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  1. Paulco

    bandits 2020

    My understanding was that the teams that finished top of their respective group went straight into the semi final . And the second and third place teams raced against their counterparts to see who joined them in the semi final
  2. Paulco

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    You cant make that assessment until every side has named their seven riders
  3. Paulco

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Interesting that in the quarter finals it is the 4 winners in the first round who will race against each other , as will the 4 byes . Doesn't seem very random
  4. Paulco

    Glasgow 2020

    We all did things in our youth with we look back on and cringe
  5. Paulco

    Race nights

    Even with the track ?
  6. Paulco

    Race nights

    Glasgow , sometimes Friday , occasionally Saturday , now and again Sunday , if things get desperate towards the end of the season Tuesday
  7. Paulco

    Glasgow 2020

    No you're just another in a long line of " I know something you dont know " posters who come out to play on here every winter . Most of us are quite content for clubs to have their little secret sam games and wait for them choosing to tell us
  8. Paulco

    Glasgow 2020

    Seriously ? Sedgmen ? Ostergaard ?
  9. Paulco

    Glasgow 2020

    Its each individual's choice . There is no doubt that the infamous letter was crass and unnecessary , but that was four years ago . If some cant put that behind them that's really up to them
  10. Paulco

    Glasgow 2020

    Yes that's true , the cold war is certainly over
  11. Paulco

    Glasgow 2020

    That's only cause we're pumping them on a regular basis
  12. We've had that type of thing all season . The track has produced the best speedway we've seen in many a year . Ok it would have been nice to have silverware at the end of the season , apart from the Pairs , but the entertainment has more that made up for the lack of trophys.
  13. Paulco

    Sheffield 2020

    If indeed Poole drop down a league , then ex-Tiger Josh Grajczonek must be on Sheffield's radar
  14. Definitely something in that . The whole way the meeting was presented last night was aimed at whipping the crowd and the riders into a frenzy . The singing , the flares , the whole pre match stuff had the adverse effect on our younger team members . Sam Jensen was all over the place , Connor Bailey had a nightmare meeting . The Rasmus Jensen fall in heat 4 killed us , he seemed to hit something on bend 3 which caused the loss of control . The Douglas exclusion could have gone either way , if ever the all 4 back option could be extended to the end of lap 1 , there was the perfect example of a good argument for it . But a thrilling contest between the best two sides in the league produced fitting champions . But if only Paul Starke hadn't got injured .

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