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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. been spending time with SCB?
  2. surely that just shows that 4 in 5 have LOWER? and as a brucey bonus it's also eradicated flu
  3. are they being sent over as "carriers" to disrupt even further and keep the lurgy going ..... ?
  4. stevehone

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    when BWD first came over (Eastbourne??) wasn't that on a British Passport?
  5. stevehone

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    well speedway at Peterborough and bangers at Kings Lynn has been mentioned when Buster took over at Boro
  6. stevehone

    Whats actually going on?

    awful news about IoW, one of the most progressive clubs out there.
  7. stevehone

    1989 National Junior League

    i'm thinking Exeter, Rye House, Eastbourne, Long Eaton??, Wimbledon
  8. stevehone

    Call Centres

    have you tried "what three words"?
  9. stevehone

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    never been to Plymouth but might just make a visit this year (if we can), Crump will be immense on a small track. i think dear old Colin Hill's legecy or part of it was used by the club years ago, so there's a piece of Exeter there
  10. stevehone

    RIP Olle Nygren

    definitely a character RIP
  11. stevehone

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    only takes a bad day from one of them and things will soon balance out
  12. only if you can negotiate and not take the set rate
  13. my dad wanted to get refunds for 7 tickets for this as they're now not going in August, looks like there was only a 2 week window (ended January 10th) for refunds though. not a lot of time for people to know about it

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