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  1. Jive

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    Neither have, it's the speedway control board who have suspended him
  2. I thought it was a good meeting, some great racing Lambert was simply awesome. Glad the ref was quick on the two minutes, kept the meeting ticking along at a good pace. Holder looked back on the gas not quite up to speed as he was continually looking behind but very pleased to see him back in double figures! The turn around from the interval was as though they had a quick lesson in gating though gate 4 was worth a 15 metre head start. Not sure how Gomolski wasn't excluded in heat 15 after riding over the centre grey Did make me laugh when Gav Caney started with his Delia rant which ended with I bloody hope so think he said what we were all thinking! Leicester fans great support, loud, cheering and their team certainly gave us a scare! As a thought is it now worth during summer months worth starting at 8pm? We all knew we were going to have a delay due to the sun, and the meeting rattled through just food for thought? Yes I know people work early I myself started 0422 this morning but still got back my normal time home. Great meeting hopefully more of the same v Swindon please 👍🏻
  3. Jive

    Rip Bryn

    Sad to see Bryn has passed away, RIP Bryn
  4. Jive

    What Is Going On At Leicester

    Mine has H as well Gemini so they should be valid for the 10th
  5. Bunce, that is what I normally do but the amount of rain caught everyone out, I checked forecasts, apps and not once did it mention heavy rain like they had. The bloke admitted they were flooding the track beforehand as it was so dry prior to the rain. But after that rain at 5ish they should not have started taking people's money that's my biggest anger. I held off and with everyone going in I thought it' must be going ahead. Not once did they mention there was track inspections, no to Leicester it was business as usual. Fair play to the gents who faced the music and promised refunds but Machin is a disgrace, 1 minute of being challenged on the policy in the programme he walked off not a care in the world, arrogance of the highest order and not a care in the world!
  6. I have no qualms about the meeting being off, I arrived about 5pm in pouring rain. I held off going into the stadium until 7:15 as there was no rain and everybody seem to be under the impression there was no question of it being on. To take £36 then 10 minutes later say it's off, no refund is a joke. They knew it wasn't going ahead but never once shut the ticket office or say it may not go ahead. No, happy to take the money and tonight Leicester have probably cost speedway in general a lot more than they realise! Disgusting!!!
  7. If Belle Vue is getting what Oulton Park is then glad they made the early decision!
  8. Is this still a 12 o clock start?
  9. Will this fixture now go back to the original date of next Thursday does anyone know?
  10. Terrific meeting with plenty of passing, several races were decided of the last turn and with the scores so close it made for a real contest. Plenty of banter and chats with the Leicester fans made it an enjoyable evening. As for the track it was pretty slick but with rain forecast I assumed that's why there was no watering. Niels was impressive and picking his way through the field on several occasions. Lambert was brilliant in heat 15 I thought with 2 laps gone it was game over but how he got through to join Iversen on the run to the line was speedway at its best. Really hope the Lions succeed as there fans are probably the friendliest I've stood with at a meeting. Top night, top racing and a draw was perfect!
  11. Going to BT sport for 3 years the Sgp & Swc
  12. Not sure how it came across on TV but for a sky match I thought it was a good crowd, good atmosphere, programmes sold out, plenty of sponsors there and plenty of controversy. Goes to show you get a top of the table clash people will go! There is still Life in British Speedway ☺
  13. Part time fans I will cheer em on for you!!
  14. Right decision not to run heat 10, I was more annoyed that the first race did not run until 19:55 to allow for watering! You could see the mass of cloud building behind the stadium. I feel like Coventry did Friday, started parade at 19:20 and first race bang on half past, we would have got a result. Still dislike the ridiculous heat 10 rule, it should be heat 12 like it used to be at least if they are to declare a result. I'm glad Leicester objected I would hate to have seen a farce of heat 10 just to get a result!
  15. I'm quite surprised at reading that it was a good crowd, I have been to Brandon and the 1st & 2nd bends have been quite packed but there was plenty of room there, have the crowds been that bad this year? Thought it was a good meeting, somehow we always seem to not adapt to the track changes as the Bees did after heat 7, up till then we were bossing them. A pity Lambert could not come out for heat 14 may have forced a last heat decider. Can we have warm evenings for every speedway meeting please

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