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  1. We've got a world champion.
  2. More to the point, which is more important? National Trophy or National League? Why was the 8th July fixture a National Trophy fixture when it could have been a National League fixture, with the NT meeting waiting until after the cut-off date? The NT isn't time constrained, so why not make it wait until after the League match (which surely is in the more important tournament) has been fitted into it's time constraints. #speedwayshambles
  3. Come cut-off date, in the year of the blazing hot summer, whilst Belle Vue and Sheffield, tracks not too many miles away from Buxton had raced in the order of 20 meetings each, Buxton had completed only 10, Five of which were National Trophy. We are now in October and there is still unfinished business at Buxton and Stoke. Disgraceful. I'm sorry, but denying the other teams the ability to compete for league points (and probably get them) in good time, is a dishonour to the rest of the league, especially Coventry and Birmingham in this instance whose final league placings could have depended on their results at Buxton, and but for the grace of god, the situation could have applied to any other team as well. #speedwayshambles
  4. Things would be better if Buxton had a track fit for racing. Then there would be no question of going home.
  5. If you'd have asked me a few years ago, I could have given you an answer. Right now though, I can't give a hoot. The Shambles League has lost me. If Birmingham stay in it, I can't see myself being there to witness it next year. How on earth can a league be in a situation where the league standings are influenced by which teams the "no-hoper" teams like Stoke and Buxton decide to ride against and donate their league points to, and who they don't ride against before the cut-off date? I thought that Poole were a cynical team with their win at all costs attitude, but what we've seen this year by the "if we can't have the points, they you can't have the points either" attitude, just makes a complete dogs dinner of the league. And you can rest assured that these teams will go unpunished and will be free to do the same again next year. NO! Not for me, this league.
  6. Birmingham won the Easter Egg Cup against Kent this year (you know, the Easter that continued into the final week of July)
  7. uk_martin

    Birmingham 2018

    I wonder if there will be a fireworks display at the end of the meeting? Need something to look forward to. "Team of Guests B" v "Team of Guests C" doesn't really fuel the imagination, does it? No matter what race jackets they wear.
  8. uk_martin

    Speedway vs Moto GP

    Post the same question on a MotoGP forum, and I dare say you will get their regulars saying that speedway is just "first out the gate wins", and they will laud their sport to the rafters. Different strokes for different folk.
  9. uk_martin

    Mildenhall v Birmingham

    4 guests plus R/R. Is that a record? Can any Brummies fan honestly put hand on heart an say "that's my team?. Our race jackets, maybe, but "our" team??? Anyway, get well soon, Leon.
  10. uk_martin


    Can't Birmingham have a guest or R/R like they do in league matches?
  11. uk_martin

    Play Off Run In

    If the Cradley Globetrotters can't get together a 1-7 to beat Mildenhall, then I doubt that the Brummies will either. A case of "but for the grace of god there go the Brummies"... the problem has been identified, and ok this year other teams could have been affected. That doesn't mean that the problem shouldn''t be addressed and sorted out. Next year it could well be the Brummies who come a cropper, and then you'll be saying "why didn't we fix this problem earlier".
  12. uk_martin

    Play Off Run In

    Well, good for them I suppose. But they are 3 home and 1 away fixtrues short of completing their obligations. 3 teams have won at Stoke already, only Birmingham and IoW have lost there. Is it fair on Plymouth, Eastbourne, and Buxton (!) to deny them the chances of gaining points too? Plymouth for instance, with 4 point wins at Stoke and Buxton (also not yet ridden) could leapfrog Birmingham in the league, and with some better luck and fortune elsewhere during the year, could have been in the mix at the end of the season, a fate that Buxton and Stoke have just about gotten away with denying them. You have to ask, if things had panned out differently for Plymouth, could Stoke have been culpable for keeping them out of the play-offs by not fulfilling their fixture obligations?
  13. uk_martin

    Buxton v Brummies & Coventry Sun 16th Sep 3pm

    Cue: "Refundgate 2"
  14. uk_martin

    Play Off Run In

    I wonder what the league table would lookl like if the Buxton and Stoke fixtures were expunged, as only riding and losing in half your fixtures favours some teams who are making a genuine effort as opposed to others who are similarly making a genine effort but who are being denied the chance of scoring league points by the ineptitude of the two joke teams in question.
  15. uk_martin

    Play Off Run In

    So that's the Brummies post-season put into doubt following the abandonment of the meeting at Buxton. Doubtful if this fixture can now be re-run before the cut-off date. Now Coventry Bees need points from TWO meetings against Buxton, if they are to get into the play-offs. Only in British Speedway can a team that's not won a meeting all year have such a profound influence and impact on the top of the league table.

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