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  1. uk_martin

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    Not one set of accounts has been audited, and only one set described as "full". Hardly the stuff to engender trust and confidence is it? And of course Terry Russell's company is running at a loss again. (shock)
  2. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I love the way that Thomsen and Castagna are being ignored like they don't exist. If one or both of them bloom into decent riders, then that'll wipe some smirks off some faces. These things happen. Who'd have foreseen how riders like James Birkinshaw and Jack Hargreaves would have done so well for us until their respective injuries stopped them, all those years ago?
  3. uk_martin

    Rev Limiters

    I wonder if the rev limiter could ever become a "smart" rev limiter, hooked up to a transponder whereby like in Formula E the fans can vote in extra revs for a rider of their choice for certain (safe-ish) parts of the track?
  4. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I assume that means "kick-off" our season, not "knock-out" our season? Ya gotta love abbreviations, innit?
  5. uk_martin

    National Supporters Club Group

    Sounds like speedway supporters are showing the BSPA how to run a shambles. "Consistution sorted by individual clubs" - how is that supposed to work?
  6. uk_martin

    National Supporters Club Group

    OK, so the BSPA would like a "United Nations" of Speedway Supporters Clubs, with an "ambassador" from each team's supporters club to sit around a table with all the other ambassadors, to come up with a united voice of the speedway fanbase? Is that about right so far? Has anyone decided on where the meetings are to take place? Will the BSPA / SCB donate their offices in Rugby to convene these meetings? As this organisation is at the desire of the BSPA, will they be funding the travelling (& other) expenses for those fans from the likes of Plymouth, Kent, Glasgow & Edinburgh, who will have substantial journeys to make to the meetings? Will the BSPA be drafting a constitution for their desired Supporters Club of Clubs, or will that be for the supporters themselves to sort out? And how often and in what way do the BSPA intend to "listen" to, or enact any of the things that the supporters suggest?
  7. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Maybe the BSPA should publish a YouTube video of our beloved and highly professional association's officers dressed like Kwik-Fit Fitters, doing a Derby-arranging draw, with all the team names being pulled out of a cardboard box?
  8. uk_martin

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    What's the difference between a rider getting injured in Poland on the Friday to a rider getting injured in Sweden on the Thursday or in England on the Wednesday? If they are out injured on the Saturday, then they are injured. End of. What does it matter how long ago the injury was incured? And are memories so short as to forget that British Elite League teams used to ride on Fridays? What qualifies us to criticise anyone else for doing the same?
  9. uk_martin

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    Any idea when they sort out which meetings are on the Saturday and which are on Sunday? Also, any idea when decisions will be anticipated to be made for the venue of the Poliish Pairs meeting scheduled for 4th May?
  10. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Splash inordinate ammounts of cash on something that the Brummies would currently find unaffordable, and end up in the same place as the Workington Comets. Reality can teach some harsh lessons and fans need to be mindful of that. 2019 may not feature a team of Galacticos, but at least it's a team that should ensure some continuity of the club into 2020 and hopefully beyond.
  11. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    As you quoted me, please show where in my quote I said that the faith school "should not be allowed"? Then please explain why a matter of fact report on what's going on is "very racist"? As for the rest of the trip you wrote, well that's not worth repeating.
  12. RIP Workington Comets. Get ready for a rider merry-go-round and big edits being needed to the team line-ups.
  13. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    If someone was really looking, then entering the words "speedway" & "Birmingham" into Google will find you the Birmingham Speedway web site at the top of their search results and it would be far quicker than trawling the BSPA site for links. It's the way people do it these days.
  14. Has anyone noticed the changes? The old Columbian URL's that were formatted around www.[team name][nickname].co are being replaced by www.[team name]-speedway.com and the new style URL's have started to be rolled out to all the teams web sites. So as an example, www.birminghambrummies.co has become www.birmingham-speedway.com For now, the old URL is automatically redirecting to the new URL (or they are for Birmingham and Belle Vue, the ones that I've tried) but one must assume that in time any bookmarks that you may have saved in your browser, and any hyperlinks that you have to your team's web sites on TwitFace or InstaTube etc, will need updating.

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