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  1. lucifer sam

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe

    RAINED OFF: http://www.scunthorpe-speedway.com/?p=10343
  2. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Birmingham 09.08.19

    Forecast fine for Scunny. All Systems Go for tonight.
  3. lucifer sam

    Andrew Edwards and Troy Pratt Interviews - Issue 93

    I mostly talked to John on forums, but never got that impression of him. To me, he came across as a very intelligent man, and one who could tolerate people with a different view, while explaining his own take on matters. I think he would have been capable of tackling the BSPA job, had he been given the chance.
  4. lucifer sam

    Andrew Edwards and Troy Pratt Interviews - Issue 93

    Was reading through the rest of the interview earlier, with Peter York revealing not a single rider was under unofficial contract in 1986 (the year before he took over), because he found all the contracts in a box and they hadn't been counter-signed, and the VAT man almost closing down British Speedway in '87, because the previous administration hadn't paid any VAT for four years! Charles Ochiltree came to the rescue.
  5. lucifer sam

    Andrew Edwards and Troy Pratt Interviews - Issue 93

    Yorkie's side of the story, as told in Backtrack issue 55: An advert in the Speedway Star grabbed York’s attention. He explains: “There was a job advert for the grandiose title of Director Of Operations For British Speedway. I thought to myself: ‘What the hell is that?’. I then picked up the Speedway Mail and saw the same advert again. “So I phoned up Charles Ochiltree (BSPA President) and asked what it was. He explained it was, in effect, the manager of the BSPA. “I didn’t really want to do that. I wanted to be promotions manager and have a roadshow and tell everyone what a fabulous sport we have. I had all these contacts at the BBC and I wanted to use them. I thought: ‘I’ll apply for this, and then drop in the promotions bit.’ “A lot of people applied - they got it down to about ten candidates. I was invited to the function room at John Harrhy’s place (near Coventry Speedway). Normally in an interview, you have two or three people, but I had all the promoters from both leagues, about 40 people, firing questions at me! “I explained what I wanted to do. During a coffee break, a few promoters came up to me and said it was a really good idea. “Eric Boothroyd told me the final decision would be made at the BSPA conference in Tenerife, but that it was between two of us – John Berry and myself. “John Berry phoned me and said: ‘Look, if you back off putting in for the manager’s job, then I’ll ensure that you are taken on as the promotions manager, because that’s what you really want isn’t it?’ I told him: ‘Yes it is’. “So the conference took place and I had a phone call from John to say: ‘It’s happening. I’m the manager, you’re the promotions manager, and I’ll talk to you about terms and conditions when I get back.’ "Two days later the phone went again. It was Eric Boothroyd (now installed as BSPA chairman). He said: ‘John Berry has walked out and you’re it’. I said: ‘What do you mean, exactly, I’m it?’. ‘You’re the new BSPA manager.’”
  6. lucifer sam

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Oh. Even longer ban coming for Mr Cook, if that's the case.
  7. lucifer sam

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    And I'll give you a wee hand - there wasn't a race going on, so the above is redundant. Not sure if the ref would have been even at the controls for the pre-meeting parade. A Red Flag means slow down and come to a halt. Cookie doesn't seem to slow down at all. He had plenty of time to throttle off.
  8. lucifer sam

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    In what way is the marshal acting incorrectly? It's true that track staff should not be on the track during a race, but this wasn't during a race. It's while other people were still on the track. Cookie had plenty of time to slow down, but didn't. He disobeyed a red flag.
  9. lucifer sam

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    As far as I can see, the only point is discussion is how long Cookie's ban should be. I'd say 28 days. You can't go around doing what's he done there. He had plenty of time to throttle off and avoid the marshal.
  10. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Edinburgh 4.8.19 League

    Contact MKJ Vids and you can order a DVD copy through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mkjvids/ In the meantime, take it on trust that while it was raining during Heats 3 and 4, by no means was that rain “torrential”. For starters, I would have dived for cover in the clubhouse, instead of watching the racing from the start-line, and then hiding under the ref’s box to fill my programme in, to stop it getting wet.
  11. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Edinburgh 4.8.19 League

    There wasn’t any “torrential rain”. It was mostly light rain during the first four races, although it did get slightly harder for a couple of minutes (around about Heat 3, I think). It was clearly passing, since the sun was coming out behind the main grandstand, and although times slowed, it was still possible to race, as evidenced by Ben Barker’s fourth to second in Heat 4. The track inspection called by John Campbell was a curious one. I guess only he will know the reason why he called it.
  12. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Edinburgh 4.8.19 League

    There wasn’t a problem – the track didn’t even need a regrade before Heat 5. The times got slower because there had been light rain during the first four races, but the riders didn’t look in trouble – Ben Barker raced from fourth to second in Heat 4 without any problems at all. It stopped raining after the completion of the fourth race, so you don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that it will then start to get faster – a bit of common sense would suffice. To be fair to the referee, it was the quickest track inspection ever. I think he went down to the pit gate, spoke to both captains, who told him it was fine and then went straight back up to the box. Maybe it allowed John Campbell a couple of minutes to spend a penny or have a go on Rob G’s new Brum car. Good meeting last night, with Heat 9 the pick of some tremendous racing.
  13. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    TODAY’S MEETING IS ON! Just to reassure everyone that it is still ALL SYSTEMS GO for today’s meeting. The weather here in the East is very different to Sheffield. In fact, Rob Godfrey is currently wearing his shorts and is preparing to water the track! SEE YOU LATER!
  14. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    See you tomorrow! Should be a great match, given our home form and your away form!
  15. lucifer sam

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    WE'VE PUMPED what must be thousands of gallons of water off the track today. The forecast for tomorrow is much better, and unless it changes, it will be ALL SYSTEMS GO for tomorrow's meeting against Glasgow Tigers. REMEMBER it's a 6.30pm start-time!

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