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  1. markpoulton

    Cardiff 2020

  2. markpoulton

    Why No Speedway Track...?

    From the Design and Access Statement published January 2013 Dirt Oval Location: The dirt oval is located between the western edge of the Karting Circuit and southern tip of the main circuit. Use: The dirt oval will provide the opportunity for riders to begin experiencing low friction riding and become familiar with drifting. It is thought that by mastering this technique, riders will be better prepared for the sensation of a bike slipping beneath them and more able to negotiate high speed corners and modern tyre slip angles. Amount: The dirt oval will be contained within a building which will have a gross oor area of 23,184sqm and a building height of 16m. The circuit will be 406m in length. Space will be provided for 500 spectators. As the facility becomes established and is used more regularly additional spectator seating could be added.
  3. markpoulton

    Cardiff Gp

    Cardiff Food and Drink Festival is at the Bay from 11am this weekend. Free to get into but tasters usually cost...unless you're good at blagging your way around. It will be busier than usual. http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/calendar-highlights/search-products/cardiff-international-food-and-drink-festival-p16111 As an alternative there is the National Museum next door to Cardiff Castle. Free entry for everyone, open from 10am and an excellent location for Art, Natural History and Archeology. The natural history area is especially good for youngsters. https://www.museumwales.ac.uk/cardiff/ Just a few alternatives if you are looking for something different.
  4. markpoulton

    Its Heartbreaking

    I had an email from Sebastian Barret reference Speedway at the proposed new motor racing circuit in Rassau. Sebastian said; "At present, there are no plans for a speedway track. We are, however, holding community exhibitions at the start of next week, and commencing through to the end of the month, where we welcome feedback and views from residents of Blaenau Gwent and further afield. If you’d like to come down to any of those, the dates and locations can be found on our website (www.circuitofwales.com). We’d love to hear from a motor sport fan such as yourself." What have we got to lose, the more who turn up and voice their opinions then the more chance we have...although a potental promotor would also need to come forward of course. Thanks Mark
  5. markpoulton

    Its Heartbreaking

    I can advise that Councillor Allan Morris was actively involved in attempting to save the stadium. A lot happened behind the scenes that has not been publicised.
  6. markpoulton

    Cardiff 2012 Entertainment

    Status Quo are playing Singleton Park Swansea later in the evening...maybe they could stop off on the way...
  7. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    Sorry Ray, he was wrong
  8. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    The public consultation period has been extended until next Monday 14th May. If you haven't yet added comments of objection to the demolition of Newport Speedway Stadium then your support would be be very much appreciated. The more individual responses that are received the more chance we have of keeping Newport Speedway alive. Please follow the link http://www.newport.gov.uk/fastWeb/fulldetail.asp?AltRef=12/0375&ApplicationNumber=&AddressPrefix=&submit1=Go Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Comment button. Thank you to all who have opposed the application so far. ...also please note the applications states this will be a delegated decision with no appeal. My understanding is that means the decision will be taken internally by the civil servants in the planning dept and no appeal will be allowed. It will not get to the planning committee with the elected councillors if this happens and this is where we need it. Please keep the comments flowing in to them to force a change on this.
  9. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    That's interesting Arthur. I emailed Councillor John Richards last Wednesday outlining Phil's interest. Shows that even in this modern age of communication the personal touch is always best... Thanks for the positive update.
  10. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    All we are asking is that fellow speedway supporters offer their support by clicking on the comment button at the bottom of this link and penning a few words of objection. UK speedway is a small community and it would be nice to think we would all help each other in our hour of need. This is ours. The clock is ticking...we have until May 10 to convince Newport City Council not to allow demolition of Newport Speedway Stadium. Your support is appreciated! With you all the way Phil... http://www.newport.gov.uk/fastWeb/fulldetail.asp?AltRef=12/0375&ApplicationNumber=&AddressPrefix=&submit1=Go
  11. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    Yes I know, but 10,000 local people don't read this forum unfortunately. We'll deal with them seperately. It is just yourself and the other forum members I am kindly asking to help us out in the attempt to help you from permanently losing opposition. Here's the link again, your help would be appreciated. http://www.newport.g...fix=&submit1=Go
  12. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    All we are asking is that fellow speedway supporters offer their support by clicking on the comment button at the bottom of this link and penning a few words of objection. UK speedway is a small community and it would be nice to think we would all help each other in our hour of need. The clocks ticking... http://www.newport.gov.uk/fastWeb/fulldetail.asp?AltRef=12/0375&ApplicationNumber=&AddressPrefix=&submit1=Go
  13. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    It is in the Argus on-line edition http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/9673662.Newport_Speedway_stadium_could_be_demolished/?ref=ms ...and yes there are plenty of people in South Wales who are bothered by this. Here is the link for everyone to offer their supportive comments...all are encouraged to add a comment in attempting to stop the demolition of the stadium and allow it to be taken over by professional people who will continue with Speedway at the stadium. http://www.newport.gov.uk/fastWeb/fulldetail.asp?AltRef=12/0375&ApplicationNumber=&AddressPrefix=&submit1=Go The comment button is at the bottom of the link. Thank you for your anticipated support...from a fellow speedway fan..
  14. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    Thanks Laurence...I was just trying to work out how to start and run a twitter account from a pc...modern technology eh!!
  15. markpoulton

    Newport Speedway Fans Help!

    I wonder if we could ask Nigel Pearson to give our cause a mention on the Sky Sports GP coverage from Leszno tonight and Wolverhampton on Monday? I presume Phil will be in Leszno this weekend and would be able to update and advise Nigel. I believe Nigel is a regular Twitter user but not sure about Phil. I don't have (or know how to use) Twitter but there may be someone looking in who does and could get a message to Nigel? (ftb? if you're looking in) Just a thought? Thanks Mark

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