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  1. packerman


    I don't know about that. I was at Wembley last week and the Bungles were awful. In fact the Buccs were just as bad at Totteringham but some how were still in the game towards the final whistle! I've been to most of the London games and not many have set the pulse racing. I am awaiting the Cheeseheads to finally arrive in London although I have seen them at Lambeau Field.
  2. packerman

    Ipswich v Poole Prem. 11/6/19

    If you go by the performances from our guests on Monday you can probably understand why we were expecting a tonking taking place. With Ricky having withdrawn on Monday I was expecting nothing at all, such a shame about what has happened to Kyle since I last saw him.
  3. packerman

    Swindon Stadium

    When the football pitch was widened all of the speedway track had to be moved out. The only things not to be moved were the Floodlights. When Poole Town FC were booted out then the speedway track was brought back to a similar size which you see now with the Greyhound track being reinstated.
  4. packerman

    Swindon Stadium

    For the none believers a track can be laid and raced on the next week. It happened at Poole when they enlarged the football pitch in the late 80's Ok we already had the dog track In place so it can be done.
  5. packerman

    Former London Venues

    And some of the outfits the UK tracks had the startline girls were nearly obscene in the clothing they were wearing! plus was there any real need in the first place?. I miss my old trips to Wimbledon and Hackney from the late 80's even if they were a little bit run down.
  6. packerman

    Former London Venues

    I hope F1 stays well away from the streets of London. We have some pretty good purpose built racetracks here. Street circuits are rubbish IMO. The only good parts in Baku is the section leading onto the final straight and Verstappen/Riccardo's corner plus the Mickey Mouse corner at the castle. The less said about Singapore and the dreadful Valencia circuits the better. I used to follow Champcar racing and the only decent tracks were temporary circuits on airfields or Watkins Glen. Other than the above I agree with Ray sadly about the unlikely return of a purpose built motor sport stadium in London.
  7. packerman

    Swindon Stadium

    First time I've been to Blunsdon in a number of years as I was passing thought I'd take a look before heading home. Surprised by how close the housing is by the 3rd and 4th bends. Looking forward to some berk in Robinscroft Rd to complain about the noise coming from over the road. Nothing done to the track from my vantage point looking over it from the traffic lights outside the stadium.
  8. The best race I have seen live was between Mark Loram and Billy Hamill at Poole in a meeting live on sky. They were all over the track for the whole race. At a slightly lower standard Marcus Bisson and Gordon Kennett heat 8 of a National League fixture around 1985 or 86 also at Poole.
  9. packerman

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    I was disappointed watching the meeting with so little passing. Remember going a number of years ago and seeing a pretty good fixture against Glasgow after it threw it down with rain. Hopefully they will be able to have another go at shining a better light of there wonderful track soon.
  10. packerman

    Speedway Star Question

    So eloquently put there Orlov. But sadly so true
  11. packerman

    Bob Dugard RIP

    Sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of Bob Dugard. Thinking of his family at this sad time
  12. packerman


    Sadly some are not, but a load of them do not even reach Rubbishio!
  13. packerman

    Track sharing

    Trouble is most teams are nowhere near each other. just to prove some sort of point Poole's two local current tracks are Eastbourne 122 Miles, Swindon 101 Miles away so most teams are too far away. It is ok for teams like Reading, Oxford & Swindon that are not too far apart 40 & 27 minutes apart. In the midlands it does get better but Brandon isn't Leicester for instance. Sadly for most fans it may be your team but the racing is not the same due to the fact if you were a fan of either Lakeside & Exeter which track would you want to watch (please forget the distance involved here). I know which one I'd prefer out of the pair and wouldn't want to see
  14. packerman

    BSPA website

    Just a pity the quality is so poor, But yes it was a good race.
  15. packerman

    Poole 2018

    where can I find these please, Like a better look than those posted on the Echo's site

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