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  1. dorset delight

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    It's a Poole thread Skidder what do you expect
  2. dorset delight

    Poole 2019

    I seem to remember about 4 years ago we had Batch guesting for Noddy or Darcy only scored 1 Didn't look interested
  3. dorset delight

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    What from trolling EVERYTHING Poole 24/7 to nothing overnight,yeah right
  4. dorset delight

    Ipswich v Poole Prem. 11/6/19

    I have to say I didn't see that coming Some victory's are sweeter than others
  5. dorset delight

    Peterborough vs Poole 23/05/19 Premiership

    I don't think anybody has said Poole are weakened
  6. The game for me and watch the meeting when I get in
  7. A fist pump on a job well done last night nothing more nothing less I thought you was better than that
  8. dorset delight

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Rip Ivan
  9. dorset delight

    Poole 2017

    Spot on,no to Bomber and Batch we want riders on the up not on the way down
  10. dorset delight

    Kyle Newman. Take A Bow.

    If only Garrity had done the same your season wouldn't have been over by May
  11. Do you ever stop talking $hit
  12. Brilliant ride from kyle Superb effort that sadly wont count for much as Wolves are going to walk this
  13. Not over by a long way,Wolves not out of this
  14. dorset delight

    Poole Sign Lindback

    £ 25
  15. dorset delight

    Poole Sign Lindback

    You don't have a very good memory then Batch having all sorts of bike problems,Swindon would like to welcome Darcy Ward Then hey presto Batch's bike problems stop Like you say CHEATING SCUMBAGS

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