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  1. uk_martin

    Birmingham 2018

    Walker will recover when the funds to pay for doctors notes runs dry.
  2. And he's probably still driving his private car or motorcycle on the public highway putting innocent passers by at risk. Wouldn't these bans be even more effective if there was a linkage between the SCB / ACU licensing and the DVLA? Maybe some legal eagle might want to look into how such a linkage could be established?
  3. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Kent

    Plenty of 3-3's then? Could be an expensive night for bonus points.
  4. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Kent

    He was here last week. Doesn't the 7-day rule apply any more?
  5. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Kent

  6. uk_martin

    Completing Fixtures

    What's the point of fining Coventry? They won't be in existence beyond this season. Leicester will be running their own NL team next year and no way will Brandon be rebuilt, so the Bees will be hive-less.
  7. uk_martin

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    What's going to happen in 2019 when Leicester run their own NL team? Word is that this is Leicester's intention and I can't see 3 teams being based on one track.
  8. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies v Cradley heathens

    Wow... that was better than unexpected.
  9. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies v Cradley heathens

    Remember all those shiny new race suits at the start of the season? Seems that the only one that will be worn tonight will be the one worn by Brummie Bear.
  10. uk_martin

    Eastbourne 2018

    Is the hot dog van at Eastbourne now going to start selling Bratwurst and Sauerkraut?
  11. uk_martin

    Eastbourne 2018

    Herr Ethan von Spiller? The same one that rides in Germany on a German license and has represented Germany on occasions in junior tournaments over on the continent? So much for needing British credentials in the NL.
  12. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies v Cradley heathens

    Stroll in the park for the Real Heathens of Cradley. If Macauley Leek can dismantle the Brummies, then anyone can.
  13. uk_martin

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    Shall we wait for a Brummies v Heathens thread to appear before chewing the cud over it?
  14. Great to see this happening...although having it in Scotland is a little ironic...Almost a neutral venue. The other irony of course will be Craig Cook. Last time there was a test match against Australia, he withdrew from the GB team, citing not being able to afford the fuel for his van to get to Ipswich. He'll be clean out of excuses this time. Just watch him top-score in his own back yard now.
  15. uk_martin

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    You only need to find riders of the calibre of Macaulay Leek to replace your missing stars and you'll still have the thrashing of us next week.

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