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  1. star ghost

    Speedway Stories In Boys Comics

    Yes Basil Storey was editor of the Gazette in those 1940s when Speedway came back from the War, I was led to belejve it was the name used by eric Linden Although not a "comic" strip as such I can remember The Flutters, a cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror at the same time as Buck Ryan, Jimpy and Garth. The Flutters were a horse racing family and to get money for betting Bart Flutter had to take up Speedway
  2. star ghost

    Ove Fundin Latest News Letter (october 2010)

    All the best for Xmas & the New Vear Ove & Ioana, sorry to have missed you at Norwich this year. As you say Pam Hedge does a fantastic job on running these functions.
  3. star ghost

    Footage Of West Ham

    I bet they will be mentioned with Wimbledon next All of Londons great tracks went because people stopped going to speedway. Speedway has never fought back really either. It has just got left behind in the modern days.
  4. star ghost

    Big Thank You

    I also wish everyone all the best and would thank all texers & updaters & especially Sue for the magnificent work they have done this season. This service is important for housebound and invalid followers of the sport and I qualify as one of them nowadays so I know I am voicing the opinion from personal experience. WELL DONE all of you, without exception
  5. star ghost

    Russian Tests 1990

    Hello Igor Try speedway researcher. Under each track name you may well find your answers you require
  6. star ghost

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Hope you had a great time Norbold. Iust sorry I couldnt be there this time around
  7. star ghost

    Sandor Levai

    Sandor himself was so easy to get on with, any Norwich follower will tell you this. He could well be named "the Happy Hungarian"
  8. star ghost


    Gordon Parkins was the front man at Norwich for a number of years and also worked for West Ham when the Norwich Stars closed at the end of the 1964 season. He was announcer at Kings Lynn for a while and I think he stood in for Martin Rogers at times also. He passed away in Pilgrim Hospital at a Xmas time some years back.
  9. star ghost

    Olympique & Olympiad

    The Sussex Championship used to be the longest running trophy at one time. In 1948 West Ham staged "the Olympiad Trophy" to coincide with the London Olympic Games, but it was not run on a handicap system as far as I remember it. There was an International line-up including someone from Holland. I think Vic Duggan won the trophy that night
  10. star ghost

    Howard Cole?

    Howard came to Lynn from Cradley I think He also rode for Long Eaton before that He got sent back to Cradley by the notorious "rider control committee" Didnt he have his big crash at Leicester in a World Championship Semi-Final Howard was the first Kings Lynn rider to qualify for a World Final
  11. star ghost

    Anders Michanek

    yes Andy P Ove Fundin & Olle Nygren are the same It is really great to talk to the older riders
  12. star ghost

    Sandor Levai

    Sandor won the Rayments Rose Bowl at Rye House or another open meeting there. He came to Kings Lynn with Newport one year when the top scorers rode for the match race after the match was over. Unfortunately it was a double-header that night but Sandor & Terry Betts still had a match race between the matches. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Sandor was friendly with Mr Brian Buck, the Brum Supremo
  13. star ghost

    Sandor Levai

    R I P Sandor. Condolences to family & friends I remember Sandor riding 1964 for Norwich Stars. He had most of that season with us. It was his first real break in the sport in England when he signed to replace George Major who had gone "Provincial". He was at Reserve with Tich Read in the Stars line-up. Sandor was a bit "hard" and would not be messed about. I think it was at Oxford where he and John Bishop came to blows one night. As has been said it is sad when the oldtimers grow old and pass on. Sandor became a top man at Belle Vue & Newport, then went on to ride for Ipswich & Cradley before bowing out of Speedway To me his memory will always be of his time with us as a Norwich Star and his riding at the non-league Rye House track in 1964
  14. star ghost

    London Riders Championship

    There was a write-up on the London Speedway Forum about the possibility of this event being staged. When it is not happening it is hardly likely to be forgotten about is it
  15. star ghost

    Bearded Speedway Riders!

    Pre War Jack Tidbury grew a beard and would not shave until he won a team place. I think he was with Hackney Wick at the time Mr World number one Ove Fundin had a beard during his time at Norwich, not all the time however as he went so fast it didnt have time to grow very often

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