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  1. Is anyone else having buffering problems? Virtually unwatchable unfortunately...
  2. Losthammer

    Swedish Elitserien round 1, 8 May 2018

    Thanks for replying. I’ve not been very impressed with the presentation either. As you say they’re going to have to get better. It has settled down (touch wood) so hopefully it’s teething troubles.
  3. Losthammer

    Swedish Elitserien round 1, 8 May 2018

    Have you found the stream patchy Dave. I’m watching on Polish TV and they’ve lost the feed several times.
  4. There should be a stream for it somewhere I would hope.
  5. There is a Poland vs Denmark meeting on 13/5/18 starting at 1:45 British time on Polsat Sport Extra. Don’t know if this will be shown by Premier/Freesports however.
  6. The picks for heat 14 and 15 show just how utterly ridiculous!! How can it be fair?
  7. Indeed. Unfortunately I can only see them going down again at the end of the season. Compared to other teams they just don’t have the same firepower. Great to see Nicki riding so well again, rolling back the years for sure.
  8. Then Rospiggarna vs Vetlanda the following week according to the TV schedule.
  9. Fingers crossed he has a good, safe meeting.
  10. It’s on Eleven Sports 1
  11. He can only hope that if he practices well they give him a go in the team. Otherwise it will be very difficult for him to get a chance. It’s so tough in Poland. He may be a GP rider this season but that doesn’t count for much over there.
  12. Has to go down as the most bizarre cause of a stoppage in history. Looks like Pawel will have trouble sitting down for the next few days LOL. Really not liking this new Polish rule where a non Pole can be named. Too much chopping and changing, plus riders under even more pressure to perform.
  13. Thanks for the link. Good that the report quotes the Doctor, rather than supposition. Get Well soon Jason...
  14. The way he finished up, totally still, he certainly looked unconscious. His head took a beating, so if he isn’t in pain that’s miraculous. Let’s hope it’s ‘only’ a concussion, he will have got away with one if so. His neck looked incredibly vulnerable, I wish neck braces were compulsory!
  15. Horrendous crash for Doyle there, a reallly bad one. Fingers crossed he’s ok.

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