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  1. Fozzie4388

    Introducing yourself....

    Ian 31 East Riding of Yorkshire Retail Assistant for a Cancer Charity Hull but now watch My Speedway at Scunthorpe Going with my Dad to Hull in 1995 The Whole of 2004 and 2011 2005 Hull's closure Now: Stefan Nielsen Old Days: Paul Thorp and Garry Stead Greg Hancock (Mr Boring) (Although would not wish what he and his family are going through now on anyone) Play Computer games and Support Hull City Football Club going to games etc.
  2. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Seems Danny Ayres has been involved in an incident at Mildenhall today and gone to Hospital with what has been mentioned as a suspected fractured shin bone
  3. Edinburgh will but hopefully Scunthorpe will do better then last time and hopefully have 7 riders that actually make it to the track
  4. Rasmus Jensen rides for Sam Masters
  5. Fozzie4388

    Lions v Tigers 04/08

    Ty Proctor?
  6. Fozzie4388

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Or he's in the British final tomorrow and decided to ride a lawn mower instead tonight
  7. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Josh at 5 at Home and Ben at 5 away would be wisest thing to do.
  8. Fozzie4388

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Garrity's van is due a service on August 23rd so will be unavailable that day
  9. GB won't have any choice other then to Use Bewley next year. He's the Only decent under21 unless someone comes out of nowhere. Lambert will be 22 next year so i'm guessing if the format stays the same it will be Tai, Rob and Dan next year.
  10. Absolutely Bonkers if that's the case. Barker's flying at the moment.
  11. Another thing going in Ben's favour Scunny are at Edinburgh in a couple of weeks
  12. it was announced on Friday 28th June so the 28th day will be next Friday (26th July) so either Garrity will be back for the Glasgow meeting or Barker will be permanent by then. I'm sure if there's any news Rob will announce it tomorrow.
  13. It was reported He was unconscious for a few moments so that automatically rules him out for a while
  14. Lions without Worrall and Bates quite a few teams riding too Only Sheffield, Berwick and Eastbourne not riding. Be interesting to see who Leicester get in as guest. Howarth (If he isn't crying about his tyre still) for Worrall or Doolan for Bates and R/R for Worrall perhaps?
  15. Denmark (Red) GB (Blue) Poland (White) Aus (Yellow) Is this the right? Or is the order different can anyone confirm?

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