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  1. Congratulations to Team GB - World Champions at winning play-off's. Ironic in a way, coming from a country whose footballists can't win a penalty shoot-out to save their lives.
  2. uk_martin

    Swindon Stadium

    Football players are employees of their clubs who play and train for their employer 7 days a week and get paid on a weekly basis whether they play or not. Speedway riders are self-employed contractors with the ability to ply their trade to whoever hires them in whichever country, and only get paid if they ride for a team. That's a huge difference. Expecting a contractor to ride for one team in the Britain ONLY, where they might only get out on track once a fortnight, depending on the fixture list, would be unreasonable, and if it was part of his contract, would probably fall foul of restraint of trade laws.
  3. So anyone connected to a VPN connects to a Polish server to fool the streaming source into granting you access for free.....and if someone isn't connected to a VPN, free links to foreign streaming services will be provided in the usual way, via that International World of Speedway section of this forum, eh? That's one hell of a risky strategy.
  4. uk_martin

    Swindon Stadium

    Hold on, hold on, hold on....are you suggesting that the BSPZzz imposes a ban on riders contracted to British clubs riding for any other team, anywhere in Europe? Are you serious? Well that'll be even less then. Given the choice of British & Polish pay scales, those with a Polish team place will opt to ride there. So if you take away the likes of Dan Bewley, Jack Holder, Brady Kurtz, Luke Becker, Sam Masters, Erik Riss, look at how much you'll be devaluing the British League product. And that's just those who ride in the Polish leagues. If you do that to the riders with Polish contracts, then you have to do the same for the Danes, Germans and Swedes too, because that's, um, discrimination, and that's illegal. But is that what you want to do? Seriously? So how many riders will you have in your one big league, given that anyone riding for a foreign team will be excluded from your plans? The names are available on the team averages pages of the SGB web site, just cross off those who ride abroad, and let us know how many that leaves. Divide that by 7 and let us know how many teams there are enough riders for. I'm intrigued to know the figures you come up with. You might end up with one league, but it won't be "big".
  5. uk_martin

    Swindon Stadium

    About 137 riders were registered with the SCB in 2021 across all divisions. If you have one big league, with 17 clubs, 112 of them will be needed, leaving only 22 (net of Pedersen's Summers's and Crump's retirements) left for 6 teams to fight over in the NDL. I doubt that there are 17 riders of genuine #1 stature to lead each of these teams. Ulrich Ostergaard, Dan Bewley, Brady Kurtz, Jack Holder...um...er...there may be one or two more...
  6. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    16 teams will need 112 riders. As only 137 riders were registered in 2021, including NDL riders, on the basis of one rider one club, when the 112 plumb jobs have been taken, that'll leave only 25 riders for the NDL to be spread out amongst their 6 teams. So, plenty of Sits Vacant for the MDL / SDL etc types who may have struggled to have found a place in years gone by. This could have the effect of either drastically weakening the NDL product or it could be the springboard to greatness that some of these riders were hoping for...time will tell. So there were 137 riders in 2021. Barny Pedersen is retiring, so that's one less in the pot...will Jason Crump hang up his boots after this year's fling? Another one less if he does...Aaron Summers, another one less...any more? Any suggestions about who the 17 x #1's could be, bearing in mind how many of them rode for 2 teams last year? Oh, and IF Birmingham find a replacement promoter, make that 17 teams, needing 119 riders, with even less left over for the NDL.
  7. uk_martin

    Antiques Roadtrip

    I've seen collections of speedway badges on sale in Bargain Hunt...very often being sold at auction a lot cheaper than you'd get on sale from certain "specialist" speedway memorabilia auctions / sellers.
  8. A sad end indeed to speedway's tenure in Birmingham. The apathy of the fans (another v.poor attendance - compare that to the crowd in Newcastle on their "last day") matched by the lethargy of the team. Can't help but think that they were under instruction not to drag the season out longer than it had to be. Birmingham Brummies, RIP.
  9. Virgin Media carry the Disco group of channels, if cable TV is an option in your area.
  10. Having just watched the FIM / Discovery+ video, outlining the plans for the real SGP series, including SGP2 (u21) SGP3 (u16) and SGP4 which features Poland Denmark and Sweden but NOT Great Britain, I'm left wondering if an ultimately true word hasn't been inadvertently spoken in jest here. I wonder if the BSPZzz will take an active part in the FIM's plans or if AGAIN the BSPZzz won't interested in playing on the world stage. Anyone who remembers the early years of the Speedway European Championship will remember the BSPA cold-shouldering the FIM. I wonder how long this attitude of "we're British, WE know best, and you (FIM) aren't telling us how to run our sport in our country" will last, and what damage it could do to the sport in this country? I wonder who will prevail? Who will prosper and who will go under? https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/9277/fim-speedway-world-championships-2022
  11. uk_martin

    Speedway shambles

    Great! Has anyone worked out where they are going to get their riders from? The continent? Cue more absences, RR, Guests and more of the same old same old. Bear in mind that at the height of this season, there were only 137 riders licensed / registered to ride in the UK. One big league will mean no doubling up/down so those riders are going to be spread very thinly.
  12. uk_martin

    Speedway shambles

    IF there are 15* teams to make up your "one big league" then you'll need to find 30 "rising stars". Honestly...are there enough riders out there deserving of that accolade? Sorting out the 75 "senior" riders will be interesting too. With all but 6 or 7 riders doubling up/down between the leagues, the standards are more or less the same now anyway. * - assuming the 2021 compliment of teams less Birmingham & Newcastle. Can't honestly see Eastbourne or Swindon returning either (and where would they get their riders from if they were to return?)
  13. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    New age culture - there's always someone to blame for everything, and it's always someone else. Just surprised that nobody's blamed Boris Johnson for the Brummies demise yet. He cops the blame for everything else, innit?
  14. uk_martin

    Newcastle v Birmingham (Champ) 1830 19/09/21

    Yes he is - Smolinski's out through injury. https://www.speedwayofnations.com/son/news/article/9240/smolinski-out-of-son-semi-finals Any other fake news ?
  15. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    It's not allowed. Reality and speedway don't belong together.

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