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  1. I'm not. The SCB precedent last year did.
  2. There’s two precedents set. One is to go on the meetings that have been completed. In this case, Lakeside win by 46-44. The other comes from Redcar v Glasgow last year, when a result was declared before Heat 10. The SCB took into account that even if neither Glasgow completed Heat 10, the result was still conclusive. Two 5-0s to Peterborough in Heats 9 and 10 and Lakeside would have still progressed. To be quite frank, no more time can be spent on the semi-final – it’s not fair on Workington, in particular. Workington and Lakeside need to start planning the final, which must take place next weekend.
  3. What a terrific night of speedway. That was simply top drawer. Both sides battling away and Scorpions ended with a 18-point lead, which sets up the second leg very nicely. But just hope it’s as good as advert for speedway as the first leg.
  4. Spoke to Rob G trackside not long ago.... the word he used was "GLORIOUS". Jake Allen is fit to ride.
  5. Ooops. Yes makes sense now. I didn't realise Jenga was talking about the second leg (no-one seems to want to use that thread )
  6. That would be clever, seeing that Tero is already guesting for Peterborough tomorrow
  7. A lot of the neutral support will be with the Comets - I particularly would like to see them win a long overdue league title. Not that bothered who wins the Shield, while I'm hoping Scunny can stop the Comets juggernaut in the cup (I'm not neutral when it comes to that one ).
  8. lucifer sam

    Wild Cards 2019

    Surely having the European Champion qualify would be rather unfair on any Americans or Australians or any other non-Europeans? I don't see any reason to have a major overhaul of the current system, as pretty much the best riders are currently in the series. Maybe there should be restriction where a maximum of 2 wildcards go to riders already in the series (unless there is a good case otherwise due to injuries). That would help keep it fresh.
  9. Everything crossed that Peterborough are back in 2019.
  10. Terrific fighting performance by Scorpions from Heat 7 onwards, after a poor start to the meeting. Another great team performance, with Jake, Jason and Steve taking the starring roles. Eventually Scorpions won quite comfortably on aggregate. Fair play to Peterborough on coming out all guns blazing in the opening races. Hard luck to Panthers - you need a bit of luck with injuries in speedway. It hit Scunny earlier in the season, and now it's hit Panthers. Although last night, the Panthers guests were excellent, it was actually a Panthers rider who had a stinker. As for the little petulant act of denying Scunny a victory parade for their win (and yes they did win, who cares about the winners on the night in the second leg of a cup tie? ), it didn't really spoil things. As already mentioned, the riders still came around to thank the fans.
  11. In this case, it was. Common sense has prevailed. And that can be seen by everyone with common sense.
  12. lucifer sam

    Ben Fund

    Cheers Steve - that's the twitter I added earlier. I'm guessing that, with the postponement of the meeting, there might be a few donations after the next few days, so just wanted to re-assure people that their money is going through to the fund.
  13. lucifer sam

    Ben Fund

    I've made a donation this morning and there is an error message, but it seems to occur during the redirect to the SRBF website and AFTER payment is confirmed. I've already received confirmation by email that my payment has gone through. I will let Paul Ackroyd know about the error message, but it doesn't stop people making donations.
  14. Only for 28 days, though. After that, I'm not sure. NL guests? I also agree that I can't believe he's going home, while Peterborough and Somerset both have so much still to race for.
  15. Blimey, haven't you worked out yet that it wasn't a meeting involving Scunthorpe that triggered the whole Friday fixtures thing? Speedy recovery to Josh Auty. He's been fantastic for Scorpions this season.

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