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  1. Workington 2018 .

    I was mis-informed , it's the Saturday night fixture at Derwent Park which is the possible fixture for next weekend
  2. Is our governing body now that spineless they just roll over and let Poland tickle their tummy everytime . Anyway back to yesterday's meeting , thought it was going to be a battering at one point , but the Riss siblings saved face for the Monarchs . Erik was the only Monarch consistently competing out of the gate , though Mark joined him once he got his set up sorted out . Wells was average , but Pickering battled hard for every point . the other two were rubbish . For us , i don't think we're quite there yet . Vissing was brilliant , heat 14 was an awesome race . Kerr also had a superb meeting . Harris has yet to find his feet at Ashfield , Starke is still a bit up and down , while i don't know what issues Worrall is having , but he looks slow . Four third places is not what you want from your number 1 . The two reserves were steady and did what was expected of them , especially the heat two 5-1 against a supposed stronger pair . A seven point weekend puts us firmly in control of the group though .
  3. That's shocking , not like its a rearranged fixture , he should be at Ashfield . I remember Peter Waite sacking a rider for doing the same thing a few years back , and he was actually Polish . Makes it a better meeting cause r/r will score about half a dozen points more than Andersson would have , but its still a nonsense .
  4. Workington 2018 .

    i hear youre up here next Sunday for the restaging of the Shield meeting
  5. Been raining in Paisley for a couple of hours now , but i'm not worried as its a nice bit of natural watering , as long as it stops soon . A few of us meeting in the Horseshoe at half 12 to raise a glass or two in memory of Falkirkbandit ( wee Marty ) . Rest in peace wee man , we had some great times on speedway trips
  6. Though possibly not reaching the tropical highs of today's temperatures , it will still be pleasant enough to enjoy watching the Tigers' cement their superiority over our neighbours and put us in pole position in the group .
  7. Gutted i had to miss last night's Armadale annihilation , but hopefully the domination of the Monarchs can continue tomorrow . The weather is lovely and a beautiful Sunday afternoon drinking beer in the Charlie Monk stand beckons
  8. Berwickbandits2018

    Don't know why as it isn't full . I'm still in total shock
  9. Wonder what Belle Vue fans think of Troy Batchelor's performance
  10. Berwickbandits2018

    Has anybody heard anything about wee Falkirkbandit ? I've just received a disturbing text about him
  11. Ivan Mauger

    Likewise when him and Scott Autrey held a series of match races at Paisley in the mid seventies , and he brought his gold bike along too . Arguably the greatest rider ever to take to the shale , its always a sad day whenever a true legend passes away . Remember him too riding with a plaster cast on his right ankle during the 1971 Nordic-British Final at Hampden . Rest in peace Ivan and thanks for the memories .
  12. A welcome return to Sunday afternoon action this weekend . A nice civilised lie in followed by a big cooked breakfast , read of the Sunday papers setting me up for a trip to Ashfield via the Horseshoe Bar ( which isn't anywhere near as packed as the Friday or Saturday teatime madness ). And with Spring gradually getting its act together , hopefully we get a pleasant , warm afternoon to enjoy the racing instead of the Arctic conditions we've struggled through during our two completed home fixtures to date . And as it's our nearest and dearest visiting , a hard fought competitive fixture is a given . Hopefully both sides are still at full strength after Friday night , and a repeat of the 10 point victory margin gained in the Scottish Cup fixture should be well within our capabilities .
  13. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    I said the same on the Glasgow v Berwick thread , looks like the bride of Chucky . Not exactly very Bandit inclined
  14. Entertaining enough meeting on a cold , damp evening . We took a while to get going , but were pretty dominant when we did . Seemed to be a bit of a problem with the first bend , with a few riders having problems there , notably Harris and Etheridge . We were solid throughout apart from young Jack who had major mechanical issues . For Berwick , Doolan and Howe were good before fading towards the end of the meeting , Gappmaier looked lively and got amongst the points . Who knows what kind of evening Lindman would have had , had he not taken a pearler while leading heat 3 . Jakobsen got better as the evening went on , while Summers disappointed badly on his return to Ashfield . No wonder the kids race got cancelled , would you let a kid near that Berwick mascot ? . That's the creepiest mascot I've ever seen , it looks like a Chucky doll