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  1. That's me and Willie booked into the Holiday Inn , we love visiting Peterborough . The countdown commences .
  2. Memories good and bad.!!

    Good Glasgow's Shawfield years and the 93 and 94 double winning sides Beating Edinburgh in the 1994 KO Cup final 1992 Inter league cup Glasgow 46 Cradley 44 , Shawfield was rocking that night . 2011 Leicester 28 Glasgow 62 , never seen a Tigers away performance so dominant Being at Cardiff in 2007 when Bomber came from last to first to win the GP , I thought the noise was going to lift the roof off . Bad 1987 having to travel to Workington for home meetings , I really thought time was up for us then Watching us getting pumped regular at Edinburgh on their little trick track Shawfield closing The total incompetence of the sport's governing body in this country Travelling miles for a rain off
  3. Ditch the Family Tag??

    Nowt wrong with a bit of dirty and dangerous .
  4. Jimmy Beaton.

    We jokingly call the back straight terrace , where we watch from , the Charlie Monk stand . I cant think of a more fitting tribute than Glasgow to name the grandstand to honour the memory of Jimmy Beaton . Officially naming it the Jimmy Beaton stand would serve as a lasting thanks for all he did for the club .
  5. Glasgow 2018

    Add Kildemand to that list too , they certainly produce a certain type of rider in Denmark . Yes Claus has that going missing trait , but he has proved in the past , particularly at Edinburgh , that in the right environment he can consistently produce the goods . Whether that will be the case at Glasgow remains to be seen , but I sincerely hope so .
  6. Glasgow 2018

    It's not really slating Claus , it's just pointing out the type of rider he is . Not all can be the consummate team man on track . I remember going to Stoke during Claus' first season in this country and David McAllan got Claused a couple of times . James Grieves had a spat with him at Ashfield one day and called him just a typical Dane when interviewed post meeting . Well I suppose they all learn at the feet of the master in Denmark . But on a 6.8 average there's no doubt he can be trump card if he gets his act together .
  7. Edinburgh 2018

    I get all the put British riders first , but clubs want to try and be as competitive as they possibly can . Sure it might only take a couple of riders to improve significally and you have title contenders , but the more riders who do that increases those prospects . It's unfortunate that the likes of Jacobs and Perks have so far been overlooked , but while the sport is average driven there is always going to be arithmetical casualties . And riders in the bracket between 5 and 6 are always the most vulnerable regardless of nationality .
  8. Jimmy Beaton.

    Sad news indeed mate , at Glasgow we have much to be thankful to Jimmy for , would we still be in existence without Jimmy Beaton - probably not . RIP Jimmy your legacy will live on everytime a Glasgow rider takes to the track .
  9. Edinburgh 2018

    And on reflection there is the argument if a British rider is good enough he'll make it anyway . Look at the strides made by Steve Worrall and Kyle Howarth in recent seasons . You're only going to be successful by having riders increasing their average . Edinburgh's new foreign rider might do that , we know Jacobs ( with all due respect ) isn't . If results aren't that important , go to Buxton , the rest of us would enjoy the thrill of our clubs challenging for honours . You're not going to do that signing 5 point riders who will stay 5 point riders .
  10. Glasgow 2018

    Both are better than they used to be anyway . At one time you feared riders would disappear through the pits gate on bend 2 , and the third bend bump wasn't too much in evidence last season , nor was the bend as square . But you cant stand still and the track has plenty of improvement needed . The football club no longer calls the tune at Ashfield , so I imagine their pitch will be quite a bit narrower after the track work is complete .
  11. Glasgow 2018

    Just continually trying to improve things , making it in such a way to enable us to enjoy exciting and thrilling speedway . The track was too one line last season , the aim is to have a track that riders of both sides can attack and give the paying public the type of speedway to do justice to it's surroundings . No point having Chris Harris and not giving him the track to entertain us .
  12. Suppose it depends where you are in the country , my missus went into WH Smiths in Paisley this morning and they had 5 copies on the shelf , well 4 after she left .
  13. Edinburgh 2018

    So much for the " we have to have doubling up as there's not enough riders " argument . 5.2 seems fair for an untried newcomer . If he flops then you move for someone else and if he's a bargain on that average then the club , whomever that is , deserves credit for doing their homework on him .
  14. Workington 2018 .

    Glad to see Rene back in British speedway , a class act
  15. Haha , this is a traditional BSF Christmas thread