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  1. Thanks for the replies, and there was me thinking I was cleverer than the commentator...
  2. Changing the subject... can anyone confirm whether it was going to be 2 semi finals or 1? Updates said 1 but the commentator kept saying people were still in with a shout when they clearly werent going to make top 6?
  3. While I have every respect for Len and his years in the sport, Dan has been a great talent since well before he joined Kent. He cleaned up in the development leagues at 16, the NL clubs were queuing up for him. His parents have made sure he takes the right steps at the right time, they deserve the credit for his management.
  4. Well done to Dan Gilkes. People talk about Drew, the Thompsons and Jordan a lot, but Dan is right up there with them. That was certainly a good crop of talent on show today. And Dan a Racer at Development League level too!
  5. skydog

    Corona virus

    If it's so important that we dont have a situation where spectators get close to each other, why is it ok to play football, and have players coming into close contact with each other?
  6. skydog

    Reading Speedway - Smallmead.

    Blimey can you imagine what they would want for it?! We are however still searching for a suitable site somewhere else in the area in the hope of "doing a Somerset"...
  7. skydog

    Reading Speedway - Smallmead.

    We have indeed enquired about Speedway returning to Smallmead. The land has been sold and we were assured that we'll never get back in there.
  8. skydog

    Adventure Boyz

    Yeah they filmed scenes at Eastbourne in 2018. It has been publicised within Speedway since, although I had forgotten about it again
  9. skydog

    Possible Odsal news

    Of course the fact that there are still stadiums in both Coventry and Bradford may mean their returns are seen as more viable.
  10. skydog

    Possible Odsal news

    We have now been told we are not allowed to use the Reading name for challenges either.
  11. skydog

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    Just to respectfully clarify a few things that people have questioned... Firstly the BSPA Management Committee are in charge of the Development Leagues, not the SCB. Yes the rules about proving that you are actively looking for a track have always been there and we at Reading are and we feel we have backed that up. We obviously have to omit certain details if asked by landowners but we sent copies of emails that we feel proved what we are doing. We certainly dont feel that we abused any privileges. I havent seen what any other team sent to the BSPA. If someone else appeared and said they had the capacity to run a team in Reading we would happily step aside and we wouldn't ever think we could stop them using the Reading Racers name. But the truth is nobody else is looking. As far as calling ourselves Swindon we feel certain this would completely detach the remaining Reading fans and they would quickly lose interest. We came into this to get Speedway back in Reading, it is important to this aim to keep the name alive otherwise racing in the league doesnt help our cause. Most of the nomadic teams pay their hosts to run at their stadiums and those that dont, know they are fortunate and are very grateful. Reading have never got any fans in the back gate under the guise of a mechanic or anything else, I dont know about any other team. Swindon want us to run there, as Reading so we cant be causing them too many problems. Yes some teams have used riders in their 40s, I cant deny that. If riders lining up for different teams each week, long gaps between races and not enough riders to complete a team is making Speedway look bad, maybe the PL, CL & NDL should eliminate these things happening first? Thats where most people are looking, not at us. I find it very interesting that the PL are going to run their own junior league this year, just when they decide we cant run. Mr Pairman you know more about the inner workings of Speedway than I ever will and you are always willing to educate the rest of us so thank you for taking an interest in this thread, but at the end of the day if they wanted to stop us because they dont think we are doing it properly I would rather they said so instead of saying it's to do with the name we use.
  12. skydog

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    Me too! I soon learned that if Nick said something it was almost certainly right, or at least based on fact!
  13. skydog

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    Dont be offended by people forgetting it... I think it's purely been overshadowed by the success that Rye House enjoyed since then, which can only be a good thing... kind of!
  14. skydog

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    Hi Rob, it's nice to hear a little reminder of how a nomadic team turned out to be such a success for Rye House, I'd actually forgotten that. I would like to assure you that at Reading we are certainly not in this to make money, none of us have ever taken a penny, not in "wages", expenses or anything else. It's more a case of spending our own (we are not wealthy people), as an example last years pit board and website included 3 "sponsor's names" that were paid for by 2 of us out of our pockets. We take no gate receipts, and as you said, money comes in from sponsorship, fundraising and club members who donate a small amount each month. Also we have a land and property professional who is a Speedway enthusiast and is every bit as keen as we are, constantly looking for what he considers to be suitable land (he is obviously far more knowledgeable than we are) and speaking to land owners and planning departments. We all know this has all been done by various people in various locations across the country with varying results but our attitude is that nobody else is gonna do this in Reading so we'll keep trying for the foreseeable. I get what you mean when you say you can't be sure what peoples motives are or how serious they are, but I hope this reasures you that our intentions are honourable! I hope one day I can say our venture was as successful as yours...
  15. skydog

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    All teams using a historic name have to prove each season that they are actively trying to resurrect the team with their own track. We at Reading are indeed trying. We have recently stated that we are in talks with a land owner about whether a track is feasible on their land. This is obviously the first step on a very long road. The ruling that prevents us from racing in the NDL is that nobody can promote in the top 3 leagues unless they have their own track. Reference Cradley, I think when they first started using Monmore, the fact that CVS was a promoter of both was seen as acceptable. It seems that now Cradley have ceased to operate the BSPA have decided they dont want the same situation again. That's fine, they're in charge, they make the rules and we accept that. We just thought we may be able to help when it looked like the NDL may collapse through lack of numbers. Thankfully the league has survived anyway.

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