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  1. PhilK

    Colts v Mildenhall

    You must have been standing next to me because that is exactly what was said .... our supporters were superb again last night backing the team. The riders all wanted to thank them for the long journey they had made midweek to back the team, and thats why they came out to celebrate with them after the meeting Really good close meeting and a warm welcome from our hosts ... NLSpeedway as it should be
  2. MILDENHALL will run 2 practise days on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March Each day runs from 10am to 4pm The cost for riders to attend is £40.00 per day which includes insurance. There will be an organised structure to these days with riders being grouped together based on ability and to allow the maximum benefit for those taking part. Interested parties contact Kevin Jolly on 07767 460907 or by email kevin.jolly1958@gmail.com
  3. Fen Tigers announce first signing for the 2018 season! The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers have moved quickly to secure the services of the 2017 British 500cc Youth Champion, Ipswich based Drew Kemp, for the 2018 season. Kemp who claimed his title at Glasgow on Saturday, has been a regular visitor at Mildenhall this season and has impressed the Mildenhall management team both on and off the track. As well as the Glasgow round he also won at Redcar and Scunthorpe and was extremely unlucky when his bike packed up in the Belle Vue round final when leading Kyle Bickley. The Ipswich born racer who only turned fifteen on 11th August will start the 2018 season in one of the reserve berths for the Fen Tigers, and will feature on occasion this season as his other commitments allow. A very satisfied Kevin Jolly said – “This is another coup for Mildenhall Speedway and Drew fits in perfectly with what we are trying to build at Mildenhall. Drew is very much the type of rider we want at Mildenhall, young, talented, bright, dedicated and ambitious. We will do all we can to help him meet his goals and look forward to working closely with him and his family in the coming season. In all discussions with Drew and his family, very much like with Jordan (Jenkins) last season, Drew’s education was a very important part of next year as he prepares to sit his exams. We are happy to accommodate his non speedway needs as his education is of great importance and we will work closely with him to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. As a family the Kemp’s were very easy to deal to with and I am pleased to welcome them all to the Mildenhall Speedway ‘family”
  4. From Mildenhall Speedway (dated 18/8/2017) Very sad news! Mildenhall Speedway are deeply saddened by the news this morning of the passing of Martyn Woods, Sam’s father Martyn was a larger than life character who was an immensely popular figure around the pits at Mildenhall, always ready to help anyone and like Sam a true team player Kevin Jolly commented on this devastating news – he said – “Martyn was a lovely man and all our thoughts are with Sam and his Mum Sue at this sad time. Martyn will be greatly missed by all of us and my abiding memory of Martyn was when the whole family turned up to watch Sam have a practise spin following his recent injury. This summed up for me what a strong supportive family unit they were and it goes without saying that we will support Sam the very best we can as a club”
  5. Yes Lewis Whitmore is in tomorrow for Sam
  6. From Mildenhall Speedway - The away leg of our KOC tie with Stoke on 11th June was a special evening for a very special speedway rider and moreover a gentleman of the sport Congratulations to Jon Armstrong who in the away KOC tie at Stoke completed his 500th League and Cup career appearance since making his debut for Belle Vue on the 10th April 1992 (1 point from3 rides) in the then Division One Since then Jon has made 43 appearances and scored 104 points in the top flight, 184 appearancess and 986 points in Division two with 273 appearances and 2964 points in the National league With a overall points total of 4054 The meeting at Stoke was also Armo's 150th for Mildenhall With thanks to club historian Jason Gardner for this information Legend of the sport and a Fen Tiger all time great #TigerPride #ARMO
  7. Fen Tigers host the Transatlantic Fours! This Sunday (25th June .. parade at 2.45pm) sees International visitors at Mildenhall stadium as the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers welcome the USA for a Transatlantic Four Team Tournament. The meeting is sponsored by the RAF Mildenhall British-American Community Relations Committee in a considerable coup for the club, with the USA team will be sponsored by USAF Letting Specialists Tennens Properties Limited of Bury St Edmunds. A strong foursome will be in representing the USA looking to secure a spot in their World Team Cup line up the following weekend. Gino ‘G-Man’ Manzares will lead the USA foursome and the twenty three year old from Corona, California will be a highly popular visitor. Returning to Suffolk speedway for the first time since the end of the 2015 season when visa issues bought his UK career to an abrupt halt, a fans favourite from the Ipswich Witches will be assured of a warm welcome. The smiling Manzares had two seasons with the Ipswich Witches and has raced for Team USA in three World Cup campaigns, the highlight being a 9 point haul and defeat of double World Champion Tai Woffinden at Kings Lynn back in 2014. Luke Becker and Broc Nicol, both rode in the 2016 World Cup Race Off at Belle Vue and look to have promising futures in the sport. Becker briefly stunned the Manchester crowd with a breathtaking sweep past Niels Kristen Iversen in his third ride whilst Nicol is basing himself in Europe for the 2017 season in the hope of taking his career to the next level. Nicol was selected as the USA nominee in the 2017 Under 21 Individual Championship and takes his place in a semi final in Italy on May 20th. Completing the line-up is seventeen year old Dillon Ruml who is the younger brother of Max and has already achieved a No 3 AMA ranking last year in just his second year of adult competition. Of equal interest to many Norfolk speedway followers will be the return of one of the most famous names in the history of speedway, as the Norwich ‘Stars’ ride again. Their last league action came in the1964 season although in July 2012, former rider and legend Ove Fundin played a part in announcing a return of speedway in the city of Norwich. Plans, which did not come to fruition, were outlined for a new track to be built on the city's outskirts, with the hope of a return to the British league structure. Hopes are still held by many that one day they will return to full time action but for now this meeting offers a chance for Norfolk speedway fans to see their team back on track once again. The ‘Stars’ will be sponsored and team managed by one of their favourite sons, none other than Trevor Hedge who now runs a successful engine supply and building business ‘Trevor Hedge Racing’. To keep with the true spirit of Norfolk’s ‘finest’ the four riders representing the Norwich ‘Stars’ all have been born in Norfolk. Three Fen Tigers, Kings Lynn born Connor Mountain and Lewis Whitmore along with Norwich born Jordan Jenkins will be joined by Kent ‘Kings’ up and coming Norwich born racer Jack Thomas in the green with a yellow star famous race jackets. The third side will be a GB Young Lions U21 four managed by Neil Vatcher, following the recent success of the Mildenhall v GB Young Lions U21 challenge it is a pleasure to welcome back some of the best young talent in the National League. Their line-up will be led by Jack Parkinson-Blackburn who will be backed by Kyle Bickley, Luke Harris and Callum Walker. Completing the line-up will be a ‘KJM/Manchetts’ foursome made up of Danny Halsey, Jon Armstrong, Danno Verge and ex-Fen Tiger Connor Coles who comes in for injured Luke Ruddick. Co-Promoter James Easter was looking forward to a special day at Mildenhall Speedway – he said – “This meeting has taken some putting together and deserves to be a major success for Kevin. Phil Kirk and Lee Chipchase have given sterling support to me in getting all the blocks in place and hopefully this will be a day that lives long in supporter’s memories for all the right reasons. We have four excellent fours who certainly should provide some super entertainment on the track. I must thank the RAF Mildenhall British-American Community Committee who are kindly sponsoring today’s meeting along with Tennens Properties Limited who are sponsoring the USA team and Trevor Hedge Racing you are sponsoring the Norwich Stars and of course KJM Road Sweepers and Manchetts for their continued wonderful backing of our club. Neil Vatcher has done a great job putting together a GB Young Lions U21 four and they are welcomed back to Mildenhall for a second time this season and I am most grateful to the authorities for allowing us to use the famous name of the Norwich ‘Stars’ for the day. Hopefully speedway fans from far and wide will descend on Mildenhall stadium this Sunday” Sunday’s teams – USA – Gino Manzares, Broc Nicol, Luke Bekker and Dillon Ruml GB Young Lions U21 – Jack Parkinson Blackburn, Kyle Bickley, Luke Harris and Callum Walker Norwich Stars – Connor Mountain, Jordan Jenkins, Jack Thomas and Lewis Whitmore ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers – Jon Armstrong, Danny Halsey, Connor Coles and Danno Verge
  8. PhilK

