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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. stevehone

    Zenon Plech RIP

    brilliant rider - RIP
  2. stevehone


    if all these riders want to drop the British League, then let them without argument, if the (almost) impossible actually happens and the promoters stick together, it could be the ideal time to have speedway's very own great reset. i used to love the National League (80s version) and a league like that now without the Poland bound riders in my opinion would create a great starting point to move forward and let the BL create it's own stars.
  3. stevehone

    Why is Speedway not recognised?

    this could be nearer the reason
  4. stevehone


    i don't get the Star but was anything done on Kevin Doolan recently, he's been a decent rider in Britain for a while
  5. stevehone

    Positive Championship update

    i can't see a 'normal' for a long time unfortunately .. stay in, figures go down, go out, figures go up - ad infinitum we have to learn to live with it like we have flu and get things on track again
  6. stevehone

    Jason Garrity

    no but he rode for Oxford
  7. can't believe there hasn't been any Exeter meetings mentioned yet!
  8. Mike Spink - Canterbury
  9. Roger Johns was captain at Wimbledon i think
  10. stevehone

    just answers please

    if i'm blocked i've no idea why he would WANT to see it
  11. stevehone

    The Smell

    good to see you post LT
  12. stevehone

    just answers please

    just a thread to see who has been going to speedway longest on the forum just so another member doesn't start 'hinting' threads, just get it over with please
  13. stevehone

    Is there?

    as i put before, he comes across as a cantankerous old bugger
  14. i guess this is why Buster Chapman was so anti-tv 15 years ago
  15. stevehone

    SON 2020

    to be fair, anyone that's putting that much money into riders deserves some respect

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