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  1. Fozzie4388

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    Great news hopefully Jake and Jase who loves Newcastle will make the restaging
  2. Fozzie4388

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    Someone do a rain dance for god sake
  3. Fozzie4388

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    oh blimey those Reserves. Danny Phillips will actually score a bucket load.
  4. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Bloody weather. And with nothing scheduled next Friday that'll be 5 weeks between home meetings come June 21st when Sheffield are in town very frustrating for everyone
  5. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    R/R for Allen tomorrow everyone can take a ride (according to the local rag)
  6. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Jake isn't riding for Ipswich on Thursday according to Ipswich Website ''There is one change for the home team as Coty Garcia guests in place of Jake Allen at reserve. Allen picked up a shoulder injury following a crash at Foxhall against Poole in the Supporters Cup last month but made his return on Monday at Belle Vue and scored 4 for the Witches. However, the Australian has suffered too much pain since returning and sits this one out'' Hope he's ok for Friday, Scorpions be up against it once again if he misses this too.
  7. Fozzie4388

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    As Skj said Bowtell now guests Seems Todd Kurtz is guesting for Howarth
  8. Fozzie4388

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    Scunny have a few problems with their team even before tonight's Garrity injury. Allen might be back but if he's not I gather Ryan Douglas is on Standby to guest. Kyle Bickley booked to guest for Josh Bailey although after the sad passing of Kyle's Grandad I don't know if this effects anything. (Best wishes to the Bickley Family)
  9. Fozzie4388

    Somerset Vs Scunthorpe 29/5/19

    Least Jakey should be back by then
  10. Wright in for Harris Jenkins in for Atkins for Rebels Douglas for Allen Smith for Bailey for Scorpions Should be a pretty easy win for The Rebels shouldn't it but hopefully Scunny do a bit better then of late
  11. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2019

    So as of June 1st the averages are as follows Auty 8.04 Garrity 7.26 Allen 7.26 Nielsen 5.69 Ayres 4.43 Bailey 2.90 Kinsley 2.00 Total: 37.58 so 0.44 to play with for Bailey's replacement (3.34)
  12. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Well he lost to Danny Phillips tonight so hopefully Jedd does tell Rob were to stick it lol
  13. Whose skipper now? Seems to be cursed
  14. Allen gone to hospital for x-rays on a shoulder injury sustained tonight at Ipswich according to local paper from Ipswich. Scorpions going to be well up against it.
  15. Oh dear that's basically gifting Somerset points imo. (Rowe beat Lawlor twice at Stoke on Saturday) I'll be happy to be wrong though. Lets hope Lawlor fires the points in rather then setting things on fire (Like what got him sacked before the season started at Glasgow)

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