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    as a rule of thumb, the tv director will be watching what's out front, no good if it's just one rider on his own, tv was there to try to encourage people to go to a meeting not turn it off. one rider is not what i want to watch. the old NL in the 80's had it right (before Rye House put a spanner in the works) using British & Commonwealth, something like that with the occasional American's/Europeans if they qualify is ideal as long as they're committed to the British League and live here. supporters cheering their team because it's THEIR team is what i grew up with (until World Final night), it can only benefit the clubs, track shops, riders, and as mentioned more likely to get sponsors. fair play to those earning big money elsewhere, get it while it's there, but if they're not riding in GB then it's extra special seeing the GP series, and could boost Cardiff attendance if fans aren't seeing those riders on a regular basis.
  2. stevehone


    this is what people want to see surely, entertainment. not riders so far ahead of the rest it looks boring we're constantly told that riders don't have a connection with the club or fans when they ride, well now is the ideal time to have a league with committed riders and build from there
  3. stevehone


    so what would people on here do if it was your own money at risk, would you run this year or not take the chance?
  4. stevehone


    now they just get fined
  5. stevehone


    damned if they do anything and damned if they don't, many will moan if they postpone the season, the rest will moan if they don't
  6. stevehone


    more teams decide not to run, more riders to go round, maybe the BSPL are getting confirmations of both riders AND clubs
  7. stevehone


    less riders needed, mixes things up a bit, something different for punters .. IF there's going to be any speedway in 2021 drastic changes need to be made
  8. stevehone


    sounds like it might be worth a punt
  9. stevehone


    why not run a league on a 4TT basis, with 4 riders + reserve, 4 teams in each meeting .. is this how Denmark ran/run their league?
  10. stevehone


    i think getting work permits may be the issue, new rules and all that. and i agree that they should only concentrate on those 100% committed, that's the only way forward from here on
  11. stevehone


    my guess is they are getting confirmation of riders prepared to ride so they can decide on 6 or 7 man teams
  12. stevehone


  13. stevehone


    and this is where forward thinking will clash with stuck in the mud
  14. stevehone

    A voice of reason?

    maybe it's a new strain of ice?
  15. might be worth running how Denmark have planned theirs
  16. stevehone


    wonder if it's something Wroclaw fund on the stipulation Tai's team help Dan, makes sense, and if Tai is willing to comply then it's win win for Wroclaw & SGB
  17. had a brief thought the other night in the shower (as you do) regarding all these dubious rules and the number of different conspiricies - all that bothers me is the inconsistencies - but i thought about a bigger picture and this supposed 'great reset' we hear about. what if the supermarket restrictions earlier in the year (offers removed, restricted numbers/products etc allowed) and the government bringing them in again saying it's a fight against obesity, are all part of conditioning us to restrict what we buy and bring in a form of rationing and then blame it on brexit. A reason could be linked to the climate change stuff, reducing waste etc, and releasing lurgy death figures that put the fear of dog up you and makes sure you do everything they say. People were getting restless, fed up of tiers and lockdowns and not seeing family and friends, they start breaking the rules, so all of a sudden we get a more infectious strain. Made me wonder anyway
  18. broke my finger a few weeks ago, was going to leave it and not bother the hospital, but after a week it was still badly swollen and a strange shape so went to A&E in Kings Lynn .. pretty much empty waiting room and seen really quick, and through in the cubicles it was as quiet as i've ever seen there. Appt with fracture clinic early next morning in a very quiet hospital again. No ambulances queuing, no packed out A&E, yet we're told it's absolutely heaving everywhere
  19. stevehone

    Railway pic

    not a rail enthusiast but love the picture
  20. brilliant rider and to be able to win the Longtrack title in '81 showed his talent on a bike
  21. stevehone

    Best Fact About Your Team

    message his name, i'll speak to my dad
  22. stevehone

    Best Fact About Your Team

    and mine. my dad was groundsman and my mum walked the greyhounds round before the races. i also met my ex wife there, and her parents met at the stadium too
  23. stevehone

    Rye House 2020

    coming from someone who last went there in 1964 you seem to know a lot
  24. stevehone

    2021 Season

    do riders get an average reduction when out of the sport for a year? if so, just apply across the board except for those that rode in Poland, and the figures may suit those that want it lowered

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