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  1. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    He'll be Leicester bound i would have thought
  2. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Thats an interesting point , what would Woffinden come in on ? Haha . The 38 point limit should rule Cook out of the equation , sad but he'd take too large a chunk out of the points limit . Personally i'd have Vissing , Kerr and Starke back . That would be roughly 21 points . I'd take Pickering in a heartbeat if Edinburgh could be persuaded to part with him , but riders on his sort of average will be like gold dust . Especially him , who'd put 2 points on his average on a proper speedway track . Kemp and Thomas at reserve would be a major coup and throw in a Coty Garcia and that should be umder the limit .
  3. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Maybe so Dot , but if you dont ask you dont get
  4. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    They made a big song and dance about running on a Friday night ( remember the famous letter ) so it would be a bit embarrassing to return to a Sunday afternoon after just one season running on a Friday night . I'm surprised at Somerset dropping back down , but glad too as i love the place and if we also get Birmingham and Kent , then we might get some Southern Tours again too . With Ipswich moving up to the top flight , we should be enquiring after Drew Kemp . I know every club in the Championship will be after him , but surely we must ask the question .
  5. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    38 points is a big drop . Will the admission price reflect the difference now between the top two leagues ? Or will we be paying as much , and in some cases more , than the top flight ?
  6. Paulco

    Goodbye and thank you for the memories (for now!)

    Yeah i enjoyed my trips to Ipswich , your club and fans were a great asset to our league . All the best back in the top flight
  7. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    We already have volunteers doing that kind of stuff
  8. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Is it co-incidence that this statement came out on the opening day of the promoter's conference ?
  9. Probably a bit of both . The owners have been pushing for Friday nights ever since they took over the club . But to be honest i dont see any significant increase in crowd levels compared to a Sunday afternoon . We have probably hit the ceiling of what size of crowd speedway in Glasgow can attract now , regardless of which day we have our meetings .
  10. I preferred the Sunday meetings , but the amount of speedway abroad , long track and grass track , makes attracting riders to Glasgow all the more difficult for a Sunday these days
  11. Mr " can i get a concession ? " . Could he afford to get the round in ?
  12. No that was Bill , he doesnt go anymore as he goes to a lot of rock gigs round about Glasgow and theyre mostly on a Friday and Saturday night . Aye him and i and Alan McFarlane have had a few boozy away trips , especially to Somerset .
  13. Your Workington bias is understandable , it"s not every season one feels the euphoria a treble brings . Just make it a four timer by coming to the tapes next March to defend your titles .
  14. Its a bit unfair to single out individuals when there are so many interesting and knowledgeable contributors to this section of the forum . Yes there are also a few numpties who's sole purpose is to wind folk up and also one or two of the nasty variety . But thankfully they are in the minority and the rest of us love the sport and i enjoy the quiet moments reading the various threads . I remember the days when i went to the speedway ; went home and didnt have anyone to talk to about it until the following week , so this forum has been a godsend in that respect . Long may it continue to flourish .
  15. Rider of the year - got to be Craig Cook , it's a pleasure watching him every home meeting . Impressive team - only one candidate here - Workington Team rider - Paul Starke , racked up the bonus points in the Glasgow engine room . One to watch - Josh Pickering . The confines of his home track isnt suited to his all action style . Watch his progress rocket if he moves away to somewhere like Scunthorpe Bulldog award - again Craig Cook Meeting of the season - Scunthorpe v Glasgow the day after Cardiff Surprise of the season - Berwick's dads army looked basement dwellers , They were anything but that . Underperformers - Ipswich's season was blighted by injury which was the main reason they finished mid table Unluckiest rider - youmg Dan Bewley . Hope this bad injury doesnt halt his progress Newcomer - the young laddie at Ipswich - Drew Kemp - what a prospect he is

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