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  1. moxey63

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    Along with the all-important question, "will you be changing anything on the bike?" Brilliant times. Those were the days. I miss SKY. Why did it have to end.
  2. moxey63

    The 'Show' of a meeting

    You don't need gimmicks. Speedway can be the best spectacle in the world. It's the stuff around it that spoils much of it. Take Monday's TV match. What people don't need is lengthy build-ups, as usually happens with live fixtures. It starts with 30 minutes wasted while riders and pundits talk twaddle and throw away stuff that adds nothing to the occasion. It delays the meeting, drags it out, and then, when something happens like the other night with the fence, the match doesn't run to its conclusion. Then fans feel even more cheated. People at home can skip the boring part and have the match watched in 20 minutes or so. Those trackside have paid to watch and things should be sped along for them. In between races entertainment is just a recipe for prolonging a night people have merely turned up to watch speedway.
  3. moxey63

    Killing the sport

    True. I am not interested in any other form of motorsport. Speedway is different. I liked it because it was primarily a team sport and you had your favourite team men to cheer on in individual events. Without the loyalty of having those team men, cheering any individual in solo racing is a turn-off.
  4. moxey63

    Killing the sport

    But Andy Grahame was on loan to Milton Keynes from Birmingham that year (think it was '79). He was always destined to go into the top flight for the Brummies, as happened the following year. There was a bridge back then for riders to cross over, the second division to the top league. In fact, Grahame was BLRC qualifier because top rider Billy Sanders moved from Birmingham to Ipswich in September, after Steve Bastable arrived at Birmingham due to a fallout with Cradley. Nowadays, as Dean Felton says, it is a swingers club. It is like the wild west. It has lost its direction - is it a team sport or a sport merely keeping a set of individuals in work? Individual meetings became unpopular decades ago, but now we're having a bunch of individuals thrown together to pretend we have a team sport.
  5. moxey63

    Killing the sport

    Steve, it isn't the tractor grading as such. But when you turn up at a meeting expecting to see the action straight away, and then are expected to wait sometimes an hour for them to sort out the track, it wears thin. Then after that, there's the longer than normal tractor grades between races to sort out something they've had days to sort out. And don't forget, as a programme contributor I didn't pay much of the time, and I stopped attending. Of course, it isn't just about tractor grading.
  6. moxey63

    Killing the sport

    How many of us will reach our death beds regretting our wasted hours at the speedway watching mostly track grading? I honestly think back now and feel it was only out of habit I attended for so long. Still love the sport, and its history, but can't be bothered with the modern stuff. It ain't the speedway I fell for. Most on here saying they've stopped attending and don't miss it, are merely echoing what I've been saying for yonks. I was only warning back then the sport needed a big shakeup. Look what level it's down to now.
  7. moxey63

    Killing the sport

    As a spectacle, speedway is superb. But in that sense, it's a bit like Boris Johnson. It's only when you stay with it a while you realise it's having you over. Nearly 100 years of team racing and British speedway has never been further from that boast. After the a while, the razzle-dazzle wears thin and you just want something you can believe in.
  8. moxey63

    Killing the sport

    The problem started 20 years ago when clubs were allowed to operate double up and down riders, who had no link with the other club. It has got to the point now where riders are getting more out of the sport than the fans by having a team at every port. The supporter needs to feel the rider is part of them, their team, not some fly-by-night who is clock watching or afraid of being injured because he has another race date later on. It has got to the point now where riders choose the track based on its race day and not the club. It is no way for a team sport to exist. Speedway has reached fourth division short -termism.
  9. I think you could be right. The sport is just being patched up now, just to get the next match, week or season complete. No long term plan. Stop trying to attract new fans without worrying why the old ones have vanished. The old ones more often than not used to introduce the old ones. You couldn't sell the sport on Dragons' Den the way it's set up at the moment. Imagine trying to explain the team set ups, or what is the top league and what is the second tier. Why have so many riders riding for different teams have the same name? It is pathetic. It's like that parrot in the Monty Python sketch.
  10. You are right. Speedway's decline began in 1981... the second year of the Tory rule. But the sport's fortunes gradually picked up in 1997, when Labour won power, and two years' later it had a live match on TV every week. I believe public awareness increased. In the last 13 years of Tory rule, going back to 2010, I believe the sport has suffered a rapid decline. I know it's merely an opinion... even a coincidence. But I remember someone mentioning it once, reading it somewhere, that speedway prospered during Labour governments.
  11. I read somewhere that speedway often flourishes during Labour governments. I gather speedway today resembles the current party we have in charge.
  12. Chapman is just another in a long line of promoters that threatens to pull out when things go against him. Didn’t he do it last season? It does so much damage to the sport. We had one like him at Belle Vue for years, threatening this and that, with the track closing every winter. It never did. I initially worried sick about the statements... but you just become distanced from it in time and, do you know what, realise that putting so much effort, affection and energy into something that might not be there next week, you concentrate on something that will be.
  13. That Look At Life film you mention is brilliant. Though made in the early 60s, and at a time speedway was at a low ebb, I think the sport was in a much better position than it is now. However, the Bikes Without Brakes documentary came over as quite pessimistic. Remember, the sport hadn’t found the golden ticket at the time, and they made the programme just before SKY handed millions over for a decade and afforded us hours of live airing, which the sport had never had. That was the best chance for speedway to kick itself into shape and try to attract newcomers. Despite briefly attracting wider interest during SKY’s initial years, sadly the sport blew that chance and has fallen into a much more precarious state than before that Bikes Without Brakes film from 25 years ago.
  14. moxey63

    Why is Speedway so far behind Formula 1?

    Speedway racing can be the best form of entertainment. But going trackside to watch the spectacle becomes slightly samey if you don't have a dog in the race, a team in the true sense of the word or a favourite rider. How can you possibly turn up at a track and support what is often a list of seven men thrown together simply because their average fits... and the track's race day, which also allows them the to race for at least one other team? The sport has lost its characters, its personalities and, more importantly, the reason most of us tagged on in the first place - the team thing. Now it seems so much like Formula 1. If I would have wanted a sport like F1 to follow, I would have followed that. In fact, growing up, I used to get annoyed when people asked "speedway - is that Barry Sheene?" I wasn't at all interested in motorcycling, never have been. I told them it was league racing and not about individuals. Speedway was special, it was about my team, Belle Vue. It wasn't just about motorbikes. I didn't want to support one individual, as motorcycling and F1 required much of the time, I wanted to follow a team. In doing that, you got your own favourites in that team, at times not even its star man. But, now, speedway isn't anywhere near that. I see riders gaining the most from it nowadays and get the feeling they'd ride anywhere. It isn't about loyalty now. They just want a team place for next year. Maybe it's always been the case. But I genuinely think the way the sport has gone in the last two decades - an over reliance on doubling up and down, has killed off the team thing that most fans fell for. Although it's seen as being popular, the play-off system has also killed off reason to have six months of warm up matches just to get there. Then , after a few matches of higher than average crowds that the PO Finals drag from indoors (where've they been all year?), we end the season thinking the sport is in better shape than we thought.

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