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  1. Grachan

    Speedway's future IMO

    I think the main problem with doubling up was missing riders. Fixed race nights in the top league has sorted that, really. Now it's barely noticeable that Rasmus Jensen rides for Glasgow and Adam Ellis rides for, er, whoever he rides for. Riders doubling up has always been there, even if not to the degree it is now. It wasn't always young riders and connected teams. I remember Gordon Kennet doing it at Swindon towards the end of the year. In 1987, we had Andrew Silver at "number 8" who was better than half the Swindon team so rider absences often made us stronger. This isn't a new issue.
  2. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    Klindt has already ruled himself out on Twitter, calling it a backward step.
  3. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    Ok. I see the result now. 33% of those who voted will not support Poole in division 2. So a crowd that has dropped 40% will drop another 33%. And this is being sold as Poole fans voting to join the Second Division. Good luck to those who want this. I don't believe that many people who have supported Poole as the most succesful club in recent times truly want Championship level racing. Who was Poole's most popular rider last year? Klindt, probably. And he has already ruled himself out.
  4. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    In other words, the promoter failed to promote, told everyone the club was for sale, and has now thrown it under a bus. A sad day for both Poole speedway and for British speedway. I'm sure there are people who will happily support Poole in the lower league but there are an awful lot who won't. Out of interest, what was the actual result of the Echo vote? I couldn't see it when I looked.
  5. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    I don't think Matt is particularly bothered any more. If he did he wouldn't be doing this. For a lot of Pole fans, I'm sure competing to be the 8th best side in the country isn't their idea of honours. I apreciate they had a problem with the sponsor this year, but if he still had enthusiasm for the club he would be out and about trying to get a new sponsor rather than doing this. I think it's a terrible thing to do considering the success Poole fans are used to.
  6. Grachan

    TV new deal?

    To be fair, the camera work on BT lately has been frustrating. Sometimes I instinctively find myself leaning forward to try and look down the side of the screen to see what is happening in the close racing they have just cut away from in order to follow the leader. And riders zooming past followed by one second of empty track? What's that all about? Would rather have BT than Eurosport, though, who I suspect will be a shambles, as they generally are. I can't believe some people are championing it as a good move. You are right about Sky. We had proper coverage then.
  7. I did wonder about 1957 - hence the "my lifetime" comment. I weren't born then. But 1967 we won it at King's Lynn, 2012 at Poole and 2017 at Wolverhampton. Good to win it at home and actually be there!
  8. A fantastic night last night. Was this the first time Swindon have won the league title at Blunsdon? It certainly is in my lifetime. A great crowd too. I was held up a bit on the way. I think there was some sort of hold up on the M4 resulting in my normal route via Lambourn Woodlands getting clogged up with traffic. Then got held up in a further traffic jam on the A419 - only to discover it was caused by the speedway! First time in years that's happened. This Swindon team was always, on paper, head and shoulders above the others this year. They certainly were under-performing at one point, though, and it's hard to believe we never topped the league, even with the changes having been made mid-season. Peaked at exactly the right time though. Such a shame the team will be broken up, and the likes of Poole look unlikely to be in the same league as us next year. Speedway is thriving in Swindon at the moment, however. It shows what a bit of positive promotion can do to crowd levels and team spirit. Hats off to Rosco and Lee. Long may these two stay at the helm, and let's hope the club can continue despite the stadium issues.
  9. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    Where? The only one I can see is one asking if people would watch Poole in the Championship. That is not an indication of whether or not they prefer it. If this was the only poll, the fans have been stitched up by a loaded question that doesn't let them give an opinion on which they prefer.
  10. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    In the end, if everyone moves down, they have no choice. They will be in the top league.
  11. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    Maybe. Or Maybe Poole will move down, Somerset and a n other will be bribed up, and the Pirates will be forgotten about forever. Personally, I think this is a tactic to try for one big league at CL level - which might just work.
  12. Grachan

    Ipswich 2020

    Oi! Get yer hands off. I can see Musielak being available though. He did indicate he might consider missing the UK next year in an interview with the local paper.
  13. It's one of those days weather wise, definitely. I just watched the weather forecast on BBC, and they had a graphic showing the rain coming in. Not one bit of that graphic went over Swindon, which rather got hopes up! So, hopefully it will miss.
  14. Grachan

    Poole 2020

    What a strange thing to do. Why announce this the day between the two matches of the play off final? Seems very strange timing. Almost as though he is trying to take attention away from the teams in the final. Why come out with all this today of all days?
  15. Just as well it's not 25 quid a meeting then.

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