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  1. Kent 2018

    Anders Rowe, Taylor Hampshire and Jacob Clouting sign
  2. Edinburgh 2018

    I'm wondering where does the 5.20 figure mentioned on Edinburgh's website come from? Do Buster and Co at the head quarters just put some numbers in a hat and draw one at random nowadays?
  3. Poole 2018

    Says Mateusz is 4.54 on Poole's website
  4. Scorpions 2018

    The only problem is with picking a random number 7 who won't be expected to score is if a rider gets injured meaning r/r or worse the strong reserve gets injured leaving the number 7 having to take 7 rides could cost the team a meeting. So it nyeeds to be someone who can at least mix it or be on pace. Not someone like Bulley, Dwyer, Halder or McDonald whose names I've seen mentioned. Jack Thomas or Bickley (if he doesn't ride for Workington) would be great candidates.
  5. Sheffield 2018

    Jack Smith signing 3 for Sheffield
  6. A Very Short Season

    Short season that's the usual in Poland, Sweden etc and the less meetings less chance of having to freeze your crown jewels off in March and October
  7. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Barker already signed for Redcar
  8. Scorpions 2018

    Everyone knows I'm not Godfrey's biggest fan but i'd like to congratulate him on building a very decent playoff challenging side this year. I wish them all the best for the new season, Hopefully it'll bring the crowds back. It's a shame Young Jenkins is only doing NL this year as he would of been an ideal candidate for the Number 7 role. Can't think of many others that would fit the number 7 role perhaps Jack Thomas from Kent then there's Tom Brennan although he lives a long way from Scunthorpe, Also David Wallinger (Not as strong as Thomas or Brennan) as I know Scunthorpe used him a few time last years or Taylor Hampshire with the top 6 Scunny have built at least they'll be no pressure on whoever does take then number 7 Jacket Hopefully for Scunthorpe a hidden Gem can pop up during the winter months at the EWR.
  9. Wonder how the crowd will be effected today with Sheffield riding at home too
  10. Fair play to Scunthorpe good 4 points them. Just shows what happens when you have 7 riders on the ball the same night and no taggers on just making up the numbers.
  11. Kings Lynn V Swindon 02/08/17

    The Godfrey effect
  12. Rye House 2017

    Announcement at 8.30pm