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  1. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Certainly worth the club taking a look a Sam and R/R wasn't worth persevering with. A Danish Under 21 champion and scoring decent points in a tough domestic league. From You Tube clips he looks a racer so even more excitement for the Ashfield faithful, in what has been a fantastic season so far.
  2. Fingersfin

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Having spoken to someone who was very close to the action, I’m told that Craig swerved to go around the marshal, but the marshal moved in front of him to stop him and it was at this point they came together. Craig therefore did not intentionally steer into him and in fact attempted to take avoiding action.
  3. Fingersfin

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    I think you’ll find what Peter said was that emotions were clearly running high at the start of the meeting and that on behalf of his club, he apologised for whatever part Glasgow played in the incident. He didn’t apportion blame and it’s wrong to suggest he did. It's Eastbourne, you are famous for noising up the opposition. Job done. Congratulations on making the Final.
  4. Fingersfin


    Connor Bailey has committed to GB as well.
  5. Fingersfin

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    With our full team I would have fancied the stripes but Starkie a huge miss for this one. 50-40
  6. That was a cracker of a meeting, takes two to tango and Redcar were worthy of their point. The speedway at Glasgow this year is absolutely superb, thoroughly enjoying it. Completely agree that Kyle has the outside line in his locker, if he chooses to use it and Connor getting visibly quicker every week. I thought the second pits camera worked well last night once the signal issues settled down. The 2nd meeting in a row with a very healthy attendance (no freebies), positive signs for the club.
  7. Fingersfin

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Can pay at the gate
  8. Fingersfin

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    High speed, lots of banking and now that last year's track alterations have settled down the racing has improved massively, with distinct inside and outside lines. We haven't had a dud meeting this season despite the relatively comfortable wins.
  9. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Will be surprised if the Tornado is more than a mild breeze at first. Massive step up for the lad and short term CC was probably the best option. I hope to be proved very wrong. However, I think this is a huge signing for the club with his junior pedigree and family support this hungry Australian will come good. Really looking forward to watching him develop. On a 2.00 point average it looks to be a brilliant piece of business and I am sure an additional spot in the NL will be forthcoming.
  10. Both line ups were posted on the Tigers Facebook page yesterday.
  11. Fingersfin

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Yes it is true. It is to make up for the late withdrawal of the home fixture against the now defunct Comets.
  12. As job applications go he couldn't have done much more. Certainly quick out the traps. Bickley continues to impress, hope he stops growing!
  13. That was as entertaining a 56-33 as you could wish to see. The ref said it was the best meeting she had seen this year.
  14. 60 plus has to be the target tonight. A weak Diamonds team.
  15. Fingersfin

    Somerset 2019

    Spot on. Just laziness by the promotions. As has been pointed out suits can be owned and loaned by supporters/sponsors

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