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  1. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Lakeside 22.6.18 7.30pm

    His guest bookings with Scorpions this weekend, before he got injured in Sweden on Tuesday.
  2. What no-one has pointed out is the final of the 2017 SGB Championship Pairs at Sheffield. Ben Barker and Charles Wright held a 7-2 for most of the race, but Wright made a mistake on the final lap and Kyle Howarth and Lasse Bjerre came though. Barker slowed entering the third bend to try to assist his team-mate, and Sheffield pair also slowed as a result, and then Charles Wright smashed into Kyle Howarth in a frightening crash. Wright and Howarth both sustained injuries, with Wright ruled out for the rest of the season.
  3. TOP BRIT Tai Woffinden says it was ‘good to be back’ riding for his country last week. The Scunthorpe born double World Champion scored a stunning 38 points out of a possible 39 in the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Final. But it wasn’t quite enough to hand GB the gold as Russia pipped them to the post in the final – despite Woffinden winning the race. Now he’s looking forward to a bright new future for the national side under the franchise ownership of Rob Painter and Vicky Blackwell through their VRX Motorsport team. “This is the first stage of a five-year plan for GB and whilst Rob Painter (team supremo) is making all the right noises I’ll be alongside him, he said. “I want to say I’m proud of young Robert Lambert, he did a great job throughout the tournament and also a special mention to Craig Cook who travelled with us and was a big member for us as part of the team. “It was good to be back racing for my country on a team basis.” Woffinden has explained the circumstances behind the final in Poland – he won the decider but with Russian duo Artem Laguta and Emil Sayfutdinov claiming second and third they effectively won the race 3+1-3. He said: “The plan was to win the final 5-1 or 4-2 and we knew we could do that so that was the goal. “In a final like that you cannot slow down the race like I did in previous heats. The competition is just too good, maybe 10 years ago you could but at world level now anyone can beat anyone and you have to do the best job you can. “Unfortunately the event rules state if you’re second and third you’re better then the winner! “There’s not many things in life where you get rewarded for losing! “I would like to congratulate Emil and Artem for their world title and look forward to doing it all again next year.” Woffinden has also congratulated newly crowned British Champion Lambert, who romped to the title with a six-ride maximum in Manchester on Monday. “He’s the future,” said Woffinden. “Congratulations to him, he deserves it. I know what it means to win your first national title and it’s pretty special.”
  4. Fantastic performance by Great Britain - proud of them, but so disappointed at the same time. So close but so far. I think Woffy did the right thing in the final. Lambert was racing the inside line, and any attempt to slow Emil would have simply shut off any chance for Lambert to make the pass. He's done enough laps of Wroclaw to know when it's got so slick that team riding simply won't work. At it was, he did more to team-ride than any other rider. There were heroes. Woffy with 38 points out of 39, and Lambert racing his hear out. What a race to beat Magic! Much more optimistic about the future than I've been for ages.
  5. The sensational Heat 5 from last night:
  6. Good meeting - Heat 5 was brilliant speedway. I hope that one ends up on the BSPA website. Scunthorpe battling well despite currently missing three riders. While Newcastle were unlucky not to get a point last night.
  7. lucifer sam

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    It's happened a few times - it's allowed.
  8. Well done Steve. Just to add, Rob Godfrey was full of praise of the commitment put in by Gino last night: http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?p=8627
  9. Most Olympic sports do have a sudden death final at the end of a couple of days of qualifying heats. For example, the 100m has heats one daytime, semi the following day, concluding with the final by the end of the evening. When Bolt had a poor final last year, that was it. He didn't still win the event, because he'd been first in a qualifier. The curling has a whole round-robin to determine the top four, but then becomes knockout. One exception is the heptathlon or decathlon, but those are a combination of different sports and a different kettle of fish. Otherwise there is nearly always some sort of final.
  10. But, crucially, without a sick note. So no replacement allowed under SON rules.
  11. It's real, unfortunately: That's the OFFICIAL account for the new GB set-up.
  12. He cannot be replaced, unless ruled out by injury or illness. Which was obvious all along, otherwise why was there a deadline for submitting teams?
  13. Complete shambles! Mr Rossiter, that's a great way of totally undermining one of your riders just prior to the Speedway Of Nations.
  14. lucifer sam

    Czech GP prague Saturday 26th May 2018

    Have people not learnt? Shovvy's on the wind-up.
  15. lucifer sam

    Scorpions vs Lakeside 25.5.18

    So there's already been heavy showers, plus a 95% of rain at 14.00, a 95% of rain at 15.00, a 95% of rain at 16.00, a 95% of rain at 17.00, a 75% of rain at 18.00 and a 50% of rain at 19.00, and you think this is something other than a rain-off?

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