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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. stevehone

    Alternative speedway group

    so 73 years minus the 25 you haven't been makes me more qualified than you
  2. stevehone

    Tommy Knudsen

    TK was at Cardiff just a couple of years ago, think it was in an official capacity though i don't know what
  3. stevehone

    Alternative speedway group

    i'm not sure you are qualified seeing you haven't attended a meeting for over 25 years
  4. stevehone

    Alternative speedway group

    "copyandpasteix" strikes again on another FB group
  5. stevehone

    Kings Lynn 2019

    4pts is a heatleader these days!
  6. stevehone

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    to be fair, after what happened to Middlo's testimonial money before, i certainly don't begrudge him getting another go
  7. stevehone

    Peterborough Showground

    i was just being faceious
  8. i think they got wind that supporters tend to take their seats quite close to start time in Cardiff
  9. stevehone

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    Lewis could have been as good as Lee, i think that, but i just think he got in with the wrong crowd. I remember taking Ivan Mauger to a meeting somewhere and Lewis was out in the 2nd half, he wanted to watch him, and afterwards was rather complimentary about him, but said he needed to change his style and stop the showboating
  10. stevehone

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    and to think if someone like Lee is on the scene again it would still be 2 years before seeing a GP
  11. stevehone

    Peterborough Showground

    at a guess i'd say that as the Arena is staying, they will class that as the centre and include all the carpark space behind .. as a possible excuse anyway
  12. stevehone

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    i think i saw that Vissing had appealed but was told he had no grounds to and his appeal was rejected
  13. if you include those in the pits!
  14. where's the crowd!!!
  15. i put a clip of the controversy on youtube, i think it was under my afcwombledon account if you search

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