Story which Aces On Video did on him in the 90s. Legend.
  5. moxey63

    A. Hunter 1928 Australia

    There was an Alec Hunter, who rode in Australia in 1930.
  6. moxey63


    But we have had live speedway on TV for 25 years now and the crowds are what they are today. Where are the new fans from all those hours of free publicity?
  7. moxey63


    They'll wear you down until you no longer care.
  8. moxey63


    It may not be with the people who think it's not an issue. The people who have an issue with it might be part of the missing fans. Nobody has asked to find out.
  9. moxey63


    It is frustrating. A sport or anything that loses customers must surely want to know why. Speedway's decline has been gradual since the mid-80s, and whatever's happened to folk who don't attend anymore. There are weirdos like me who just cling on for old times' sake. And I get called names for saying why I don't attend anymore. But the thousands of people that are allowed to disappear because of various reasons, and yet promoters just get over it by increasing the admissions for the ever-growing small number to cover. Without finding out those reasons, the promoters have a few days at the AGM to sort out the future (for next season) and believe their ideas will halt the slide which they have no idea why the slide is happening. You need feedback. Perhaps a site could be in place for feedback, for old fans, new fans and those who may be getting frustrated. Promote the feedback forum at the track, so those who attend can go back and report their findings. But I guess promoters are fans, and merely wash away any voice of criticism. "If you don't like it, don't come again." There so many reasons why people might stop attending. But no one knows those reasons. And that is what's frustrating.
  10. moxey63


    Saving money on travel costs? Can't the riders arrange with supporters to take them to matches?
  11. moxey63


    You are right, there were shady rules back then. But they just seem to have mushroomed so much now. Finch was brought in as a replacement for injured Alan Wilkinson in 1978, Wilcock covered matches for injured Mike Lohmann in 1980, whereas Hunter was a target for Belle Vue but chose to move up with Newcastle in 1984. You forgot Bobby Beaton, who signed for Aces in 1982 so the then Belle Vue manager Ian Thomas could use him on an assessed 7.50 average for his Newcastle team in the second league. Apart from the three you mentioned, I don't recall any other riders during that era who rode for Belle Vue but hadn't plans on racing full time for the club. Speedway does itself no favours with the stand-in utility. It is a sticky plaster so promoters don't have to find proper replacements.
  12. It is a pretend sport. I don't mean the racing, I mean the make-up of it, how riders can ride here, there and everywhere. How teams can mysteriously drop points to sign riders, to reach the Play-Offs. It is like wrestling in this way, that it is sort of scripted. When I see an overtake in speedway, I now wonder if it's a cunning ploy to use tac-sub or manipulate averages. The racing is still fine, but a sport is only as good as its foundations and rules.
  13. You deserted British speedway. Fullest of stops. You watch speedway for free but scoff at me because I didn, even though I didn't. I know I can remain silent, but when someone keeps knocking on my door, it is rude not to answer it. Darts is a game... wrestling is a pretend pantomime. American Football runs both close. I know they make loads of money... but in contrast, it answers speedway's state. That is a much better sport.
  14. But you (we) were shouted at yesterday by ch958 for going off thread, and you said you don't normally do it and apologised. Don't you ever learn?
  15. I must admit, when old moxey comes onto the forum... it don't half liven you up.

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