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  1. Yea all we need is for 3 crap teams like last night  to turn up instead of poland ,oz and denmark and  we got a great chance .


    Get a grip .




    The old adage of British sport is "magnificent in victory, glorious in defeat" - no matter what sport is involved.


    There was little real class against GB (all English riders - why not England) at Coventry.


    Tougher times lie ahead - then we may hear some wailing. :unsure:

  2. I have just come across a cutting from the 'Sunday Times' (July 15). In it, Ole Olsen names 'My dream team'.


    It is: Ivan mauger (New Zealand), Ove Fundin (Sweden), Barry Briggs (New Zealand), Peter Collins (England), Egon Muller (Germany), Hans Nielsen (Denmark), Erik Gundersen (Denmark), Bruce Penhall (USA), Kenny Carter (England), Tony Rickardsson (Sweden).


    No comments by me - other than a slight surprise at Egon Muller. Probably rated for his form on the continent, although a spell at Hull in the late 1970s was perhaps something of an eye-opener (hope that phrase does not upset the PC mentaility! :unsure: ).


    Try The Times website for more information. I have this reference:



  3. With the 'issues' at the back end of last year with the Wolves promotion and the poor standard of racing on TV and at the few meetings I've attended, the seemingly impossible has happened. I have officially lost interest in speedway!  Anyone who knows me will know that I have been a speedway fan since before I was born and that my family have been going to the speedway right from the very first meeting at Swindon in 1948.


    Since moving to Wolverhampton in 1987 I have only missed a handful of meetings - home or away - since that time.  Even the year I was pregnant I only missed one home meeting (the first rained off running of the Olympique) and even went to the meeting 5 days after giving birth!


    With the much publisied c**p we had to take from the Wolves promotion last year, the fact that the place we've stood for donkey's years has now been demolished at the stadium to make way for some posey bar for the dog people,  the absolutely dire racing that has been dished out this year and all the 'political' stuff surrounding the Elite League - i can honestly say I've had enough! 


    I have never been able to understand before how people can 'lose interest' in the sport as it's been part of my life for as long as I can remember but the realisation has hit me that I actually don't enjoy it anymore!


    So there we are...this isn't a big drama queen exit from the BSF...I'm still intending to be around folks!  But I wanted to say out loud what has been going through my mind over the last few weeks.  I must say I feel quite sad about it but  there we go......


    Feel free to ignore/take the pee/laugh/ whatever.....Speedway has lost yet another very loyal and long standing fan!


    Jacqui aka Lupus!



    Sorry to hear this. However, in regard to the bar for the 'doggie people.' Aren't they the stadium owners and not the speedway. They, presumably, made this decision not the speedway people.

  4. Are you sure you're not thinking of Bob Andrews?







    I back you on this. There was a Bill Andrew (a good rider but no 'S' on his surname) and of course there was Bob Andrews.


    Perhaps people are getting confused because Bob Andrews, born in England, later decided to emigrate to New Zealand and then rode for them in international events?


    Bill Andrew was also a jockey. I didn't know he was active in the sport in GB however.

  5. I was just doing a post on the death of Gorgeous George Tatnell, Midget/Speedcar  racer and wondered if any of you'd seen this site?




    Well worth a look.




    A bit late, but there's a tribute article to George Tatnell in the July edition of 'Short Circuit magazine.




  6. Good to see Kyle Legault going so well.


    He looks like a chip-off-the-block that produced those two great Canadian internationals Eric Chitty and Jimmy Gibb in pre- and immediate post-war years.



    I read in Speedway Star that Kyle's dad Fred is still racing at Welland.

  7. Welcome Annie to the forum.

    On the Vintage Forum there is an item about Tom's son riding Cycle Speedway, could you add to this please?

    Also anything about Sid who was Tom's brother. I have seen his name mentioned with a Leicester slant somewhere about pre-war days




    Sid Farndon did ride at New Cross in the mid-1930s, also probably at Bristol. Post-war in the mid-1950s onwards he was heavily involved in stock car racing, both as a driver and promoter.


    He is also named on the Coventry rider base as a 1936 rider.

  8. Yes, I also rememember Stan and Len Williams. Also that Stan drove a Skirrow midget car for Leicester in the Midland League in their 1951-52 season. He scored 22 points in six matches.

  9. Poole never release any official attendances but it is often reported to be around the 2,500 - 3,500 mark




    I believe the Daily Mail recently quoted an overall average weekly attendance for all tracks of 35,000 average. They took pains to point out that there would be more at the Cardiff Grand Prix - which makes you wonder, how many people came from abroad, and how many were either first time viewers or maybe on Sky freebies :unsure:


    I can't believe, based on the 35,000 average weekly attendance quoted in the Daily Mail, they all went to Cardiff.

  10. Hi


    Does anyone have any memories about a cheetah racing against a speedway rider at West Ham?  :lol:


    I've found these two articles but, although the first refers to a race, it does not say who that rider was or (crucially from the point of view of my winning a fiver off my dad) who won!






    Any thoughts folks?



    Vaguely know it was a Johnnie Hoskins-inspired stunt. Took place about 1937 (certain not 1935) - the rider in a photo I have seen was almost certainly Eric Chitty, that great Canadian star.


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