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  1. Belle Vue 2018

    Personally, and I'm sure there are plenty that will disagree, I thought the BV team was coming together nicely but believe Cook was not the best they could have done baring in mind his likely distraction in the GPs.
  2. Wolves 2018

    No wonder it was voted down
  3. Workington 2018 .

    As long as he's on gate 4, he'll be fine.
  4. Wolves 2018

    Sorry Jacob. If we were going to go down the 'No Freddie' path then a strong team all round, including a super strong reserve at #6, would IMO, have been the way to go. Hope I'm wrong and I'll be happy to have this post quoted ad nauseam come october!
  5. Wolves 2018

    As it stands I hope CVS is about to blindside all of us and pull the Bugs Bunny from his titfer.
  6. Wolves 2018

    That'll do nicely, welcome back Rory. Just a thought, and I know it goes against CVS's '2 permutations' quote. We're all thinking Fred or Jacob. What about it ends up neither?
  7. Poole 2018

    This has probably been covered before but was just browsing the SGB website to see who had signed who up to yet and was surprised to see that Brady is the only Poole rider listed. I thought you'd signed Woryna for 2018 during last season?
  8. Bt Sport Coverage

    Not to mention as standards went down, admission prices went up. A recipe for business disaster if ever there was one. Whilst the speedway dinosaurs lumbered on, refusing to change, the nimble and forward thinking alternative destinations for fans money snuck in through the gate, strolled up the garden path, walked through the back door and nicked the family silver.
  9. Wolves 2018

    Masters has posted on Instagram that he will not be riding in the Championship in 2018. Bet Edinburgh are pleased as they bought him outright a while back. Looks like CVS was right to say that full purchase is a waste of time nowadays.
  10. Bt Sport Coverage

    I just wish they'd get a wriggle on so I can cancel due to the price rise without penalty in the set time if there's no coverage
  11. Wolves 2018

    BW trying to send PM but it looks like your inbox is full!
  12. Wolves 2018

    Certain members of the BSPA don't do compromise. Surprise, surprise.
  13. Wolves 2018

    It's happened before with Sam, Ronnie & PK, but they all returned. Damned unfortunate for Thorssell but, being brutal, regaining his fitness/mojo elsewhere isn't the worst thing for Wolves as a club.
  14. Wolves 2018

    Manzares 4.18, according to the man himself!
  15. Agm

    If memory serves wasn't it Ipswich who were instrumental in the dropping of the old Tactical Substitution rules (and hence the introduction of the TR rule) as they couldn't afford the extra points money Nicholls was costing them?