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  1. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    It's quite annoying... Belle Vue now has their own place but can't race on the chosen Saturday. We've seen the crowds for Monday, really pathetic.
  2. Keith Chapman - Failure or Success?

    Speedway is a team sport that since the GPs has been repositioned into being an individual one. It is a complete turn off for someone who was attracted to it because of the team ethic. Added to this that foreign leagues now have more power and can attract the best riders over British clubs has also impacted on it. It really does need a total revamp. But that's my view.
  3. Rider I.D. - Bradford 1975 T. Meredith

    I have no idea about him being related to Colin, but I do believe they rode together in a 1974 Pairs meeting at Bradford.
  4. Rider I.D. - Bradford 1975 T. Meredith

    There was a Terry Meredith who rode for Wolverhampton juniors during the period.
  5. Tv Times 27/7/63

    Used to wait in all week for 20 minutes' racing on a Saturday. We were easily pleased back then. These days supporters moan about commentators shouting and pronouncing riders names wrong, but forget they are provided with speedway - yes, live speedway - most weeks throughout the summer, almost three hours at a time too.
  6. Belle Vue Abroad

    There was a Csaky (Christian name, Laszlo) that rode the 1990 Hungarian Championship, according to Loader's Annual for 1991 (covering 1990 season).
  7. Belle Vue Abroad

    Thank you, 2ndBender. Those results will help me so much with my project.
  8. No TV deal?

    I feel all warm inside... Trump and that North Korean bloke meeting up for a few bevvies, and now BWitcher and Steve Roberts on here agree with each other. If you would have told me this last week I'd have laughed.. laughed I tell ya.
  9. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    He did return to Britain with King's Lynn the following month (July) but that spell was ended by injury after just two matches. From memory, I think that was Peter's last stint in the UK.
  10. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    I remember Peter Nahlin being owed money during his short time with Belle Vue. Turned up for one match, refused to ride until cash was forthcoming, which it wasn't, then left the stadium and didn't ride for the club again.. keeping a nice set of team kevlars as booby prize. That was 2000 (the year, not cash owed), Belle Vue had gone something like eight weeks without a home match due to track problems and were cash shy. Could understand Nahlin's stance though, as riders take huge risks and do not deserve any sort of problems with their pay.
  11. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Speedway being speedway, I wouldn't trust promoters. They have the air of a used car salesman, rogue trader about them.
  12. .. and it wasn't the Belle Vue Dinner Dance.
  13. So right. Promoters ditched staging individual meetings because of poor support, but have turned team speedway into a form of individual racing. And they wonder why crowds have dispersed. There isn't that bond anymore for the average fan to want to travel even a few miles to watch their local team.
  14. Well, I never... That, for your info, was my first match!
  15. Yes, Wilike's crash was nothing spectacular. Surely he was going to get up and race the re-run - we thought? I still remember it now: Belle Vue v. Swindon... July 1st 1978... the first race... a green-light start, the tapes were malfunctioning. Wilkie tangled with Swindon's Geoff Bouchard on the first turn, just slid into the fence, and that was it... not only his career was over, but also the normality of his everyday lifestyle. He'd be confined to a wheelchair, 40 years ago it was... aged just 29. The 1977 season had been Alan's best. He'd won a few individual meetings that year - boasted an eight-and-half average at the zoo. But the 1978 campaign was a slow burner. He'd lost heatleader to Les Collins but was recapturing his form - the night before the life-changing crash he'd scored a maximum at Ellesmere Port. Belle Vue were 10 points in front of the then Gulf Oil-sponsored British League with Alan in the side. Without him, that lead was whittled away in the second-half of the season, Coventry taking the title by just two points. The title was Belle Vue's... with Wilkie in the team. I recall Joe Owen had a terrible crash at the same time - he went over the fence at Hull. But he came back from that (although is himself confined to a life in a wheelchair after a 1985 crash). And Mike Lohmann, in 1980, just two months a Belle Vue rider, hit the same part of the fence as Wilkie two years later, suffered life-threatening injuries but returned to action in 1981, though never the same... Lohmann's crash was sickening - the worst I've witnessed - but he raced again; Wilkie's appeared nothing more than an all-four back verdict.. his career and so much more was wrecked right then. You could say, Belle Vue hasn't had a captain to rival him since.