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  1. Fozzie4388

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Sure I read or heard somewhere it was going to be possibly the opening meeting of 2019
  2. Workington qualified for the final a fortnight a go the first leg is at Scunthorpe on Sunday 21st at 5pm
  3. Sorry deleted my post if you want to edit yours again lol

  4. Something I've always thought about is re-runs starting as a handicap system. How many times do we see a guy last then someone falls and the guy at the back winning the re-run. I think if one lap of the race has been completed and someone falls the re-run should have the guy who was leading start at the tapes, The guy in 2nd 5 metres away and the 3rd guy 10 metres away.
  5. Think change in Scunny riding order for October Auty or Guest goes to 1 with Steve moving to 5
  6. Fozzie4388

    Torun 2018

    The first 2 reserves will replace them Niels K Iversen and Vaclav Milik Sundstrom Drabik Fricke next In line.
  7. My apologies friend;). Get on one when posting this year about worky to get a reaction. Last year it was p'boro.

    I have posted similar about the spokes men on the BSPA as last year it was mostly buster now it's Rob. That is why tunnel vision & rose tinted glasses are in my posts as posters sometimes forget some of the rules were set years ago & abused by themselves.

  8. You got the wrong tone of the post I was actually backing what Lucifer Sam was making. It seems nowadays everything that's wrong with Speedway is Scunthorpe's Speedway fault. hence the wink. There's more to the BSPA then Godfrey he can't make the decisions by himself he has to get the backing of the other members too. He just seems to get the flack because he the Spokesperson on most situation because the Chairman Mr Chapman hasn't got the balls to do most of the jobs himself.
  9. Auty's the only one that rode for Scunny when it happened so it's the only one that counts
  10. Anders Rowe rides at 6 for the Scorpions.
  11. Scorpions options not great Allen has gone above Nielsen in the averages now so R/R can now only be taken by Allen and Reserves
  12. Some would argue they've been doing that since March anyway Jordan Jenkins by far the best option when Mildenhall Commitments allow.
  13. Broc Nicol is in for a busy and high scoring night one would assume seems to have a love for the Scunthorpe track.
  14. Should be Noted it was at Glasgow last year though not Sheffield
  15. Folk not happy on the Facebook page apparently started 40 minutes early then was cancelled after 7 races no one gets a refund

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