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  1. Grachan

    Heat details 1986 British Open Pairs

    I'm not so sure with Chris Morton being among the best riders never to win a world title. Riders like Adams, Crump, Moran and Knudsen were riders who really should have won a World Final. I'm not sure you'd say the same with Chris. When you look at some riders who finished on the podium, though, I think he would have a case for being better than them. EG Doncaster, Kennett, L.Collins, Handberg, Boyce etc. But none of those are really riders that you would have expected to win either. I'd even go as far as saying he achieved more at World Level than some riders of similar standard such as Ashby, Schwartz.
  2. Grachan

    Emma Raducanu

    It was a break point for Fernandez and Raducanu slid her knee along the floor and cut her knee so needed a medical time out. I think Fernandez was just stressed because it ruined her momentum in the second set and was probably having a moan about it. She probably lost the match by losing her cool in that moment. She was close to defeat anyway, but having break point gave her a chance of turning the second set round and drawing level.
  3. They were actually taking that line during that initial stage in the weeks before lockdown and saying that the main course of action was to protect the elderly. That all rather got lost once the lockdowns were brought in. BBC One - The Andrew Marr Show, 15/03/2020, Matt Hancock: 'Coronavirus isolation to shield over-70's within weeks'
  4. Grachan

    Emma Raducanu

    Is that the same Greg Rudedski who won Sports Personality of the Year when he reached the US Open final? Several reasons probably. Partly because he was in his twenties when he switched to GB and already established and a player. Emma is a true British girl. She grew up here and came throgh the British tennis system. Also, she won. He didn't. And she's 18 and was a qualifier. She's also better looking than Greg! She has natural beauty and charisma whereas Greg looks like Sam Masters.
  5. Grachan

    Emma Raducanu

    She is amazing. How many British sports people have honestly been genuine worldwide superstars? Not many. Lennox Lewis maybe? We could well have another one here.
  6. One thing I wouldn't argue with is the effect the vaccine has on periods. It is certainly something that raises concerns in me as I've known it to happen. What I think is nonsense is all the Twitter conspiracy hysteria about people trying to be controlled and sterilised by some Nazi like injection. Total nonsense. But that doesn't mean I am satisfied the vaccine is totally safe. People don't need a jab to be controlled or tracked anyway as they are doing it themselves with mobile phones.
  7. Why are they coming for the children?
  8. Just a thought, but I never did any of those 3 things when I was a kid.
  9. Well done Sweden. Only 2 months behind the UK. The reason for their lifting of restrictions? Most people are now vaccinated. Sweden to lift more Covid-19 restrictions at end of September - The Local Sweden to remove most remaining COVID-19 restrictions this month - CNA (channelnewsasia.com)
  10. Grachan

    Sheffield 2020

    Yeah, it must be hilarious when fans that no longer have a club to support still show an interest in the riders that rode for them.
  11. What is interesting is how many times you read about events being cancelled because someone has tested positive, or how often famous people are reported as testing positive. Yet nobody is ever concerned for their safety - just about them passing it on.
  12. Grachan


    How about Reading Racers, who took their nickname from defunct Harringay.
  13. If there was a vaccination for cancer, I'd have it.
  14. If you search "are you getting it yet" the first thing that comes up is David Icke.

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