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  1. Speaking to Mrs Paulco on the phone this morning , she was still buzzing . But despite her undoubted joy at last night's wonderful result for us , the one thing that came across from her was that she was blown away with how nice and welcoming the Ipswich supporters and staff were towards her and her pal , Dorothy 58 . They were probably the only two Tigers fans there last night , so a big thanks to you all for showing how great Suffolk hospitality is . I've had enough brilliant nights following the Tigers down to Foxhall to know what she said was true . As a club you might have missed out on the play offs , but as a welcoming support you have no peers.
  2. We have them at Glasgow too
  3. No hard of thinking here , this is a Glasgow thread
  4. Surely not the nitro too ?
  5. Kemp will be much sought after , after his performance at Glasgow the other week , and in the same pits as the Glasgow promotion tonight
  6. Let them carry on , makes it all the more sweeter lol
  7. I had a feeling Ipswich were vulnerable after seeing Berwick were 4 points ahead last week when the meeting got abandoned , but still absolutely delighted with the outcome tonight . Hoping for a Glasgow v Workington semi final now , which would bring bumper attendances to both tracks over a weekend .
  8. Ipswich taking a risk drafting in two former Glasgow riders as guests for this huge clash . Added to that a former Tiger slides his broomstick round Foxhall at reserve , do Ipswich understand that once a Tiger always a Tiger , except for Kevin Wolbert . As a youngster growing up in Argentina , all his classmates longed to be Maradona , Coty dreamed of being Robett Nagy . Richard , son of god , was born in a stable and visited by three wise men with gifts of , a pint of heavy , a Tigers racejacket and a picture of a statue with a motorway cone on it's head . And growing up in Australia Mason Campton would have a bush tucker trial eating Haggis , square sausage and tattie scones . So Witcypoos , you have been warnef
  9. Wonder who the last Tiger was to score three full maximums , at home , in a row ? The Messiah maybe , God possibly , you might even have to go back to King Charlie in the 60's . Whether signing Cookie drags us into the play offs will be decided in Suffolk and Essex later this week , but it has been a signing that has brought the feelgood factor into a season that was going nowhere .
  10. Unfortunately you always get that , Some Tigers fans were the same when Richie Worrall touched the tapes in heat 14 , as you say - short memories .
  11. Well that was much easier than i expected , not a nervy moment all night . Apart from Riss and the entertaining Pickering , the Monarchs were poor . Though guest reserve Nicol did his best , agents Palovaara and Worrall were woeful . Cook , as usual , was a class apart , but the whole team were up for it , none more so than guest Jordan Stewart who had a cracking meeting . Nothing beats beating the Monarchs to warm you up on a chilly Autumn evening .
  12. While that is true , i had that before left the house . Bit chilly on the back straight tonight.
  13. Working nightshift after this , so just coffees tonight
  14. Just had a shower , but dry at the track now

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