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  1. Jimmy Beaton.

    I made a mistake & got my Scottish riders mixed up, Jimmy McMillan & Bobby Beaton.
  2. Jimmy Beaton.

    R.I.P. Jimmy. I only saw you race at the end of your career
  3. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Great video of the old lady in a sad state, was this done after the recent fire? The only time I went to Brandon was the Play Off final Poole lost and was disappointed about how poor the track was that night having seen better meeting previously. Even so still sad all the same
  4. 2018 Fixtures

    I wouldn't want to force the person i detest the most in the world to be forced to watch England
  5. Speedway Music

    Another track you never want to hear is "Here Comes the Rain Again" by The Eurythmics
  6. Speedway Music

    Mainly rubbish from Simon Bloody Cowell or that idiot Louis Walsh.
  7. Speedway Music

    While Peter Prinsloo was lying injured on the track at Poole they kept playing ABBA's "One of US". This included the lyrics "One of us is Dying"
  8. Speedway Music

    "Fanfare for the Common Man" is something I remember at Poole from a number of years ago, Also "The Heat is on" was big in the late 80's
  9. 2018 Fixtures

    we were awful & looked like they couldn't wait to get home, to then go abroad again to holiday with their W.A.G.S!
  10. Poole & Wimbledon had Craig Boyce, Leigh Adams & Todd Wiltshire from the old National League days of the 80's
  11. Swindon Stadium

    Richie Owen rode for the Gunners
  12. Swindon Stadium

    I was on about another team that closed after winning a league. I wasn't referring to Reading. Well done to the Robin's and good luck with the new stadium build as I quite like my occasional visits to the Abbey That is the team I was on about. A great team with the Owen brother's
  13. Coventry 2017

    Other than the riders do the assets include any trophies the club hold?
  14. The Worst Team

    From a few years earlier I remember a Roland Tebbs riding for Boro at Poole in 86. Didn't look too steady on a bike that night, If he rode in the 85 fixture I missed it as that meeting was extremely wet
  15. Swindon Stadium

    Not being nasty here but it would not be the first time where the league champions are not running the next season. (I do believe you will beat Wolves now)