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  1. I think this thread is a wind up. Look at it this way. Rider A scores 3,2,1,3,3 and averages 9.60 from 1 match. Rider B scores 3, 2,1,3,2 and 3,1,3,1,2 and averages 8.40 from 2 matches. Has rider B done better because he has won more races?
  2. How did he know if they were on a 4-2? He never looked behind once from the start of the race until Tai went past him. Watch the race again. Then, when Tai passed him, he looked round and slowed down a bit, but never did anything to make sure Emil never finished last. Just the token "look over the shoulder", which is not team riding. Neither side did any team riding in the final.
  3. Your post didn't say about the winner of the race, it mentioned the team that finish first. The team that finished first was Russia as there was still a GB rider who hadn't finished when Russia had all crossed the line. The winner of the race was Tai. The team that finished first was Russia. Not the same thing.
  4. Win from Bellego in heat 14 makes sure the Robins don't lose. Just thought I'd mention it.
  5. The GB team didn't finish first in the final. The first team to finish was Russia. Agree with the warnings. Thought that was too harsh.
  6. Did they? Looked to me like Laguta was going flat out for the win until Tai passed him.
  7. Grachan

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    Surely a referee who is a probationer and has sole control of a meeting has finished his training and should, therefore, know the rules? Or am I wrong there?
  8. I always enjoy my wife's comments when watching speedway. She's a non-fan but watches sometimes and gets into it. In this meeting she was cheering for 'the little boy', and just kept laughing whenever he rode well. Because he's "a little boy".
  9. I think the better way would have been that in the event of a 3-3, the top scoring side are the winners. Not just because GB were top scorers, but to make more value of those 40-odd races beforehand. So the second top scoring side would need a 4-2 to win. Talking of that final, I was disappointed at the end, and commented on here that we might have won if Tai had slowed the race, but when you see Tai's comments, they make sense. Basically, we went into that race with a winning mentality - to go and win the heat and, thus, go in and attack the race. Race positively. I can see the validity in that, even though it never worked (mainly because the Russians had a very strong pair and it was unlikely either of them would finish last). In the end, Robert Lambert was very close to passing Emil at the end of the race, but never, so the tactic never worked. But they went into the race with the mindset to go out and take the race, and the main reason they never was because Russia were on a 5-1 on the first lap so GB became every man for himself.
  10. I set up to record on You View, but when I put the tv on at 8 it wasn't recording and I watched live from heat 5 onwards.
  11. If Jason Doyle became a British Citizen (which he may do in the future as he has a British wife) then there's no reason he shouldn't ride as British. For me, if Rory Schlein is a British Citizen then I don't see why he shouldn't ride in the British Final, as long as it is the only national final he competes in. If it is jut down to licensing then I don't think he should.
  12. Which would have ruled out Mark Loram in the past and Adam Ellis now.
  13. I don't know if he has, but if he has taken out British Citizenship then he is a Brit.
  14. Do they have to make the winner of this meeting the GP wildcard? They don't do it every year. Can they just go with Lambert anyway, even if he doesn't win?

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