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  1. lucifer sam

    Championship Shield

    THE first leg of the Championship Shield semi-final between Henderson Insurance Scunthorpe Scorpions and Workington Comets will take place at the Eddie Wright Raceway on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th at 7.30pm.
  2. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Ankle injury - it's not yet known whether there's a fracture or whether it's tendon damage. Fingers crossed that Josh is OK for August 17th.
  3. Fair play for coming on here and not disappearing off the forum for a week, as others have done in the past. I hope Tigers manage to restore a bit of pride over the rest of the season. Well apart on your visit to the EWR, of course.
  4. Looking forward to seeing him twice in August then, since I'm planning to do Scunny vs Ippo and Ippo vs Scunny. Is the massif still going, and do I need to bring some Jaffa Cakes?
  5. Wasn't his last official British average something like 7.03. In which, can GB have him as a reserve or supplementary reserve?
  6. It's the summer holidays, so I suspect his parents have taken him to Devon.
  7. Fabulous result for Scunny last night. Great to see Danny win a race. It's not actually his first this season - he won races at Redcar and Sheffield earlier in the season.
  8. lucifer sam

    Swindon Robins 2019

    I was at that last meeting in 2008. I'm an Oxford fan, but it was heart-breaking. The true Reading fans were there with tears in their eyes, wandering around the track at the end like lost souls.
  9. lucifer sam

    Somerset Pairs 2019?

    Um, and what about the Championship Shield and the Knockout Cup. Plenty of speedway in September and October.
  10. Could do with NKI, Smoli, Pawlicki, JK here. Would put Cookie in a three-man run-off with the top two going through.
  11. With 9 points, Lambert would also be doing his chances of a wildcard no harm at all.
  12. With hopefully points spread to allow Cook a chance of the top three
  13. Thanks. I'll remember that and not talk about chickens again. Your constant whingeing does get a bit tiring, although I largely ignore it. Panthers are having a great season - just enjoy it!
  14. It was also pretty cool to drive through, although at the same time there's an anxiety of what happens if the car gets stuck on the flooded roads or what if I pick up a puncture from one of these branches which are all across the road? The annoying thing is that the weather forecast looked absolutely dreadful on Thursday night, but looked far, far better at around 3.30pm yesterday, which is why I set off. Someone got that badly wrong. The heavy showers were only supposed to come back at around 10pm. Thankfully, I don't think the EWR had the worse of it, even though it tipped down enough to call off the meeting.
  15. I drive to Scunthorpe via the A46 and A15, and it started to rain incredibly hard on the last stretch of A15, reducing visibility down to next to zero. After leaving the A15, the road all the way to the Ashby Ville roundabout was underwater. Lots of car deciding to stop. Then alongside the steelworks, there were at least two fallen trees, with greenery along all road - I was a bit concerned about picking up a puncture. Got to the stadium, where it had clearly rained very hard very recently (called off around 10 minutes before I arrived), but glad they didn't get what was a few miles down the road, because otherwise there could have been stadium damage. Went home via the longer (but drier) M18 and M1.

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