    Numbers 8's / Unattached Rider Averages

    Rule 16.2.8 A NDL rider, who is not in an NDL team declaration will be given an Established MA after completing 4 meetings, irrespective of being home or away Rule 16.2.1 Established MA's are calculated, for a specific number of applicable meetings ..... Applicable meetings - National Development League: League meetings only
  9. "The Isle of Wight on Sunday should be a home win on paper but we have to show them respect as they have riders in their side that can do a job. We will be looking for another professional performance from the lads and three more league points” Hardly 'eye watering' stuff surely ??
  10. The final rider at No 7 for Mildenhall is Taylor Hampshire Gates open at 2.30pm Weather forecast very promising
  11. With a change in the Young Lions U21 side being advised this morning , Mildenhall have amended their side also to keep the meeting looking competitive ... please see above
  12. Mildenhall 'KJM/Manchetts' Fen Tigers 1. Joe Jacobs 2. Luke Ruddick 3. Jon Armstrong © 4. Danno Verge 5. Danny Halsey 6. Sam Woods 7. TBA TM - Robert Henry Young Lions U21 1. Liam Carr © 2. Kyle Bickley 3. Alfie Bowtell 4. Tom Brennan 5. Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 6. Alex Spooner 7. Lewis Whitmore TM - Neil Vatcher Please note the later 4pm start time
  13. Connor Mountain is at Peterborough riding for Ipswich on Monday Ellis Perks will guest for him.
  14. Indeed ... there was some good racing on offer and it was great to see such a good crowd for Simon, thoroughly deserved in my opinion, but I left at 5pm with still 8 races left to go I understand it ended after 6pm, meetings lasting around four hours are too long for me I am afraid
  15. The PL Pairs have in recent years had 5 teams in each group Paul, whilst this event has 4 which I guess accounts for less heats

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