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  1. lucifer sam

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    Hoping for a double header this Sunday on the 24th! Surely it must be announced soon, if they want people to plan ahead and put it in their diaries!! I guess it can't be this Saturday (23rd), since it will also incorporate Kent v Armadale which can't take place on Saturday, since the Devils are already riding that day.
  2. Sounds like he was texting advice to the riders via their mechanics during the meeting. When he mentioned he'd coughed up blood when interviewed on Saturday, I thought that didn't sound too great. Probably needs a lot of rest at the very minimum.
  3. And the NSS was a sell-out for both days of the final. But that's positive, so you won't mention that, because you just want something to moan about. How about just focusing on this: GREAT BRITAIN WON!
  4. What is? The World Cup returns in 2023 and will held every three years. The Speedway Of Nations will still operate in the other seasons. Can't believe the moaning on here. GB win for the first time in 32 years and people still find something to moan about.
  5. Edinburgh and Glasgow both have top quality streams as well. Watched two from Glasgow, which also has a bonus of being a top racetrack, and one from Edinburgh, which isn't the best track by a long chalk but the stream is good.
  6. Steve, didn't see you there last night, or I would have come and said hello. Was a pretty good meeting. Best racing I've seen produced at Leicester.
  7. lucifer sam

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    That's going to be the same answer as before, isn't it? And no-one has made anything up. This was a re-scheduled meeting where the original programme was used. Scunthorpe had to make a change to that original line-up and the Scunthorpe team manager clarified that change to the referee before the meeting started. To be honest, this is now going around in circles. A full explanation has been provided. You can read it, and either realise it's a reasonable explanation or continue looking for some weird conspiracy theory which just isn't there. It's up to you if you want to carry on, but I'm not.
  8. lucifer sam

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    When I spoke to Rob Godfrey, he didn't know where it had originally come from where Adam was reported as ill. Jye Etheridge had been booked on the basis that has average was 25% less than Adam's, because there wasn't a normal facility available for Adam. As has been posted elsewhere on this thread, from Wembley Lion I think, that he was witnessed that the Scunny team manager, Dave Peet, telling the referee of the correct Scunthorpe line-up as booked, as the referee also had the incorrect line-up (the one on the BSPA website).
  9. lucifer sam

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Fair comment. Although the reason I didn't put much in the preview for Saturday's meeting, e.g. I didn't put in a quote from Rob Godfrey, etc, was because the Scunthorpe team without Adam was quite weak and the less the club says, the less that becomes apparent. Although this wasn't a Scunny home meeting, it was Leicester's, and we don't know to say too much that much distract from their promotion of their meeting. But it then became apparent that people had questions over Adam's absence that deserved an answer and by answering them after Saturday, rather than before it, we didn't damage Saturday's crowd. As it is, tonight looks much more attractive and the sides are now much closer in terms of team strength, so it's an easier meeting for the Leicester promotion now to sell. Hopefully it will be a good meeting, even if it's pretty much already decided on aggregate.
  10. lucifer sam

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    ATTIS INSURANCE Scunthorpe Scorpions will return to Leicester’s Paul Chapman & Sons Arena in Beaumont Park to finish their season in the second leg of their Championship Play-Off quarter-final tie tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7.30pm. The meeting has been re-scheduled from Saturday, where it eventually was called off at around 8pm, after the ambulance had broken down en route. Just to clarify one detail from Saturday – the absence of British Champion Adam Ellis. Adam was en route to a fixture on the continent on Sunday and therefore unable to ride for Scorpions. After Leicester won the first leg at the Eddie Wright Raceway by 18 points, the Scunthorpe management were realistic to realise it meant the end of the club’s hopes to progress further in the play-offs. Therefore, the club accepted every date offered to them by Lions after the second leg at was originally rained off on Saturday, October 2, no matter the availability of the Scunthorpe riders, since the most important factor was co-operation to allow the completion of the tie so that the rest of the play-offs could progress. An initial proposed date was Sunday, October 3 and Scorpions were prepared to ride on that date, even though Adam Ellis would have been riding in the Czech Golden Helmet that day and no facility would have been available in this instance. The club already were considering James Shanes as a possible guest. In accordance with regulation 012.4E of the rulebook, when a club have ‘no facility’, they can use a guest rider with an average of 25% lower than the absent rider. Both Poole and Glasgow have already utilised this rule earlier in the season against Scorpions, to replace Benjamin Basso and Marcin Nowak respectively before they had ridden for the clubs. But Lions could not get medical cover for October 3, and instead decided on Saturday, October 9 as the new date, which again caused an issue, since Adam riding in France on the Sunday and was unable to ride on the Saturday, since he had already booked his travel. But, again, Scorpions accepted the date, and Jye Etheridge was lined up to ride for Adam as a ‘no facility’ guest. The club have received queries from some supporters as to the situation and hope this clarifies matters. When Adam signed for Scorpions already into the season, he already had some commitments in his diary. He has always appeared for Scorpions when it has not clashed with his existing commitments and he has never let Scunthorpe Speedway down. Adam is now able to ride tomorrow, but Scorpions are still missing the trio of Thomas Jorgensen (injured), Tero Aarnio (visa issues) and Theo Pijper (30-day suspension). James Shanes and Connor Mountain are the guest riders, while Scorpions will also use rider replacement. Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey said: “Due to Saturday’s unfortunate call off, we now have Adam Ellis back in this meeting. We’re realistic enough to realise that we’re not going to go through on aggregate, but hopefully it now means we can finish the season with a battling performance against Leicester, and who knows – we might even be able to get our first win in six attempts against Lions in 2021.” Expected teams for tomorrow (Tuesday): Leicester Lions: 1. Nick Morris, 2. Dan Thompson, 3. Ryan Douglas, 4. Kyle Howarth, 5. Hans Andersen, 6. Joe Thompson, 7. Zaine Kennedy. Attis Insurance Scunthorpe Scorpions: 1. Adam Ellis, 2. Simon Lambert (captain), 3. Jordan Palin, 4. James Shanes (guest), 5. Rider replacement for Thomas Jorgensen, 6. Josh MacDonald, 7. Connor Mountain (guest).
  11. Read the rules - they can't pick Glasgow. Plus nothing to stop them picking the winners of Edinburgh v Redcar on Wednesday night, as it's highly likely that Tuesday will be last chance saloon to stage the quarter-final.
  12. Or simply pick whoever the winner of the Edinburgh v Redcar quarter-final and have two different racecards in the programme.
  13. lucifer sam

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Edinburgh v Redcar being restaged on Tuesday.
  14. lucifer sam


    I'm sure someone more tech savvy will confirm, but I think it's possible to buy a device that turns an ordinary TV into a "smart TV" and allows you to add things such as Discovery Plus. I will need one myself.
  15. Originally the play-offs were due to start on September 17th. That would have been plenty of time. The quarter-finals could have been held that weekend, the semi-finals the weekend after and now only the finals would be left to go in (the always) rainy October!

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