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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. stevehone


    which is exactly why i tell people that nowadays Rye House had to be slick, no room for anything else
  2. stevehone


    if everything that people know about the goings on in the sport came out, there would be no speedway
  3. stevehone


    definitely coming down to a "survival of the fittest" scenario. maybe the decisions over the next few months will see that the clubs that survive week by week are forced into closing or running at a NL level, and hoping that the stronger ones become stronger to form that one league that hopefully can then build. i'm not sure, i'm thinking the damage has already been done and ideas for having stronger clubs will be hit too hard by supporters not playing ball
  4. stevehone

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    speedway had been in decline for many years before Sky came in, but there was a massive opportunity to showcase the sport and sell it to a big sponsor, but i wonder if the desire was there once the ££££ signs were seen. I think too many in charge rested on their laurels and just took everything for granted, and that includes both supporters and income, which is always a bad way to do things. Having some financial backing should have been the start to clubs being able to speculate and actually try pushing the sport to a wider audience, promote in other words! it seems the money was used to help create the monster we have now, with seemingly no way to turn things around, Sky aren't going to do it all over again and give another go
  5. stevehone

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    who signed, can't get on the page
  6. stevehone

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    i don't think it's just down to the cost of a large screen, i'm guessing because it's in a stadium there would be some sort of further license to actually show the football
  7. stevehone

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    one of the biggest problems for the sport in recent times should have been something that was used to the benefit of the sport - THE INTERNET on the down side it gives people more insight into how things are being run, how petty arguments between supporters get out in the open, how people moan about whether the shale is the wrong colour, or we're not being appreciated by the promoter, or how rumours get around about who will be at a track or won't, potentially affecting the attendance, or so many other reasons putting people off actually going out of sheer scare tactics. the internet could have been used for so much good, but i think those in charge were too set in their ways to use it to their advantage at the right time, and where sites like this forum could have been used differently and as great advertising, nothing really goes on here other than stupid arguments and that's got to put off quite a few years ago i just loved speedway, and would turn up on the night hoping to see a good meeting, without all the pettiness. Wimbledon, Hackney, Canterbury, and Rye House was a normal week for me. nowadays, there is no continuity with ANY club, and that's enough to put people off too
  8. from what i saw last night it seemed it was the ref that wanted to continue
  9. Kasper is the riders name. buster isn’t the one that calls meetings off once started, that privilidge goes to the referee so I can’t see how buster is to blame
  10. i had an ambulance out recently, they had to wait for a paramedic to arrive before i could have morphine
  11. well done to Peterborough on retaining the trophy at a different venue. would have made the trip up as i enjoy going to Redcar but a fairly local day out with the family was rather appealing. all we need to find out now is where it's likely to be held next year so Peterborough can win 3 on the trot
  12. stevehone


    but also affordable maybe
  13. stevehone


    this isn't about Poole, think of the bigger picture
  14. stevehone

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    noticed quite a few Kings Lynn supporters at Peterborough recently .. is it due to a lack of regular meetings at KL?
  15. stevehone


    people aren't fighting to get in the stadium before the "full" signs go up, so to have a future there HAS to be an element of back to basics in this country. the old NL (1970s/80s) was predominantly British/Commonwealth riders, most of those riders also had jobs outside of speedway yet it ticked along nicely and gave us some great entertainment, this is what we need to be seeing again, cut the cloth accordingly

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