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  1. uk_martin


    Godfrey said: “One message which has come out very strongly from supporters is that they don’t want things tinkered with, and we’ve taken that on board So there you go. If there isn't enough in the action plan to save the sport, it's YOUR fault.
  2. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    So you'll be right in the road works and diversion area when the flyover is demolished and the new road alignment is constructed. Plenty of time to come up with a Plan B if that area is shut off from the public. I use the bus stop there, and am resigned to having to walk an extra mile to the other side of the roadworks, in order to catch a bus that's fought its way through the delays and snarl-ups rather than getting on a bus that's got all the road works ahead of it. The point is, how things were, won't be how they will be. Might be wise to have a few alternatives planned and ready to use.
  3. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    The compulsory purchase order notices have been posted. A corner of the stadium car park will be needed for adjacent road widening, so next year the stadium car parking capacity will be much reduced. On-Street in the area will also be curtailed due to road works relating to the building of transport links for the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village, adjacent to the stadium. So, like it or lump it, the One Shop Stopping Centre car park will be one of the even fewer options available to you next year.
  4. uk_martin


    Does speedway still claim to be the 3rd largest spectator sport in the country?
  5. uk_martin

    Team GB

    Just after those days when Ivan Mauger and Barry Briggs were "British" too?
  6. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Right in Jeremy Corbyn's firing line then
  7. That was my first impression when I saw the video. Stuff like that Dynamic Balancing Machine will have cost a pretty penny, which has to be made to pay for itself, somehow. A lot of people think that engine tuning is all about a man in a shed, using "rule of thumb" a spanner and a hammer, doing what a rider doesn't know how to or can't be bothered to do for himself. It ain't that at all. And for as long as a speedway engine can't last more than half a dozen meetings without "going off" these guys will be needed.
  8. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    And the latest signing is.... ...A new landlord https://www.arenaracingcompany.co.uk/media-centre/news/greyhounds/arc-acquire-perry-barr-and-belle-vue-greyhound-stadia Thank you GRA, it was nice knowing you.
  9. uk_martin

    AGM 2019

    Nah, but the right shade of purple, and you might....er because the speedway viewing public is of that chocolate eating age, innit? Perhaps a beige helmet colour to attract Horlicks over as sponsors, maybe?
  10. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    1. An Electrician 2. Another Electrician, in case the first one is too busy wiring up a plug in Denmark 3. A Spin Doctor to explain why the electricians haven't done their jobs 4. A new team manager 5. A Rain Maker, in case the new spin doctor struggles to excuse the inefficient electricians 6. Arthur Browning - keeping things "in-generation" with the current fan-base 7. Who cares? He'll probably "take a break from the sport" before you've had a chance to learn how to spell his name.
  11. uk_martin

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Compare and contrast this to the verdict from the Rugby World Cup citing committee, over the Piers Francis high tackle. https://www.englandrugby.com/news/article/disciplinary-francis-cleared-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3sXcQsmrdiK-VIx_m7mWWPla7G7PSEOJbFcrreIiD49pe5Y9PDDHwnf-Q
  12. Not right for who? It works for Poland. It could work for Great Britain if junior riders were "protected" more in the reserve berths instead of burning them out too soon. Just look at the number of young riders who've jacked the sport in these past few years. I've never known anything like it. All we're left with now are budding young British Champions blossoming to fruition in their mid-30's. It wasn't that many years ago that a certain Patryk Dudek and Bartosz Zmarzlik spent a few years at #6 or #7 for their respective teams. It didn't do them any harm, and when Poland won the last SWC with effectively an u23 side, it shows that it doesn't do the national team any harm either. As I said, it could work in this country, and I think it should be made to work in this country. If your club uncovers a British gem of a rider, then why not let that club benefit from their discovery, and whatever investment they make in that rider? That should be the team's reward for doing something in the national interrest. But instead look what happens. As soon as a budding young British rider starts outscoring an old foreign crock, then that crock gets the benefit of an easy life in the reserves whilst the young British rider gets a hard time in the main body of the team. And then you get the headlines about young English riders "taking time out" from the sport...(never to be seen again)
  13. How do you measure "richness"? Capital assets? Revenue? Share holdiers personal wealth? As PolskiZuzel said, there's a wage cap that binds the clubs, in the same way as happens in American Football's NFL. So that then levels out the playing field for how much of a clubs "riches" can be spent on riders. How much more in the way of capital assets and/or revenue a club has or gets after that doesn't come into it. The biggest difference between who can afford which rider and who can't is in the addtitional sponsorship packages that they are able to arrange on behalf of the riders. And that comes down more to how good your efforts and abilities are to attract sponsors, not how big your bank balance is. And that's one of the major differences between Polish and British speedway clubs. Here, on the whole, the clubs look for sponsorship for themselves and leave the riders to get their own sponsorship. As PolskiZuzel says, in Poland, the clubs arrange a riders sponsorship for them to at least a major degree. Obviously, riders will get additional approaches by sponsors over there, but a good base line is arranged by the clubs, in order to make their contracts attractive. Another major difference is the kind of sponsor that Polish riders get. Piotr Protasiewicz has had a long term sponsorship deal with a multi national company Pentel. You've probably used a Pentel pen yourself at some point. A British rider would be lucky to get a sponsorship with Penny's Pen Shop in Penns Lane. That sort of thing makes a difference.
  14. uk_martin

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Neither of them ride for a team owned by the chaiirman of the BSPA though, do they? That's the difference.
  15. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    They are investing a lot of time and effort into doing things to attract kids in, so in about another 10 years when all these kids are old enough to pay adult admission, there'll be at least another 15-20 paying customers every week. Many a mickle makes a muckle, as Glasgow and Edinburgh fans would say.

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