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  1. uk_martin

    Swindon Stadium

    I take it that the current view is that there won't be a new Cardiff-esque stadium being built in Swindon?
  2. uk_martin

    Polish Speedway on TV

    Consider an alternative - In track and field sprints, the sport's governing body, the IAAF, has a rule that if the athlete moves within 0.1 seconds AFTER the gun has fired the athlete has false-started. ... The race is stopped and the offending athletes are immediately disqualified. Why not adapt the starting blocks that athletes use into something that could be used on a speedway track, and have the Start Marshall or his assistants wedge them behind the back wheels of the bikes, and synchronise them with the tape activation. No doubts then, no arguments and no second chances. Mess around and you are out. As Rob McCaffrey says, the exclusion will hit a rider hard in the pocket, making for a pretty good incentive to behave at the tapes.
  3. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    They are modern art masterpieces, Mr Main Man. Such a fine collage of images of all those crashes and stuff, that it's almost too much to take in when passing by. Ever heard of "less is more"? Too bad that leaving enough room to fit in the names and dates of the next fixtures was forgotten about in the design. Seeing information written in felt tipped pen on cardboard and pinned onto the end of the board, really doesn't impress, I'm afraid.
  4. uk_martin

    Mr Garrity

    There speaks the optimist. In reality, when he's served his sentence, and (according to sociologists) "paid off his debt to society", have a guess how many of the people on this forum will still relish "sticking the (metaphorical) knife in"? Punishment is never the end of it, even after a sentence is served and even after (under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act) the sentence is deemed to be "spent". Prejudice continues. Imagine this for instance, just suppose SCB made a reappearance on this forum...how many people will welcome him with open arms?
  5. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    In the first phase, (2020) t's going to affect anyone who: Used to park in Wellhead Lane - That road is now closed off. Park in One Stop Shopping Centre - pedestrian route to the stadium will be altered. Parks on-street on Walsall Road - don't be surprised if Walsall Road on-street parking is suspended. Parks in Stadium Car Park - capacity will be reduced when a portion of the car park by the decrepit "next fixture board" is acquired for road widening. STILL, as the probability is that there won't be any speedway this year, it won't matter too much. Next year, with the flyover coming down, Aldridge Road between the stadium and the railway station being closed, and the road widening work right on the stadium carpark doorstep going on, that will be more "fun".
  6. uk_martin

    Glasgow 2020

    Football and rugby fans are on average a lot younger and therefore hardier than the average speedway fan. A point forgotten too is that a good many speedway fans are over 70 and therefore still in the "clinically vulnerable" category when it comes to COVID-19. At some places the clinically vulnerable make up the majority of the fan base.
  7. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    There will be "sports" TV stations busting a gut to show some "Live sport", and as has been said online and telephone betting won't be impaired. That said, even in "normal days" there were never more than 20 spectators at afternoon dog meetings. You could space them out 10 metres apart and there would be room to spare. Maybe the punters could tic-tac their bets in to the bookies too?
  8. uk_martin

    Cardiff 2020

    As at 19/05/2020, tickets are still on sale, via the SGP web site, so by all accounts, everything is just fine and dandy, so what's everyone in a flap about? https://speedwaygp2020.seetickets.com/event/2020-adrian-flux-british-fim-speedway-grand-prix/cardiff/1435110?utm_source=Direct&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=Cardiff_SGP_2020&utm_content=23092019_BRITSIHSGP_BUYTICKETS It's going to be great. Don't miss it. No brakes, no fear and all that. Have a great day out in Cardiff. Always assuming that the Heddlu (Welsh Police) actually allow you to cross the border into their country. And with Ryanair cancelling all flights to and from the continent until August, there won't be any of them pesky Poles, or drunken Danes, or spaced-out Swedes there. The Welsh can have the stadium to themselves. That should make social distancing easier, isn't it?
  9. uk_martin

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    It's interesting and ironic that the self same people who have spent the last 10 years saying that austerity has cost lives, are the same ones who are now complaining that restarting the economy is going to cost lives.
  10. uk_martin

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    So motorcyclists should be free to do as they please whenever they see fit. Other people's rules don't apply to them? Whilst there's a killer on the streets, all lesser crimes are still excusable? I'm assuming that the ACU's post relating to Forestry Commission land is aimed more at the trials / MX etc riders? Still, the rules is the rules. The riders can't say they've not been warned. If they can't obey a simple rule like this then what chance do they have of complying with the SCB Speedway Regulations?
  11. uk_martin

    Swindon Robins 2020

    There you go. News developing before our very eyes. Fricke isn't contracted to anyone in Britain though, is he? So who's shedding tears for Belle Vue then? No Bewley and no Kurtz?
  12. uk_martin

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Only the Polish Extraliga is running this year which I think means that only Doyle, Nicki Pedersen, NKI, Brady Kurtz, Dan Bewley and Robert Lambert could be affected. No-one else in the British leagues is up to that quality. Word is that Nicki Pedersen has doubts about wanting to live in Poland for the remainder of the Summer & Autumn. I would expect that Kurtz will follow Doyle to Poland, NKI will stay in Poland and the two English lads will stay here. But that's just my expectation. Contrary to some of what's written, the "exclusivity" is not a speedway club driven thing, it's really just a reflection of the current need for a 14 day quarantine every time you cross the border into Poland. Until that law is relaxed, hopping back and forth over the border will be a thing of the past. And don't for a minute think that the British Leagues are the worst knock-on victims of that. The Swedish leagues relied far more heavily on Polish riders, and how the SGP series can possibly exist, other than for the 3 rounds in Poland, I can't imagine.
  13. You can have half a SGP. EU nationals can now enter Czech Republic if they are "on business". So that's OK for all except those riders from Russia, UK, & Australia. Still, who needs Woffinden, Doyle, Fricke, Laguta and Sayfutdinov eh? And who needs a crowd? Let "normal service" continue on 13th June, as to BS insist upon. https://news.expats.cz/weekly-czech-news/eu-citizens-may-enter-the-czech-republic-for-business-trips-formal-matters-as-of-monday/
  14. uk_martin

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Nice...Drugged in charge / drunk in charge of a potential killing machine...the sort of offences that can have consequences just as lethal as carrying a knife. Lucky nobody actually got hurt in either case. Stevebrum has hit the nail straight between the eyes here. And like stevebrum I too in no way condone what Garrity did...simply examining a different angle to the "hang him high" approach that got another thread closed down.
  15. uk_martin

    Season Ticket Holders

    That relies on the promotion having the finances to survive into next season. Your rolled over season ticket could turn into a red herring if the Brummies go bust over the winter in the economic downturn that's being predicted to follow the virus.

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