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  1. So unless they get a report from all matches, they dont cover any?
  2. I have emailed a report on the Isle of Wight v Reading MSDL match on Thursday. I dont get the Star anymore, and probably wont be going anywhere that sells it, can anyone tell me if it appears please?
  3. Excuse me for this one but we need to give as much exposure as possible to anyone good enough to support Reading Speedway... Reading Speedway are proud to announce a new sponsor in Lind Harley Davidson, who will sponsor the no. 1 race jacket for the remainder of the 2019 season. The family owned company have businesses in Reading, Guildford, Norwich and Newmarket. With the local branch at 660 Wokingham Rd, Reading, they are more than just a motorcycle store, offering repairs, servicing and mots, and can even sell your bike for you. They also organise social nights and exhibitions and offer a vast array of motorcycling accessories and merchandise. Visit their website at www.lind.co.uk, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter under Lind Harley-Davidson and Instagram at lindhduk. Reading Speedway are always grateful for any sponsorship we receive, we thank Lind and we hope that this is the start of a beautiful friendship!
  4. Who did it used to be forthcoming from? The first time I sent a report to SS for a Reading match, a report by someone else who I had never heard of was used so I figured you had your own man on the job.
  5. Am I the only person who remembers when we had the majority of top riders in the British League and people were saying "why should BSI be allowed to basically hijack Saturday nights... if it wasn't for league racing there would be no riders to race in the GP, and yet they steal the riders away in precedence to the leagues"...? now people are saying the Polish league should be told they are not allowed to run on the Friday as well as the Saturday...?
  6. skydog

    Warsaw 2019

    Wouldn't like to pm me too would you please..?
  7. I'll take the blame for that... I put it on Facebook but unfortunately it didn't get put on the website. Probably my fault that the BSPA website didn't change it either. I will hide behind what you said about us doing it for the love of it and I'm afraid a 4 month old baby and a wedding in 3 weeks has distracted me somewhat! Incidentally although we originally intended to race tonight instead, we couldn't find a team to come to us so abandoned that idea. Swindon did know this though.
  8. skydog

    Somerset 2019

    Thanks very much
  9. skydog

    Somerset 2019

    Morning all, I was at Highbridge last night for the U21 semi... can anyone tell me who the older of the 2 mascots was? Think the announcer said his 1st name was Eli? Thanks in advance...
  10. All the club's claim to be making efforts. This isn't a new stipulation, we have to do this every year.
  11. They aren't prevented. I don't know why Rob said that in the SS article. The fact is that each club have to show sufficient evidence that they are attempting to find land to bring Speedway back to the area they are representing. If they cannot do that to the satisfaction of the BSPA they won't be allowed to continue using the defunct club's name. There is some question as to what satisfies the BSPA, but going by what Rob claimed he is doing, he shouldn't have a problem. Whether this "rule" is viewed as fair or not, it certainly isn't as Rob suggested.
  12. skydog

    revamped Dev League 2019

    I so wanted to reply to you but I couldn't!!
  13. skydog

    revamped Dev League 2019

    Let's get back to good news... Racers Move Closer To Home. The air is full of excitement and methanol fumes as the Reading Speedway management team have made a shock last minute switch in their plans for the 2019 season. The exiled Racers team will still take their place in the Midland & Southern Development League but will now race their home matches just down the M4 at Swindon after travelling to Eastbourne for the last two seasons. Racers' Emma Pike contacted the Wiltshire club when there were rumours concerning the future of the Eastbourne raceway at the end of last season, but there seemed to be no chance of a move. With Eastbourne continuing to race but moving the Development League matches to Sundays- where they would stage stand alone matches - the club were all set for another season in Sussex. However a last minute offer from Robins co-promoter Lee Kilby proved to be too good to turn down for the bosses of the nomadic team. Emma quickly asked team managers Gene Carter and Mat Stevens to contact the riders who had already committed to 2019 to ensure they could accommodate not only the change in venue, but also in race night. The Racers will stage six "home" league matches which will follow Swindon's Premier League contests on either Monday or Thursday nights. Emma commented "While we remain ever grateful to the Eastbourne management for continuing to accommodate us, this was really a no-brainer. We're so excited to be able to offer all those Reading fans that have missed seeing their team for so long, the opportunity to travel just along the M4 to see the winged wheel on track again. Also we hope to take advantage by securing more sponsorship, which as an amateur club with no income, we rely on massively." While Swindon is currently the closest the Racers can possibly get to racing in Reading, the management team haven't given up on bringing the club home and their fourth member, Andy Griffin, has been busy meeting people regarding the search for a suitable site. With Kilby's addition to the promotional ranks at Swindon, the club agreed it is important to support the Development League level of the sport. Lee stated "We're really happy to help the Racers get on track a bit closer to home, with the added bonus of giving the Robins fans some extra value for money. We'll be offering six extra heats of action at no extra charge on the gate at least six times during the season, which is great news" Emma and her team wished to express their gratitude to Lee and rest of the Swindon management for facilitating this arrangement, as the clubs now confer on dates for the Racers matches, with full details to be released soon.
  14. skydog

    Eastbourne 2019

  15. skydog

    Eastbourne 2019

    There is no reliance on or expectancy of paying spectators. We run on sponsorship and fundraising. However this season will stretch us to the limit. Unfortunately this is the only way Eastbourne would allow us to continue using Arlington.

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