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  1. lucifer sam

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    The best racing I've seen on a week-to-week basis is at modern day Scunthorpe, so I understand Rob Godfrey's statement. If I'd have been privileged to watch racing on a weekly basis at Hyde Road in the 70s, maybe I'd disagree. To be honest, I don't think the racing is any better or any worse. The big difference is the atmosphere during meetings - that's not the same. And that's down to crowds being a fraction of what they were.
  2. That sounds like the days when the World Final draw was known before the final. In his last ride in the 1987 ICF, Hans Nielsen deliberately let Jimmy Nilsen through, so that Nilsen finished second in the meeting and Nielsen third. As a result, Nielsen had gate 1 in both rides against Erik Gundersen (the winner of the ICF) in the two-day final. Nielsen and Ivan Mauger had it all planned out. It didn't pay off on Day 1, but then paid off big time early on the second day. Nielsen sped away from Gate 1, while Gundersen was slow off Gate 4 (very poor on Day Two, only Nielsen won from it). The whole final was transformed with Nielsen now in command. I can see Peter Adams planning this to Tai's advantage in the case of a close championship battle. That's, of course, if the wording is wrong on the Speedway GP website and it does mean draw number (which surely it must).
  3. The Speedway GP site, however, states: Once qualifying is complete, riders will then take turns to choose their gate positions for Saturday’s meeting, with the fastest rider getting first pick and the slowest selecting last.
  4. It is what it says. I only hope it's poorly worded and means the rider can pick his "draw position" rather than his "start position", as it states.
  5. Seems a bizzare move. Surely the best races often occur when a top rider is often a less than favourable gate and has to pick their way from the back. One rider gating seven times from the same start position does not provide the best racing.
  6. lucifer sam

    Most unfortunate team

    But Peterborough headed the league table, heading into the play-offs. Were Reading that unlucky, when they failed to top the league table and subsequently also lost the play-off final? After all, if the second leg was at Smallmead, it could be argued that it may have panned out differently and Racers snatched the verdict. Having the second leg at home can be a big advantage in a tight situation - and Racers didn't win that right. I'd plump for Poole 2010 instead, who headed the table by a mile, but then lost to Coventry in the play-off final. To me, they were more unfortunate, although that's not denying Coventry, by far the better team in the play-off final.
  7. lucifer sam

    Most unfortunate team

    It was your initial reluctance to place any praise at all on Belle Vue, and put it all down to Wolves' injury crisis. On balance, it's always a combination of the two. As others have said and I've agreed with, Wolves were very unlucky. But, at the same time, Belle Vue made some inspirational team changes, and came from nowhere to the league title. On the night in question, their riders showed the greater steel, while one or two of the younger Wolves bowed to the sheer pressure of the occasion.
  8. lucifer sam

    10 favourite Danish riders

    Never liked Olsen, even before that. Steve Roberts has detailed why.
  9. lucifer sam

    Most unfortunate team

    Great thread. BWitcher being a sore loser - and then denying being a sore loser. PS Wolves '93 are one of the most unfortunate teams in terms of missing out on a league title. I would also suggest Belle Vue '78 and Harringay '53.
  10. lucifer sam

    10 favourite Danish riders

    Limited to riders I've seen and with the clarification that's it favourites rather than best: Hans Nielsen Jens Rasmussen Jan Staechmann Charlie Gjedde Niels-Kristian Iversen Erik Gundersen Jan O Pedersen Brian Andersen Per Sorensen Thomas Jorgensen I never saw Arne Pander ride, while Ole Olsen wouldn't be included in my favourite 1000 Danish riders - he was a complete git to Hans Nielsen!
  11. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe 2019

    5.30pm: http://www.scunthorpe-speedway.com/?page_id=9468
  12. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe 2019

    2019 fixtures: http://www.scunthorpe-speedway.com/?p=9504
  13. lucifer sam

    Oxford Speedway

    Yes, he's a nice chap and a great photographer.
  14. lucifer sam

    Oxford Speedway

    Steve, I reckon a lot of it is cosmetic. The track needs a few grasstrack bikes going around on it to rip up the weeds, and the terracing could be sorted by a gang of fans. The only areas where a lot of cash might be required are the complex interior (which would be preferable, but not essential, in terms of speedway) and the speedway pits, which are a bit dilapidated.
  15. lucifer sam

    Poole 2019

    Top-flight titles for Pirates: 1969, 1994, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. Starman, would like you to borrow that abacus, so that you can count up to 10?

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