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  1. Paulco

    Idiosyncratic signings

    No , he won the PLRC the year it was held at Swindon . By the time his career had reached Glasgow , he was a major disappointment
  2. The meeting format was quite bizarre with riders racing against the same rider more than once in the qualifying heats , plus some riders , at one point , had completed three rides while a couple only had completed the one . When I wrote my previous comment , I was bored stiff . The opening half a dozen or so heats were pretty turgid affairs , but the meeting did get better as it progressed , culminating in a terrific final where Richie Worrall just pipped Rory Schlein by a tyre width.
  3. A wee reminder why I stopped going to these individual meetings
  4. Are we good to go tonight then ?
  5. Paulco

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    We don't have a home match next Friday , neither do Scunny , why can't we have it next Friday ?
  6. Paulco

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Can some kind person keep us up to date with the weather down there later , I'll be leaving home about 12 , but can access this on my phone , thanks
  7. Paulco

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    That rule was changed years ago , anything goes now
  8. It is all about opinions and from my view from the bar area , it looked like the jostling between Starke and Garrity caused a domino effect . From my angle you couldn't tell if Howarth moved across
  9. Been in it for the last couple of years , he must have a British passport now . Coming down for this to support Paul Starke , why is James Sarjeant not considered as a replacement for one of the call -offs ?
  10. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    You are correct , it was something like the first three inches was cut off the tape , there was also a Paisley v Newcastle meeting where Tom Owen got thrown out of the meeting , can't remember if it was the same one or not .
  11. Proctor hasn't really clicked for Sheffield , looked good last year in that all conquering Workington side , but tonight it was back to previous year's Ashfield visits . Yes there was one or two instances tonight where Sheffield riders got in each other's way a bit .
  12. It backfired a bit , your reserves were good , Andersen wasn't
  13. Echo that , I enjoyed the meeting , there were some decent races , especially 13 and 14 . I had my doubts about the Jensen signing in the winter , but I've been proved wrong , he was awesome again tonight . All in all that was a strong team performance against a decent outfit .
  14. Sorry , yes his machinery hasn't arrived yet , so he hasn't been declared I'm our septet . So therefore the guest is for Chessel

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