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  1. moxey63

    One League - Matt Ford

    The real frustration is that we have been here before. I believe the late fifties and early sixties was speedway's other tipping point. Thankfully the British shale scene was saved by the introduction of the one big league. Three years later we had the introduction of the new second division and tracks seemed to open instead of close. But, especially now, whereas we actually had people with the nouse to rescue a sinking ship back then, I think today's so-called promoters are too busy saving their belongings in their personal cabin and haven't seen the wider picture. Almost sixty years ago it was men in suits that looked the part. Nowadays I feel the sport is being steered along by a bunch of chancers. It is a mystery how they've managed to run businesses to have the money to plough into the sport, and yet are quite willing to boast how much they are happy to lose playing at speedway promoting. It is a bit of a shipwreck right now. Comparing the two, we recovered from the fifties. I don't have confidence in recovering from this demise.
  2. moxey63

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    The way they are selling them is pretty naive.
  3. moxey63

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    They could have even accepted email bids leading up to the evening.
  4. moxey63

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    For those who can make it, the auction is this Thursday (8 pm), June 13 @ NUNEATON SPEEDWAY SUPPORTERS' CLUB, BRANDON CLUB, MAIN STREET, BRANDON, COVENTRY, CV8 3HW The club states it isn't an auctioneer and doesn't have electronic facilities and therefore is only open to attendees on the night. They add that anyone who can't make it, ask someone on their behalf whose attending to make a bid. Former riders Joe Owen, Lawrence Hare and Bruce Cribb will be in attendance.
  5. I must admit feeling a little frustrated, finding out Tommy Knudsen's racing gear (which he kindly donated to the Speedway Riders' Fund) is being auctioned off to a small gathering in Coventry next week when, ideally, it should have been offered to a wider audience and, in the process, increasing proceeds from it. eBay is the first port of call. As it is, I can see some unscrupulous dealer getting their hands on items and they themselves making maximum profit by putting it, for example, on the aforementioned auction site. I know this post is going to attract criticism of me. But, Tommy's superb act of generosity, I fear, isn't going to reap maximum potential. I hope I am wrong. If it was a time thing, I for one would have volunteered to do the ebay selling for the fund.
  6. I watched Coronation Street the other night, a soap based just a few miles from Belle Vue speedway.
  7. moxey63

    Staggered starts. An idea for reruns.

    Does that mean tracks will close or there'll be a sudden influx of riders? I guess it'll be the former.
  8. moxey63

    Staggered starts. An idea for reruns.

    We often compare speedway with football. Football is a simple sport and is easy to follow. Speedway, though it is a simple sport, four riders, four laps, 3, 2, 1 etc, it is when you start widening the horizons of parts of it and question which jewels might attract and keep supporters. Guest riders are a problem. Try explaining that one to an outsider. Riders doubling up and down, that's another one that even hardcore fans scratch their heads a little over. The double-points rule was a good one, in which riders who had the lead had to shut off to allow their team mate through, so they could gain the double points for their side. Yet the rule is a rider will be excluded for not making a bonafide effort to race. Thankfully, though it took a decade and a half, that rule has now gone. The rule which allows riders to flit to and from various teams is one big laugh. We have an incident right now, don't we, in which a side is so weak that it has failed to win a match. Because of this team's low achieving start to the season, it has therefore been able to sign a rider with the introduction of the new averages. Now, after that dubious ploy, I'd fathom a guess that riders who were in that team, but had mysteriously been off form, will get that form straight back - and the team will crusade right towards the play-offs. We have seen it before, and it is a big fat farce. Not many years back wasn't there a side that was investigated for chucking points. It was a side that was struggling and riders were having mysterious engine failures. It was still early season and I guess they wanted to lower averages to strengthen when the team level was reset. The play-offs were still in sight and achievable. I also recall, after their investigation, didn't the authorities reduce the number of play-off places available mid-season down from five to four because, although they said they found no proof of result-manipulating, the fact that they cut play-off places sort of gives you the clue what they thought. Now, if new fans are attracted by that sort of activity, then they are welcome to it.
  9. moxey63

    Staggered starts. An idea for reruns.

    Speedway is 90 years old. Surely every idea that was originally thought a good idea has been tried and dumped. Gimmicks are for those with short attention fans. Serious supporters want a credible sport.
  10. moxey63

    One League - Matt Ford

    I watched Peter Collins, Chris Morton etc riding for Belle Vue in the 70s and 80s. I also attended Ellesmere Port during the same period. Despite being a lower standard, I never yearned to see the superstars when I watched the second division lads. I just loved speedway.
  11. moxey63

    One League - Matt Ford

    The tradition for speedway clubs is to look after their own business and not realise that a strong league is vastly more important than becoming the last man standing and having no one to race against. Poole, after all the trophies they have won the last 15 years, and scoffing a lot of calories in riding talent to serve their purpose, are perhaps realising that winning isn't the be all and end all and can leave fans feeling bloated.
  12. moxey63

    One League - Matt Ford

    It has got to the point now where the Promoters' Conference is more eagerly awaited than the new season. We hear they will listen, but has anything changed this season to last?
  13. moxey63

    One League - Matt Ford

    What Mr Ford did mention was supporters getting used to success and that sometimes it's best to give them second place and leave them wanting more. At a time when league speedway is set-up for a win at all costs, perhaps we may revert to a time when supporters were interested in watching their team, their riders, no matter how good, and that winning isn't the be all and end all.
  14. moxey63

    One League - Matt Ford

    It would create more variety. But, as someone mentioned, certain riders would be put off by the increase of meetings, the same riders I bet who say they ride in Poland and Sweden because there aren't sufficient meetings over here. The set-up would have to be what all clubs could afford, perhaps on second division level of pay. Perhaps replace riders who refuse to race the extra meetings with hungrier ones who perhaps would never get a chance, from the lesser countries. More meetings would hopefully cut the need for riders to flit to and fro other countries. This would hopefully reignite the meaning of a proper team sport and not freelancers. British speedway doesn't rule the waves any longer, so we have to sort of begin from scratch and rebuild. Even have money-spinning meetings every so often during the season and invite big stars to race.
  15. moxey63

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You are not alone in thinking it stinks. I really can't understand how anyone can be arsed attending when moves like this are afoot. On the other hand, Buster did save speedway, but with rules like this, you don't have to wonder too much why it needed saving. If rules allow them to be manipulated so easily, what's the point in having rules? Cracking sport and spectacle, but the rules show its unsavoury side. Only takes so long for it to dawn on you.

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