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  1. Paulco

    Craig Cook

    It was the comments from a main league supporter that got my back up Bagpuss . Those of us with long memories remember how the 2nd tier clubs got stitched up the last time we went down the one big league road in 1995 .Added to that the fate of Birmingham and Rye House makes us very wary of moving up .
  2. Paulco

    Craig Cook

    The main league ? Strange as it may seem , we only give token attention to the so called main league . We have our own version and are quite happy with our lot . Our teams are trying to build the best possible sides that budgets will permit and we all have weekend slots in which to follow our sides home and away . We dont view our riders as doubling up , theyre just guesting in some other league as a way to earn extra cash . It only affects us when one of our boys , sadly Lewis Kerr , gets injured whilst moonlighting . As for moving up , get real , we're all weekend tracks , why would we want to race on a Monday and Wednesday , look at poor Rye House .
  3. Paulco

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Natural order lol , the only time you won it is when the Grand Monarch gifted you it
  4. Paulco

    Newcastle 2018

    Thanks Steve
  5. Paulco

    Newcastle 2018

    Going to be landing at Newcastle airport at 2a.m on Sat morning . Does anyone know a minicab number so i can get from there to the Metro Inns
  6. Has Berwick been reclaimed by Scotland then ? Must have missed that
  7. Paulco

    Newcastle 2018

    Thanks guys
  8. Paulco

    Newcastle 2018

    A non speedway related question . Getting the train from Glasgow to Newcastle on Friday morning . What is the best way to get from the train station out to Newcastle airport without it costing me an arm and a leg in a taxi ?
  9. Thats what happens in modern day speedway when you sign a precocious talent . At least you havent had the scenario when he's missing one of your matches because Belle Vue have an important meeting the following evening . Well not yet anyway
  10. Three legged final along the lines of the Craven Shield should have been the way to go . Why does speedway never take the obvious and easiest way ?
  11. We can speculate every aspect of Glasgow's performances , but the truth is , we should be doing far better than 34 points away from the home . Before Redcar strengthened up , everyone was winning there , we scrambled a point . Our away performances in the Championshio Shield were acceptable , but in the league it's a different story . At home we look far from convincing too . The utter shambolic performance against Workington in the Shield followed by the unforgivable collapse against Edinburgh in the cup has left a lasting effect on attendances We have an underperforming top two who seemingly cant get their machinery to work properly , getting them to get through a meeting on competative engines seems to be a bridge too far . We have a fan masquerading as a team manager who has no tactical nous or the ability to lift the team when the going gets tough. We are constantly fed the party line , that team spirit is good and dont panic Mr Mannering , everything will be ok . Well the harsh reality is , we put together a strong looking side at the start of the season and so far it's blown qualification out of a Shield group it had complete control of . Blown a KO Cup tie it was running away with . And with the next home meeting against the all conquering Lakeside Hammers looming large , defeat in that will leave the play offs looking a very distant holy grail . But dont worry folks , everything will be fine .
  12. So did we . 9 points from our top two clearly isnt good enough .
  13. And by the same token , we must have our best chance for a few seasons to get a result at Owlerton . As long as our mechanical issues dont resurface
  14. I'm off to your old stomping ground , Sunny Beach , a week on Friday . So can you message me best places to go to ?
  15. Deary me , ask a simple question and you get that .

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