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  1. Paulco

    2020 CL

    Aye with stories circulating yesterday about Kent ( been mooted before ) , Sheffield ( to get their Thursday nights back ) and Berwick ( seriously ??? ) moving up into the Chapman League . Then who will make up the 14 teams I wonder
  2. Footballers get worse , but no matter , they can act the prat all they like .
  3. Various hand gestures towards the Glasgow support on Saturday night
  4. Mountain had a decent meeting at Glasgow in the league . Seems Messrs Perks and Lawlor can expect a warm welcome on Tuesday
  5. So did Richard Lawson , seems it's a badly worded rule open to manipulation . Who'd have thought that in speedway
  6. Just gets a bit annoying when its constant. Especially when we canny control when it decides to rain . Not even the alleged money tree on the first bend can buy you a dry night for speedway
  7. Paulco

    2020 CL

    Aye you were a formidable outfit that year
  8. Every day I checked out big Carol with the ample puppies on BBC breakfast , and not once did she mention rain here yesterday . I went to my local shop around 7 last night and got drenched in the 5 minute walk . I just hope the title isn't decided like it was at Monmore Green last week , a mud bath like that just makes it a lottery
  9. Paulco

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Here's hoping on both counts
  10. Well it seems all the East Midlands meteorological experts on here got their information about the expected rainfall in the west of Scotland ridiculously wrong last night , as it poured from the heavens all evening . Still I suppose our pact with the rain God, so we could get the second leg at home , has been delivered so far . Whether he stays away from Leicester today is up to him , but at least there wont be the same paranoia aimed at the Lions from us . Granted there was the usual , predictable , rhetoric from the likes of Blobby and Jenga everytime they perceive Glasgow are up to something , that kind of fixation takes years to nurture and develop . So here's hoping we get a meeting tonight , all riders come out of it safe, all fans get royally entertained and it's left in the balance for Tuesday night's decider at the Citadel of Speed .
  11. Paulco

    2020 CL

    Get to my age and the seasons from years ago merge into one lol
  12. Paulco

    2020 CL

    A nice idea in principle , but as Jenga alluded to , the authorities dont let that happen . Cast your mind back to 2005 .Lower ranked riders were rated A ,B and C . You could choose your reserves to be an A and a C or have two B rated riders . They were to stay at reserve all season . Rye House's A reserve was Steve Boxall . Who improved from the previous season immensely and started banging in double figure scores home and away as Rye House swept all before them . Similarly at a slightly less productive level Jon Armstrong was doing the same at either Mildenhall or Stoke ( I canny remember which ) . Mid season the authorities decided this couldn't be allowed to continue , so both Boxall and Armstrong were ordered into the main body of their respective teams . So it's a nice idea , but as soon as a reserve starts getting heat leader scores, it gets changed .
  13. Paulco

    Poole Pirates 2020

    We helped Ellesmere Port's cause by beating Middlesborough in an early November meeting at Blantyre 2
  14. Paulco

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Good post , and the double header was a brilliant evening . And on you're last point , I'm completely with you there , there is a lot more to a night at the speedway than just the racing .

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