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  1. Crump getting into the groove now by the look of things.
  2. Grachan


    I don't get to many matches, but I'd definitely pay £12.99 for good coverage of several Swindon matches or maybe about a fiver for a single camera shot from the ref's box with no commentary if live. An evening's fish and chips cost more - or grotty burgers for 3 at the stadium. I think it's good value. Costs needs to be covered and it doesn't want to be so cheap as to discourage people actually going. I probably go to about 3 or 4 matches a season and that would stay about the same, or possibly increase as my interest would be higher.
  3. Grachan

    Bernt Persson

    I remember putting a video of a race featuring Tommy Johansson on YouTube a few years and got a message from his daughter thanking me and saying how he had loved seeing it.
  4. If you have an HDMI on your tv then you can connect your phone using a cable.
  5. I don't see the connection. They were EU riders and didn't need one. As an Australian, Crump would need a visa to ride here. If he's not here on a visa then he must be here as a British citizen. That wouldn't apply to Musielak and Jensen. Under normal circumstances you wouldn't expect Jason Crump to be in the British Final, but it's not normal circumstances, and, as replacements for the top British riders who can't be bothered to ride go, a British born British citizen seems a pretty good one.
  6. I would imagine that this meeting has no bearing on Cardiff 2021. It is normally the winner of that year's British Championship that gets the wildcard. Does Jason Crump need a visa to ride here this year? If not, then surely he is here as British.
  7. Yeah. That should really help us in the SON.
  8. Absolutely. It wasn't a criticism of Ipswich Speedway. More to do with the policy itself.
  9. No different to what we are expected to do in normal life these days. What I don't understand is, though, is why the need for a face covering if you are staying in your group of 6 and you are outdoors?
  10. Is it not possible that, if the limits are set so exactly, you might find that all the riders are moving to a degree before the tapes go up?
  11. That's the thing, isn't it! Woffinden - grows up in Australia, chooses to ride for Team GB, and people say he is Australian. Crump - grows up in England, choose to ride for Australia, and people say he is Australian. Anyone else notice a slight inconsistency there?
  12. This is, as people have said many times, the biggest disruption to our lifestyle since World War II. During the Second World War, the British Championships were won 3 times by a Canadian.
  13. Totally agree, but looking at a lot of the posts online I fear you are wasting your time. I say let those who want to watch enjoy it and the others can carry on mumbling into their coffee about how three British citizens aren't properly British and it should be National League riders. I see the Belle Vue meeting is also now for sale to watch online at a tenner. I hope this is successful and could be something worth considering next year. I'd certainly pay to watch a few Swindon matches online.
  14. They are British. No problem here. In fact, if I do watch it the main reason will be to see Crump and Batch. What difference does it make that Schlein has ridden in it before? Batch only became a British citizen this week so he couldn't have before now. Under normal circumstances, with all the British riders available and a place at Cardiff at stake, maybe I might feel differently, but for this meeting it's great to have them in it. Let's face it, they are happy to ride and they are British citizens.
  15. Bachelor and, I assume, Crump are both British citizens so if there are going to be replacements needed they seem like pretty good ones. How is Schlein different?

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