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  1. lucifer sam

    Tommy Knudsen

    Hans defied it at the 1986 BLRC at Hyde Road. He eased to the championship with a 15-point maximum and pulled a few defiant wheelies as he crossed the finishing line. Paul Ackroyd was again the unlucky man in charge and this time he ignored the SCB directive issued by Dick Bracher. Fortunately, the ridiculous "wheelie ban" was dropped after 1986. PS When Oxford went to Reading on the August Bank Holiday that year, Bernard Crapper refused to be team manager, because Paul Ackroyd was referee, and John Tremblin stood in. Of course, the two men made up when Ackroyd became Crapper's successor as SRBF secretary.
  2. I thought everyone was already aware, but this was the third attempt to hold this meeting. The original date was at Leicester a day after the British Grand Prix, which was an ideal date, but it was rained off. Shame about the arrival of the rain last night - there had been some cracking racing and it was building up into an exciting climax.
  3. lucifer sam

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Good luck tonight, mate. If I wasn't leaving the house at 7am tomorrow to get up to Scunny, I would have gone tonight. Good luck Tigers!
  4. lucifer sam

    Grand Prix changes

    A very simple solution would be the GP winner gets 21 points and then everyone else scores as present. Then the winner always scores more points than anyone else, while every point on the night is still vital.
  5. lucifer sam

    Grand Prix changes

    That was bizarre. Without an injury in 2014 (although all the top guys suffered at one point or another that year) he could have been World Champion, as it was he finished second and won three rounds - and then the next year he was awful.
  6. Got an answer: all new subscriptions start from the latest issue, so if you've just taken out a sub, it will start from Issue No 94.
  7. Issue 95 will have something of interest for the Cradley Heath fans as well - working on it at the moment and all will be revealed soon!
  8. Have passed on that question for you - will let you know the reply.
  9. It is Tom Young at No 13.
  10. It's subscription only - announcement here: http://retro-speedway.com/news.php?extend.93 Sadly, the current state of British Speedway and catastrophic closure of tracks such as Coventry has even had an affect on the retro magazines. I always read Backtrack cover-to-cover (well, apart from the pieces I've contributed - no need to read those!), and I would suggest the £25 subscription price is well worth it. In particular, you don't want to miss the Guglielmi interview, which is candid, revealing and very sad in places.
  11. I realise I'm biased as a contributer to the mag, but what a compelling and candid interview with Gary Guglielmi in the latest Backtrack. Read it tonight - he was completely and open honest about matters when Tony McDonald interviewed him.
  12. lucifer sam

    Split Waterman RIP

    No problem. It was just an idea that Wikipedia might accept a link to a website such as the Defunct Speedway website.
  13. lucifer sam

    Split Waterman RIP

    Gustix, any chance you could please arrange to add something to the Harringay page of the Defunct Speedway page (the track he was most synonymous with), which could then be used as a reference?
  14. lucifer sam

    Well done the S.C.B.

    Remember that - that was an absolutely appalling decision by Graham Flint.
  15. lucifer sam

    British world champions ratings list

    Iris. I came to the sport a few years later than you, by which time PC had almost god-like status. What he achieved in speedway was fantastic, and he probably was the best rider in the world circa '76 and '77. For me, Tai slightly edges his achievements, even though Tai hasn't finished yet. There's occasions such as the 2018 Speedway Of Nations where Tai just wasn't simply the best rider in the world - he was on a different planet to every other World Class rider. Also, the following should be pointed out: * PC started 1978 by riding in meetings in US, which gained him a ban that led to his absence to the 1978 World Pairs semi-final (with Berry subsequently deciding to show faith in his semi-final pair and not include PC in the final). * PC gave British Speedway a miss in 1981, riding in continental meetings (mostly West Germany). Partially due to an injury sustained towards the end of '80 at Cradley Heath - partially through choice. Not for a moment do I hold the above against PC, but it's an indication that place him in the same times of Tai and he may well have made the same decisions as Tai.

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