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  1. moxey63

    Peter Adams in the Star last week

    Simon Wigg rode twice in the team with Bruce Penhall and five times (of the 15 matches) after the American retired in August. I don't think Wigg was used as Penhall's replacement and Cradley could only operate R/Re.
  2. moxey63

    Peter Adams in the Star last week

    The four reserve rule was utilized at Belle Vue during 1982. Ian Thomas had been appointed team manager at Hyde Road during the year and introduced Rod Hunter and Bobby Beaton from his National League Newcastle team to the BV squad. I seem to recall Thomas signed Beaton for the Aces from recently defunct Hull so he could use him with Newcastle in the lower league on a bargain 7.50 average. Out-of-sorts Peter Ravn was the early casualty to make way for the reserves shake-up. Sixteen-year-old Andy Smith was also given a few appearances for the Aces. In fact, Hunter and Smith were called up for the second leg of October's Knock-Out Cup Final (vs. Cradley) to replace regulars Jimmy McMillan and Peter Carr. Both had endured a disappointing first leg the week before at Dudley Wood. McMillan was still miffed about being axed, almost 40 years later, when he recalled it in a recent Speedway Star interview.
  3. moxey63

    Quick Update...

    Thank you, TWK. Look after yourself.
  4. moxey63

    Quick Update...

    I am glad I visited the site today. Before then, I felt my problem with other members was all of my doing.
  5. moxey63

    Quick Update...

    Steve Roberts contacted John Hyam and got a reply. You also contacted him, but he chose not to converse with you. I also got sick of your constant jibes why I no longer attend matches (because I don't get in for free) and stopped coming on here. I honestly felt I was being bullied and expect John felt the same.
  6. moxey63

    Quick Update...

    I am sure John will explain why he left the forum and has disappeared from other social media - when he replies to your emails. Or you could get Steve Roberts to ask for you. By the way, I have no problem with you. It was the way you thought you knew me more than I knew myself I didn't care for. When I turned the tables on you and did the same, you had a hissy. I don't come on the forum much nowadays. Since tonight's visit, I find I am not alone. Same reasons too.
  7. moxey63

    Quick Update...

    Thanks, White Knight. I felt sorry for the way some treated John as if he was some doddering old fool whose opinion counted for little. I fully understand why he felt enough was enough. God forbid you to have a different opinion than some of those on here. Like you, I also no longer post as much as before. In fact, I forget this forum even exists. Best let the people with the same opinions keep it going. Not worth the hassle to disagree with them and have the gang surrounding you. I am just surprised they are shocked Mr Hyam doesn't reply to their emails! Think that says it all.
  8. moxey63

    Quick Update...

    I thought that too. The forum became a playground for and controlled by bullies. Because of this, I guess John Hyam lost the passion to post on a sport he's loved for decades. Sad really.
  9. moxey63


    Think the News Team delivery service must have delivered mine this morning, very early too (before 8 am). Couldn't understand how it was on my doormat despite having no address on it (or no envelope). Thought I was going daft, maybe it had been delivered to the wrong address and opened. Great service though.
  10. moxey63

    Graham Warren's career record

    Here is Graham Warren's career record. The facts are taken from Matt Jackson's brilliant disc of information from the 1940s (more please, Matt!). Year Club Division M R P BP TP CMA FM PM 1948 Birmingham NL2 40 178 416 25 441 9.91 12 5 1949 Birmingham NL1 40 163 403 14 417 10.23 9 3 1950 Birmingham NL1 36 151 388 16 404 10.70 11 9 1951 Birmingham NL1 27 111 200 17 217 7.82 2 - 1952 Birmingham NL1 40 170 291 37 328 7.72 1 4 1953 Birmingham NL1 19 80 131 14 145 7.25 - - 1955 Birmingham NL1 16 71 70 23 93 5.24 - - 1959 Coventry NL 9 29 11 2 13 1.79 - - 1960 Coventry NL 15 41 54 6 60 5.85 - - 1961 Wolverhampton PL 17 76 182 3 185 9.74 4 - 1962 Wolverhampton PL 23 96 185 5 190 7.92 2 - 1963 Wolverhampton PL 11 42 76 4 80 7.62 - -
  11. moxey63


    Eastlands, Manchester. Not had it in on recent Thursdays. Will have to send off to SS for this week's, even think about subscribing.
  12. moxey63

    No Government Support?

    History has shown speedway is no good with money. It is frustrating the sport hasn't received a cash injection but not surprising.
  13. moxey63

    No Government Support?

    Perhaps British speedway should tell the govt it has links to the Tory party, has discovered a vaccine for this virus, found a shedfull of PPE (tear-offs), or a ferry company with no actual boats. Cut and paste terms and conditions from a takeaway website. They'll hand over cash like there's no tomorrow. No questions asked, nudge, nudge... wink, wink.
  14. moxey63

    No Government Support?

    Here's me thinking it was silly rules, doubling up and the Golden Double.
  15. moxey63

    Arnold Haley

    Thank you for the praise, False Dawn. Of course I could write a similar piece on Arnie's time at the top, but I penned this on his final years in reply to a post by Garry1603 above it.

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