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  1. 'All the experts agree' Well they would wouldn't they if all the dissenters have been silenced.
  2. One only has to look at who the MSM are attacking to work out that their preferred replacement for Johnson is Gove. He's been on the missing list longer than Whitty.
  3. 'Plan B' might have gone down the gurgler but the lies plough on regardless.
  4. Wolfsbane


    '120,000 Russian soldiers massing at the Ukrainian border'. Where did this information come from?
  5. 4 million https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-60055436
  6. Prime Minister in trouble, up pops a police inquiry to delay publication of Cabinet Office report. Co-ordinated theatre. Can kicked down the road.
  7. Dick announces police inquiry into parties earlier this morning. Now the Gray report will not be published until after the Met have finished. I keep saying it. Folks, they really do think you're stupid.
  8. Wolfsbane


    It's all theatre to distract from what's really going on in the Western Democracies. Look here, don't look there. WW3 started shortly after WW2 ended.
  9. Wolfsbane


    The Galtieri Protocol.
  10. I hope Johnson survives. Because the scum media want him gone.

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