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  1. lucifer sam

    Ipswich 2020

    True. I remember the immediate impact that Todd Wiltshire - returning after a two-year retirement - had on the Oxford team a month into the 2006 season. The very first meeting he rode for Cheetahs, there was an improvement and the team started to look more like a team rather than seven individuals. I recall that we beat Coventry in that meeting and eventually avoided the wooden spoon that we had been odds-on to collect. Crumpie will make such a difference to the rest of the Ipswich lads. I’m excited to see how a young Australian such as Jake Allen will progress riding alongside Crumpie. It will be a fantastic thing for young Drew Kemp as well.
  2. lucifer sam

    Un-official World Finals

    Yes, which means it went from official to unofficial and then seemingly back to official again! I think it's only a few years ago that they decided that 1969 was official after all! Like Steve, I'm sure I saw it somewhere - would be interesting to know where! Mauger always included it in his tally - as far as he was concerned, he had the medal so it counted!
  3. lucifer sam

    Un-official World Finals

    I think Steve Roberts is correct - I'm sure the FIM declared that the 1969 World Pairs championship was official a few years ago. It would be nice to find a source for that. I don't think the 1968 event has ever been considered official. It had no semi-finals, only six teams in the final, including two West German teams, and many of the top nations were not present. In '69, there were two semi-finals and a final, with seven teams in the final. The only difference to 1970 was that there were six teams in the semi-finals in '69 and seven in '70.
  4. lucifer sam

    Edinburgh & Glasgow race night

    Glasgow are also Fridays.
  5. Iris, don't believe everything you read in the papers. Especially when it comes from the animal rights brigade. I've been a part-owner of a greyhound, which was treated very well by the trainer and then looked after he retired by one of the other families involved. Plus there's a whole Greyhound Trust in the UK which doesn't exist in e.g. Ireland.
  6. Well said. The animal rights brigade seem determined that all animals should not be allowed to enjoy themselves.
  7. lucifer sam


    All discussed at the three-hour-plus Local Plan hearing. The value of the site is its current value.
  8. lucifer sam


    That's pretty much it. Plus with a planning inspectorate decision behind them, the council will use a CPO if necessary to get the stadium into the hands of someone who would follow the Local Plan.
  9. lucifer sam


    I thought you were the supposed King's Lynn "fan" who always attacks his own team - which does make you a troll. Always out for a reaction. Apologies if I've mixed you up with someone else, although I don't think so. Well, congratulations, because you did get a reaction from me, although you'll be going on ignore from now on.
  10. lucifer sam


    Well said.
  11. lucifer sam


    The main-money will come from the 100 homes included as part of the plans, that's for sure. But if it's used to leverage speedway and greyhounds back, that can only be positive. Both sports are much missed in Oxford, and have been well represented in any public meeting. On the other hand, the hypocritical PETA could not even get a single supporter to the Local Plan Hearing. I wonder why? Anyway, please go and troll another section on this forum. That's all you ever seem to do.
  12. lucifer sam


    Why on earth are you believing a biased newspaper report, which doesn't even know that speedway is a motorcycle sport? GIve me strength. More dogs are destroyed by PETA each year. The supposed "animal rights" group kill more dogs than anyone. That's not the policy of the Greyhound Trust charity, who re-home the dogs.
  13. lucifer sam


    So you'd listen to these people, would you: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/17/peta-sorry-for-taking-girls-dog-putting-it-down Sounds like really nice people, don't they? On the other hand, the Oxford Mail report the other day chose to omit certain information. This is the full quote I gave them, with the missing bits in bold: Save Oxford Stadium campaigner Rob Peasley said: "As a speedway supporter, I've often seen negative comments towards greyhound racing, but the reality of the situation is very different to that stated by PETA. A group of us once bought a greyhound and then one of the families involved had the dog as a pet after he had retired. The greyhounds are very well looked after by the trainers, and you can tell how much the dogs love to race - they are doing what they love doing. No-one from PETA attended the Local Plan Hearing. All the members of the public who took time off work and made the commitment to attend the hearing were in favour of the return of the greyhounds and speedway." Unfortunately it didn't fit the reporter's story to let people know what happens to a lot of the greyhound once they retire. In fact, there's a whole charity, the Greyhound Trust, who re-home retired greyhounds.
  14. lucifer sam

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    I vaguely remembered that we may have discussed this before
  15. lucifer sam

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    Did anyone slide a bike at the original Indianapolis, before they laid the bricks to make it safer for the cars?

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