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  1. skydog

    Greatest ever improvement?

    Todd Wiltshire in 1990 must be up there, started on 5.5 and finished over 8.7 and World no.3...
  2. skydog

    Swindon Stadium

    I have no idea what anyone else has seen or said, I'm just quoting what Alun R said in an interview that it isnt supposed to start until the summer so we shouldnt be surprised if theres no change at this point. As a lifelong Reading fan I'm very cynical towards anything Stadia UK say, but I guess we'll see in the summer...
  3. skydog

    Swindon Stadium

    Work supposed to start in the summer so nothing yet....
  4. skydog

    Premiership junior league

    I read that another way... didnt he say clubs would run junior races as much as possible even if there wasnt a junior league match? That was what I thought the 3 or 4 races was referring to... I also read it as meaning that the junior league is for the lower NL riders who arent doubling up or on the rising star list. So I'm guessing this is a level in between the current Development Leagues and the NL. That wouldn't be a bad thing, its just a shame about the nomadic teams that will be missing, and the resulting reduction in team places for those trying to get in the NL.
  5. skydog


    I remember probably back in the early 90s or even late 80s a promoter (cant remember who, it was a NL club) basically saying that announcing the attendance figure at a match like they do in Football would have been like announcing bad news...
  6. skydog

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Jamie Bursill rode for Raeding in the SDL in 2017, had a run in NL with IOW in the 2nd half of 2018 and was NL with Plymouth throughout 2019. 3.16 average or thereabouts. Cant help with Josh Warren, it's not a name I remember from SDL or MSDL, maybe he's come straight from British Youth.
  7. skydog


    The official line was all over 50s to have had 1st jab by the end of May (the media keep saying "by May" which makes it sound like before May). That could be read as good news for us, or bad depending what you already think...
  8. skydog


    The fence was all yellow and red in 1990. I was hoping it was 1990 so I could say I was there but it seems not...
  9. skydog

    Sheffield 2020

    Thanks Gambo, cant open it though for some reason, I'll have a dig around
  10. skydog

    Sheffield 2020

    What were the 2019 NL averages of the twins and the other riders you have mentioned? Genuine question, I cant find them.
  11. skydog


    Dan Gilkes is surely ahead of all 4 of those?
  12. Thanks for the replies, and there was me thinking I was cleverer than the commentator...
  13. Changing the subject... can anyone confirm whether it was going to be 2 semi finals or 1? Updates said 1 but the commentator kept saying people were still in with a shout when they clearly werent going to make top 6?
  14. While I have every respect for Len and his years in the sport, Dan has been a great talent since well before he joined Kent. He cleaned up in the development leagues at 16, the NL clubs were queuing up for him. His parents have made sure he takes the right steps at the right time, they deserve the credit for his management.
  15. Well done to Dan Gilkes. People talk about Drew, the Thompsons and Jordan a lot, but Dan is right up there with them. That was certainly a good crop of talent on show today. And Dan a Racer at Development League level too!

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