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  1. bhr

    Bike For Sale

    1 complete bike and 1 rolling chassis for sale Jawa forks Jawa diamond #1 on one bike and #4 the other Stuha back end Talon or BAR ASHTECH GM short stroke 2013 Blixt carb Blue SM PRO wheels Everything other than the engine was new at the start of the year Call 01612887901
  2. bhr

    Bike For Sale

    Complete bike for sale, gm.engine blixt carb, neb clutch, bike has stuha forks and back end with jrm diamond, will sell complete or will break the bike up and sell parts seperatly for any more info message me
  3. I'm selling my two bikes from this season both have joker throttles blixt carbs king silencers NEB clutches both bikes had newtalon engine plates start of season and clutches been replaced since all 3 engines will be serviced before sale after last meeting of season pm for more details
  4. GM shortstroke serviced and ready to go \£1150 Pm me for details on the van regards ben
  5. 1 - jrm frame straight back end king silencer (new style) NEB clutch blixt carb GM engine 2 - stuha frame straight back end, 2012 DEP silencer NEB clutch blixt carb GM engine pm me for more details
  6. bhr

    New/updated Official Rider Websites,

    ben hopwoods website Ben Hopwood Racing
  7. dave im not disputing that todd and mark are good riders and i dont want a just british league like spin king uniour said we should limit the number of foreigners in pl and nl teams to give our own a chance
  8. all you have to do is look at your newport squad dave look at the likes of the english lads in the national league look at what there driving there own vehichels using there own workshops and the aussies have 2010 vw transporters u say they make sacrifices but it wasnt as if someone held a gun to there head and made them come over like anything else in life if you cant afford it you dont do it! Also fans moan we have no british kids coming through yet love foreigners to come over and use britain as a payed practice in my opinion if they want to race over here in nl they should pick a passport aussie or english
  9. we should learn that this is now australian speedway just based in britain as a british NL rider trying tor Pl i have no chance as im ENGLISH, although to be fair promotors make it so attractive for foreigners with vans , bikes, and places to stay if a british rider wants to sign for any club and doesnt have a bike or van then its tuff but if a non brit does they just pop down to joe hughes and get all kitted up maybe speedway needs an enoch powell character in charge??? if a foreigner signs for a pl team and doesnt win any races for a season they will use them the following year but a brit has a few matches to prove hiself then they get the boot.
  10. bhr

    Rear Wheel Spoiler

    also if you have to turn the wheel its quicker if you dont use one
  11. bhr

    New Silencer Design

    to be honest they all lack power of the bikes so that isnt going to make speedway entertaining isit cant see any track records being broke using these silencer and the prodrive must make the engine hotter otherwise it wouldnt work. also wasnt speedway the place to be before silencers, maybe it was the place to be for atmosphere its a shame as with these stupid rules they insist on bringing a bigger joke out every season speedway seems to be a dieing sport because of the powers that be.
  12. bhr

    New Silencer Design

    some of you say tht its for the better of the sport well when riders cant afford the engine bills as they are running rediculasly hotter (not slightly) then yes ofcourse that wll be for the better of the sport ....................... work it out!
  13. bhr

    New Silencer Design

  14. bhr

    New Silencer Design

    yes you say that baout birmingham but when dudley race there in the NL the dont have to use them so whats that about ifits just because of birmingham????????
  15. bhr

    Darren And Sharon Boocock

    What can be said. Darren and Sharon will be sadly missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with their boy and both families. Rest peacefully The Hopwood family. I will always wear my OZCHEM logo with pride - Ben Hopwood X!

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