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  1. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Bored now. Let's get back on topic.
  2. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Have you got that long-covid?
  3. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Sent home from school again, Jim, to self isolate?
  4. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Over the years, in large, speedway has relied on regular fans introducing family members or friends to keep it going. The problem arises when these regulars stop attending or pass away, and then speedway's next generation disappears with them. The sport is more than just about the racing spectacle. It sounds off-putting, but newcomers need to be introduced to the art of filling in a programme as soon as possible. Otherwise, however thrilling it initially is - four men skidding at speed into bends - it gets tedious before the end of the night when you don't know what's going on. I recall my first visit in 1975. Until I discovered the merits of keeping a programme, it was thrilling but I wasn't hooked. Perhaps clubs, if they already haven't, should make a special effort to encourage newcomers in groups. Educate them on the basics of the sport and not rely on keeping them just because it's a great spectacle. Speedway is more than that.
  5. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    It is mostly pish, Jim. That's why the sport is clinging on to the few diehards who just like keeping scores in their programme. Somehow, I cannot see the young brigade rushing to save it.
  6. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Childish, JIm. Think your saw's losing its teeth.
  7. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    The idiots are the ones still paying nearly £20 to attend speedway despite saying it's poor value.
  8. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    They don't seem to like speedway, judging by the crowds I see on TV.
  9. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    No. Totally different sports. Thought it was a speedway forum. Like asking do I prefer Frank Sinatra's version of My Way or the Sex Pistols' attempt.
  10. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Seems some disagree, going to the reaction to my last post. Some are still happy with the tedious delays and then wonder why new, younger fans with zero concentration levels aren't swarming to the sport.
  11. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Speedway matches would end faster if "promoters" actually worked on the track before the crowd was in the stadium and not during the meeting, referees chose not to call a restart umpteen times a night, and the gaps between heats were cut and didn't actually cause concern whether the club had gone bust since the last race.
  12. moxey63

    Is anyone losing interest

    Nicely put mikebv. Said it ages ago, but was ridiculed by others on here who now agree with it. Speedway is not a team sport anymore. Riders have become agency workers just trying to earn a living riding for money and not caring whose colours they wear, and fans are being robbed - or those fans are who still believe it's a team game. I would feel like Matt Hancock's missus if I supported a team that contained riders I knew were also getting their oats somewhere else and not serving my needs fully when having a bad night.
  13. moxey63


    My Star hasn't arrived this week, the second time in little more than a month. This isn't a complaint, as I only read the old stuff anyway. But it has dawned on me, as the mag comes without an address and just pushed through the letterbox, I wonder is it being posted somewhere else and they just bin it thinking it's junk mail? At least with an address attached, if it goes to the wrong house they can redirect.

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