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  1. Fingersfin

    Edinburgh 2022

    Great news, hopefully it comes to fruition and as mentioned before, is as wide as possible.
  2. I know most Glasgow fans have little time for him after he appeared to rip the pish with us but you can't deny he is still fantastic entertainment.
  3. Decent photo on SpeedwayGB Facebook seems to show pretty clear contact.
  4. Thought the Basso/Brennan decision was correct but a howler from the ref in Heat 2. Excluding Marcin for a non-existent tape touch and screwing the gate 4 advantage for the Tigers. Could be very costly.
  5. 'the guy' you obviously don't know much about Mr Black and his love of the wind up.
  6. Totally agree, let's get back to every point counting for something and the problem above is easily solved by awarding winner of the GP 20 points.
  7. I stand corrected, there was an issue but it wasn't deliberate as you imply, just a fault from the stream provider, not a deliberate ploy by the club. If you look at the error, fairly obvious it's football related which is QTVs bread and butter.
  8. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2021

    Hansen, rides in Poland, Sweden, Denmark with Under 23 and Under 21 commitments coming up. Way to busy for our fixtures.
  9. Fingersfin

    Glasgow v Redcar 11/04/2021

    Nothing wrong for me. There are 3 players try them all or switch to a different device, use phone etc
  10. Yes enjoyable meeting, so impressed that a British speedway team is producing such a polished stream. And credit where credits due Edinburgh do well on their tighter budget. Looks like, Tigers will have a real force at number 6 all season which bodes well. Very impressed with Ben Cook..
  11. Fingersfin

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Excellent edit, strange that it hasn't been issued first from the clubs official channels.
  12. Don't see why not, open tigerstv url in Chrome and use the cast option from the browser. It is available for 48 hours after.
  13. Fingersfin

    Glasgow 2021

    Very pleased with the pricing all things considered. The club is not benefitting from car parking, F&B, hospitality and merch. When you factor in that one purchase can cover a household, it is clear that they have pitched it at an excellent price. This is a professional production with 4 cameras and Nigel on comms. The price point is equivalent if not a bit cheaper than other benchmarks, so fair play.
  14. Fingersfin

    Edinburgh 2021

    Well done Edinburgh! .... That feels so wrong.

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